Wednesday, October 26, 2005

dA LoNG UpDaTE, tAKE a CuPPa, siT dOwN aNd EnJoY dA piCs As wELL :)

Yess, I just finished probably my last exam of my life just a couple of hours ago and reckon, ah well, I could spend some time updating my blog since I don't have the mood to continue with my thesis writing or assignment marking yet. And so as promised, just a brief about the updates that happened in the last few weeks:

~ I managed to set up an Ebay's seller's account and sold of most of my unwanted stuff. Not a bad thing to do and earned some shopping money as well. I already have a "business plan" for setting up an Ebay shop soon selling new stuff instead!
~ MUGSU Photography Club competition, won 2nd prize for both the Portrait and Landscape category and got $60 worth of Midvalley vouchers. Not bad having entering a photo competition the first time and I didn't expect the winning shots would be a photo of darling, plus a sunset shot of Great Ocean Road. *Sorry the photos are not here, one of them is at my deviantArt portfolio which I will update in the near future.
~ One of my dear friends, Evon came back Gippy for her graduation. So happy for you girl!

~ First photo update: Dinner at Helen's...
Image hosted by

~ Plane trip where Alan, Helen's friend brought us.. A little nauseous but it was all good and we flew almost near Wilson's Prom and Tasmania!
Image hosted by

~ Some Nice Views from inside the plane:
Image hosted by

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Image hosted by Next is Len's birthday. In fact, I guess the plane trip thingy was a gift from Helen. As usual, being the nice people they are... It's really great to know them.. Anyway, this year's birthday was a shorter celebration for her and hope she still liked it though, yeah with the presents she had.. and the "sabo", "I reckon you liked it right Len?" Haha.. Joewiz's and Sheali's cheesecake was really awesome, and they baked it from scratch! Well, Len got her birthday wish, or I guess almost totally, with her BMW "Convertible". Next we had our Mock Gown day which I had mentioned in the earlier post. Was contemplating whether to put up the photos here or not. But guess, just a sneak preview is okay. Haha, we did a copy cat pose, following Zyan and his friends the last Mock Gown day, but guess their's was more successful!

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Image hosted by Photobucket.comAnyway, I managed to find a house in Clayton to rent for the six of us during the period while waiting for our graduation. Yeah, can't wait to finish our exams and for me my thesis. It's been a long time we had real heaps of fun without worrying about assignment to hand up, must go back study, blah blah blah.. And mum and dad are coming in Dec! Can't wait to see them and hope I can graduate successfully. Thanks to those who have faith in me and who wish me well. **blink, You know who you are!. ** Anyway, I remember there were certain things / people I wanted to bitch about here, but it's been some time, I think I forgot about it already. Oh well, it doesn't matter then... Maybe some things are better left unsaid. Anyway, darling was really sweet to get me flowers today! I was practically crying before my last paper cause I was really stressed about it and the lilies really cheered me up. I reckon he spoils me rotten sometimes. *huggies* to him. ;) ** No wonder his ex GF still cannot get over him! ** He's the bestest in the world (apart from being a lazy and greedy piggy sometimes)..

Friday, October 21, 2005

mEL sHoUtZ, "I wAnNa UpDaTE mY bLoG!" aND iNsiGhTs tO mORE uPdATEs!

I wanna update my blog!! Yess yes... I miss updating my blog.. So much more updates to go, so many more things to bitch about, and more importantly, things to rejoice about... There's Len'S biRtHdAY, another trip dOwN mELbOuRNE for the DIMIA Skills Fair which we didn't turn up eventually cause shopping at Know City was more important, then there's another GoWn DaY I attended today in which I was supposed to wear the gown only for awhile just to take a couple of photos with my friends. But in the end, I still landed up going round with them and taking heaps of hilarious shots.. I was really "pan-tang"(superstitious) at first about wearin the gown twice, but after speaking to my mum and the encouragement from darling, I just thought, "Aww, it's all good!"..

Sunday, October 16, 2005

uNi 4 mE iS eNDiN iN A mTH, i HoPE & uPdAtES aFTeR NoV 18..

Examinations coming in a week's time and as usual the gang is still procrastinating about studying. It's the usual everything to the last minute thing and plus I still have my thesis to finish up and there's a whole load more on it... So I'm guess this space is gonna be kinda outdated for abit. I have heaps of things to update since the last post, but just don't have the time to edit the photos, load them up and write the post. Will do so soon right after November 18th or when I hand in my thesis, whichever is earlier. But the tagboard will still be checked every few days, so feel free to stay in touch there. :) Anyway, stay tune for the next update with the following events:
~ Being an ebay seller is quite a good thing!
~ MUGSU Photography Club Photo Competition
~ Evon's visit back Gippy and for her graduation
~ Dinner at Helen's with visitors: cute little Thomas & Charlize
~ A trip above the skies in Alan's private Jet Plane
Till then, Good Luck for the exams everyone and see ya around!

Saturday, October 08, 2005

mY nEWeSt gADgEt, eVerYoNe'S biTcHiNG oN bLoGs nOwDaYs + oUTiNg wiTH dA GaLs...

Image hosted by Photobucket.comMan, I just had to show my new baby on your left. Just got it on Thurs after selling off my Panasonic X400 to Sheali's friend. Darling's the sweetest person in the world! He wanted to do everything he could to get me my desire phone. We first went to Optus to see if he could sign an extra plan, but they didn't allow international students to sign more than one plan. So we headed to the Telstra dealer just a few shops away only. And as usual like my dad always tease me, "You are always so fickle, the day you marry, your husband will be a different one you chose!" Haha, cause I was so bent on getting back a Nokia phone, either the 6160 or 7270, but eventually this pretty thing caught my eye. Love the new hp number too, lotsa 3's, 6's and 8's. Paying it off slowly in 18mths so I won't feel the pinch of the AUD$600 odd bucks of the phone! But darn, I don't have much free time to play around with it so far because of the assignment due and my project and thesis still having the many problems and stuff. So far darling was the one who downloaded some songs for me...

