Wednesday, December 21, 2005

bAcK tO tHe HoT cLiMaTeS, aNd wOrK?! PLuS a SuMmArY oN tHe LaSt cOuPLe oF wEeK's HaPpEniNGs..

Image hosted by Photobucket.comIt's be almost a week since getting back from Melbourne and the first few days were spent back home keeping mum and dad company. I haven't had the time to check my blog for some time and when I did, 2 unpleasant comments greeted me. It's been more than a year and people out there still wanna harp on the issue of darling and I. Yes, he may be one of those rare nice guys out there hard to find, but HE'S MINE NOW and will always be(so he says), so GET OVER IT! Somehow or other, people will always find something against you especially when they are PLAIN JEALOUS. So it's some sort of consolation to them by being a bitch, but I won't let it be at my expense. Whatever they say doesn't change anything, don't they ever get it? What's wrong with these FEEBLE THICK-HEADED MORONS?

Anyway back to some updates and happy stuff. Left, you'll see the dishes Joewiz and I cooked the last afternoon the six of us were staying in the clayton house. We all set down like family and ate together, trying to finish the food and to clear the fridge. I think it was on a Friday the 9th of Dec. There were left overs, but it was all good. A night before, the guy tried to charge us the extra rent because darling overstayed a week, but with some of my negotiation, I managed to bribe him into keeping mum and charging us only for 3 days of rental. *grinz*

Image hosted by That weekend after we moved out to my uncle's place, darling and I took my parents to visit Helen and Michael back in Gippy on a Sunday. We drove my aunty's car because darling was worried about his car piling on the KMs because he had just serviced it. It was an enjoyable trip and we had alot of good food plus Helen and Michael gave me meaningful prezzies that I will bring with me wherever I go. No corn beef for darling this time, but we had roast chicken and pork. Deserts were Pavlova which Helen wanted mum and dad to try a real aussie delicacy. Lovely people and we feel really fortunate to be able to know them. Will be keeping in touch always...

Image hosted by Photobucket.comOn 13 dec'05, it was finally that time of our lives where we can wear our graduation gowns and receive our testamurs. My ceremony was the later one at 8pm, but lucky I could get my gown earlier to take photos with my chabohs. So, there you go on the left, plus the top blog banner where it would be up for some time. Was really happy that the most important people in my life were able to attend the ceremony and I could graduate with a couple of my besties. Wished Tigger and Kitty were here too, but hey its alrightz.. Took quite alot of photos and sent some of them for developing already. Was supposed to have a last minute coffee together before we all returned to our home countries but after my ceremony it was already too late and my aunty wasn't too happy with people going back late and making noise in her place, so... we just talked on the phone.

Anyway, more shocking news that I myself am still amazed by the decision I made today. I had received an email from my ex lady boss asking me to return to the company to work and never did I expect that the visit today would make me agree to a 3-mth contract to help out because there are really heaps of things to do. Let's just say the pay is not too bad, more that the 1.7k I was getting last time. Plus my ex colleages still made me feel really welcomed. And I really needed to save more money to return to Melbourne. Yeah, Love is a big sacrifice, ever since being with darling, including having to swallow all the shit others give you.

Currently listening to: S.H.E: "Once Upon A Time" and Jay Chou: "November's Chopin", thanks to the Jay CD given to me from my bestest pal S.K. *Huggies*

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Monday, December 05, 2005

fOOd fOOD GLoRiUs fOOD, tO cRoWn / IKEA, mOrE fOOd aT YuM ChA aNd tRiP tO MeLbOuRNe aQuaRiuM...

Image hosted by Photobucket.comThanks to my dear friends for their congrats and stuff. Nah, here's some more good food I cook for you all! Haha, just joking lah, this was darling and I's dinner yesterday night. -> **Sorrie Len, still got prawns for you, don't worry!** Anyway, the last few days have been spent going out every time especially to shopping centres and more shopping that's all. A group of us went to Amber last friday to celebrate the aftermath of the release of results: both good and bad. It was bloody pouring that day and the rain never stopped. Darling managed to find a carpark nearby, but by the time we were dashing in and out of the shops for shelters, most of us were wet like anyting but at least we manage to get in without much queueing and waiting. There were Darling, me, Len, Tim, Joewiz, Sheali and Lidwina. The music seemed alright although it's been ages since we have gone clubbing. Barely half the night was gone when we already felt bored and lethargic and it was then we realised clubbin not really for us anymore, especially when you see the younger generations there. Maybe we should go more "mature" places next time... ;)

Saturday was spent at Crown and the bad thing was that we went right after evening mass! Darling's pastor once preached that the middle word for Casino was sin. Oh well, as long as we control ourselves and do it for fun once awhile, I guess it's alright? We didn't win any that night! (".) But at least we got more free parking for our Crown Card, so doesn't matter.. Len went back Gippy with Tim that night so Sunday was a day of "Just u and me" with darling because Joewiz and her brother were at their auntie's house. Image hosted by Photobucket.comWe already made plans the night before that we wanna go IKEA at Richmond. We browse through the showroom with different lovely bedroom / kitchen / toilets displays and start fantasizing how to decorate our place in future. I took some pictures on my phone but was too lazy to download and upload here, I am sure everybody knows about IKEA right? Anyway darling teased me, he said, "You are not a "Desperate Housewife", you are a desperate wannabe wife!" So mean of him, but we decided when the time is right, it will come naturally. :) Today, was just Joewiz, darling and me who went for Yum Cha. We had wanna go a long time and finally found the chance. Len was like *sob sob* Yum Cha? cause she was still at Gippy. That's why I reckon why she's the "pai kuat" among us. When we go out for good food, she's misses out sometimes due to the other "supposingly" other-half. This new place was recommended by Joewiz cause her auntie brought her there. Food was not too bad, but somehow I still like Sharkfin House in Bourke Street. The bill was really "fantastic" too, 3 of us ate till $75 bucks! Joewiz was jokin we all macham rich people, eat one lunch also $25 each! Heehee, I reckon once in awhile, indulgence in good food should be alright lah, considering the number of brain cells we have used while we were studying, take it as a reward!

Today darling and I also finally made use of the free Melbourne Aquarium tickets I won from the Gumbuya Park trip. There are four levels on that seemingly small building with so many variety of sea creatures! Take a look at the photos and it should explain everything...
Image hosted by
Image hosted by
At the last part, there was also a simulator ride, a pretty small and short one where we are supposed to be in a vessel or something and we go through the snow mountains. Hmmn.. pretty out of league with an aquarium but aww it's included in the tickets, which means its free, so we shouldn't expect too much... The exit was to the Gift shop, very smart like all tourist spots, that is to make you buy things! And we did too!

