Monday, June 25, 2007

Disk Crash Depression, Winning a Tom Clancy Game Pack, Tubby's happening life back in SG and the weekend awaits.

Okay, I meant to update my blog last friday but I was too depressed to do so because just before I finished work last week, I found out that my external hard disk had crashed! :( Yes, all my photos, website stuff and God knows what other stuff's in it are currently "missing" or totally gone forever. All I know is that the hard disk gets detected, but the Used Space and Available Space is 0 Bytes and no files are displayed. I found out that it might be a disk partition problem, but I'm gonna wait for tubby to come back and settle it for me.

Meantime, no use crying over spilt milk. Anyway, on a happier note, I actually won a set of 4 "Tom Clancy's" game packs from the IT Meego Fund Campaign recently held on Gamespot. But the big joke is that the games not only belongs to a guy's genre, they are actually for xbox 360, which I don't own and will most probably not own. So I'm selling them on ebay.

And so, with tubby back in SG, there's no happenin stuff over here, except that I had gone swimming twice and went for my tennis lesson on a freezing cold and foggy Sunday. But it's great when your coach tells you that you are improving. *gleams* ;) Anyway, tubb's is having a more happening life back in SG. He's out everyday and last week he met up with my Pooh Gang. I was "oh-so-jealous" I couldn't be there. I could only talk to them through the phone as it was passed around the 4 of them. They had dinner in some newly opened restaurant which I can't remember where. Here's the pics anyway.

Yeah yeah, I'm lazy to edit the photos this time la, blame it on the "Hard Disk Crash" depression. On a different note, there was a little issue I wasn't too happy over the weekend, but decided to let it pass. Still I feel I can at least voice out at my blog. When any friend asks for a favour, Tubbs and I will usually say yes most of the time. But that doesn't mean it's right to assume it's okay to ask frequently, and especially at the last minute too. I mean, no offence but it's just not right to take things for granted sometimes.

Anyway, I'm glad tubby's returning this weekend! Otherwise I told him, I was getting insane talking to Jasper only everyday. Have booked a pet-friendly place to stay overnight so we can make it for that "long awaited" wedding fair! Yeah, I hope that it's gonna be interesting and there are no pushy exhibitors who try and get us down to anything there and then. Also I thought maybe instead of shopping too much this time, I wanna make a trip to the Museum too. We'll see how it goes. Till then, have a great week all! :)

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Shoppaholic Updates, S.H.E "Play" Album Arrival and More Ramblings.

Len the "paikuat" keeps bugging me to update, but honestly I have nothing to update! I've been bumming around during the long weekend (Monday was off day due to the Queen's birthday) and all I did was grocery shoppin, listing my items for sale online, gaming and more gaming, plus a bit of reading. Still, I decided to find something to update and also did my Shoppaholic blog, but I didn't put my Ipod shuffle there, I wrote about it here, so if you're interested by all means, click.

S.H.E Play
And sooo, my long awaited S.H.E "Play" album, photobook and concert badges are finally here. I've gotta admit the delivery took some time, but YesAsia does have a lot of fascinating items. You can get CDs, DVDs, Games and Books in Mandarin, Korean and Japanese and you can even get items in it's original versions from the countries they hail from. They deliver free worldwide, provided you buy over US$30. So the only down part is that prices are in USD, thus it's a little pinch to the skin when you shop there. But there's no harm in just taking a look.

Anyway, I also decided to upload some recent photos of Jasper. It's been sometime since our "baobei" has been out of the limelight. He hasn't had any grooming since last year and we do the nail-cutting ourselves. The poor guy has his eyes covered whenever his fur grows too long. And Tubbs decided to use him to de-stress(how mean I know), he grab abit of fur from both sides of the ears and trim it and so I decided to trim his whole body as well, though he looks abit "gong" now, but still cute right? :D

So the next few weeks will continue to be mundane for me. Ying's back in S'pore and Tubbs is also flying back this weekend. He promised me to be back by Sat 1 Jul so that we can make it for the Wedding Fair in Melbourne. Eileen, Dom and the others are going on a trip to Brisbane/Gold Coast, so it's just gonna be me and Jasper most of the time. Ah well, it isn't that bad, just more time for myself and Jasper. Though now, I'm doing some research on Mornington Peninsula, where the Hot Springs I was talking about in my last post, is. I requested a brochure from them and have yet to look through. Now that it's confirmed about the date Tubbs will be back, I can go ahead and plan the trip. It should be in early July, and Dom, Ying, Eileen you 3 are welcome to come along. Just let me know if you're interested okay? Till next time... tata..

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Current weekly schedule, awaiting next getaway and I got tagged.

After the last dinner at Helens' and Michaels', I don't think there will be any happenings for awhile. So my current weekly schedule is 3 days gym, 1 night tennis lesson and the rest of the time digging into my books or gaming. I used to be a bookworm since small and then when the teenage years and early 20s' era came, the interest was lost since gettin caught in the BGR thingys, clubbin and stuff, you know.

But then late last year I decided to pick up a book again and never stopped since. If you're in for a read, I'd recommend books by Adeline Yen Mah, Anchee Min and Julia Quinn. As for my gaming, if you're a tad interested at all, you can view my gamer's profile at Gamespot. In short, I'm on my Nintendo DS and PS2 now, thinking about the Wii or PSP next. Yeah that's a "Want" and not a "Need", so I'm still waiting. But first I wanna get the Homebrewed Memory Card for the DS.

So everyone around me now is stressed with exams and assignments and I really can't wait for them to end so everyone can relax again. And I'm looking forward to go for another short trip either to the Peninsula Hotsprings or Sydney before or after Tubbs come back. He will be going back to S'pore for 2-3 weeks after exams. So if any of you wanna meet up with him, just make a trip down to S'pore during the weekend or something. Meantime, please do continue to support the Cosmic Reviews website. New reviews are posted every week. And I also decided to do a Tag, since I got tagged by a friend.

I've been Tagged and so are You!

This is what you are supposed to do. Cut and paste if you decide to participate in the tagging game. Each player of this game starts off by giving 6 weird things about themselves. People who get tagged need to write in a blog of their own 6 weird things as well as state the rules clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names.

After you do that, leave them each a comment letting them know you tagged them and to read your blog.

1. I like to bite Jasper, especially his chubby paws when we're playin, lightly and for fun only of course. :p
2. I can start singing anywhere when I'm in the mood, in the shower, in the car and even in the office.
3. I have gone to Google before and type "I'm bored" in the search bar.
4. I like to take out fishballs from hot soup and put them in the saucer with soysauce to cool down.
5. I like to bend my index and middle fingers and push my nose upwards when it's itchy.
6. I like to pull the hairs on tubby's chin when it's too long and he doesn't shave.

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