Anyway lets get to some other stuff like me writing a long sob story to my Honours coordinator telling him how I couldn't get along with my project supervisor. The email sounded like it came from someone who's suffering from severe depression! Anyway, though it's abit too late, I hope he can help with some advise cause I really can't communicate with my supervisor! Then I checked my hotmail today to get the photos off lily when I saw a friend's GF's email to read her blog. Ehhh.. was thankful for her mentioning about the dinner at helen's and michaels, and was confused too after some of the things said there, but it's cleared up now. Anyway, it's a war long past between two women, so let's just say "Amen" that they are now few thousand miles away from each other. Nobody ever likes everybody and no one person is liked by everyone anyway. Even best friends bitch about each other sometimes, let alone strangers or people whom you know for a short time only. You want true friends who will always stand by your side and spare a thought for you always, learn from Pooh and friends ok! =) **Pooh says, "Is there anymore honey?"**

Image hosted by
Anyway, I just found out today that my last data communications assignment is extended till 14 oct instead. Not a very good thing cause it gave me more time to procrastinate about the last question and so I went off to Midvalley instead, today with Len, Sheali and Joewiz to watch the movie, "Serenity". Good movie, I would give it a 4/5 rating! As usual Len was teasing me! Mel was shouting again, "Why the stupid man still don't die! Faster die lah!". Sorry, I get a little over excited when watching movies, so pardon me.. haha.. Went to Saloon with the girls too the night before and yes, Len and I miss the times during our first sem where the four chabohs always go Saloon together. Those two, Sheali and Joewiz are such cute and fun chabohs! We just miss hangin out with them and want some time where it's just all of us gals! Yaya, lily law and you too.. =) As for Joyce, it's okay, you are Len's other half, so... Nah just joking, don't be angry.. =) Writing off now cause darling's complainin it's 5am already! And boy do I feel I'm gonna get lotsa "shoutz" on my chatterbox...

Monday, October 03, 2005

EMIT nEwSpApER iS oUt! gO sPReAd e WoRd & gRaB oNE + dArLiN'S iNTeRviEW & eNd Of SeMeStEr sOON!

Image hosted by Photobucket.comCheerios people, Len was asking just me a few minutes ago, "Are you updating your blog again?". I was like, "No lah, just for the EMIT paper, haha".. Yes the uni's paper, the last edition of the year is out and I grabbed a few copies today, one for myself to keep, one for mum and dad and one for people to flip and trash around after reading it. Somehow my ebay article's kinda contradicting to what I just did yesterday. I was still very much into ebay, haha and spent the whole day setting up a "Seller's" account to sell off my unwanted stuff. Keeping my fingers crossed cause my starting bid for my mobile phone is only AUD$20! Anyway, darling got a call from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation(ABC) today asking for an Interview about the Indonesian Crisis here cause he's the ISA President and he's nervous as ever about it. Well, the sememster's coming to an end and one more assignment to go before I can concentrate fully on my thesis and exams. Speaking of which my supervisor just emailed me today asking about my progress after I was M.I.A for so long.. *ooppss*

Saturday, October 01, 2005

ISA aGM, a "TaLk" tO ReMeMbEr, gUmBUyA pARk oUtiN & dOwN mELb..

Image hosted by Photobucket.comThought I'd better start updating before everything slips my mind on what's been happenin for the pass week or so. 22 Sep was the ISA AGM that darling was so worried about and I'm glad that he had gotten the members in their respective positions as he had wanted, else he'd be stressing himself. We had heaps to eat like mooncakes, nasi bryani with curry chicken, pizza, samosas etc. The best part for me was of course the mooncakes!. ;) After which Joewiz and I couldn't wait for the event to end so we can set up the Karaoke system and start singing! Man, that girl can sing pretty well too, what a waste she didn't wanna join us during the Monash Open Day performance.

This week was the term break for us. There were happy events and not-so-happy events that happened. Sometime during the week, we all had a "show-down" with a friend and his GF . It didn't necessarily involved all of us, only two of them in which the "fire" had already started a long time ago. I wouldn't say the talk solved anything at all, but at least it made us understand the situation our friend is in. From an outsider's point of view, I guess the GF is a nice girl, just a little too possesive and insecure, and for that I salute his patience towards her.

Image hosted by
Anyway on 27 Sep, we had the Gumbuya Park trip and session workshops for graduating students. It's really disappointing that MI was kind enough to arrange such outings for us, yet only about 10 to 12 students turned up that day when the trip was catered for 48 people. Shame on you those who would rather stay at home and sleep, because poor Heidi had to call each and everyone of those that didn't turn up to check if they were going. We had a day of fun but also gain more insights with the interview workshops and preparations to find jobs after we graduate. *Joyce, where are the photos?*

Image hosted by Photobucket.comAnd after a boring week of being stuck in gippy, we finally made a trip to the city for shopping and to savour the taste of Uncle Danny's food again. After lunch, we headed to Chadstone and I couldn't help myself in getting the Biotherm starter kit plus the scrub and they all came in a nice white bag. Later we went to Melbourne Central for more shopping and boy did our legs ache like mad till we had to sit down, have a break and have coffee. The girls got some stuff too; Joyce got a bronzer with the Estee Lauder gift pack ++, Len got a few tops and a skirt as well. Shopping these days is like a privilage we get once awhile and not something I used to take it for granted like in the past.