Wednesday, October 27, 2004

"LPPL" 4 nOtiN, 2 dOwN 2 tO gO, A sCaRy nOtE eVeN B4 I'm bAcK, mIsSin mY CoUsiN..

Few days ago I misunderstood someone about sometin, so Longy and Len were jokin that I usually don't get into silly things so this time they said I really "LPPL"... Ha, funny some people might not understand but anyway, it's sometin to do with I'm back to square one where I think I gotta have flowers and leaves the next 2 weeks. Well, forget it and not gonna think about it anymore... Finished the 2nd paper - computer models for bus. decision, glad it was not too bad and darn soon I have to go continue studyin for the next "frightenin" paper tomorrow.

Got an email from my "gan ge-ge"(god bro) and he was asking me if I was confirmed in goin back CTC to work cause he said he didn't want to frighten me but there's gotta be lots of commitment now and everyday he also OT until very tired liao... Hmmn, kinda scary to hear that even before startin work! Maybe it's a good way to lose weight, but then again it will be the start of "NO-LIFE" again. Sianz... why is it you can never escape from work stress in sg?! No wonder some of my friends alwayz say they are "Overworked and Underpaid" there. Darn, the govt. should learn from other countries overseas and see how much worker welfare others get. Shit, 10mths of study life and now I don't know how long am I gonna need to get use to workin life again. If only I left for KL instead of stayin in SG to study, I wouldn't have to fret about the bond which would then leave me "free" now. Then again, lucky there would be someone to dote on me, I hope.. (#_#) But still, my mood - From Happy Dampened again to Moody!

Anyway, got a testi from my cousin in friendster and can't help but think back about the fun and mischevious times we had in the past. We practically grew up together since we were small. We used to go to the same pre-school for some time then I used to pop over her place to play with her and her elder sis, Kristie who also studied in moo-moo land. Then when we got into the same sec. school, we created havoc most of the time and were kinda "popular" among the teachers. Remember the times we used sneak our of our containers to go into the circus tent, selling coke, pop-corn and candy floss at the stands, havin fun with the artistes at parties and "flirts"!? Plus all the times where I always find an excuse or plan so that she could stay over at my place or stay later so we could go out and be up to our mischief again... Miss ya prima - hope to see ya again soon...

Monday, October 25, 2004

cLoUdy SuNriSe, gEtTin bCk MysElf & 1st ExAm...

4 silly people went out at 5.30am in the mornin to the Hazelwood Power Station Pondage and thought they could try and catch the sunrise after all the stress of exam studyin on Sat only to see dark grey clouds hovering above. One "uncle" went about checkin his car engine and 3 others walk up to the water for abit, hang around for awhile before going bck uni. Yes, I was one of the silly people... (-.-) Tried studyin whole day after that and it just felt so "sucky"!

Anyway, I figured I got lost in another world or had a split personality the last 2 weeks that I couldn't believe I could actually bear to hurt someone that obviously still means so much to me. Yes -> that's ph = bb. I reckon people tend to regret about something only when they have totally lost them, but Im lucky I still managed to get him back and never gonna let go again. Guessed I hurt him lots by tellin him I wanted to stay on for honours next year. It wasn't until the hostile behaviour he gave me that day that I felt I missed him so much. Glad I got myself back almost and him as well. Whatever it was that came over me that time, I don't want it to come again. Tigger was kinda shocked too that time but she told me he probably is annoying in the way he says and answers things, but she can feel that I mean alot to him. And I guess I could feel it too, maybe sometimes he just needs to put his ego aside for abit when it comes to loves one...

Now that Im more or less decided on what I want, I got myself into another problem-> how to skip the SLO Interview in the comin Monday. We'll decide that for later. Had the first paper today; It was ISM and darn how could I have imagined that the paper was to end at 1pm when the actual ending time was 12.30pm. Guess the "not enough sleep" caught up with my brain and shit I didn't have time to finish all the questions though my hand was already aching from all the writing... Anyway, glad that going back to the sweet talkin to bb helps and hope I can study hard for the other papers as well... [^.^]

Saturday, October 23, 2004

YeT AnOtHeR bOrINg StUdy DaY + sOme SiMplE PleAsUreS oF Life

Just woke up from a nap that I thought I was gonna sleep through till mornin. Well, fri was an unfruitful day cause I just couldn't get any studyin done at all... Went to library at 3pm forgetting that they close at 5pm on fri's. So Tigger, Longy and I went to Midvalley - Safeway instead. Dropped by Mobil on the way back for a car wash cause someone needed to de-stress himself from the exams. Tigger and I almost froze waitin outside and that smart fella had to try and spray us with water! Tried getting back at him but the wind wasn't on our side...

