Wednesday, June 29, 2005

tAzZy - hOBaRt tRiP, aN iMpeNDinG wEeK aWaY fRoM dArLinG, mUm's rEtuRniN hOmE & sTaRt oF tHe tHinGy iVe bEeN pUshiN aWaY..

Image hosted by Photobucket.comJust came back from Hobart on Sunday and the trip did kinda lighten my spirits up a little. The first day was a little grumpy one because everyone did not have enough sleep and darling, trying to be a clever arse, had to go rent a manual car because he hadn't driven one for a long time. We didn't realised it was not a good idea until we figured out how hilly the roads were in Hobart. As expected, the manual car was exchanged for an Auto one the next day. On the left, you would find the Tasman bridge, which connects Hobart city to the rest of the other towns across the sea. The 2nd shot shows darling looking blur in the Richmond historic Gaol. Then the 3rd shot is taken with dalring in front of the Richmond bridge built in 1823, plus the 4th one with mum at the oldest existing catholic church ever built in Australia - The church of St. Pauls built in 1836. It even had an infant tomb stone next to it - 4 mths baby boy died in 1845. And to the other side of the church lies the cemetary, creepy eh?

Image hosted by Photobucket.comAnd as usual, with all the squabbling we had in the car with the directions on how to get about, going to the casino was one thing that could cheer darling up. Being the oldest casino of Australia, the Wrest Point casino could be no way compared to Crown in Melbourne at all. The gaming room occupied a really small area with only 3 roulette tables. It probably was 1/8 the size of Crown. Next 2 photos were at the Cascase Brewery and the fruit gardens beside it. It was the first time I ever plucked fresh apples from trees and eat it there and then. Darling and I were really interested in going for the brewery tour, but mum wasn't, so we had to give it a miss. Next photo is at the Alpen Rail swiss model village and railway. As the name says it, it had a village and mountains with railways that filled the whole room. Trains were one of darling's favourite things, thus for the trip anyway. He took a shot with his Thomas the tank engine too.. You can see in the next shot below... haha

Image hosted by Photobucket.comThere was a small faerie gardens next to the model village and we went out for a short walk. Darling with his usual mischief, tricked me into counting the 7 dwarfs! Mum was fascinated by the thick and long haired cats and couldn't help strocking them, as you can see. Next visit was to the Cadbury chocolate factory. And we definitely took the tour for this, what with all the chocolate tasting and smelling as we went round the different sections, you could almost smell of chocolate after leaving the place. Apparently, they make 800 tons of chocolate per day just to cater to the whole of Australia's population! Ummm and freshly made chocolate really smells and tastes fantastic. But with the amount of chocolate we had that day, plus the ones we bought back as gifts for friends, I reckon we would be away from chocolate for some time...

Image hosted by Photobucket.comThe 3rd day was to the famous Salamanca Market which operates only on Sats, 8.30am to 3pm. They sold alot of arts and crafts, clothes, souvenirs, food, soft toys and anything you might wanna find.. Got a tazzymade bag there, finally something that isn't made in china. Next we visited the Penitentiary Chapel which was a chapel cum gaol in the 1800s and it underwent many changes. We went through the prisoner cells, their hanging chamber, the court rooms and half of what's left of the chapel. It was really cold and creepy inside, lucky we went in the afternoon. They even had Ghost Tours at night! The picture far right top was of mum at the St. Mary's catholic church where we went for Mass that night. We even brought the bread and wine together up to Father. And Father was really nice asking where we are from and how are we and stuff.

Image hosted by

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So, that was part of the photos from the 4 day Hobart trip. My pal called as well during the trip, telling me how he was going to spend his birthday. Happy Birthday to you again, S.S.K. Glad you like the presents. Will be going down to city again tommorrow with mum and staying with my uncle for 2 nights before my mum returns to Msia on Sat. The next week will be hell with having to finally force myself with my project I've been keeping of for a long time. And it's even harder without darling around for the week... *sob sob*

Monday, June 20, 2005

iM bOreD, iM LaZy, i jUst HaTE pRogRaMMin, hOpE tHe TRip GiVes EnCoURaGeMent, miSsiNg dArLin aNd mUm wHeN sHe GoEs bAcK...

Image hosted by Photobucket.comI half-heartedly thought of taking a look at my project when darling walked in complaining again. Yess, the noisy bunch are at it again and some of them just came back from a city trip and with the amount of groceries they bought, they were gonna invade the fridge and continue the stalk up for war. The poor freezer has never seen its empty days for a long time. *WTF* My bloody laptop froze again and it gets to the point where "ctrl-alt-del" does not help and I had just finished the post wanting to go out and cook dinner when it happened. Anyway to recap about what I wrote: While reading some blogs just now, I was surprised to find out that the so-call "botak" had broken up with his "sweet" msian GF. Only last year, Ph was going on about how close they were and how she was going to s'pore to join him and stuff, but still it didn't work out...(So it was the same, with the both of us anyway). It just made me wonder if it's the problem with us MY girls or is it just the guys who spent half of their life in that small island?

