Friday, March 30, 2007

My birthday, Kal's Hatch Day and A Penny for your Thoughts

As promised, the updates. But before that I just want to share an insight that I've gained during the Caravan show. My company's 5th wheeler caravan is one of the largest and loveliest in Australia as compared to the local ones because they are imported from the States. So in the days before the show, I never ever felt that way about it because I had gotten so used to seeing it everyday that I didn't think it was pretty anymore. But during the show, everyone who went in and came out had the sort of look of awe in their faces as they said how gorgeous our 5th wheeler was. Only then it dawned well upon me that it was the same in relationships with your partner and friends. When you see someone everyday, you fail to see the "beauty" within them and tend to take them for granted. And only other aquaintances might actually see the true light within your loved ones, the light that was shine upon us, one that we sometimes not appreciate.

Anyway, enough of preaching. All I wanna say is that , "Treasure your family members and loved ones". Life is unpredictable and you won't want to live and regret it. So on a lighter note, here are the photos of my birthday and kal's from the last couple of weeks.
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Spot the difference in this group shot and the one in Kals. Most of them turned up for both parties. Well Lyell and Nancy were taking this photo for us, so we shouldn't forget them.

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My birthday prezzies. Flowers and Eragon DS game (1st Instalment, so he says) from darling, S.H.E Concert DVD from pal S.K, Jacket and Tee from Mummy dearest, book from Dom, Eileen and Ying. Cakes from Ying, darling and colleage Michelle.

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Yummy, yes and more delicious food. It's all chicken I know, for some reason everyone decided to make chicken dishes. Thanks to those who made the yummy food, you know who you are.

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Lastly, the people at Kal's birthday. It was absolutely a week after another of eating and eating and socialising. Yup, all the tenants from 3 units in Dalpura, including a few from on-campus.

And also my Thank you speech: THANKS to all who celebrated my birthday for me, sent me SMSs, emails and friendster testis and msgs to wish me. You know who you are, thanks for still remembering me. :) *hugz*

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Insane Shoppaholic Site, Busy x3 and don't forget Cosmic Reviews

Busy busy busy, it's crazy how I cramp my workload and personal work these couple of weeks. My company's got a Caravan show coming up in Caulfield tomorrow and lotsa preparations need to be done. I'll be there to help out for 2 days out of the 1 week, so I haven't got time to update about Kal's and My birthday photos of fun and more food. I shall do so on friday.

Anyway I have started a new blog just to cater for my shopping. It's crazy I know, that's why the website is called "Insane Shoppaholic". You can visit the site from the logo below. I promise to upload more shopping when the free time comes along. *Yes I have more! ;)
Insane Shoppaholic - Logo

Meantime, don't forget to keep supporting the Cosmic Reviews site as well. More reviews up and more free items still to be given away. Fashioin, Footwear, Movies and more, you name it and they'll do the review for you. Check it out now!

Cosmic Reviews~ Ultimate One Stop Review Site

And I really gotta shuffle now, need to move things onto my colleage's car and settle some other last minute stuff before the show starts tomorrow. Till then, stay happy, study smart and work hard everyone! :)

Thursday, March 22, 2007

A Banner for Chaboh Len ~Pammy Pet Love

I figured when a good friend asks you to design something for her, she's finding if she's still important to you. And if the work involves more on a personal touch, then she's also finding out if you remember the things she loves. A complicated analyzation? Noo, just being a pain by going more into it. Ahaha, here you go chaboh, I have emailed the banner to you, so you can put it wherever you want. ;)
Len - A Banner Design
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P.S: I certainly welcome other requests from my other chabohs and good friends too. :)

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Mum's Farewell Dinner, Airport Sendoff and Dinner with Lenny

It's nearly a week since Mum went home and I'm missing her. :( Had a pretty emotional week, apart from missing mum, I was also thrown into the dilemma of having to make a decision which will yet again affect my life; the decision to return to SG sometime mid year, continue working for awhile and renew my SG PR, leave my darling tubbs and Jasper here OR to remain here in Aust, FxxK the SG PR and risk getting my loved ones into trouble because I'm bound to the "beloved" SG govt. by certain conditions. Oh I so "love" the govt. in all countries! :O And as the day keeps going, I get more frustrated, and all I can hope is that God will lead the way when the time comes. Meantime, here are more pics from Mum's farewell dinner, airport sendoff and dinner with tubb's super-irritating buddy aka Monkey Boy.
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Drool at the yummy food we had during mum's farewell dinner. Jason and Alex also made Bak Kut Teh, but the photo didn't do the delicious food justice, so I decided not to put it here.
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The wonderful people who made the night and mum's day. And yes my arms look chubby as always, so is my face I know, who cares la. haha. :)
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The sweeties who accompanied us for a night's stay in Melbourne and to send mum off at the airport the next day. And yes, $200 over bucks was spent on shopping. *Ima soo ashamed of myself, or am I?* :P
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Later that night we met lenny for dinner. He brought us to a Greek restaurant near his place. Food was good; marinated calamari, seafood platter and meat platter, and for that, a pretty costly bill too. And I think lenny has obssesive hyper behaviour, i.e. he can't stop being a pest! He just has to irritate me. And poor Jasper fell into the pond too, because the poodles at his house weren't too happy about having him around. And noo, it's not funny. My poor darling was stuck in the cold pond for God knows how long, before we saved him when we got back.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Bendigo Trip - 3 Mar to 5 Mar '07