Got a call from Student Rez in the mornin tellin me that I've got shortlisted for an interview for SLO next year. Darn, sometimes these things happen and it makes it even worst about the choices you've gotta make. Ok, put everything away and fret about exams first... Anyway, got a little annoyed just now. Don't you sometimes just hate it when you ask someone a question and the person either doesn't reply it, or replies something else still not answerin the question and finds an excuse or some sort? Sometimes you thought you knew a person very well, but apparently not most of the time. It's only when certain things happen that you see the real them and wonder if you even knew them at all...

Well, running away from things doesn't help most of the time and somehow we've gotta face it one day... So now Im better not be running off from my books and go face them now... (0,0)

Thursday, October 21, 2004

RoUtiNe StUdYin @ LiBraRy, LaSt IsSue oF ISA nEwsLetTer and a cHaT WitH MuM & DaD...

The last 2 days were spent tryin to get my studies done in the library and night was at home finishing up the last issue of the ISA newsletter for this semester. Finally finished it this morning or afternoon actually and had it printed and distributed round uni. Got the load off my mind now so I can totally concentrate on my studies...

Anyway, my friend from m'sia called my mum yesterday askin when I was going back and she chatted about her 8mth old daughter with my mum. Mind you, she's the same age as me. Sometimes you don't know if you want to envy her or what for settling down so young. But for me, it sounded scary and getting tied down so young just wasn't what I want now. At least my mind concept changed only after breakin up with my ex of 6 years. Though it happened like 3 years ago, Jacky Cheung's song never fail to bring a little thought of him in my mind once awhile.. But yeah, it's all in the past already...

Just chatted on the phone with my parents just now and they were askin me about what I have decided and my plans. Was telling them that Longy and I were jokin about meeting in the States few years later to take MBA. Haha... I think my dad can't wait for my brother to give them grandson soon, that he asked me why I wanted to go so many places and when was I gonna settle down?! My mum just asked me to ignore him and say he think too much. I said, "Dad! Im only 22, and I haven't confirmed that I've found the right guy yet, am I suppose to just pick any guy on the street then?"

But no matter what, they are the coolest and best parents in the world! My dad asked if I had enough $ to spend till I return and not wanting them to worry, I said yes -> totally ignoring the dire state I'm in now. Well, just felt bad and don't want them to spend too much on me anymore. Gonna treat them a holiday next time when I work again and see if can get special package from my company or not. Back to studies now... (+.+)

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

First meeting for ISA 2005 Committee + Help, what should I do?

Last night was the first meeting for the 2005 ISA committee and boy it sure lasted long from bout 5pm to 8.45pm. No guesses as to why it took that long cause few of us already foresee future problems they were gonna have. Apparently, the new "xx" wasn't too popular and some people already had the thought of quitting after the first meeting. It just goes to show how important teamwork, communication and understanding is in a committee - which was what made ISA Committee S2-2004 more popular and well-known. I guess they need to get to know each other better and compromise more to keep it going. Well or maybe some people just aren't meant to be leaders; imagine planning things without setting a budget, dedicating work to everyone except yourself, not givin people a chance to speak up and etc. Anyway, not much of my business, just pity my friends and good luck to them next sem...

Well, woke up at 9am and tried to do some studying of ISM at the library. Was okay but didn't really go much into it. Now, Im still vexed about the stayin on in gippy next year or the going back s'pore stuff. Got an email from my ladyboss just awhile ago cause she had a position for me at the end of the year. All the more I feel guilty if I ever have to tell her I'm not going back to work -> Her email was tellin me about how things are since the office moved to its new location and also how cosy the marketing dept. was now, at the attic and -> how I would like it. Guess I'll force myself to think about it after exams. But hehe, must help advertise the company abit:

Ok, enough of bloggin, still gotta do abit of the ISA newsletter(last issue) and then go try and study some more.... And shit I better try to stop snacking... (*-*)

Monday, October 18, 2004

ISA Hand-Over & Appreciation Dinner on Sunday night + A "Most Familiar Stranger"?

