Thursday, February 24, 2005

bAcK in GiPpsLaNd, SeM1-oRieNtAtiOn, aLviN'S bDaY & mOrE tHoUghtS...

Back in Gippy already and as usual Internet access is down again on the residences. Well, finally found some time to come to the com labs to check on emails and stuff. Reached back Gippy on Sunday night bout 11.30pm and met a hew housemate which they nicknamed Chicky. Longy, Len, Timmy and I are helping out MI with the orientation and helping the new students out like new enrolment, M-power games and bringing them to their banking and showing them around. Got 2 more housemates from TMC S'pore taking Bac. of Arts and they're pretty sweet and nice people who's gonna get "contaminated" by Longy and Timmy soon.. ;p

Well, hate to say it again, 'Tigger you're right". I guess no matter how you try to keep your blog addy from people, somehow still lotsa others manage to get it. Anyway since being back in Gippy, I don't know why, somehow the feeling's different from last sem. Maybe it's because they are so many things to settle like I just paid up my tuition fees, my fines to student rez, OSHC health cover and still waiting for my COE to do my VISA which requires a troublesome medical check-up etc... And there's the usual stress of studies esp. when Im not sure what Im doing at all for Honours... Guess I'll just have to keep up the happy spirits and take things as they come. So we had the "bondage" steamboat dinner last night with our new found "friends" and housemates. When the clock struck 12am last night -> 24/02/05 is Alvin's birthday, so we gave him a surprise cake and some "kinky" gifts which I shall not mention here. As long as you know it's Tim and Longy who got them, it shouldn't be hard to guess what type of things they are..

Ok, so my blog is not so discrete anymore, so I reckon there are certain things which I wouldn't mention 'lest' I want the whole world to know. All I can say is when two people live together, alot of putting-up, understanding and giving in is needed and Im so glad I've got him. But it's funny how at first you love a person so much and when the person reciprocates, you'll be the happiest person on earth. It did for me but I just feel Im not too sure how long it's gonna remain that way. There are just too many times where I think too much of the future and it all doesn't turn out that way in the end. So I hope by doing the opposites this time, he would be the one? Well enough of my confusions, just take things as they come now...

Saturday, February 19, 2005

THe "kAy-eLLe" tRip, LoSs oF mY pReCioUs RiNG & fiNaL pOst fRom JB...

Was out all day yesterday doing some last minute stuff like going to the dentist and accompanying my dad to get a new CPU for my home. This would be the last post from my JB home before I leave for Melbourne tom. The 3 day KL trip was quite ok and I bought more bags & knick-knacks rather than clothes. Well, was worrying about the excess baggage weight thus didn't wanna get too much stuff, but no matter what it still didn't help though and I guess I might have to pay for some the excess anyway. Had asked the airport officer friend to help and he said he'll try his best. Darn, how is it no matter how many times you repack, there's still so many things and my bag is still overweight!

Anyway, Happy Belated Valentine's Day to everyone. Didn't get to spend vday with Longy cause I was in the car the whole day travelling back from KL to JB. Only got to met him on Tuesday and we had the usual custom of exchanging gifts though we didn't really celebrate. Funny how I used to feel vday is an important day but now it doesn't feel that way anymore. Fish Leong has a song titled "Parting Happily" in which in it there's a verse which sings "When you found the right person, everyday is like valentine's day", which I kinda agree. Speaking of the vday gifts, my tears are gonna roll again. I actually lost the ring that he gave me. It was a Perlini's silver heart shaped ring with a little crystal on it. The stupid careless me put it in the coin compartment of my jeans and I didn't even know when and where I lost it. Blamed it on the stupid gel I was usin for my hair and you could bet I swore never to wear the stupid jeans again. The photo on the left still showed "it" on my finger and now I will never see it again, it was the last of its kind as well.

Guess the loss of the ring was partly my fault cause maybe "the ring" felt that I didn't "love it" much enough. Well I found some private time during dinner last Wed to talk to Tigger about some things and the truth was I told her I was still feeling little unsure about my decision. She told me to look across the road, walk to the middle and let the cars knock some sense into me. Of cause she was joking and asked me not to think so much. As to guilty part about the ring, well I was staring at it the night before I lost it wondering if I should be wearing it at all. And voom, the next day it seemed to just disappear with a reason and made me realise how much it actually meant to me + the person who gave it to me as well. Guess it's like God's warning to making me treasure those I should and I would do just that...

Miss ya too Len, Timmy and of cause my darling Longy... Cya guys soon, like tom!
Flight: SQ 217
Date: Sun 20/02/2005
Arrival Time: 8.15pm (OZ time)
Venue: Melbourne Tullamarine Intl. Airport

Saturday, February 12, 2005

HaPpY cHiNesE nEw YeAr, "MeEt dA FriEnD" sEsSion, dEcO's 4 CNY & e CoUntDowN...