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

eXAm ReSuLtS oUT, 13 DeCeMbER GrADuAtiON iS oN, a LiTtLE eFForT gOeS a LoNG wAY & dA BBQ LaST SuNDaY!

WooHoo! Exam results have been released earlier by one day, as usual. And I got mine through SMS about 6pm plus. Don't know why I didn't have too much worries about it, although I know being over confident isn't a good thing. But I guess I still DID IT, thanks to the support from my wonderful parents, darling and most of all I Thank God too! Was really surprised when my honours head told me a couple of days ago that my thesis results will be release together with the examination results and I didn't believe it.... till now! Yeah, it's only a D, I couldn't ask for more with the effort I had put in. Was hoping for 1st Class Honours, but being the lazy bum me and 3 HDs, 2 Ds Image hosted by Photobucket.comfor the whole Honours term should still get me a 2nd Class Honours, Division A I hope... Oh yah thanks to all my chabohs who have been giving constant support and also Tigger who told me everything will turn out fine! Love you all heaps! *muaks* Now I can look forward to seeing Mummy and Daddy next week when they arrive in Melbourne for my 13 December Graduation! Congrats to all of us who will be graduating in this december ceremony. Those whose turn have not yet come, don't worry, study hard and it will come soon! Darling's results wasn't what he had expected and he's pretty upset about it. Guess his PC games and television will have to go next year as I really hope he can do better. Decided to make Lotus Root and Peanuts with Chicken soup today and lucky I did, so that at least eating something he likes made him feel better, even if just a little bit.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comLast Sunday, Alvin our "ex-campus" mate invited us for a BBQ he had organised for us and his friends in Clayton in a Garden Park or something, I forgot what it's called. The food was not too bad, thanks to those standing at the BBQ Pit taking their time to cook the food for us. ;) But he missed out on the sting ray, prawns and other stuff he had promised! Ah well, we still had heaps to eat anyway and were really stuffed. There was a playground nearby and we "BIG" kids couldn't help but take a dip at the swings and slides. Erm, darling's butt was a tad too big and couldn't fit in. (o.o) Then we each had a go at something which darling said is called "Flying Fox", where you can see a shot of me there! OMG yes, we were playing amongst the little kiddies! Then as usual we must take more photos and so there's one on the right and yes, Joyce's eyes are closed. Too lazy to edit, sorry ah...

Image hosted by Photobucket.comWe also found out that Carine couldn't get a job she wanted to stay on here, so she's returning to SG. What a pity, a girl who knows how to appreciate the life in Melbourne yet not given the chance. I reckon if she had spent more time studyin here, she could apply for PR like us.. Wish her all the best anyway, back in SG. :) Then there were people walking their "SO CUTE" doggies where I couldn't help but take a shot with one of them. Yeah he's lookin at the food! Later on came this cute little girl who dugged out her toy bag and asked us to play with her! She's really pretty. Then you can see darling climbing down the "Firemen's" pole where he tried very hard to convince Len to give it a go as well, but she wouldn't.

Well, the great big hurdle's finally passed now, but somehow there still isn't a total sense of relief, I don't know why. Oh well, at the moment, we shall all enjoy ourselves to the fullest first and worry about other things later!

Saturday, November 26, 2005

dArLiN woKE mE uP fRoM mY DrEAm, hELLo tO dEaR tiGGeR, mORe sHoPpiN & yET mOrE tHiNGs tO pOnDeR...

I had a sweet dream going on this morning and darling had to push over and wake me up. -> I dreamt that I was pregnant and then there were all sorts of hoo ha like getting baby stuff and they were OH SO CUTE! Boy I think of some of my girlfriends sometimes who already have their sons or daughters and they start calling me auntie. Though it seems like life is over for them with a baby and stuff, I reckon everyone has to grow up one day and sooner or later, clubbing and having late night with friends would get boring as well. It's not scary, it's a phase in life everyone has to go through and not live in denial behaving like a child even though they are in their mid-twenties. Anyway, I woke up gaving a stare at darling telling him, "Thanks ah, wake me up! At least let me see how cute my baby is when he/she is born then wake me up lah!"Image hosted by
Oh well, lets forget about that and let me reply to the messages posted by my dear tigger: HI GIRL!!! It's been a long time since I heard from you man, guess you must be busy with work as usual! Must have seen my message from friendster then decide to pop over to my blog? Yeah, hate the uni right? Always making things difficult for people and never seem to help students with their stuff. I reckon it's time to complain to ISA!? Anyway, nice studio shot with your friends, don't forget to leave time for me when longy and I return to SG ah, will SMS you first thing when I get back!
Meet Tigger, the best friend of Pooh, she taught me the true meaning of friendship! She and "Kitty" (Evon) made me realised that there are still honourable, fun-loving and considerate SG girls out there! Miss the pot-lucks, the make-up session during balls, the chit-chatting till the wee hours, the waking up and dragging each other to church on Sunday mornings, the shopping trips, the afternoon tea at IMIS etc..
You take care too dear girl and really hope to see ya soon!

Image hosted by Photobucket.comAnd with that, today was yet another shopping, "burnt more holes in your pocket" day. Darling had to drive over to the mechanics to pay up the car service money and so he dropped us at Brandon Park, The Centro shopping centre. It was just like any other shopping centres in Melbourne with a supermarket, an anchor tenant and other small shops. We missed KMART from traralgon and thought it would be good to walk in the one here. There were a couple of other smaller clothes shop, but nowdays when I buy clothes, I make sure I really like it before I buy, else they will land up for sale in ebay again anyway! Then we saw some CUTE puppies at the pet shop and darling as usual again was going on like, "Orh, can we bring him home pleaseee?" **Frown from mel** Anyway, got a cheapo but pretty nice watch from KMART, to last for the time being. Been looking to get a new watch for a long time! And I like Fossil watches, but they are much cheaper in SG and it's so expensive here.. So I'll wait and pester darling to get me one back in SG *Sly Grin* ;)

Darling and I just got back from dinner at Rock Kung and yes it's been some time since it's just the two of us thingy. We had our usual Char Siew, then we added an Oyster sauce bak choy and Salted Fish with Bean Curd and Chicken Hot Pot. At first we were not happy, not happy that we are the ones always giving and the others always taking. No happy when we do everything we always spare a thought for others, but yet they do not do the same sometimes. But then darling told me, "Oh well, at least you have me and I have you!" I reckon people in this world belong to either one of the categories; those who give and those who take. I won't deny in the past I've been taking alot as well, but ever since darling came, he taught me how to give as well. I guess it's just the two of us like two peas in a pod who, no matter how much we say like, "We are not going to care anymore!" We just can't keep to it, maybe cause we are just too soft-hearted...

