Thursday, September 30, 2010

Titanic: The Artefact Exhibition

I remember posting about the Titanic Artefact Exhibition around mind April this year and mum said she wished she could see it. And I told her, "Of course you can, we'll wait for you to come, the exhibition ends in October anyway!" The time came along and we dilly-dallyed for awhile before planning to book the tickets, also waiting for Tubby to get his cast off.

Little did we expect that tickets were booked out online for most of the sessions weeks in advance! But luckily the Museum reserves a number of tickets for walk-in customers everyday, and so someone had to go early in the morning to line up for the tickets at 9am. Thankfully Mr. Nice Guy(s) - Wai and Han volunteered and we got the tickets for the Sat 18 Sep, 11.15am session. :)

The guide explained the different displays that we'll explore - all numbered and given brief descriptions.
Weichao bought a new SLR camera and was testing it out with a shot of us at the lobby area.
The stairs leading down to the exhibiton halls featuring flags of the current showcase.
Mum and I after exiting the exhibition. It was strictly no photography / video.

Everyone was given a boarding pass before we entered the hall, based on your gender. And at the second last display room, you could find out if you "survived" or "died". Tubby was harping about how he was a First-Class passenger while we were Third-Class. But at least we survived - haha. :P Below are some scans from the program book showing some of the exhibits we saw:

A model of the Titanic - with photos and information on how it was built.Some of the passengers and the items recovered from the ship wreck.

The very famous Grand staircase with the bronze cherub - only in the First-Class area of the ship.A large iceberg model was built for people to feel how cold the temperature of the water was, that night when the ship sank.

Anyway there's heaps more photos on the Titanic Exhibition on Facebook if you're interested. ;)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Victoria Market with Mum and Tubby's Cast Removal

Went with mum to Victoria Market a few weeks ago. She wanted to go down there to shop for gifts and souvenirs for her friends. We probably went down a tad too late and the stalls there started packing up way before the closing time. Apparently they start at 6am in the morning! I really wonder who shops at that time! Why can't they just open and close a bit later? Closing at like 2-3pm in the arvo is just silly as people are still out shopping.

Anyway we decided to make the most of the 1.5 hours we had there. And having not been there for a long time, I was surprised at some of the new things that they had.
Came across this Socks Stall selling all kinds of socks and saw these really cute animal socks!
Mum also caught up for a bit with my High School mate King Yen's mum - Mrs Han.
Very beautiful and elegant German Tealight Candle Holders. Not cheap as well!
Mum taking a closer look at one of the leggings and was trying to bargain.
On the way back at Melbourne Central, we just couldn't resist taking a quick look at these cute puppies at the Pet Shop. They are of Maltese / Terrier breed mix.

I couldn't resist getting one of the animal socks! They were just too cute! It was two pairs for $10 and we could mix and match. So mum took another long colourful type without any funny design. And I took a cow because somehow it reminded me of Tubby! Haha! :p

Another happy occasion was that Tubby's finally had his cast removed last Monday. His legs really look like "chicken" legs - all thin and scrawny for now. He needs to wear a Cam Walker Boot and learn to walk that leg again. Meantime he's still needs the aid of his crutches as well but as least he can walk on both legs now.
In the plaster room, the nurse turning on the saw to cut off the very hard cast!Another pic here and the careless nurse actually made a few minor cuts on his leg!
The wound area where he was operated on. Check out the filthy feet! :SHere's an X-Ray of his leg showing the screws and metal plates!

I'm still getting my lazy ass to continue with the wedding blog so I can launch it on time! But just too busy with outings and stuff! :p

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

It's time we talked a little about Our Wedding. ;)

Everyone feels that their wedding day comes and goes too quickly, thus nowadays I see people posting up their wedding photos very much later or they post again to their Facebook profile to bring back memories of that special event. After all, it is the most important day of your life and it only happens once in a lifetime for most of us. Thus I have decided to start a wedding blog to record down our plans and preparations, and to share with family and friends in the months leading up to our special day.

Our wedding plans/preps kinda started on 3rd April – when we dropped by Little John Memorial Chapel at Tubby’s high school, Scotch College. Of course in the first few months after the proposal, you tend to get all excited and want to quickly start with the planning. We have since booked the chapel, celebrants and photographer, visited a few reception places and did some bridal gown browsing and try-outs.

Since we had about a year and a half from April, Tubby and I realised we can take our time instead of rushing later. The early start also helped as plans are at a halt for the moment since Tubby broke his leg. We both want our wedding to be something special and memorable not only for us, but for everyone who attends too – I promise I ain’t gonna turn out to be a Bridezilla! LOL. :p

Our Wedding will be held in Melbourne on Fri, 21 Oct 2011. There will be another two dinners in both Singapore and Malaysia around Dec / Jan 2012. We also plan to do a pre-wedding photo shoot in Melbourne around Oct / Nov this year and then another one in Malaysia (for the beautiful gowns!) in April next year.

From Today, it's exactly:I plan to launch the wedding blog exactly on the one year countdown to our wedding and so in the meantime, I just want to share a few photos. A couple of weeks ago, mum and I brought my pre-wedding photo shoot gown for alterations at one of the bridal shops near my place:
The seamstress and also the owner of the shop putting pins on my gown to bring up the gown and shorten it according to my height.
Mum suggested to take a photo when the seamstress was done with the pinning just so we can compare when alterations are done.
The owner was also really smart to inform that she had a sale on and was clearing stock. This was one of the gowns I tried on - I still need an actual day gown. I'll elaborate more on the wedding blog.

Till then, thanks for all your support and care, I'll be busy getting the wedding blog up and running for 21 Oct and spending time with mum too. :)