Thursday, April 28, 2005

MiKo'S bDay CeLeBrAtiOnS, 2 otHeR tHinGs tO cELeBrAte aBoUt wHicH oF cAusE oNe oF tHeM iS e ArRivAL oF mY neW gAdgEt...

Image hosted by Photobucket.comTuesday was Miko's birthday and boy did she have many celebrations yesterday with two birthday cakes and all that. Even before the clock strucked 12am, our usual gang was already planning on how we were going to "get" her, haha... We decided not to give the usual surprise of walking into her room with the lighted birthday cake with a trail of us tagging behind. Apart from his silly ideas and stuff he usually has, darling came up with a really "evil" idea this time. I mean, sometimes I reckon he should be studying something else like a course on Human Tricks and Sabotage Acts or what. Anyway, so at about 12.30am I gave Miko a call and silly me I was really lousy at telling lies or maybe it was just Miko expecting something from us. The lie I figured now was simply exaggerating I guess and I won't go through the details. So she was smart enough to come through the opposite direction to South 6 instead of the normal way and luckily our "spy" Lily gave us a call informing us otherwise. So as Len, Alvin and I hid in the darkness inside the house, Longy was outside talking to her trying to get her to come in. I couldn't catch the act in time but I guess as she walk near the entrance, "whoosh" came the bucket of water from the rooftop and out jumped Wendy with flour and icing... Hahaha.. As you can see from the pic, those two kiddies Wendy and Longy got forced to join in the fun all because that girl had to go pour coke over Longy... ('',)

Image hosted by Photobucket.comWell Miko's bday just didn't end that night, it continued in the following evening with a steamboat dinner at South 6. So there you go, a line of royalties sitting outside the house greeted me when I came back from aerobics with Joewiz and Shea Li. They baked another cake for Miko as well and so we sat outside in the cold having steamboat. Hmmn, that's the life man.. Damn we should have recorded the bday song we sang for her, it sounded like it came out from the Speedy Gonzales cartoon or what. So Miko's bday wasn't the only celebration that day, haha we got to celebrate because her MP3 player and my mobile we bought from EBay arrived on the day of her birthday as well, so it was something like a quadruple celebration. We actually received 2 sets of phones when we only paid for one. Guess the company didn't record when they sent, but Longy being an honest guy had to go inform them, and so it was solved with Timmy buying the other set and the company getting the extra cash when it could have been us, *damn*..

Image hosted by Photobucket.comCheck out my newest investment after "window-shopping" and being a good girl for 2 long and torturous months not buying much things. Had actually wanted to stick to Nokia with me being a loyal fan of them, but the NK7270 which I like was too much over the budget. But now just 2 days after getting my new phone, darlin's tryin to bid another Sony Ericsson flip phone which has much more functions and I really mean more as in Bluetooth, MP3 player, Video Recording and many others that would just make you go in awe... Well, still thinking about whether to change again after only like 2 days on the new thingy -> the worst part is it doesn't have an organizer which I'm so dependent on, so it gives me a reason now to go look in EBay for a PDA.. *sign*.. Well shall ponder about that sometime later.. *yikes* just came back from a swim alone just now and its been the 3rd time I went swimming since I got back gippy. I realised anyway I suck at freestyle, my hands just don't coordinate and water flows into my mouth when I tilt my head out. It makes you feel like a frog with your breast stroke looking at the graceful aussies swimmin with freestyle. Oh well, nothing's perfect anyway and looking forward to the trip down Melbourne tommorrow... =)

Saturday, April 23, 2005

fiNisH MaRkiNgs bUt sTiLL gOt 10 LaTe sUbmiSsiOns tO gO, yEaH I bOugHt a NeW mObiLe trU eBay aNd jUst ReAd oN I cAnt tHinK oF aNymOre fOr e TiTLe

Image hosted by Photobucket.comYet another weekend is here, well every other day seems to be the same for me since I have classes only on Mondays. Finally got the markings done for BIS11, a first year distant learning subject. Working casually for the faculty of IT just to earn some extra bucks and damn now it makes you realise how frustrating the markers can get now that you're a marker too. It's funny how some students answer the questions and it just makes you :sign:. Anyway caught 2 sexy gals scandalous and taking a nap in Longy's room few days ago and hope they don't kill me for taking a secret shot of them snoozing. It's interesting how many people like to laze around and sleep in Longy's room, haha. What they love most is the comfy 'down' doona and it's cooling effects... Hmmn... Anyway just received the 2nd bday present from darling that just arrived on Wednesday. Now I don't need another thumb drive and :cool: music plays with it as well. Thank you Longy, although you never bother to come read my blog anyway...