Lst night was the ISA Hand-Over and Appreciation Dinner org by the 2005 committee. There were about 40 over people who attended and some shots from it:

As usual, Longy again full of funny faces, full of shit.. we call him FOFS, haha.. =)

Just had a chat with ph in the afternoon and I do feel bad about tellin some things bout us to Len and Tigger. He isn't some of the things I thought to be actually, we just didn't communicate too well before he left. Anyway, glad we cleared things up better now and let fate decide things. Hmmn, recently got liking for SKI D'LITE yogurt. Never did like yogurt before.. Lucky it's 99% fat free.. keke.. ;p

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Trip to Mirboo & Penguin Parade, Len's Bday & Baptism/Confirmation/First Communion

Well the trip yesterday was not too bad. Our first stop was to the brewery for beer tasting and lunch. Mmmnn.. Longy's Shark Fillet was not too bad as Miko, Len and I had our share of it. ;) The desserts was fantastic as well, but were a little on the sweet side -> we shared Pavoli, Banana Friters, Apple Crumble. There were different types of beer for tasting as well:

Mmmn, nice apple crumble and a "kinky" sign at the penguin parade. ;)

Erm, messin around with the cop's bikes...

Next event was my baptism and Len's bday. Shan't blog too much cause there's shit loads of pics in this post. So there u go, see the photos they speak better...

Hehe, night before no time to buy cake, so fry her an egg and use tomato sauce first. I alwayz like to see the happy look on pple's face when they get a surprise.. =)

Saturday, October 16, 2004

Aftermath of a crazy night doing assignment and just more thoughts...

Okay I must be going crazy after handin up the last assignment to be bloggin at this time. It's 5.15am in the morning and everyone's asleep already. This is me just awhile ago with my hair tied like a crazy gal when I was waitin for my friend to send me a sample solution cause I was goin nuts trying to figure out the last question. I have problem with figures, really hate them!

Well, something's just not going right with my love life and I don't really know how to go about solving it. It's funny how you always thought that things have finally come to a conclusion, but then again your heart doesn't always help you or maybe it lies with the people. Anyway my friends and mum asked me to let nature take it's course, but there are many things I'm afraid of if I really do that. Was chatting to Tigger about this matter and she was really supportive. Guess your best friends know you best. Anyway, a new little "member" joined our gang(His name's Murphy) and he took a photo with LJ:

Had a chat with my parents yesterday and it seemed quite impossible "finanicial wise" to let me stay on another year for honours. Nevertheless, would have a talk with my lecturer on Monday just to check out the program for future ref. maybe. Yess, in few hours time, we are going to a trip org. by the SLOs' to Mirboo and Phillip Island. It's to celebrate the pre-Len's bday on Oct 17. Time to go catch few hours of sleep.... (-.-)

Before that, just a little thought:

Friday, October 15, 2004

Tattoo Mania, Catechism Class, Baptism on Sunday (yeah!) and missin everything...

Yap I finally stop my procrastination to go book an appointment for a tattoo which I got it done today and dragged Len in as well. Poor Len, lucky she got through the pain. For me, the thick skin didn't help much either and I had to stop 2 or 3 times for a rest before askin the guy to continue. It's a miracle I didn't break Longy's fingers considering how hard I clentched his hand and Len's as well. (So much for lendin a hand, haha ;) Well, see our pics and you'll understand...



Keke, poor Tigger would have to be my personal nurse for the next few days putting cream on it and cling wrap on it for it to heal faster... ;p

Anyway, this Sunday will be my baptism finally! Mum will be so happy and wished she was here for it. But will take photos and videos to show her when I go home. Had to choose a saint's name for the confirmation and didn't know which one to choose, well Longy chose "Anne" cause he said "Melissa Anne Lim" sounded nice though and so I stuck with it cause I didn't have time to read through the saint's book anyway.

Was havin one of the last few lessons of catechism class and Helen was talkin about me not being to be around Gippsland anymore next year. It kinda cause a little sadness in me cause I do like the nice people, the surroundings, weather and the place around here... Darn I still got another assignment due today which I only did 1 out of 5 questions. Really bad mood and didn't feel like continuing but no choice, guess I go to go continue now... =(

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Watching of Princess Diaries 2, Getting back ISM A2 and thoughts and more thoughts...

It's amazing I actually blog twice in one day and this is the first time I'm doing it. Guess after all the stress of the multimedia assignment, just wanted to rest awhile before startin the last Computer Models assignment. Gave my blog a revamp with the background colour depicting my feelings and mood. There's just too many things on my mind now that I just don't know what I'm vexed about anymore... Went to see the Honours lecturer today and was told they shouldn't be a problem if applyin for honours still....