Friday, November 25, 2005

sT. KiLdA bEAcH sUN-tAnNinG, sOmE PrOBLeMs nEvER eNd, dArLinG cAN cOoK & sHoPpiN iS GoOd cOnSoLaTiOn!

Image hosted by Photobucket.comHaven't found the time and mood to update my blog till today. The pass two or three days didn't go by smoothly what with my thesis stuff and assignment markings and maybe today's shopping was a little consolation but until I get an answer from my Honours head and supervisor, it's gonna be a heart-wrenching wait till next week. Anyway, we silly girls decided to make a last minute decision and go sun tanning on Tuesday. Erm, yeah it was not a really good day for lying on the sand or playing around in the water because temperature forecasts for that day was windy and cloudy. But we were still sturbbon arses who wanted to make the trip before darling sent his car for servicing that day. So we're sure there's gonna be a next time when the weather forecast is sunny! :)

Image hosted by Photobucket.comSweet darling made dinner for me on Wednesday night, it was pasta with chicken and his self-made cheese mushroom. It was really yummy.. Glad he's always there for me, to calm me down for everything, to be the level-headed other half. I really screamed on Tuesday night when I saw the email from my supervisor asking me to edit the thesis and return to Gippsland to reprint it again! I was really firmed and decided I am not making another trip back Gippsland but will edit the thesis through email, and luckily my computer systems officer was really kind to help me with the reprinting and binding. Then, my Honours head came with yet another shocking news, that is my thesis might not be marked in time for my graduation. My mum called him up to have a chat with him and he said his last resort will be to call up the examiners and try and speed up on the marking, but all's not confirmed. And I might have to change my graduation to next year, March in Gippy. Please people, never ever trust that the uni will get things done for you, the different depts. do not liaise with one another at all and everything depends entirely on ourselves! Still praying and keeping my fingers crossed that all will be fine. Lucky again in the meantime, I am still working for the uni and earning my own keep...

Image hosted by Photobucket.comSo back to more happy stuff and shopping is definitely one of them. I got this Clinique Gift Set, "All about eyes" for myself a couple of weeks ago cause I was running out of eye cream. Anyway I guess certain brands suit only certain people. In the past I used Clinique Anti-Blemish range and it was really good for me, clearer skin with hardly any pimples. Now I've got these pimples that are here since the last "that time of the month" and I am using Biotherm now. Guess we all could never do without a pimple cream and so I had to get the Clinique Anti-Blemish Spot cream today, AUD$32, expensive but worth it! So we escaped the usual schedule of going to the gym today and went down Melbourne central shopping instead. The interesting part is that SeXy-H is not back yet, so we took a bus from Clayton campus to Glen Waverly and then took the train down. It took us like 1.5 hours just to get to the city compared to the usual 20 minutes by car from the same place.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comIt was then I realised how spoilt we are since darling came into our lives, or much more into my life. But it was all good anyway, consider that a form of exercise since we missed gym today. Spent a total of about AUD$150 odd bucks including the items on the right and some earrings from Diva and a "Breast Cancer Support" bangle, in aid of the support for breast cancer research in which my mum is also an active supporter back home. Stuff bought included Sports Girl and from Myers. Lucky us too, in the evening, the mechanic called and informed darling that we could pick SeXy-H up! We had a pretty interesting tram ride on our way to pick up the car as the driver was a learner and the instructor was a pretty charming old man with deep "all-english" voice. We had fun hearing how he directed the learner tram driver how to move about the tracks when a tram broke down. So now we are back home, Joewiz and her brother is at their auntie's place, but we've got something planned for tonight: Monopoly and drinking session as we got a couple of cartons of Jim Bean and SmirnOff. So people who are bankrupt and can't pay rent will have to drink! Yeah, pretty lame but aw, it's the simple pleasures of life when you are really bored.. Looking forward to BBQ on Sunday!

Monday, November 21, 2005

dRiViN bAcK GippY, i aBsOLuTeLy HaTE mY sUpERviSoR, gREEn TeA iS GooD & A PeNnY fOR YoUr tHoUGhTs...

Just got home from my uncle's place after dinner and a "PR Talk" session the girls had with my uncle. Len, joewiz and I were totally exhausted after the drive back from Gippsland and the girls waiting for me again. "Thanks again gals", especially looloo who accompanied me on the drive.. *hugz....hugz....*
Yes, you might wonder why, that bloody supervisor of mine who never ever takes in what I say or ask has emailed me in the morning to collect the thesis from him and do some amendments. I was so freakin pissed when I told him so long ago I am handing it in on 18 Nov, and am staying at Clayton not in Gippsland! He seems to absorb only what he wants to hear sometimes. I have been emailing him the thesis asking him to check throughly for the last few weeks, yet he never really answers the questions I ask. Oh well, at least we managed to exchange for a workable TV. Getting hooked on Green Tea lately, especially the one I got from Dandenong that day. Check out the infuser and the tea leaves box. The Japanese Morning Dew green tea smells so great, something of a mixture of rosewood + potpurri and it taste nice also, but it needs sugar like Joyce says, "to bring out the fragrance..."

The big rejoice and consolation is that darling's back! It feels so good to see him again and hug his teddy bear frame! And also we enjoyed the "arguments" he and joyce have usually everyday due to their different perceptions of life! Haha, and it's always like a short comedy episode, which is like entertainment for us, I reckon looloo laughed too much and tire herself more, that's why she went to sleep early too... haha..

*Anyway, just a penny for your thought* Have you ever feel sometimes that when you do something, you always think of your close friends and include them no matter what? But somehow, sometimes they choose paths they think is best for them (maybe it is?), hardly sparing a thought for you? Oh well, sometimes there are people in life you want to "keep", but somehow they are never within your reach although it seems they are so near. I remember my cousin and I were the bestest friends during our childhood, then we drifted apart during secondary school, so when I asked her to write in my autograph book that time, she left a comment which instilled a deep impression on me to this day; but we are still the closest of all cousins and make an effort to contact each other every now and then, and we meet up once a year. The comment was, "It's the place and convenience..." how true... whatever happened to "It's the people?"...

