Monday, March 27, 2006

ThE DiET PLaN ThAT DiDn'T wORk, MeEtiNG WiTh My TrEAsUReD FriEnDs, mY biRtHdAY & NaTaS 2006

Well I guess it's time for the long update after all the busy periods are over! Been working like mad again for the last 14 days none stop! Finally it's skiving time in office today. Not much stuff left to do except for some clearing up and saving of the work done. Anyway, my plans to diet were down the drain when all I had surrounding me was "Food! Food! and Glorious Food!"
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Lunch Treat by our ladyboss again for CK gege's birthday (10-mar)

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Had dinner with my pal the other day. We decided to try out the Korean restaurant opposite my office. I can't really remember the name though, but it's mend by real Koreans cause they actually speak the language in there. It was the first time my pal tried Korean food and so I explained to him some of the dishes based on my past experiences and the Korea Trip. Love the mini snacks provide for all Korean meals, absolutely tasty and best to appease your stomach while waiting for the main course. The food was good, comparable to those in Korea actually. Miss my Bulgogi (Spicy Beef on Hotplate) cause I didn't have it for a long time.

Image hosting by PhotobucketThen I also finally met up with my 2 long-lost girl friends I met on the Korea trip 2 years ago. I managed to get their contacts from the company database since my old mobile phone came crashing down on me last year! And the worst thing was that I didn't even have their emails that time! So lucky they didn't change their mobile number! These girls ah, always "paiseh" to go out for dinner with them because they always offer to pay, keep saying it's their farewell treat or something. They are really such nice girls to be with and even though we don't meet up very often, there's a sense of warmth and the feeling of being welcomed when we're together. We can talk about anything under the sun. Over the 2 to 3 years, I've learned that good friends are God sent and you don't need to know friends for years before they become your good friends. Some people will just NEVER become your good friends even though you know them for a long time and treated them like one. It's like shoes that you think look good on your feet at first, then after awhile you realised that they actually give you blisters. They will always be their "threesome". And they painstakingly say they are not like that? Are they just really ignorant or just really pretencious using "You are not here in S'pore mah" as their excuse? I don't know and I don't care. That's why I couldn't even be bothered asking them if they want to meet up or not. But anyway, that's another story. ;) Cause I've found true friends that walk beside me and not make me walk behind them. :)

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Also met my Pooh-Gang! Oops, I don't think they know I call them that, but never mind heehee! We had dinner at my one of my favourite places: Marche! Yup, I didn't miss my Movenpick Maple Walnut ice-cream and those sweet girls sang me a pre-birthday song with a slice of Tiramisu Cake in front of me! And then they force me to eat the cake all by myself, and don't wanna take any at all. *playful* But still love you all. *muaks* ;p

Image hosting by PhotobucketAnyway, this year's birthday (23 Mar) celebrations was kinda like spreaded out into different days with the meeting up of friends. It's like God knows I'll be spending my birthday without darling around this year and He sent so many friends to send me their well-wishes, SMSes, e-cards, prezzies etc. I also glad though that I could spend my birthday this year with my parents. Though I was working that day, my tour manager gave me time-off in the morning to have breakfast with them first before I went to work. Mum and My cousin-in-law bought me a White-Gold cross and Escada perfume respectively. Then I got gifts from my tour manager, tigger and kity, plus hubby as well. Thank you! Blur blur sotong of a darling, he couldn't keep his excitement again as usual and told me he had ordered flowers to be delivered to my brother's place. I was like kinda working late that night and I reached home just in time to see the delivery guy knocking on the door. Hope he didn't wait very long thought. :x *oops* ~Elizabeth Arden perfume and white lilies from darling. *muaks* Love you heaps! Thank you to my chabohs + lily as well for the e-cards and the SMSs. They really made my day too. For some reason, this year's inbox and friendster had lotsa birthday wishes! Thanks again all of you, you know who you are! *hugz*

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And the 2-day event of the month, the NATAS Travel Fair which everyone in the office was so busy preparing for. It's a time where all the travel agents in Singapore come together and showcase their packages/tours/air tickets for sale. It was from 24mar-26mar and we practically worked from 10am-9pm everynight! But it was all good! And lotsa fun too, as you can see from the pictures. I took heaps more, but just uploaded some cause there is really too much to show here. Till the next update, which will be quite long I guess! Enjoy this first! :)

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

sEEkiNG SuiTaBLe CaNDiDaTEs!