Anyway, watched Princess Diaries 2 - The Royal Engagement with Tigger, Samson and Evon just now and some romantic scenes in the movies stir some thoughts within me. There was a verse that Amelia's mum told her on her wedding day which kept ringin in my mind:


How true is that when you can just be yourself comfortably with the person whom you wanna spend the rest of your life with... Fate plays too many tricks on people sometimes... Time heals many things and takes away your feelings for many things as well. It's hard to forget the people who bring happy memories in your life compared to those who were just there... In life, you tend to need to hurt some people sometimes, but then again, there are some people who come around and hurt you too. However it's still better to be loved than to love someone... And they might just touched your heart and make you love them back even more like what happen to bb and me.

Got back my ISM assignment 2 as well and was glad at the excellent grade. Guess I'm still meant to do IT modules instead of business. Enough said for today I guess, time to go head away and see if I could get some work done... (*.*)

Day trip to city, Jap Fair on Sunday and boy I really hate my indecisiveness sometimes...

Went down to city on Sat to collect my air tickets and then walk around a little. Kinda got a little itchy feeling after the Canberra trip to casino and thus went to Crown to play roulette for abit. Was grumbling for the whole time we were findin parkin cause we barely passed the 1/2 hr and had to pay $10 bucks for the carpark! Don't know why probably was Longy's luck, he won money with his last chip which his instinct told him to put on number 20. Anyway my first bet was on my birthday 23 and since makin abit after the first round, we decided to head off. One of the sales staff approached us to sign up for the Crown membership... He told us about the Floral Display as well where flowers were arranged beautifully into animals:

After mass on Sunday, Tigger and I went to the Japan Fair at the Kernot Hall opp. McKers. It wasn't really much to expect as most of the stalls were set up by the locals and didn't have much things. Even the food was non-japanese... Wasn't in a good mood that day and something been's bothering me lately. If I could have a wish now, I'd wish time to pass more slowly so that I have time to do my things! It's so scary to know that in a flash, one semester is already almost finished and exams are coming soon. Last semester seemed to pass so slowly... Apart from the dedication to my friends in the newsletter, I still want to tell my best friends, "Im already startin to miss you pple even before I go back!" (U know who u are).

Had a chat with my mum on Sunday night because I was discussing with her a saint's name to choose for my baptism. We talked about something and in the end she asked why I was always so indecisive. Weird, didn't know Ariens had that kind of trait though... Was shocked to find out in a Horoscope book that Tigger and I found: Leo's and Arien's are not compaitable at all. They could be partners who you just could have fun with. No wonder all the past relationships all never turn out quite right, I got encounter with too many Leo's that I reckon I got phobia of them already. Not to say that Im so hooked on astrology stuff, but some things are so coincidental that it really scares you... Just handed up my multimedia assmnt awhile ago and guess I better go sleep now... (-.-)

Friday, October 08, 2004

Gown Photo-Taking Day and someone is still as special - not there yet but getting to it...

Yesterday was the gown photo-taking day for us students who are graduating this semester. How weird is it to wear your graduation gowns when you haven't even finished exams yet! Anyway, didn't know how you were supposed to put the "hangin bunch of threads" from the graduation hat or whatever you call it. It should be at in the front part if you haven't graduated and only at the back when you have gotten your degree, but anyway people were swinging them in all sorts of directions. Hahaha... ;p Well, Len was kinda "hired" as my photographer yesterday and we went taking photos around campus, at the facultys' and also with my lecturers as well. Disappointed that my multimedia lecturer from England wasn't around for a photo. He was a good lecturer who really knows how to make lectures more interesting.

The event yesterday brought back the memory of bb's graduation last sem and out of the blue I had the sudden urge of givin him a call, which I did anyway ;) and told him I wished he was here to take photos in the graduation gown with me. It was really tiring to wear the gown from 11am plus in the mornin to 4.30pm cause of the different group photo-taking sessions, but it was all good since it was a special event that doesn't happen everyday... Some nice shots with my friends...

Had another few hour long conversation with bb yesterday and we talked about some other things bout our relationship other than the usual stuff. We confessed that we were really afraid about how we would react when we meet again. But we came to a conclusion that there were still feelings there, it might just need time and effort to get things back. And from the things he have done and attitude towards our relationship which even our friends can't believe, only someone silly would give him up. It's also comforting to know that whenever friend's ask us how we are doing, we also know of each other's whereabouts and the things. Ironically though I'm unsure how much I feel for him now, I still told my mum's that unless he gives me up, I won't give him up and didn't know he actually did the same thing. So sick to know that exams are coming soon and I still have 2 assignments to go, guess i better get to it now... =[

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Poor Tourism Assignment Grade and just some thoughts about vulnerability of relationships...

