Friday, June 30, 2006

Da Hectic Moving and Cleaning Times, Telecommunications "turn bad" and hoping for the house to be filled with warmth soon!

Thankfully after sucha long wait, I've finally made the total move to the new place yesterday. It wasn't easy cause Gee was being a pig (o.o) sleeping after working for Harry Ballis at his farm, but lucky Jess, darling's housemate was helping me put the things into the car. But I would still thank him(Gee) for keeping me company for the first night at the new place. I took almost the majority of darling's stuff as well since he'll sort of be staying with me over there anyway. It'll be so much better; no more prying eyes and gossips from people on campus. And since he always sacrifices so much for me, this time I gave him the table in my room for his laptop and study. The last few days were also spent buying cleaning stuff and toiletries for the house and cleaning it up. But as usual the landlord didn't keep his promise to finish sticking the carpet by last Tuesday, so he's gonna one day step in with his dirty shoes on my cleaned floor! But overall, the landlord really touch up the house well for us and I'm kinda like enjoying the AUSTAR as well with the movies and stuff and I can finally see Jerry Springer again! Waha..

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As you can see, the "sneak preview" of my room and the general areas of the house. Yeah I know, my room always looks like an absolute stuff toy hut or something and every nook and corner is packed to the max. Oh well, I mean it's where you're living in! Of course you would want the room to look cosy and comfortable. Darling and I had a bad day last week after trying so hard to fix one of the cupboards from Ikea. He was practically screaming to get the handles in! Hmmn, I guess not everything from there is well made. But we did get the cupboard, bed-side table, small square table and a few other stuff for quite a reasonable price, plus I like their designs, so I'm not complaining. Haha.. Was too tired and lazy to take photos that day, but the meat balls and grill salmon at the Ikea cafe was awesome!

Well, I'm glad much of the troublesome matters have all been done before I start work this Monday. Was really pissed of with the telecommunications company; firstly it was their rude sales officer, then it was the numerous calls Shea Li and I had to make to clarify documents to send, lastly the phone line wasn't working well and I have to call again for a few times before an officer actually found out it was a programming problem which had to be rectified by Telstra, whom they loaned the phone line from! Oh boy and to think we were recommended by a good friend who said the company had good service! Maybe it's just our bad luck then! Thank God everything's working fine now.

I'm also glad that my chabohs and darling are all coming back this Monday. In this way, I can go to work at ease knowing Jasper won't be alone at home for too long. He's our precious little thing and although we got him microchipped and registered last Monday, we're still pretty much worried for that cute little fella. Or at least me lah, cause my puppy got stolen before when I was younger and I cried so much for God knows how many days! Anyway, am gonna write off now. Wanna go make dinner and keep Jasper company! :D *ciaos*

P.S: Thanks to darling who bought me the 3-in-1 printer/scanner/copier, to Sheali who's helping me with the phone and Internet and getting the wireless router, and to looloo for the electric kettle! woohoo! *smiles*

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

A Job finally, but only for awhile. Pressing things that caused an argument. Thank God he gave me longy. :)

I finally got a job as a web designer cum media publishing support in a company exporting American SUVs like Chevrolets, Hummers, Cadillac etc and 5th wheelers in Traralgon. It's a great job scope; exactly what I want, abit of website and abit of media publishing stuff, but the sad part is that it's only a contract based position of 2 months. But at least there's the option to extend the contract if there's a need to. Well, it's better than nothing since the pay per hour is pretty good and would at least provide sufficient income while looking for another job thereafter. Furthermore, Wendy from Monash Uni careers has really been a great help, even recommending me to a job placed by Recruit Solutions, a recruitment agency. But I didn't take up the other job since that wasn't in Gippsland, but in North Melbourne. So the recruitment consultant asked me to send my resume in anyway and he'll help me with finding another job after my contract ends.