Gong Xi Fa Cai to everyone and I just came back from sg today cause had a CNY dinner at my sis-in-law's auntie's place with her, my brother and Longy. As usual no worries about food being left over, haha this year got someone to help us finish. Just a little update -> Countdown to Flight -> 8 days. Feeling happy that the long awaited day is finally coming but sad at the same time cause I'm starting to miss family already... Well, I gave up going to KL 6 years ago to study because I was afraid of missing them but now I regret not going that time, so this time I'll just have to go ahead with my decision and choosing my happiness as well. Haha, some clownin around for my dog during CNY but the red packet did not stay long and he bite it off the next day. As usual love decorating the outside of my home with those CNY stuff and we had wanted to put some electrical lanterns, but my dad was nagging about having screws on the walls thus the idea was dropped..

Met up with some of my ex colleages from Conex on Monday and we went to one of those places that I wanted to go eat since I came back from Melb. -> Marche. Had my usual favorite crepe but this time with Ham and Cheese instead of Banana's with Caramel & Ice-Cream. So Longy and I were supposed to intro his UWA friend to my UWA friend and finally they got a chance to meet today and we hope they continue being friends when they are back in Uni next sem. One ultra-hyper guy and a sweet-loving gal... Hmmn... we'll just let nature take it's course... Not all of my friends were able to make it that day, so I told them I'll drop by the company and have lunch with them one day and not to forget with my ex CTC friends as well. Hmmn, all this last minute meetings are making me blurr already and I guess there a few I might just have to leave out cause the last 2 days before I leave, I wanna spend time with my parents. Well, it's all good I guess cause maybe some people are just not worth meeting up anyway..

Ok so I was in my depression and bad mood again few days ago and you won't be surprised why cause my handphone bill is now dued at a whooping S$500 over bucks including brought over's from December's bill till now. I guess signing on a contract is really a bad idea cause you never run out of credit and so sometimes you used it so much you just forget it. But honestly the stupid idea of having to pay for incoming calls is a ridiculous rule that only happens in Singapore. So you could guess someone had to calm me down again that day and I feel really bad. I just hope and know that all things will be better when Feb 20 comes cause I've been in low spirits since I came back from melb. anyway, so when things all pile on together, it just makes it worse. Anyway, going up to KL with my family in a few hours time for a 3D2N shopping spree cum outing, so wanna hit the bed soon...

Saturday, February 05, 2005

I aM sMiLinG & bEiNg hApPy aGAiN, 2 cUtE LiTtLe pEopLe & 2 wEeks tHaT WiLL pAsS iN A FLaSh!

Yippee... Back again in my Home Sweet Home in JB and know why Im sooo happy? Yess! Countdown to flight =>15 more days, confirmation of enrolment letter received, air ticket paid for, one luggage packed and BEST OF ALL: rid of the sickenin job!! Well, got a miserly pay of about S$300 plus due to the short amount of days worked but yeah, better than nothing... So from now till the day of my flight, I'll be enjoying CNY, lazing around at home, meeting up with close friends and going down to KL for 3 days shopping! Well, Tigger has been kinda hard to contact lately and I guess she's started work already... She will be one of the Pooh Clan that I'll be missin back in Gippy... = But we'll always stay in touch.. =)

Anyway a little pass update, last Sunday was my nephew's 7th birthday and I called Timmy and Longy in JB since Tim hadn't been to my place before. Haha my little niece Felicia was kinda like obsessed with Timmy and kept wanting to be near him and for him to play with her. So cute, poor Longy tried to help her take away her shoes she wouldn't allow, but when it was Timmy, ha she just let it go... Anyway, a little birthday celebration for Desmond and we were all sayin if only Len was around as well, then it'll be the 4 of us again...

Well, since Thursday was my last working, I hate to admit though I hated the job, I made some nice new friends as well. It's the time when you start feelin really old cause all of them were like only 17 to 19 years old, either waiting for their 'O' or 'A" Levels. Anyway, here's some snapshots with them:

I realise time passes at its standard speed, it's just a matter of whether it makes you feel longer of shorter that's all. So it seemed like not long when I just came back from Melb. and so many things were so unsettled and unconfirmed, and now I'm flying back melb. in 2 weeks time. Come to think of it, I guess you need to fight for some things and go through sufferings to get what you want in life sometimes. In the past, I used to plan for things and choose the most liberal choice, but this time it is really a drastic change in my decision and I hope though things would really be better meant for this way. "Im sorry again" for always snapping at you when Im in a bad mood and "I thank you so much" for always trying to be there, helping me with my problems & worries and best of all loving me so much that you always give in... "Trust me, I see the depth of your love in your eyes"... I Really Do... =)

When we're back in Gippy, we can finally sing,
Life's just beginning, close to you at last
And I promise to you, I will always be there
I give my all to youuu... (~ In Love With You by Jacky Cheung & Regine)