Got my Tourism assignment 1 back yesterday and was really disappointed with only a 'P'. Had a talk with the lecturer and realised that report requirements were different in Sch of Computing and Sch of Bus & Eco. They were really strict with the writing styles, formats and even referencing and thus the low grade. Guess I'm not really cut out in doing business module cause I always don't do well in them. So disappointed cause I always get good grades for my assignments. =( Anyway, doubt I'll do well in assignment 2 cause it was handed up before a1 was returned, so I couldn't even find my faults and correct them...

Apart from studies, I just happened to check out all my friend's friendster and some of my best friend from s'pore; their blog and found out that one of them who was always thought to have a fairytale story had broken up with her BF of 5 years less than a month ago. I gave her a call immediatly to check if she was alright. Come to think of it, I have got like more than 5 friends who have broken up with either their GF or BF just this year that it seems like this year is a "Break-up" year or what. Anyway I feel, time is not the most important thing in relationships, from all my past experiences and friend's encounters, what starts like a fairytale might not end like one, so it doesn't mean the longer you are together, the stronger the love will grow. One of my regrets in the past was breakin up about 3 years ago with my BF of 6 yrs, all my friends thought it was goin to be a fairytale ending as well, but it somehow didn't work out.

Well, some people are just meant to be in your life for a certain period of time either to bring you happiness or sorrow or both and sometimes it's not up to you to decide if you want him/her to walk the rest of your life with you. There are so many obstacles around always. I guess the chinese sayin, "bu zai hu tian chang di jiu, zhi zai hu cheng jin yong you" which means not to think about eternity but just treasure what you have or used to have is just so correct sometimes...

Sunday, October 03, 2004

Term Break Road Trip, Down City to book my Air Ticket and Sunday Shopping with Tigger!

Sunday Mass was okay and for once I didn't try to doze off during father's surmon. Well since we had slog through the last few weeks doing assignments, Tigger and I decide to go shoppin for abit and also cause I wanted to get a set of white clothes for my baptism on Oct 17. What a shopping spree we had at Midvalley with us buying stuff from Supree, Jay Jays etc. Felt nice after not shopping for a long time... Got a few t-shirts, a white top and white skirt.

Went to melbourne city on Sat to book my air ticket and watched a movie at the Glen Waverly Village Theatre. We watched "DOGDE BALL" and well it was quite okay. Anyway, a little update on the road trip from Tuesday night to Friday. The whole trip was tiring but enjoyable and we got some scares at the motel as well. Imagine starting the journey at 11.30pm at night from lakes entrance to Canberra. The whole journey was through long winding roads and trying to avoid Kangeroos and Wombats. All I know was three quarters of the journey, Len, Longy and me were sleeping most of the time with Hemant blasting the speakers(as usual) and we took turns trying to keep awake and chat all the way. That guy was hyper, he could stay awake for hours and not be tired at all. We spent a day at Canberra and went to the Casino to try our luck a little; Hemant won $100 over on Roulette before we headed off at 12.30am plus to Ballaret.

- Canberra -

The journey to Ballaret was the most long and tiring one. We were actually so silly to drive extra hours cause we took the wrong road towards Sydney and it was only after an hour plus later we turned back towards the right highway to Ballaret. Throughout the journey, Longy was supposed to keep awake and talk to Hemant, but instead it was Len and I who kept chatting with him instead. We actually talked about ghost stories and scary encounters; imagine talking about such stuff in the wee hours of the morning... Reached Ballaret only at 11.30am the next day and boy were we tired. Felt funny when the old man just pass me the keys to the rooms and didn't even bother to get down details or ask us to make any payment. Well after the night then we realised why... Headed down to Sovereign Hill for the whole day and by evening we were all exhausted when we got back the motel. We stayed 2 each to a room and after the black shadow encounter and being pressed feeling, we all cramped into one room instead. Lucky Len cause only Longy, Hemant and I got the scary experience.

- Ballarat -

Checked out at 10am the next morning and Kryal Castle was our last stop before we headed back to Gippsland. Was fascinated with places like Sovereign Hill and esp. Kryal Castle with those medieval things. I love those places where there's lots to explore and see like this old castle. Overall, the whole trip was still a fun one and hate to admit it, but Longy, Len and I did admit that though Hemant was annoying at times, he did spice up the trip though... Looking forward to the next road trip after exams... ;p