Sunday, November 20, 2005

tOtAL wOrKoUT DaY + ViSiT tO sPa aFtER gYm, iNtERnET sUcKs hErE & aWaiTiNg dArLiN'S rEtURn..

Like Joewiz mentioning in her blog, we come home everyday after gym and sit our arses in front of the computer and have plenty of time with nothing to do except to update our blogs. But, I HATE the Internet connection in this rented house! I reckon a dial-up works better than this stupid cable connection shared by 5 rooms! It's so bloody slow! Anyway, I got up at about 10am plus with a message from Len surprisingly at such an early time knowing that little piggy usually wakes up when half the day is gone. We should have made a bet about her changing her mind and coming home only tommorrow when she said she'd be home today. But then again, it's Len, so no one will lose the bet, haha.. But its all good as Timmy's sending her back (*winks*, yeah the yellow submarine is finally working again!) and we asked her to bring the TV and my Beach Mat back. Yah, looloo and liliz's TV doens't work here without a special cable and all we got was the black screen.

Anyway, today was a tiring but fruitful day! It's called TOTAL WORKOUT DAY! Working out and swimming! Geez, if only I were that "hard-working" back in Gippy too, then I probably would have trimmed off the extra layers earlier.. heehee.. First, I went to the gym with joewiz, a.k.a looloo and her bro came later, as usual.. ;) Did the normal 1 hour plus workout. Check out some photos of the gym. It has two levels and usually we are on the second level because that's where all the treadmills, steppers and cross trainers , plus cardio machines are. Ground level is more for guys where all the heavy weight lifting machines are. But I step down there for awhile too, to lift some weights to tone down the flabby arms, do abit of the hand lifting bars and back-toning lift-ups. Plus it's a change of environment to look out for cute guys lah.. But a pity, looloo and I haven't really seen a cute and muscular guy yet. 6 packs most of them got lah, but face... erm... heehee.. Anyway to me, my darling's still the most charming one, even with his big round stomach, so it doesn't really matter... *grinz*...

Image hosted by Photobucket.comSo the big workout day includes swimming next. The Doug Ellis pool in Clayton also has a spa/sauna/steam room and I went with Joyce only because ehem, looloo couldn't join us cause she hadn't got a new swimsuit! Can you believe it? I half-heartedly took the new FREE Bikini given by Newwoman Magazine I bought last week thinking Joyce would wear something else. But nooo! As usual that girl cannot find her swimming costume and so like TWIN sisters, we wore the same bikini and it even was the SAME colour! OmiGod, if darling was around I could picture him saying, "oh Nooo..." Haha, but it was okay, I tried finding pictures of the pool but couldn't get any except this cute shot of little kids at the pool. Picture this, it has 3 indoor heated pools, one for children, one 1 metre deep, the other varies from 1 metre to 2.1 metres deeps. We soaked in the spa for awhile, enjoying the water jets massaging our backs and then turned our stomachs there as well, (to try and disintegrate the fats) haha! Then we swam a few laps before heading off to the steam room and sauna for awhile where we heard a conversation between two uncles about going to Kuala Lumpur for a holiday from S'pore. Sats/Suns are party days for children to have birthday parties and also days where the big inflatable slide is put out on the pool! One of the sports people approached us asking if we would like to try and we were like sure! why not? Erm, but the slide was a tad too slippery for Joyce and she couldn't make her way up. As for me, once was enough lah, very embarrasing to go up second time when you have kids making their way round you..

Missing darling heaps again as usual.. Just got a call from him when I was driving back from Coles with looloo and Joyce, he just finished dinner and Hemant they all wanted to go to the beach for a swim.. So we are back home again now and tonight will be another night of reading newspapers and magazine on the table in the living room and laughing at silly things we come across and gossiping about stuff... Reckon I will sleep pretty early tonight, really exhausted and the sooner I sleep, the faster tommorrow comes and I can see darling again! :)

Saturday, November 19, 2005

AnD sO bE iT: AMEN..

Going to Mass makes a person calm down alot. I just came back from Sunset Mass (Vigil) at the St. Peter's in Clayton. Sunday's choir singing is much more lively and jovial as compared to Saturday night, but it was all good; for the purpose of worshiping God and Jesus anyway. My close friends must be thinking "It's not MeL" when they see the next few paragraph of words I'm going to write. I don't usually edit my blog to make people feel better. But I guess being closer to God and darling's ever-loving patience helps alot. So,

TO STRANGER & ANONYMOUS: I know how it feels to have your boyfriend or best friend being criticised by someone else. As much as I dislike him, I'm sure he feels the way for me and the same goes for you all. For some reasons, our paths crossed the wrong way and neither one of us would ever want our paths to be crossed again. I have edited the post on him. People come and go in our lives, so I'd appreciate if you / you all just GO and keep your comments to yourself in future and STOP stalking my blog. Thank you.


i DoN'T nEED bUsY-bODiEs, dAndEnOnG tRiP, hEctiC tHeSiS -hAnDiN uP dAY & MiSsiN tuBBs + LeN tOo LaH..

Before I get on to the Dandenong updates, let's just say the change in blog design reflects my current mood. I have been wanting to change it for some time and finally after the hurdle was handed in yesterday, I thought why not. Anyway, the nasty comments still lingered in my head last night and I felt better only after darling said, "Don't let those ignorant people upset you, they don't know what happens between close doors." We were lying on the bed talking and I asked, "Haha, so what happens behind closed doors?" And he replied with a grin, "You take good care of me, love you so much.." I don't see being direct and bold as any problem, rather than fake people wearing a mask round you all time. I'm not a sweet person and friends who know me well know I've got that temper of mine. It's either you love me or you hate me, so I don't need busy-bodies telling me what I should do. [EDITED]

Image hosted by Photobucket.comNow, lets get back to better things. Just sent darling to the train station at Caulfield this morning, it's just along the Princes Hwy and takes only about 10-15 minutes. Thought it would be nice to have a quite drive back home alone after dropping darling off, but Nooo, it was raining on and off with the drizzles and pouring every now and then. So I got home and didn't feel like jumping back to bed and thought might as well do something with my blog. Well, so these were some of the stuff we took up at the Dandenong Ranges, the Miss Marples Tea Room. I think I've got the description and website in a previous post a few months back. Yess, the scones are absolutely awesome, but a couple of them is enough to make you feel bloated. Then there's the Vicar's Folly ice-cream as they called it, shown on the left shared by darling, Joewiz and Joyce. The Jam and cream for the scones were really good as well and a small bottle only costs around $6. The place has an old english feeling to it and it's really a nice place to bring your parents for tea and scones!! Oh yah, the place closes at 4.30pm everyday and is easily accessible by car only though. Lotsa tourist busses go up there too..