Image hosted by Photobucket.comCurrently playing: Prince of Qin. Not too sure which year it came out cause I'm not exactly a hard core fan of keeping up to date with PC games, but RPG games never fail to amuse me though. Read about some good reviews and bad reviews about the gamw while searching for the print screens, and all I know is that it's gonna take a long time to finish. It's different from 'Age of Empires' or 'War Craft' where you can select a random map, it;s just one while long story which you "die-die" have to continue if ya wanna finish the game. Considering the low level of patience I have, this is something contradicting or maybe it's just that I'm inquisitive (a better way to put it) and did I ever mention I like ancient and medieval stuff? Anything from chinese palaces to the england castles; Always imagined how life would be like in those times: NO COMPUTERS=NO PROGRAMMING=NO HEADACHES. Then again, all the entertainment we have today would make you ponder... But my mum told me something before, "What you don't have, you won't miss", and I feel that's pretty much true... If ya get what I mean...

**Looking forward to the Tasmania Trip with darling and mum ** ++ Large eyes sparkling ++ (O.O)

++ Sad, teary eyes++ (#.#) BUT NOT to:
~ being seperated from darling for 10 days because the empress dowager is visiting him
~ having the burden of the project while spending time with my mum

Project, project please go away,
Come again another day,
Or please just vanish away,
But still give me the grade anyway...

(Yess, I'm having a problem keeping sane and am starting to sing and hum like Rachel from Big Brother - Reality Show on TEN)

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

nEvER eNdiNG sTuFf, WiSH i hAd eXAms iNsTeAd Of tHis, pHotO sHoOt, mUm's ARRivAL & mY piLLeR oF sUpPorT...

Holla, it's time to update again... And just in time for a little consolation that my technical report had already hit 2000 words.. *lol*.. going mad.. Cause I am still short of 1,500+ words to go, a 20 minute presentation to prepare and 6 "predominant" power point slides that would decide my fate for this module. In times like this, yeah I would prefer the 2 or 3 hour exam to get it over and done with... So I'm taking a day break I think... to update my blog and maybe try out the new PC games that darling got for me... Before that, some update...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com2 weeks ago, when I was meeting my supervisor for the project, Tina the IT admin officer dropped by and asked me to look for her after the meeting for a photo shoot. Apparently they were taking photos for the new IT brochure next year and she thought it would be nice to get a few shots of me. That was very sweet of her although I was contemplating whether I should go home and put some makeup and then again I was too lazy. So I hope the photographer would do some touch up and hopefully remove the dark circles and eye bags. *eeeks*... Anyway my mum arrived last Sat and Darling and I went to the airport to pick her up from her 4.45am flight. We reached there just in time and no prizes for guessing that the first place we went thereafter was Crown. I was so exhausted that I was practically sleeping at the Roulette table. Guess it was not our day too because we didn't win again this time... Coincidentally Rak kee and I was doing the readings for Mass that night and so mum was there to see. We actually forgot to bow before and after the readings and lucky Helen said it was fine since the Tabulet wasn't there because the church was undergoing renovations and so Mass was temporary held at the primary school's hall. After that was dinner at iimis in Traralgon after the aloof treatment we go from Quba restaurant at Midvalley...

Image hosted by Photobucket.comI remember I used to wonder why the Orientation helpers during my time weren't really that friendly at all outside the orientation event. And now I realised why.. When you just had enough of repeating your experiences and telling about Gippy, it's really bored sometimes to entertain the new student's questions. Once or twice is fine, but this time Josh asked Longy and I to fill in the Orientation helper forms again for sem 2's orientation and I was like.. erm.. oh well.. we just put our time down for 3 days this time, unlike the usual week long dedication. Finally got my pal SK's bday gift yesterday when I was shopping with mum at Midvalley. Not gonna say what I got for him in case he drops by to read my blog. Hope he like the stuff I got for him though and one of them was the symbol of what I always call him, "Hippo shoon".. haha =) Oh yah and I had lunch with Stacey and Henrie at iimis too sometime last week and the Mango and Marble Cake was really yummy. But we couldn't finish them after our main course and so Henrie took them home.. Yet another of my Pooh gang graduating this sem... Tigger's gone, and now's Piglet's turn.. Lucky I got Eeyore with me at the end of the year! Don't forget to hurry go hand in your Graduation form huh.. *blondee* ;)

Was feeling the shits again today.. maybe cause of the Java codes that always awaiting me to touch on, plus its that time of the month maybe, and the report that never seems to flow correctly yet.. (+.+) Darling wasn't too happy about his paper today and thus when 2 people are feeling shitty, there are bound to be quarrels, which we did have and which scared Miko and Audrey away to run for the bus to Midvalley.. *lol* Sorry Miko.. In the end we met them there instead and Darling got me some "Cheer me up" stuff.. plus the games which I can't wait to start! I had actually wanted an "Encouragement Bear".. but never mind.. anything from him =) *+huggies+* to you for ever putting up with me and doting on me no matter what..