Image hosted by Photobucket.comWell. Days and weeks pass by rather quickly and lately I'm still stressing about my project. Just 2 days ago I was talking to my mum and telling her how silly I am; cause since the main purpose in coming back australia was for someone and a chance to get PR here, I might as well go sign up for a Hairdressing course which is much more of a better and confirmed chance in getting PR and probably cheaper too. That would definitely be much better than going through all this torture of studying and stressing about what's gonna come out for my thesis at the end of the year. It makes you understand how much self-discipline is needed when you have too much free time to allocate to yourself on studying. Anyway this shot on the left is copyrighted by Len, who was doing an assignment for her Photography class. Darn, had many bad hair days since I came back and finally got my hair trimmed and dyed 2 days ago. So much for not rebonding it before I came back and thus now for the wavy hair that's neither straight nor curly.

Messaged Tigger 2 nights ago and promised to email her which I haven't done so yet. She's just as busy as a little bee with her job. But yeah when I tolde her about how "sian" I was here, she most probably understood I was just lazy and told me to stop procrastinating, haha.. Just checked my web tracker last week and found out the best joke was that the most number of people who visited my blog are from Singapore. And you'll probably laugh at the most amusing words they use to search for my blog. You get things like "longy, love mel, lost ring, denise dinner" and much more search phrases only you yourself can think off if you're reading my blog now. No prizes for guessing that yap most of the visitors are from Asia but surprisingly there are others from all around the world too. Hmmn, maybe some people tried to find this new blog address by thinking they can link from my old address cause there were searches from there too. Well, enough of blogging for the meantime, it's time to procrastinate when to start my next assignment.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

pOtLuCk @ hELeN's pLaCe, dA sTreSs fOr tHiS yEar & mOrE tHouGhts...

Image hosted by Photobucket.comYet another weekend almost gone, it's really scary how time flies so fast always and no matter how much you try to find time to set aside for studying or doing whatever you're supposed to do, you still find you're behind your schedule most of the time, well at least for me I guess. The toil of doing Honours is really getting to me now. Though I don't mention much in front of my parents and friends, it's really stressing me out especially the part about my full year project. Honestly, I'd rather be working long hours like in the past and enjoying myself with the work than get myself back into this shit. Don't have a choice now but to get through this year and pray that everything goes well... The worst and hardest part is the beginning of it where you just don't know how to start, and just don't have the mood to start on it... Just some thoughts on top left about my feelings about certain things and the "in" chinese songs for me now.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comLets get back to more joyful things. We had potluck in Helen's house last fri and some of us brought food over plus dessert as well. It was not too bad to have some feeling of famliy and home sometimes here in Gippy, where most of us are far away from home. Elaine got along quite well with Michael -> Helen's husband and he almost wanted to adopt her as his god daughter for helping him with the dishes for the whole night. We played pool, we hung around chatting with the nice people through the night and learnt some interesting stories and stuff from them as well. Anyway I get the feeling sometimes that I'm hiding myself away from my own blog and bottling up some of my real true thoughts, like not writing them down here. Maybe I wasn't as "open" as last time and it's just gets to that point sometimes where you just can't be bothered too much already. Gonna get going before more crap comes out on this post...

Monday, April 11, 2005

BoTh AsSiGnMeNts DoWn, 1 EMIT sToRy To gO, GloBaLL 2005 & BAd MoOd pLs gO aWaY...

Thank God I finally completed the last my assignment one and it felt really great to hand up early somehow, unlike last sem where I had to keep awake for day and night trying to finish them up. You might think it's easy just cause I have 2 modules only for this sem, but not to forget my project which runs for the full year, yep haven't got anything done on it yet. My lecturer's gonna find me soon if I still don't set up the program to run.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comThe hightlight of last week was the ISA Globall on Thurs, Apr 7.My mum had sent me two of her Malay costumes for me to choose and I stuck with this one anyway. This year's "Culture Night" as it is more commonly known was quite a success as well though there were little internal conflicts between the association every now and then, but guess they still manage to resovle and made the evening a lovely one. Most of my gang came in their nice costumes and at that time I wish I had my company's korean Hanbok to wear, haha. Not to say I don't like my mum's costume, but the Hanbok would be cool. Anyway we had an enjoyable night except for the fact that we just had to come across the "bitch" a few times during the night. Don't ask me what's all about cause some things are better left unsaid here.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comWell continue back tom much happier things-> I was still pretty amazed how Len and I managed to do well in our performance that night. We barely had any practice and we only choreographed the whole steps and moves one night before the event. We didn't concentrate and kept practising as much as we did in Churchill Idol, but I reckon we did a much better job this time. And thanks to our camara man-> Josh for video taping the whole performace for us. Still haven't got the clip from him though. ;p). And also to Tim for playing such a good job as our "Pretty Boy". Guess we felt we did pretty much better than Churchill Idol and finally they could hear my voice because maybe for once I finally got rid of my stage fright. Thanks to darling with his red wine to calm us down and his never ending support though he's always up to his tricks disturbing us while we were practising. Lily and Alvin were so cute that they came up to give us balloons halfway through the song and then came Hemant and his friend who had to put balloons on Timmy's hand as well and he could still keep still all the while... Not bad "ken", not bad.. =)

Anyway this weekend passed pretty fast, probably cause of the "early" hours that we sleep and by the time we get up, half the day's gone. Went down for my Visa appointment last fri and for once it was just darling and me alone because the others didn't wanna make another trip down city again so soon, since we were there only last week. Well, I should have been happy, but I don't know why I was feeling really down and shitty inside. It's the type of bad mood ladies get during that time of the month, but for me, guess it's kinda normal to happen anytime. Maybe that's the reason why we both lost money at Crown this time and thought, yep it's just not our day... I should cheer up a little bit more, I don't know what's bothering me and I felt so bad on Saturday when I snapped at darling and he still got me a pooh bear to cheer me up. We were joking that instead of reducing the soft toys I had, he was adding on to the lot instead.. Well, "bad mood, bad mood please go away..."

