Monday, January 22, 2007

Launch of Cosmic Reviews, Congrats to Chaboh Loo and Chaboh Len

3 Small Updates. First things first, please visit this newly launched website: Cosmic Reviews
Cosmic Reviews~ Ultimate One Stop Review Site
It's a Wholesame Review site catered for the Modern Men and Women with categories of all forms and includes prices of the different items reviewed in Australia, Singapore, Malaysia currency and even ebay. You can visit the site from the logo above or by clicking here.

Secondly, CONGRATULATIONS to Chaboh Loo for finding a great job! Update us soon!
Thirdly, not so significant, congrats to Chaboh Len for winning $ in Roulette and "THANKS" for sending me the SMS at 6am in the morning. ;) (Alright the 3rd one was absolutely lame and written out of utter boredom, I admit). ;p

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Compulsive and "InsaNe" Shoppaholic~ Shopping in Melbourne Central, DFO Essendon, Spencer Street and on Malaysia/Singapore Trip Home.

Okay, so I finally found time to actually crop and edit the photos of the shopping I've done in December itself. (Not that I was busy with work or anything, fine I was just lazy! ;p).

Anyway Leonard (Pics Previous Post) asked me if I was into LV, Gucci and those branded stuff when we met up I bluntly told him and anyone else who'd ask; NO, I'm not into those stuff. Maybe when I become a Tai-Tai in future, but not at the moment.

I honestly can't bring myself to splurge a few thousand on just 1 SINGLE ITEM. If you happen to see me using anything like that or whatsoever, it's probably a gift or some Top Grade High Quality Fake. Hurhur, after all who can tell between genuine and fake unless you squint closely right? Yeah, call me cheapskate or what, I'm just practical I guess. I would rather spend a few thousand on heaps and heaps of stuff, just like the heaps of pretty stuff I got below. :) Enjoy!

Shopping from DFO Essendon, DFO Spencer Street and Melbourne Central
1) 2 Sleeveless Tops from Jay Jays : AUD$25
2) Overalls from "Bits & Pieces" (Can't quite Rem.) Target : AUD$49
3) 2 Skirts and 1 Blouse from Dotti (SALE): Around AUD$55
4) Tops from Glasgow and Esprit: Price can't Rem.
5) Top from underground shop in Melbourne Central and Dotti: Around AUD$40+
6) 2 Tops from Jeans West: AUD$30
7) Shorts and Above Knee Pants from Glasgow: $40
8) Wallet from Rip Curl: $35
9) Vera Wang Princess Perfume (50 ml): AUD$76

Shopping from Malaysia, Singapore and Changi Airport
1) Slipper and Shoes from Sachs and Vincci: Around RM$140
2) More Shoes from Mixit, Vincci and Neckerman: Around RM$150
3) 4 Tops from Dolly, Chic Avenue and Googles: Around RM$120
4) Biotherm Cleanser, Toner, Moisturizer and Eye Cream: RM$260
5) Handbag from Giamax: RM$49
6) Cardigan and Jacket from Googles: Around RM$80
7) Handbag from Jap-Alike brand Momoe: RM$63
8) Pants and Jeans from Apple Mint and Dolly: Around RM$160
9) 3 Mickey Mouse Tops, 1 American Athletics Skirt, Googles Jacket: $180
10) Bossini T-shirts, one with Imprints of Doha Games 2006: SGD$45
11) Esprit Tops and Bag: SGD$80
12) Cellnique Pro Sebum Gel (Ya, read from XiaXue's Blog la) + Mask: SGD$85
(Airport also cannot escape from shopping! How to when its Duty Free!)
13) Davidoff Cool Water for Women: 2 (30 ml) bottles: SGD$30 and Clarins Travel Skin Care Regime: Cleanser, Toner, Moisturizer, Beauty Balm and Lip Balm: SGD$55

Alrighty, enjoy the Fashion and Beauty Items for the time being cause I have put a restriction on myself not to shop for 3 months! Except pay for Food, Groceries and Fuel. *Fingers crossed* Don't know how long I can keep to that! :X

Sunday, January 14, 2007

New year new hopes new hairstyle :p, Trip back to Malaysia and Singapore, and Congrats to Stacey.

The start of a New Year, the start of a new blog design. Yes, it should have been earlier, but there were lotsa unpacking, cleaning up, re-arranging of furniture, and not forgetting the unwilling start of work last week, so it took some time. In fact, it took so long that I've kinda forgotten most of the things I wanted to say.

The trip back to Malaysia/Singapore this time was a brief and hurried one. I had to squeeze spending time with my family and meeting up with friends all in just 2 weeks! But it was still a memorable one because I managed to meet up with those that mattered to me and that was all that matters right? ;) Okay I won't deny that maybe I did become a bit anti-social, in that there were wee little times that I actually felt lazy going out. Well, can't exactly blame me since a sociable and happening (used-to) person like me being isolated in a place like Gippsland for so long, I am already thankful that I'm still sane up to now. Anyway, enough of whingeing, here's the photos from the trip: (Of course I can't put 100 over up here!)

milassilem:~ Meeting with cousins Janice, Kristie, Rachel and Nephew Desmond, Niece Felicia

I'm so glad that I've managed to meet up with my dear dear cousins this year and it was especially heart-warming that we could celebrate the count-down to christmas this year. After a much heavy buffet dinner at New York hotel with my parents, bro and sis-in-law, we headed over to my coussy's house. Pics clockwise from left: With my Kristie, Rachel and Janice, Everyone having a great time singing, cute Desmond an Felicia, and Felicia enjoying her hello kitty ride.

milassilem:~ With Ailin, Ruiqi, Fukang, Secondary School Friends and Leonard

With 2 pals from the Korean trip, Swee Kee and Ailin, With Primary, Secondary School and Poly friend Fukang, with Secondary Sch besties: Sharon, Beiwen, Susan and Cindy and lastly with darling's "super ultra annoying non-stop fidgeting" BUT awesome friend Leonard, a.k.a Monkey boy! heehee.. :) Can you believe he actually squatted down next to me at a Traffic Light crossing and pretended to be a pimp! OMG!

With Pooh Gang Evon and Denise, Cousin Aiting, Sunny and CTC ex colleages

With my pooh gang, Evon and Denise, with cousin Aiting, with ex-ex-BF's friend Sunny and of course not to forget a quick visit on the day I flew off to CTC, my ex company to find my God bro, pass him his prezzie and say hi to everyone. Wish I had more time for lunch and dinners with them though. My ex lady boss was also telling me about the Integrated Resort thingy happenin soon, it was sucha temptation to packs my bags in OZ and zoom back SG. But... anyway, from left is William, CK and Ian.

Best wishes as well to Stacey who got married on 13 January. Wished I could attend her wedding in Singapore. But lucky I could get some friends to bring over the prezzie anyway. So till then, enjoy photos... (P.S: Chaboh loo, don't kill me for not putting your pic here hor, at least it's in friendster! hehe.. ;p)