Here goes, the photos from the Bendigo Trip:

Bendigo - City View, Visitor Centre and Central Deborah GoldMine
We arrived at Bendigo on Sat 3 Mar around 12.45pm and headed to have some finger food and ice cream as it was a scotching hot day. Then we walked around the city centre, got to the visitor information centre to get more brochures, maps and to buy the Bendigo Visitor Pass. 2nd highlight of the day was the trip to Central Deborah Gold Mine. We opted for the 1hour, 60 metres down below tour instead of the 2hour, 82 metres one. It was still all good and pitch dark below ground level, near the earth's core. And no, if you happen to find any gold, it doesn't belong to you. :( The guide was a jovial funny old fellow who made the tour an interesting one.

Bendigo - Bechworth Bakery, Talking trams and Golden Dragon Musuem
Sunday's first highlight was the Sacred Heart Cathedral, we went there for morning mass at 8.30am. It was a lovely sculpted building completed in the 1970s. Then we had brekkie at beechworth bakery because Ying thought that it was related to beechworth honey, but it wasn't and the food though lovely on the outside, didn't taste as good on the inside. Next was the talking trams tour, tramways museum and the Golden Dragon Museum, built by one of the forefathers of the chinese who immigrated to Bendigo during the Gold Mining era.

Bendigo - Bendigo Pottery and Confectionary Capers
We continued the trip next to Bendigo pottery where we learned and actually saw how pottery is made. Duhhh?! :P We wanted to had a go and try our hands at the wheel, but we figured it was gonna be a hassle to keep "the thing" we moulded, so we skipped it. Last stop for the day was Confectionary Capers, which was built by a single man using 37 years of hard work. It was a display of mechanical and language displays which makes you think outta the box for english words with its interactive press-button displays.

Bendigo - Horse Riding, Shopping and First Myer Store
Last day of the trip was horse riding! Yippie! My 2nd time doing it and I'm loving it evermore. I wanted to have a faster gallop but as the others were newbies plus Ying and Dom had slow and sturbbon horses, we had to settled for a slow trotting trail ride. But it was all good and I managed to get dusty(horse's name) to gallop faster along some paths. Finally we left some time for abit of shopping and we just had to take a photo outside the first ever Myer store.

Well that's all for now, I reckon I should start a journal travel site for all my aussie trips! :)

Friday, March 02, 2007

Cuts, Bruises and Sores & Dinner @ Helen and Michael's last Sunday

I feel so sore today and I mean literally sore. :( This is because the smart ass me went to play basketball yesterday with some rough experts, against the advice of Tubbs and Eileen. And I landed up sprawled on the floor with cuts and bruises on my right elbow, legs and a very sore right hip and left thumb after this egoistic China guy who goes by the name of Lambchops and Iceberg (minus the latter and former respectively) decided to slam me down to the floor when I tried to get the ball from him. And the worse part was he didn't even say sorry! I swear I wanted to kill him there and then :x, but I put on my nicest front and smiled as I walked back towards the side replying Tubbs, "Yeah I'm okay, I'm okay", trying to hold back the tears and ignore the immerse pain.

In consolation, at least Eileen, Zoon, Farah kept asking me if I was alright and a few of the others as well. They are all new students, Zoon is from Malaysia doing biotech and Farah is (I think) Malaysian who's a diplomat's daughter. Zoon was particular caring; he was rushing to his house to get tissue for me as I followed him to wash my wounds and he kept saying sorry even though it was not his fault. It made me feel like punching the china guy even more! :x Anyway, I should stop whingeing and get on to happier things. Here's the photos from our outing last Sunday. We sort of had a little farewell party for mummy.

Dinner at Helen's and Michael's

Left to right: The "kids" playing on the trampoline; At the Dinner Table; Glorious Main courses and Desserts; Playing an Ancient Scandinavian game called Kupp - which is a cross between cricket, bocce ball, and jarts. It involves throwing blocks of wood at other blocks of wood in the attempt to knock them over. And I had to admit I was a blardy sore loser that day or maybe blame it on the hormones, I was displaying a bad front cursing and hitting Tubbs cause he was just so damn good in it. But oh well, everyone has a shitty attitude day. ;)

Group Photo - Dinner @ Helen's

That's all for now, I'ma looking forward to try Eileen and Dominic's cooking tonight(with help from mum) and to enjoy my trip to Bendigo with Tubbs, Mum and Ying over the weekend. So I'll update photos and events on the trip next week. :D Keeping my fingers crossed and hoping tubby's foot gets well soon for the trip.