Image hosted by
After that, we headed to the nearby shops and shown there is a pretty interesting shop that sells anything to do with tea. They have lotsa different unique and lovely tea pots, even miniature ones. Look at the inquisitive people on the right, haha.. Then darling stopped at the picnic area for us to go down and take a walk and yah we had nothing better to do so we took some silly photos instead. Yes as you can see, the prettiest one must always stand in front right? :D She blocked my hand too! Yesterday was spent at uni trying to finish up the last of my thesis , printing and binding it. Thanks to Len, Joyce for their patience waiting and especially darling for driving me back all the way Gippsland and helping me with the printing and stuff. Gave Tina, Shelley and Simon a farewell gift for the help rendered. Plus Adrien, the lecturer I'm helping to mark assignments for gave me a box of chocolates for helping him with the extra assignments.

Just came back from the gym awhile ago with Joewiz, Chun Yao and Joyce. We also popped by to check out the swimming pool, it wasn't too bad and two kids were having birthday parties there. Missing darling heaps already, lucky he messages/calls me every few hours. Yah I know lah, it's only two days, can't stand us right? So mushy, have to admit though, we argue all the time, yet he's still the sweetest thing, cause he's my one and only "tubbie". Miss ya too Len although you're at Tims, wonder if you know about the" happenins" here. Okie, going off now to shower and get ready for Sunset Mass at 7pm...

Friday, November 18, 2005

aNNoYiNG mEsSaGeS fRoM uNwELcOmED pEoPLe & mOrE uPdAtEs sOoN..

Oh my, it's been some time since there's so much "heat" in my blog.. Just haven't checked for a couple of days when Joyce told me about some comments left by AGAIN some COWARDLY people who want to criticise me yet do not have the balls to leave their name. Darling and I were discussing we know who they are anyway.. Oh well, for darling's sake, I promise him not to retaliate, so if YOU DO NOT LIKE WHAT YOU SEE ON MY BLOG, PLEASE GET THE FXXK OUTTA HERE! You know who you are and you are not welcome to write any comments on my blog!!

Man, how many times do I have to say if ya don't like me, tell me straight in the face and I DARE U TOO! Do not bitch with your friends behind thin walls calling others a pretencious bitch when you yourself are one! How many times have hypocritical people been offered a ride in darling's car to somewhere and do they appreciate?! HELL NO! Even poor darling, who's the nicest person in the world gets backstabbed too, so I'm not surprised about the response on my "heated argument" in the previous post. Anyway, I have deleted UNWANTED comments from UNWELCOMED people. I'm glad I have darling who's always there for me..

Enough of UNHAPPY STUFF from BITCHES and BUMS (includes "stranger" and "anonymous", COWARDS who didn't dare acknowledge themselves!), darling brought us to Dandenong again a couple of days ago. And we four girls really enjoyed the food at Miss Marples and we were really so "bo-liao", that we took some really silly pictures... Darling's going for a board member's training camp tommorrow, going to miss him heaps for the next two days.. :(


Monday, November 14, 2005

dA mOVE tO cLaYtoN, a HeAtED rOw aNd iMa wAiTiN tO hAnD iN mY tHeSiS!

Yess! Hypothetically I have finished my thesis! But officially, I haven't handed it up yet, it's due this Friday on the 18th of Nov and the draft is ready for my supervisor to vet through and hopefully he doesn't make much changes. I'm really sick of looking at it already! 65 long pages with 17,000 over words, I wonder how I got there too... Oh well, for now some updates for the time away:

Image hosted by Photobucket.comOkay I know, this event has passed some time ago already, but anyway it's the MUGSU Awards Night where Student Union awards student volunteers. Congrats to Sheali who won for ISA. The date's written on the top right hand corner. Then we went bowling with Kal just a few days before he went back to SG. Not bad after not playing for so long, and he's pretty good at it as well. And now I'm blogging from our rented house in Clayton. We just roamed the whole of Monash Clayton campus today and initially we almost got lost, but it's okay after awhile. We found the gym and swimming pool and Joewiz and I are intending to go for regular workouts starting from tommorrow. Man, students at Clayton campus are spoilt, they have every facility you can imagine under one roof, yes you name it, they've got it! From banks, post office, restaurants, cinemas, hairdresser and more! And we are so jealous! Yeah, but such big campus doesn't rent out bicycles! We walked from our place to uni today, thinking like Gippsland Student Union they would rent bicycles, but darn, I reckon the Sport Centre people must be thinking what "koo-koo" people we are and which village did we come out from, fancy asking for bicycle rental!

Image hosted by Anyway, the move to the new house didn't come as smooth. On the last day(11 Nov) before we left Gippy, I swear I almost wanted to punch someone! That fella threw away Len and I's salmon and prawns worth well over AUD$15! I have been boiling mad for a long time and putting up with him long enough and the last day I had to snap! If ya wanna know he is, make a guess, a 26 yr old uncle staying in south 6. He's IMPOLITE & UNFRIENDLY(TO US)! We have a shoutoutz that day with him saying he delibrately didn't ask us before he threw it away because of the note we left in the fridge. We had cleaned the fridge and just left a note sayin we had done the cleaning, he got a problem with that and threw our stuff away in the large garbage bin to get back at us! I mean, how petty for a man, and you thought only women did that! But man it felt so good being able to scream, "FXXK U", before I left the house. [EDITED]

Image hosted by So as you can see from above, finishing exams and having nothing to do isn't a very good thing. And staying in the city area really burns more holes in your pockets faster! At Chadstone shopping that day, I just bought a Clinique Gift set with make-up bag, eye cream, eye shadow and mascara and lip gloss and a Clinique Face powder. The next day at David Jones, I got another make-up brush set and a tote bad! All in all plus rental paid, I think we spent almost AUD$1000 in like 2-3 days! And while I had my last two days marking assignments and finishing up my thesis, poor darling, Len, Joyce and Joewiz were bored shitless and entertaining themselves with board games, poker cards and singing to themselves! Anyway, love the Catholic church nearby here, has a warmth feeling to it as well and darling and Len were nice enough to keep me company on Sunday morning. It was the same one Denise and I went last year when she stayed near Clayton campus as well. Miss u gal! :( Check out the house on top. All that's left now is the impending wait where I can finally hand up my thesis on friday successfully and I'm considered totally FREE!