Thursday, June 02, 2005

THiS iS a PReTtY LOnG pOsT, pRe-eXam MaNia I GueSS, sO TaKe a CuPpa aNd Sit dOwn beFoRe u StArt.. =)

I was getting really bored on Tuesday and decided to take a quiz which I found on longy's ex GF's blog. Yeah, we still go check out her blog sometimes just for the heck of being nosy and when we have nothing better to do sometimes. And to check out what her lesbian friends are up to every now and then... *lol*... So, if you're too stress doing your studying and happen to take a break, you can either scroll straight down to the pictures and events below or
Try the quiz: What Disney Princess Are You?

Ariel - You can swim, flip, dive and be one with fish...WHY DO YOU WANT MORE?

Hmmn, apparently I'm the so-call "princess" above and I wonder is it because of the hair colour that I chose, or was it the part they asked about virgins and my answer was, "With all these men on me, hell no!" Damn.. haha.. I'm just joking and anyway darling won't see this, so it shouldn't be a problem yeah? ;) Furthermore, I have my principles and its NOs NOs to any Tom, Dick or Harry out there.. You can dream on.. Then, there's another quiz I saw on my friend, Valencia's blog, check this out:

You Were Actually Born Under:

You are totally loyal, faithful, and honest.
However, you don't trust others to be as ethical as you are!
Straight forward and direct, you really aren't one for small talk.
You are a great listener - and an agreeable companion when you're in a good mood!
You are most compatible with a Tiger or Horse.

You Should Have Been Born Under:

You're most comfortable inside your head - and often daydream the day away.
You have an artistic temperament that makes you seem creative to some, eccentric to others.
You avoid conflict at all costs, and you have a difficult time with relationships.
Attractive and with good manners, you tend to shine in social situations.
You are most compatible with a Pig or Rabbit.

Heehee... Well I beg to differ in some of the things mentioned for the Year of the Ram, in which I think more likely should be Goat instead.. I used to have difficult time with relationships in the past, not until I found my "piggy", who's lovable, caring and humourous, he makes me laugh all the time... *huggies* As for the other quiz outcomes, yeah they shout 'Mel' truly...

Lately, I have been having mixed feelings of sort and when it really gets me down with the stress of my Honours project, I tend to imagine how life would be like if I had come back aust. for a Hairdressing course instead of going through this torture. My supervisor had been rushing me and stuff and was saying I hadn't done much during the first semester. Yeah I reckon he's right to a certain extend.. It would have been so much better if the project was on creative design of something or whatsoever than looking and trying to program Java codes. Then there was the email sent and the dream I had about a bunch of friends back in SG. It's about how it's always a threesome and not a foursome, don't get me wrong people, I'm talking purely about hanging out and not other stuff. I've got replies from both of them and the other one as expected didn't, knowing her attitude and the last time we chatted on MSN, the significant topic was to email her the sample assignment solutions if I had any.. *sign* I shan't go to further details cause it's a mind boggling thingy..

Some special events that happened this week:
~ Mon 30 May : ISA Elections, in which Len was shitting herself on whether she would get the Welfare officer position due the fact that there was another china bloke competing with her. She won in the end having 57% of the votes out of three nominees anyway. Gal, you should have more faith in yourself yah! Cheerios to you on your upcoming position...
~ Tues 31 May: ISA Gathering & Potluck at Vijay's house. The present and future members had an interactive session, discussing about contributions to the committee and also some other "personal Q&A session. Nancy (Lyell's wife) and I were just social escorts to our other halfs.. =)
And dear Tigger, your virtual presence still lingers in Vijay's house with photos of you with them all over the house still.. awwhh.. so sweet...

Image hosted by
Anyway, we get to more happy stuff, like today's the mock gown day for Miko, Stacey, Samantha, Noor, and of course some other pure friendly aquaintences. It's not meant to be a sarcastic comment, its just the normal "hi-bye" friends and I do sincerely congrat you on your graduation too. Well, our dear Miko woke us up at 11am cause she only found out today that the Morning Tea session was at that time. And we of course, still snuggled up under our doonas in the warm bed, took another hour to get ready before we headed down Midvalley to get the flowers for them. Miko looked so pretty again and Longy said she actually looked like the graduation bear; Yeah I would take that as a comment. When we later dropped by MI to return the gown, I was asking Heidi if there were any differences between the gowns for bachelor degrees and honours degrees and she said probably the strips or colours on the sash would be different. Hope so, if not I would be round in the same gown again for next semester... Len and I were talking about the number of times we walk to the Monash Stone Plaque at the roundabout to take photos and there was one more time to go next sem, or is it really? =)

Image hosted by
Tonight was also the Gippsland Student Awards Presentation Night and my invitation only allowed up to three special guests I could bring along, and no prizes for guessing who they are. I felt like such a loner with only one award for the School of Computing and IT and the other awards were presented in acknowledgments, while most of the other awards for for the School of Applied Sciences and Engineering. Well but it was all good anyway... I was joking to Len when she was trying to get a shot of me that the lecturer might probably forget about me, haha.. When we first reached there, Miko, Len and Longy were lingering near the food table with all the exquisite and delicious munchies. After we got home, it was triple celebration (one was Miko's gown day, two was my awards night) when darling got his medal and certificate for the badminton tournament as well... Well, so much for this "full-of-content" post, it's time to go shower and try to get some studying done.. cheerios for the exam to all..