Well in the meantime, apart from the World Cup fever betting, playing neopets, doing crossword puzzles and reading magazines to pass time, I was also fretting and having a huge headache about the moving house thingy, setting up of phone line and Internet connection. So last night(one of the worst days of my life), with all the misunderstandings, assumptions and tension building up, my chabohs and I almost had a shouting match. It was almost there with the voices raised especially when 2 are hot headed and the other 1 who's pretty confusing at times. But thank God again there's darling around; the level-headed, humourous one who always manages to turn bad things into good. Don't get me wrong, he's a totally impartial person and doesn't take sides, so he basically gave all 3 of us a good "scolding".

But the argument actually got me thinking about how fragile friendships are sometimes. And friendships that last are actually those where all parties are truthful and direct to each other. So the chinese translated saying goes, "Meeting each other is easy, getting along is difficult." You may think you actually know your friend very well, but when it comes to settling issues or living together, that's a totally different thing. I guess when friends wanna live together, they pretty much need to agree to the same things to a certain level of extent. Otherwise, a friendship may just be lost due to some minor differences and issues where all parties keep quiet and let the tension build. Well, we managed to get things sorted out, but still the scar is there. Certain things that were brought up really broke my heart cause I thought we knew each other really well. But apparently not, due to everyone having their own assumptions, including myself. So much as I don't want anything affecting the friendship, there is a small amount of hurt still there. But I will try my best to heal that scar, be more benevolent and hope everything will get back to normal. It'll take some time, but it'll get there...

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Our Baby Jasper, God will help us find a Way, a hearty Farewell dinner and the "soon-to-come" Big move

Sorry about the long wait, usually it's pretty unlike me to leave my blog stagnant for awhile. Anyway, I went for the Victorian Driving test a couple of weeks ago and obtained my full Victorian Driver license. I figured might as well since I'll be needing it anyway. Lucky I could use darling's car for the test, so it not only saved me money, but it also made the test easier. Then out of 10 over job applications sent, I only went for 1 interview: the IT Officer job at Monash. But as expected, I didn't get it cause "so they say: they really had to make a tough decision between the comparable candidates", plus restrictions on work at the moment didn't help; I can only work with my Bridging Visa after my Tourist Visa expires.

Oh well, just like what Father Malcolm and God-ma Helen said, "Not to worry, you'll find something soon!" Father even called one of the work places I have applied for to put in a good word for me, so I should be getting another interview soon. But I'm not too stress anyway cause I believe God will find a way for me, just like he did for every bliss in my life. :) For the moment, something to look forward to: Moving into my own rented house(with my chabohs) in the next few days. Meantime, enjoy the pics of our adorable Jasper!
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Photobucket - Video and Image HostingWe also had a Steamboat dinner last Friday, sort of as a farewell to Henrie (who's going back Hong Kong), Joewiz and me. That's because after we move to our new place, we might not go to South 9 that often anymore. The dinner included everyone in South 9 plus our extended close friends as well. ;) As I've said before, everyone in South 9 is especially awesome and fun-loving, so we are definitely gonna miss them heaps. But it's alright, I guess we would still drop by every now and then. So there were heaps of food; seafood, meat, chicken, vegetables, fishballs, meatballs, crab meat and the list just goes on. There were 14 of us in total I think and we ate and ate till everyone was really bloated. Our two "South 9 chefs" Joewiz and Vivien also made sinful yet delicious desserts: Sticky date pudding, Trifle and Tiramisu. Well, who could resist such temptations, so everyone though full like anything, still greedily gun down slices and slices of the desserts. It's like once you start, you can't stop! Mmnn, I wished the desserts had lasted longer though. :( Long free hours had made Joewiz our home baker cause she was always making new desserts for everyone to try. No wonder everyone's putting on weight, including herself, kekeke... *oops* :x

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Then there's also the World Cup fever where all of us sat down and had our eyes glued on the TV for the opening of the World Cup on Friday night after that huge dinner. Everyone supported different countries, but it was really funny watching the boys shouting, "GOAL!!!" at the top of their voices when the country they were supporting scored. It's small little events like these that bring a smile to your face sometimes. ;)