Friday, November 20, 2009

My new toy(gadget) - the Apple iPhone 3GS

Lately, it seems to be all about consoles, gadgets and stuff. LOL :p And the most recent one I've got is the iPhone 3GS in 16GB. When I was offered to renew my contract in March this year, the staff from Optus was asking me, "Are you sure you don't want the iPhone?" Being the super stubborn and "iPhone Hater" at that time, I thought the iPhone was overrated and so chose to go with the LG Renoir instead. I played around with the phone at the Apple store before and didn't really like how the touch screen function and it seemed hard to sms.

But then Tubby got his a couple of months back sometime after his birthday and every now and then I played with it and thought it had some really cool applications and I like how you can access the Internet and browse normal websites anywhere you want. As you know phones are usually restricted to specially designed mobile websites and cannot access most full websites properly, so having Safari was a real plus for me. :p The finger zoom in and out was also pretty innovative.

Apple iPhone 16GB 3GSSince then, I've been jokingly telling Tubby and Bro Dan that, "I want the iPhone!" And so one normal Sunday when we were shopping in Southland, Tubby suddenly asked me if I wanted to go check out with Optus and see what they can suggest about getting the iPhone. Because I just renewed my new plan in March and had another 16 months to go (for a freakin long 24-month contract), I couldn't really do much because terminating it would cost a lot of money. So we had a bright idea, sign a new cheap plan to get the iPhone and upgrade my current plan to the iPhone plan so I can keep my current number. And that's what I just did... :D So you could really say that I have to "suck it up now..." hehe... :P

Apple iPhone 16GB 3GSThere's so many different type of covers and plastic cases on ebay and a whole lot to choose from! Boy do I have a hard time browsing! I just bought one diamante pink one from ebay - all thanks to xiaxue who started the glitter and diamonds stickers on laptops and gadgets. :P

I've been loving my iPhone since I got it and can understand now why it's the most popular phone in the world for now (for now because I heard the new google phone might be the next "In-thing"). But hey no, I'll be staying loyal to my iPhone for a long time. It's like having the computer and portable game console at your finger tips with the functionality of being able to play games, surf the web, check emails and download useful and sometimes "not-so-useful" applications. :D Then you have your iPod and iTunes and even watching videos is easy on YouTube. The messaging facility is also interesting, every sms is like a conversation u have between the person, the message appears in a bubble.

There are just so many different types of applications built for the iPhone. It even acts as a torchlight if you're in the dark! Probably, the only downside is that the battery runs like water and you'll have to charge everyday. But that doesn't bother me as I got the car charger and everyday I have to plug it to iTunes to sync with my new applications and stuff. Overall the Pros definitely outweigh that one Con. So if you're so not into one, you don't know what you're missing out. ;)