Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Farewell to Wangwei a.k.a Wabbit

We had a farewell dinner for Wangwei a.k.a Wabbit on Saturday. He has a mid life crisis and is taking a one year break from his job to travel the world. Okay the mid life crisis part was more of a joke I made up! But yeah, lucky him that his boss is letting him take one year off instead resigning. How awesome is that? He gets paid to travel! *Jealous*

Anyway we had dinner at this Malaysia place called Straits Cafe in Doncaster. The food was quite good and authentic and they had the usual prawn noodles, assam laksa, cha kuey tiao etc. It's the first time we've been there and the shop actually stretches to like the back of the house with tables for bigger groups.
Our farewell gift for him - ceramic letters which spelt his nickname and a plague that wishes him good luck. We said that he had to take a photo with them wherever he travels! :p

Group photo with one side of the table, all originally from Gippsland, now residing in Melbourne.

Group photo with the current Gippslanders - couple Eric and Weiwei (left) just had a baby boy called Ethan. I was hoping they had brought him along so we could see him, but they didn't!

Darling took a photo with wangwei (his "concubine") before they said their good byes at the car. We arranged for another meet up before he leaves Melbourne on 12th Mar. But I have a wager on him that he will forget about it! Haha! Farewell wabbit! And may you be like the wabbit on Little Big Planet, have fun in all your travels and pick up stamps! :)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Events the last few weeks: AO 2011, Troy's Birthday and CNY Reunion Dinner.

We had so much on the last few weeks. In short, we went to the Australian Open, I went for karaoke session twice, we went for Troy's birthday lunch, and we celebrated the chinese new year with friends. In between there were also a few dinners here and there. And thus my outlook calendar was pretty "orange" those last few weeks. :p "Orange" was my colour for personal events. Hehe... Anyway some of the more significant ones with pics:

20 Jan - Went for Australian Open Night Session at Rod Laver Arena
Australian Open 2011Matches in Rod Laver Arena that nightAustralian Open 2011A very hot David Ferrer changing his shirt
Australian Open 2011Hottie Davie Ferrer doing a serveAustralian Open 2011Posing with SAM! supporter flag
Australian Open 2011Winner Samantha Stosur walks away after interviewAustralian Open 2011Winner Marcos Baghdatis thanks his supporters

And if you're interested there's more photos from my Australian Open: Thu 20 Jan 2011 album on facebook.

26 Jan - Celebrated Troy's Birthday at Studley Park Boat House
The very lovely Barbie Birthday Cake for "Princess Troy"Troy laughing at his gifts which included some funny stuff
Yup, a measuring tape for measuring his biceps after every gym session.And not to forget the group that made it for his birthday lunch

4 Feb - Chinese New Year 2011 Reunion Dinner
We started with an opening toast to wish everyone a happy and prosperous new yearThe group that made it for dinner. Check out the dark gloomy weather at the back
Pretty set-ups and decorations at the Crown Promenade as usualWe stayed on for coffee and also because the rain and floods kept us from going home

And that was pretty much our last few weeks! In the mean time, Saturday tennis has resumed and so will Kings Park social comps next week! Just can't wait to get right back into 3-days of tennis per week. I've been a little off touch lately and having to deal with some emotions as well. But let's hope things improve from there!