Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas shopping and/for coming trip back home...

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? I managed to start mine a couple of weeks ago during the weekends and a couple of week nights this week where the shopping centres are finally starting to open late! Chadstone especially is opened from 9am to 10am this Monday to Wednesday and till 12 midnight on Thursday and Friday! They even have free shuttle buses to shuffle shoppers from the nearby tafe! Gosh you should see the crowds at shopping centres when it's near Christmas, it's almost impossible to find a car-park!

Lucky I have already managed to tick off most of the names on my pressie list except a couple more to finish this weekend. And since I have to send my car in for service, we'll be there early and can always leave the car parked at the Kmart parking slot after the service, so it kinda saves us from having to find one. :p

Oh and Tubby and I kinda need to do shopping for our mums as well. I think my mum's got a much longer list than his! lol! Mum's spoilt anyway, she asked for an iPod Nano for Christmas and so she's getting a purple one. :D With that, she's also got quite a few other things that I bought for her over the year as well!

And shucks, this time round during our trip back to Singapore / Malaysia, we also have to attend a few weddings! It's that time of the year isn't it? Everyone seems to be getting hitched! And yeah it's kinda that kind of "age" too I guess! :p

Anyway for my sec school best friend's wedding, I bought a black Audrey Hepburn like dress. Decision was made after the other two besties decided they were going in black as well. :P I guess people aren't so superstitious about black colour these days. I can't believed that it was bought in a jiffy during my 1-hour lunch break last week. I wasn't particularly looking for one that day and just happened to come across it. It's similar to the one pictured except that mine has thinner shoulder straps and is a little shorter.

Then I'll have to get one especially for my brother's wedding as well! Yes, my late thirty-something year old brother (ssshhhh!) has finally tied the knot! He and my sis-in-law solemnized on 6 Dec. How coincidental as that is also the anniversary date for Tubby and I. Anyway their wedding dinner is on the 26th of Dec and so they say when you're out looking for something, somehow you just can't find it! I was out the last few times, tried on countless dresses and I couldn't find one that I like or suited me. :( I guess trying to stay away from black is kinda difficult, but let's hope I get better luck this weekend.

Then there's the wedding of our tennis coach and his wife as well which falls on the 3rd of Jan. We are still debating if we are attending because that's pretty close to the dates that we're going up to KL! Yes, planning a trip up north to visit my chabohs and also dear cousins and my new little "grand nephew"... Excited yet upset about the upcoming trip back, cause we'll be missing Jasper oh so much...