Monday, August 22, 2011

The Birthdays of Many Others this Month

August seems to be the month of Birthdays. Could it be it coincides with 8 being a lucky number in Chinese culture and so everyone seems to be born in that month. Or it could be that I just happen to have too many friends and family who are LEOs. :D Did I mention all 3 serious ex boyfriends were LEOs and had their birthdays in August too? And so it the hubby-to-be! Let's list all that I know below:

1 Aug: Jayden (Cousin's Son)
3 Aug: First BF
6 Aug: Christine
11 Aug: Gabriel (A Singaporean friend)
17 Aug: Second Ex
18 Aug: The hubby-to-be
19 Aug: Diana
21 Aug: Cousin Janice

That's already 8 birthdays of people I can think of in Aug and that's not including those that I will remember as the time comes closer - am sure there is more! In any case here are a couple of pics from the hubby's birthday:
Surprised him with a tower of macaroons as his 'birthday cake'
The presents that he got. Boots from himself and the rest from me.
 Happy Birthday to the hubby-to-be. Hoped you had enjoyed your last birthday as a bachelor. From next year onwards, its single status no more! Haha!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Christine's Fancy Dress Birthday Party

We went for Christine's Fancy Dress Birthday Dinner party last Saturday. The hubby-to-be wasn't game in to such things and so kind Brendan picked Ammie and myself up from my place. He had Wai together with him already and they form the scrawny green hulk and karate kid respectively. The plan was to drive back to Brendan's place in Richmond and then tram down to the city. But it was raining and getting a taxi was just not easy and so Brendan ended up having to drive there reluctantly as it was getting late.

The venue was at Bluestone Restaurant Bar in Flinders Lane. Thank Goodness Christine chose that place because it was dimly lighted and you sort of have to walk down the basement. And we certainly didn't want to grab too much attention with our fancy outfits! Though we did still get a few stares and giggling from other customers there.

Sailormoon, School Girl, Police Woman and Snow White
Scrawny Hulky, Police Woman and Karate Kid
Police Woman caught the School Girl playing Truant
Birthday girl with her presents and uni mates
Group pic with all the gals
Group pic with all the guys
I've gotta say though some of Christine's uni mates weren't as gung-ho as us and didn't really dress up in full - though we certainly found a friend in Velma and 'The Witch'. ;) Some only came in a mask or hat but I guess at least they tried. Not everyone's willing to be as crazy as us I suppose! :p The food there wasn't too bad though we only ate pizzas and salads due to the large group. Certainly hope to try something else should we go back there in future.

We also heard the birthday girl was challenged to scare some guys on the way home and the whole thing was caught on video. The two guys weren't really shocked or impressed but they played the game anyway. Bet you enjoyed yourself Christine dear! Look forward to next year's party.