Monday, September 22, 2008

Mooncake festival gathering, Jasper's got a facebook account and thoughts on the Mummy 3.

Darling and I took a long drive back to Gippsland two weekends ago for Mooncake / Lantern Festival or which is also known in chinese terms as "Zhong Qiu Jie". Boy I think it felt like ages since we went back and as usual I slept all the way. For some funny reason, the ride seemed pretty fast. Maybe because Jasper and I were sleeping most of the way leaving poor tubby to drive. :D It was a short but good trip and if only someone didn't want to keep rushing home for the Man Utd. match, we probably could have stayed longed. Anyway we did the usuals:

The food; nothing fancy, just nice home cook food and some char siew and siew yoke which Lex/Weichao brought from city. And Ammie made her yummuy dumplings again.
Gippsland Mooncake Festival Gathering - photo 1

And of course after every meal at every gathering, there's the "Group Shot". Though some of them like Reshme, Yihorng, Ivy hadn't arrived yet. *ssshhhh* it was because they were only invited for the lantern walk and not dinner. :p
Gippsland Mooncake Festival Gathering - photo 2

And here's all the preety ladies in waiting with their pretty lanterns all in a row, getting ready to go for the lantern walk in the park. Someone said it looked like a beauty pageant. ;)
Gippsland Mooncake Festival Gathering - photo 3

Back to the days of childhood, lighting lanterns and taking a walk with them. Irritatingly the "birthday" candles went off really fast and halfway throughout, everyone had to light new candles. We used to use those thickier candles when we were small, they were actually specially made for the lanterns and they fitted in the metal holder nicely too.
Gippsland Mooncake Festival Gathering - photo 4

And another proper group shot with everyone at Glen Donald Park (minus Ben cause he was taking the photo). Imagine the Ang Mohs walking past us and giving us the weird look. If you were looking from afar, I swear you'd think there are colourful lights floating by themselves. Because with that dim moonlight that night, the lighted lanterns were the only thing you could see. :o
Gippsland Mooncake Festival Gathering - photo 5

And of course we had to have mooncakes since it IS mooncake festival. This was the "higher" quality mooncake, so there was only 4 for like 18 of us! So everyone got about a slice each except for the greedy me who had 2 because it was offered to me anyway mah. :P Yum
Gippsland Mooncake Festival Gathering - photo 6
Alright and that is the end of the Mooncake extravaganza. The full album is on facebook.

Now if anyone does not know yet, Jasper has a FACEBOOK account now! Dom was the clown who decided to create one for him. I know he was pestering me for ages, but I was just too lazy. So all you Jasper fans, dog-lovers or just people who find our white furry prince cute, you can add him as a friend.
Jasper's facebook profile
P.S: Dom and I have shared rights to the account. So if you see any long-winded intellectual stuff written, that's from him. Any short, sweet and simple things written is from me. And yeah Jasper does "reply" your messages. I showed him his facebook account that night and he gave the screen a lick... haha silly cute lovable honey buns. :)

Anyway we also went to watch the Mummy 3 - Tomb of the Dragon Emperor over the weekend. Got to say 1 and 2 were better. The 3rd one sort of had not much depth into the storyline and 3/4 s of the movie was just really good CGI. And please... the wife of Brendan Fraser was so much more hotter than this one who tried to put on a fake british accent. Also for a couple who has an 18-20 year old son, they didn't seem like they have aged much over the past 20 years. :\

I also didn't like the fact that they took part of China's history and change it. Ancient Chinese history has always been one of my favourite and highly appreciated. So yeah too much discrepancies in the story like how the Terracotta warriors came about. And how can the 2000 year old witch and her daughter speak english?! :o Even if they did speak to the angmohs in English, they would be more comfortable to speak to each other in mandarin. Thank God they didn't make the mummy speak English too, I would have fainted.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

An annoying person, Go for Gold Trivia Night and Lenny's farewell dinner

Boy was I annoyed by a phone conversation I had in the afternoon. For those who might know him, he was an ex Gippy student, a singaporean guy who has a hongkong girlfriend and they are always touchy-feely / over lovey-dovey in front of everyone. :o Now his name happens to start with A and because of that he's on the 1st location of my phonebook and I must have accidently dialled his number without knowing, the next thing I knew he called me back and asked me who I was. We said the usual hello how are you and then he said "Oh I'm surprised you're still here." And I was like "Ah yeahhhhh, I got my PR and stayed on..." What the hell? :X Arrogant shit who thinks so much of himself and think what? Only he has the ability to get PR and stay on? Gosh...

Anyway not to ruin my mood anymore, let's get on to other things. Last friday, we had a Go for Gold Trivia Night - A Company Event. I don't feel right calling my workplace a company because it's more of an organisation. Anyway here are some photos:
Trivia Night
It was held at the boardroom which is usually seperated into 3 meeting rooms. Basically it was a fund raising event for a charity, which was the cystic fiborosis this time. We answered questions about TV shows, songs, history, science and stuff and you can even "buy" answers when you need them.

Trivia Night
These are few of my closer colleagues which I work with, all from the same department. It's too complicated to explain exactly which because we have too many departments!

Trivia Night
Other colleagues from other departments dolled up to the nines... heehee what a team! But they weren't the only team who had "team clothing", another table also had people wearing the same shirt. Too bad we couldn't be bothered.

Trivia Night
And like every CFA event, there's always the okay everyone stands up game, you answer questions and if you're wrong, you sit down and the last person standing wins the prize. I was the 3rd last to sit down, what a shame... haha...

Then darling and I also went for a farewell dinner for our dear Lenny. Like most of our close friends, he too found it hard to get a job here and so he opted to go back to Singapore for the job offers waiting for him instead. Here are some pics from the dinner:
Farewell dinner with Lenny
Lenny's friend Ash also came along. They call him the "guai-lou" because he and his parents have stayed in Hong Kong for more than 10 years because his parents were posted to work there. He's british and he's now studying in Melbourne and no he can't speak a word of cantonese. :P Something like tubby lar haha...

Farewell dinner with Lenny

It's such a sad thing that OZ makes it so hard for people who love their country and want to stay on here. We have had a few close friends who couldn't stay on because of visa or job issues also and now the same thing is happening to Lenny. :( Ah well ladies and gentlemen, we are still waiting for the day that you all will return here for good. And you should know who you are. :D