Sunday, April 03, 2005

EaStEr HoLs, ChErYL's FaRm TRiP, dOwN MeLbOuRnE CiTy and ThAnX tO TiGgEr FoR YoUr B'dAY PrEsEnT -> bEsT FRiEndS 4eVeR

Today's the last holiday of the Easter Break. Haven't been doing much during the week except trying to get down on doing assignments and to convince myself that I have did a fair part of it already when it's probrably only 20 - 30% done and one's due on the 8th and 11th respectively. Plus I told my Project Supervisor I'll contact him by Monday and inform him if I have set up the platform to run the past project I am supposed to work on from. Guess I'm gonna have to tell him to drag another week and letme get the assignments settled first. Nothing much happened except on thoughts and more thoughts on my mind as usual when they start wandering to somewhere else when I'm supposed to be concentrating on my assignments.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comFinally went to the Cheryl's Farm trip that I had missed for the last 2 semesters. It was somewhere on the outskirts of Moe, the next nearest town to Morwell; about 45mins away from uni. Cheryl and her husband Rob showed us around with their animals which consisted of Alpacas, Miniature Ponies, Lambs and Ducks and we had BBQ sausages plus cakes and sweet stuff for desert. Spent almost the whole day there and yap not to forget their cute dog Zena who was ever so willing to let you pat her... Finally a day of relaxation after the last four days of cooping at home. Going off somewhere away from the house certainly felt better.

My god-bro from S'pore came to Melbourne on Thursday. He was sent by the ex Travel Firm I worked for to come here to attend some seminars and destination/tourist spots inspection. We were supposed to meet in Crown when I went down city yesterday but the timing wasn't correct and so Longy and I as usual spend our time at the Roulette tables trying our luck. I won about $30 bucks at first but in the end lost $10 instead. Longy actually won $100, but that fella just wanted to take a gamble and tried his luck with the 2nd 12 and 3rd 12's that he won only $50 in the end. Lucky I told him to stop be cause he actually went to bet all and lost all, than went he won it back I told him God is giving him another chance and so he should stop now. Well Miko and Lily were happily shopping in the branded outlets in Crown Hotel and boy, the amount of money those girls spent on their LV bag and wallet, even I felt the pinch for them. But guess they were more than willing to spend on their desired goods...

Image hosted by Photobucket.comSo I wasn't satisfied without getting to meet my god-bro cause he came all the way froom s'pore and bothered to call me and look me up. So after Crown at about 7pm plus I decide to ask him where he was having dinner and thus we headed down to Williamstown on the Southwest part of victoria where Port Melbourne was and got lost for about 1/2 hours before we found the place. It happened to be Williamtowns day and so the event that was going on there gave us a hard time finding car park and it was really packed there. Anyway we finally got to the Pelican Landing Restaurant where my god-bro was having dinner and we chatted for awhile and I intro Longy, Alvin, Lily and Miko to him. He was delighted and said that it felt good being able to meet so far away here. We took some photos before I was tempted to go look around at the fun fair that was going on nearby. There were bands playing, rides, ferris wheel and lotsa game booths. We tried our luck at some and manage to win some small toys but our luck wasn't that good with the LuckyDip coupons in which if you match a winning number on the board, you get to choose a really big soft toy. I was eyeing the big husky and was showing my pouty face and feeling really sore and not getting it. So I wasn't being a baby or what, but you know the feeling you get when other people had "catches" for the day and you didn't get any. So darling was really sweet and bought me Rex instead from one of the shops selling the big soft toys instead. So he joins the Y.M family clan with LJ and MJ...

It had been along time I wanted to say, "Until you came along, I didn't know what Happiness was". For he brings a smile to my face everytime and is perfect in every single way. It's like he seems to know everything about what you're thinking about and does it out of the blue or when at the corner of your mind when you are thinking of something you would like him to do or get, he does it exactly the way you are thinking without you telling him. One of my girlfriends asked me before how do you know if the person is "the One"? I told her it comes naturally and you'll know it because you love every little thing about him and he makes you feel like a princess always. The only thing I pray for us every night is for fate not to seperate us and I really thank God for bringin him to me... Even my mum loves him...

My mum used to tell me when I was upset and crying about BGR in the past:
"God lets you meet a few wrong ones before you meet the right one". I reckon she's right.. ;p