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

dA LoNG UpDaTE, tAKE a CuPPa, siT dOwN aNd EnJoY dA piCs As wELL :)

Yess, I just finished probably my last exam of my life just a couple of hours ago and reckon, ah well, I could spend some time updating my blog since I don't have the mood to continue with my thesis writing or assignment marking yet. And so as promised, just a brief about the updates that happened in the last few weeks:

~ I managed to set up an Ebay's seller's account and sold of most of my unwanted stuff. Not a bad thing to do and earned some shopping money as well. I already have a "business plan" for setting up an Ebay shop soon selling new stuff instead!
~ MUGSU Photography Club competition, won 2nd prize for both the Portrait and Landscape category and got $60 worth of Midvalley vouchers. Not bad having entering a photo competition the first time and I didn't expect the winning shots would be a photo of darling, plus a sunset shot of Great Ocean Road. *Sorry the photos are not here, one of them is at my deviantArt portfolio which I will update in the near future.
~ One of my dear friends, Evon came back Gippy for her graduation. So happy for you girl!

~ First photo update: Dinner at Helen's...
Image hosted by

~ Plane trip where Alan, Helen's friend brought us.. A little nauseous but it was all good and we flew almost near Wilson's Prom and Tasmania!
Image hosted by

~ Some Nice Views from inside the plane:
Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by Next is Len's birthday. In fact, I guess the plane trip thingy was a gift from Helen. As usual, being the nice people they are... It's really great to know them.. Anyway, this year's birthday was a shorter celebration for her and hope she still liked it though, yeah with the presents she had.. and the "sabo", "I reckon you liked it right Len?" Haha.. Joewiz's and Sheali's cheesecake was really awesome, and they baked it from scratch! Well, Len got her birthday wish, or I guess almost totally, with her BMW "Convertible". Next we had our Mock Gown day which I had mentioned in the earlier post. Was contemplating whether to put up the photos here or not. But guess, just a sneak preview is okay. Haha, we did a copy cat pose, following Zyan and his friends the last Mock Gown day, but guess their's was more successful!

Image hosted by

Image hosted by Photobucket.comAnyway, I managed to find a house in Clayton to rent for the six of us during the period while waiting for our graduation. Yeah, can't wait to finish our exams and for me my thesis. It's been a long time we had real heaps of fun without worrying about assignment to hand up, must go back study, blah blah blah.. And mum and dad are coming in Dec! Can't wait to see them and hope I can graduate successfully. Thanks to those who have faith in me and who wish me well. **blink, You know who you are!. ** Anyway, I remember there were certain things / people I wanted to bitch about here, but it's been some time, I think I forgot about it already. Oh well, it doesn't matter then... Maybe some things are better left unsaid. Anyway, darling was really sweet to get me flowers today! I was practically crying before my last paper cause I was really stressed about it and the lilies really cheered me up. I reckon he spoils me rotten sometimes. *huggies* to him. ;) ** No wonder his ex GF still cannot get over him! ** He's the bestest in the world (apart from being a lazy and greedy piggy sometimes)..

Friday, October 21, 2005

mEL sHoUtZ, "I wAnNa UpDaTE mY bLoG!" aND iNsiGhTs tO mORE uPdATEs!

I wanna update my blog!! Yess yes... I miss updating my blog.. So much more updates to go, so many more things to bitch about, and more importantly, things to rejoice about... There's Len'S biRtHdAY, another trip dOwN mELbOuRNE for the DIMIA Skills Fair which we didn't turn up eventually cause shopping at Know City was more important, then there's another GoWn DaY I attended today in which I was supposed to wear the gown only for awhile just to take a couple of photos with my friends. But in the end, I still landed up going round with them and taking heaps of hilarious shots.. I was really "pan-tang"(superstitious) at first about wearin the gown twice, but after speaking to my mum and the encouragement from darling, I just thought, "Aww, it's all good!"..

Sunday, October 16, 2005

uNi 4 mE iS eNDiN iN A mTH, i HoPE & uPdAtES aFTeR NoV 18..

Examinations coming in a week's time and as usual the gang is still procrastinating about studying. It's the usual everything to the last minute thing and plus I still have my thesis to finish up and there's a whole load more on it... So I'm guess this space is gonna be kinda outdated for abit. I have heaps of things to update since the last post, but just don't have the time to edit the photos, load them up and write the post. Will do so soon right after November 18th or when I hand in my thesis, whichever is earlier. But the tagboard will still be checked every few days, so feel free to stay in touch there. :) Anyway, stay tune for the next update with the following events:
~ Being an ebay seller is quite a good thing!
~ MUGSU Photography Club Photo Competition
~ Evon's visit back Gippy and for her graduation
~ Dinner at Helen's with visitors: cute little Thomas & Charlize
~ A trip above the skies in Alan's private Jet Plane
Till then, Good Luck for the exams everyone and see ya around!

Saturday, October 08, 2005

mY nEWeSt gADgEt, eVerYoNe'S biTcHiNG oN bLoGs nOwDaYs + oUTiNg wiTH dA GaLs...

Image hosted by Photobucket.comMan, I just had to show my new baby on your left. Just got it on Thurs after selling off my Panasonic X400 to Sheali's friend. Darling's the sweetest person in the world! He wanted to do everything he could to get me my desire phone. We first went to Optus to see if he could sign an extra plan, but they didn't allow international students to sign more than one plan. So we headed to the Telstra dealer just a few shops away only. And as usual like my dad always tease me, "You are always so fickle, the day you marry, your husband will be a different one you chose!" Haha, cause I was so bent on getting back a Nokia phone, either the 6160 or 7270, but eventually this pretty thing caught my eye. Love the new hp number too, lotsa 3's, 6's and 8's. Paying it off slowly in 18mths so I won't feel the pinch of the AUD$600 odd bucks of the phone! But darn, I don't have much free time to play around with it so far because of the assignment due and my project and thesis still having the many problems and stuff. So far darling was the one who downloaded some songs for me...