I'ma helping my God-Bro, CK (Asst. Manager of Marketing/PR Dept.) to look for a suitable person to replace me when I leave. So please people, do pass the message around.

Place: Commonwealth Travel Corporation Pte. Ltd. Singapore (
Address: 46/47 Mosque Street, (Chinatown) Singapore 059525
Job Title: Executive (Marketing/PR)
Work Hours: Mon-Fri (9am-6pm) Sat (9am-1pm)
Job Scope:
To aid the Marketing/PR department in areas of design work like website design, leaftlets, invitation cards, media design, travel fairs and events coordination, handling of the CTC Travel Club, i.e. member enquiries, overall be in-charge of all matters pertaining to the club. Assist in other portfolios like CTC Healthcare ( .

- Must have design skills and basic website management skills , knowledge of software such as Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia Dreamweaver, Freehand etc.
- Need to have good communication skills and flexibility as we liaise with companies for sponsorships, free gift purchases, media advertising etc.
- Need to be independent, able to make important decisions at crucial times and sometimes work the extra hours to get things done.
- Prefably have some travel and tourism trade knowledge and marketing skills.


Friday, March 03, 2006

tHE PRoMisEd uPDaTEs & nEVeR bEEn MoRe SuRe oF sOmEoNe iN mY LiFe.

Image hosting by PhotobucketAs promised, the updates and photos mentioned. Met up with my secondary school best friends Beiwen and Sharon twice. There are usually 5 of us in the group, but the other 2 are always busy like anything and can't make it. We chatted about the usual stuff on relationships, gossips and everything under the roof including talks about when we want our so-called "BIG" day to be. For some reason, we felt much closer than we used to be even though the meetings are rare.

Its only been 3 weeks since darling returned to Gippy but it feels like forever and I truly am counting down the days to be able to see him again. I knew initially that being apart from him was gonna be difficult, but I never thought it was gonna be this hard. I don't deny we argued a few times due to some of the most common issues of the distance apart, but darling's been reassuring me of his love always. Speaking of that I mentioned to him a few days ago about the big special issue Style Weddings Singapore came up with and he asked me to get it so we can browse through it together. Needless to say, I was overjoyed that he's actually interested on wedding stuff though our future plan for the Big day is only like 3 to 4 years later. Anyway I delibrately brought the mag home to show my brother and sis-in-law to try hinting to them thats it high time they actually hold their wedding ceremony. They both did get round to saying about yah where they wanna hold it, what gown blah blah and stuff, but when it's actually gonna happen is still doubtful. Overall, the mag is pretty cool actually, lotsa pretty things to see inside. Apart from the display of gowns, banquet places, they also have skin care, make up, jewellery etc and heaps more. Anyone out there whether single or attached could get a copy because I believe every one of us women, deserves the right to dream of one day walking down the aisle with the man we love in that pretty white gown. And that dream will come true, just be patient. *wink*

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Lunch treat by ex TCS actor Allan Goh for Perry, Angie, Ian and me. Exquisite food which I have no idea what the name of the dishes are. But all I know is that they have so many different kinds of variety that each dish has its own special unique ingredients and stuff. And the way the dishes are presented and served are also very special. And of course it's delicious! ;)

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We are having our company's in-house travel carnival and this is just one of the events for the week which I'm fully in charged. There's a sense of accomplishment when you get the opportunity to be able to run and manage things and the feeling when the whole setup is done just cannot be described. We received good feedback from customers saying it was fun; Book a tour and get to play to win more prizes. Also check out the CTC website: when free. Did the whole new design and if you see carefully, you can find a small pic of Len and I among the banner. ;)

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Lastly, my ladyboss and Tour manager treated us(Marketing Dept.) dinner and KTV to reward us for the hard work put in and also to de-stress ourselves for the next huge event coming: The NATAS Travel Fair 2006. More days of OT and heaps of work, but its all good. After that, the wait to see darling again will come soon!