Tuesday, February 28, 2006

SoME UpDaTeS aND PhOToS cOmiN sOoN, BaD BaD AiR bAcK HeRE.

Quite a few updates and more pictures especially coming soon! Haven't got time to upload and edit them, also because my two dear sec sch besties too lazy to forward the photos over and also Tigger owes me photos as well! Anyway some of the updates will include:

~ 2 Outings with Sec Sch besties Beiwen and Sharon
~ Lunch Treat by Ex TCS Actor Allan Goh;on the exquisite dishes from Taste Paradise Restaurant
~ My company's (Commowealth Travel Corporation Pte. Ltd.) Travel Carnival Event
~ Dinner treat and KTV session for our marketing dept. by our ladyboss and Tour Manager

Lucky there are quite a number of things to keep my mind off darling. But still, I really miss him so much! ;'(. I realised we argue abit more now since we are not physically together. Can I attribute my bad mood due to the fact of non-stop work for 14 days and also the eye infection I have gotten once again ever since I got back from Melbourne? I finally had no choice but to go see the Doctor today. Initially I was scared it was the same "Baush & Lomb" contact lens scare in SG, but the Doc said my eye infection and nose problems were due to sensitivity to the air back here. Yessh, the air back in S.E Asia is a definite NO-NO for me. I have never had red itchy eyes and blocked nose back in Melbourne. Used to have it before I went Melbourne but the times when I came back from Melbourne, it got worse. My Tour Manager joked saying that I got "purified" by Australia air too much already. Haha..

Stay tuned to the updates anyway... ;)