Anyway lets get to some other stuff like me writing a long sob story to my Honours coordinator telling him how I couldn't get along with my project supervisor. The email sounded like it came from someone who's suffering from severe depression! Anyway, though it's abit too late, I hope he can help with some advise cause I really can't communicate with my supervisor! Then I checked my hotmail today to get the photos off lily when I saw a friend's GF's email to read her blog. Ehhh.. was thankful for her mentioning about the dinner at helen's and michaels, and was confused too after some of the things said there, but it's cleared up now. Anyway, it's a war long past between two women, so let's just say "Amen" that they are now few thousand miles away from each other. Nobody ever likes everybody and no one person is liked by everyone anyway. Even best friends bitch about each other sometimes, let alone strangers or people whom you know for a short time only. You want true friends who will always stand by your side and spare a thought for you always, learn from Pooh and friends ok! =) **Pooh says, "Is there anymore honey?"**

Image hosted by
Anyway, I just found out today that my last data communications assignment is extended till 14 oct instead. Not a very good thing cause it gave me more time to procrastinate about the last question and so I went off to Midvalley instead, today with Len, Sheali and Joewiz to watch the movie, "Serenity". Good movie, I would give it a 4/5 rating! As usual Len was teasing me! Mel was shouting again, "Why the stupid man still don't die! Faster die lah!". Sorry, I get a little over excited when watching movies, so pardon me.. haha.. Went to Saloon with the girls too the night before and yes, Len and I miss the times during our first sem where the four chabohs always go Saloon together. Those two, Sheali and Joewiz are such cute and fun chabohs! We just miss hangin out with them and want some time where it's just all of us gals! Yaya, lily law and you too.. =) As for Joyce, it's okay, you are Len's other half, so... Nah just joking, don't be angry.. =) Writing off now cause darling's complainin it's 5am already! And boy do I feel I'm gonna get lotsa "shoutz" on my chatterbox...

Monday, October 03, 2005

EMIT nEwSpApER iS oUt! gO sPReAd e WoRd & gRaB oNE + dArLiN'S iNTeRviEW & eNd Of SeMeStEr sOON!

Image hosted by Photobucket.comCheerios people, Len was asking just me a few minutes ago, "Are you updating your blog again?". I was like, "No lah, just for the EMIT paper, haha".. Yes the uni's paper, the last edition of the year is out and I grabbed a few copies today, one for myself to keep, one for mum and dad and one for people to flip and trash around after reading it. Somehow my ebay article's kinda contradicting to what I just did yesterday. I was still very much into ebay, haha and spent the whole day setting up a "Seller's" account to sell off my unwanted stuff. Keeping my fingers crossed cause my starting bid for my mobile phone is only AUD$20! Anyway, darling got a call from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation(ABC) today asking for an Interview about the Indonesian Crisis here cause he's the ISA President and he's nervous as ever about it. Well, the sememster's coming to an end and one more assignment to go before I can concentrate fully on my thesis and exams. Speaking of which my supervisor just emailed me today asking about my progress after I was M.I.A for so long.. *ooppss*

Saturday, October 01, 2005

ISA aGM, a "TaLk" tO ReMeMbEr, gUmBUyA pARk oUtiN & dOwN mELb..

Image hosted by Photobucket.comThought I'd better start updating before everything slips my mind on what's been happenin for the pass week or so. 22 Sep was the ISA AGM that darling was so worried about and I'm glad that he had gotten the members in their respective positions as he had wanted, else he'd be stressing himself. We had heaps to eat like mooncakes, nasi bryani with curry chicken, pizza, samosas etc. The best part for me was of course the mooncakes!. ;) After which Joewiz and I couldn't wait for the event to end so we can set up the Karaoke system and start singing! Man, that girl can sing pretty well too, what a waste she didn't wanna join us during the Monash Open Day performance.

This week was the term break for us. There were happy events and not-so-happy events that happened. Sometime during the week, we all had a "show-down" with a friend and his GF . It didn't necessarily involved all of us, only two of them in which the "fire" had already started a long time ago. I wouldn't say the talk solved anything at all, but at least it made us understand the situation our friend is in. From an outsider's point of view, I guess the GF is a nice girl, just a little too possesive and insecure, and for that I salute his patience towards her.

Image hosted by
Anyway on 27 Sep, we had the Gumbuya Park trip and session workshops for graduating students. It's really disappointing that MI was kind enough to arrange such outings for us, yet only about 10 to 12 students turned up that day when the trip was catered for 48 people. Shame on you those who would rather stay at home and sleep, because poor Heidi had to call each and everyone of those that didn't turn up to check if they were going. We had a day of fun but also gain more insights with the interview workshops and preparations to find jobs after we graduate. *Joyce, where are the photos?*

Image hosted by Photobucket.comAnd after a boring week of being stuck in gippy, we finally made a trip to the city for shopping and to savour the taste of Uncle Danny's food again. After lunch, we headed to Chadstone and I couldn't help myself in getting the Biotherm starter kit plus the scrub and they all came in a nice white bag. Later we went to Melbourne Central for more shopping and boy did our legs ache like mad till we had to sit down, have a break and have coffee. The girls got some stuff too; Joyce got a bronzer with the Estee Lauder gift pack ++, Len got a few tops and a skirt as well. Shopping these days is like a privilage we get once awhile and not something I used to take it for granted like in the past.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

mY LaTeSt wALLpApER dEsiGn & sTaY tUnEd fOr MoRe UpdAtEs...

Won this Monash University Graduation Bear in a quiz session from the Graduating Student's day outing and workshops. Thus, decided to make a wallpaper of "Monty" with the snapshot I took of him.. =)

Sunday, September 18, 2005

TeSSeLAaR TuLiP FaRM & RoYaL MeLb. ShOw: a DaY oF FUn aNd gEtTiN poCkEtS bURnT, bUt iT wAs aLL gOOD!

Image hosted by

Finally yesterday was the long-awaited trip I've been waiting for: Tulip Farm and Royal Melbourne Show and yeah we had a great day and heaps of fun except for the occasional rain and we definitely burnt a hole in our pockets at the Royal Melb. Show, which was something like a carnival, or at least darling's hole is a tad bigger I guess! ;) Anyway, I'll let the pictures do the talking. The group shot includes, (from left) darling, me, Tim, Joyce, Len, Ginnie, Winnie and Elizabeth. We arrived at the Tulip farm at about 11.30am and the rain went on and off for awhile. The first place we went to was the Cafe to get hot food and a cuppa coz we we all freezing and I really pitied some of the girls who wore only a thin jacket over them, Len, Joyce and I were already freezing our arses with the polyester jackets we were wearing. Len and I got a "Vegetable-Seller" raincoat to wear for $2 bucks only when the rain stop thereafter. Thank God the rain stopped finally and though the tulips here weren't as beautiful as the ones Len and I saw in the Floria Festival in Canberra, but it was okay. We had fun picking our own tulips later and bringin them home to see them bloom.. Next stop was Royal Melbourne Show Ground!

Image hosted by

Man, this is one of my favourite places! Carnivals! The sun shone so brightly when we arrived at the showground at about 3.30pm and everyone thought the weather outside would be warm, but no, it was still freezing and the wind kept blowing non-stop. (Thus, for my frizzy, ever untamed hair!). We started from the Pet Showroom with a few cats and dogs around as Pedigree and Whiskers were there promoting the pet stuff. Then we headed down to the market place where there were stalls selling all sorts of things all around. We decided to have our faces painted! It was so cool and Len looked like a witch as first with her lips blue as well, after which she decided to wiped the blue lipstick off. :) Next stop was the Animal Farm and the Cattle Places where we saw the usual different farm animals, an ewe who just gave birth in the morning and bloody huge arse cows! And yes, there were really huge like even double or triple darling's size and man we saw them taking a crap, it wsa yucky! :p Then we walked on and saw many food stalls with candy floss, show bags and lots more show bags. And we got ourselves some "she-devil" hairbands. :)

Image hosted by Photobucket.comCouldn't believed when darling said he hadn't taken a Ferris Wheel before cause he was afraid of heights. And so yesss, we grabbed him to have his first ride then, the view was so great from the top of the carriage. Next was the bumper cars ride and darling and Tim as usual were havin fun tryin to knock Joyce and Len. Hee, I was lucky I chose to sit with darling. ;) So we went on to try more games and stuff and finally each of us won at least one huge soft toy which really made our day! Poor Len had to take all those "Dizzy, stomach-churcning" rides with the boys, I opted out and lucky I did, coz even the wave swings made me so wobbly after that! Guess it's not a good thing to go on crazy rides when you don't have enough sleep and feel really tired. Darling said he almost felt himself flying out of his seat in the Crazy Mouse Roller Coster. There were heaps of other stalls and rides in which we didn't have enough time to finish all. We were walking pass the arena when we saw the huge monster truck and heard the lady being shot out of the canon ball when we were gettin some food. And to end the lovely day was the short but sweet sight of the colourful fireworks.. =)

Thursday, September 15, 2005

A RaNdOm qUiZ i fOuND oN sOmEoNe eLsE's WeBsiTe..

You are a Great Girlfriend
When it comes to your guy, you're very thoughtful. But you also haven't stopped thinking of yourself. You're the perfect blend of independent and caring. You're a total catch - make sure your guy knows it too!

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

mY nEWeSt dEmAnD & eMeRGeNcE oF a BiTcH!

The latest on my "Demands" list! Adobe Photoshop CS2. Check out the cool new features here: Man, after so long I still feel I have taken the wrong course as always, should have been Digital Media Design or some sort. Anyway, met up with David from EMIT (Monash Gippsland Uni Newspaper) today and am pretty disappointed and sad sometimes that students do not show interest at all when requests for articles and helpout with the design and layout work are sent out by him. I try as much to squeeze in some free time for an article and for this last issue of the year, I'll be designing the front page layout as well. So any ideas and suggestions on it would be appreciated! You can find out more about EMIT here:

Then let's get to some infuriating things (Darling, Len, Tim and I) read about last night about a bi*cH who's pretentious enough to put a fake front to us but bad-mouth us behind our backs. I mean we were just totally stunned at the things she said about us when we actually treated her as a good friend, got her gift for her birthday, trying to be as nice as we could to her even though she's really DUMB and I mean it with a capital "D". Len's kind enough not to mention who it is on her blog, but I'm not. That biXcH behaves like a bloody 8-year old kid stuck in an adult frame, can be irritating all the time, too full of herself as always like telling how she could get 100% for her Learner's test when she couldn't even pass it, a stupid women who doesn't know how to listen when told NOT to walk in front of the camara and she thinks Easter is during Christmas time! Talk about ignorant people, well here you go.. Man it's fxxking bad enough I am vexed and stressed about my project supervisor who never understands and reply what I'm asking him and the assignments and coming exams, but yet I still have to deal with this kinda shit! Sometimes people should learn when to back off and give me a break PLEASE!

Monday, September 12, 2005

jUz aNotHeR oNe Of oUR hEaRt-pOuRiN niGhTs & sOmE tHiNgS aRe bETTeR eXpReSSeD tHrOuGh wRiTiNG..

Image hosted by Photobucket.comLove the nights when darling and I don't fall asleep the moment our heads touch the pillow, instead we cuddle up and start talking, about everything , about uni, about things, about people... Last night, he was on the verge of confronting a girl whom he cared for when she first came Gippsland, helping her in every way he could so that she would not feel so home sick and the least he expected her to do was to respect him. But, she didn't and as usual the GF gets the blame for everything and darling isn't too pleased with her backstabbing. Why is it sometimes when you are just feeling a little down, having a little mood swings and just not being yourself, then people start to misunderstand you? Do ya expect us to go walking around smiling all the time, being a sweetie and nice in every way? Tried doing that before and found out the hard way that it doesn't pay to be kind. No matter what you do, somehow people would have something to say about you. Besides, I told darling not to be affected by it, cause I'm not. I mean, whose words could be harsher and meaner than Sophia(ex GF's lesbian fren) right?

Image hosted by Photobucket.comThen darling went on to say how he's kinda stressing about being the President for ISA next year and how can he manage the committee well and stuff. We kinda feel caught in between sometimes on matters of deciding what's right and what's wrong. But I have faith in him, that he would do well , and bring ISA to the next level. Manage and not dominate is the key to it I think. Then we talked about a really good friend, one whom we place close to our hearts, someone like Denise or Evon whom I'll always be ready to defend and stand by them if something goes wrong. She was once a person who was ever more ready to defend her close friends and to tell us everything that's on her mind. But all that changed ever since someone became part of her life. But, we still love her heaps and hope her true self would one day return... *huggies* to you, you know who you are...