Monday, January 30, 2006


Image hosting by PhotobucketHappy Chinese New Year and Gong Xi Fa Cai Everyone! For some reason, maybe due to the heavy traffic in the festive season, my ISP has not been working since Monday. It hunged halfway when I was updating this post and I could never connect again! Anyway as usual the Chinese New Year Reunion Luncheon is at my Grandpa's place. For the first time ever, I actually brought my camara to take photos with my cousins from my dad's side. Have never been really closed to them except for one(brown shirt) one because we are more or less the same age, while the others are still in their teens or younger. Those two little kids are my cousins' and my parents have given up hope on nagging at my brother and sis-in-law already. Don't ask why, some people are just "Old At Age and Too Young at Heart". And top left is just a candid shot darling and I took for fun. "See, he has slimmed down quite abit right?" *grinz*

Image hosting by PhotobucketOn the first day of CNY, my two most-loved nephew and niece came visiting. My mum and I are closer to them because their grandma(my auntie) was a close sis of my mum's and she was the one who took care of me when I was small. Wished she was still around though. :( She's probably in peace in Heaven. Even though darling and I weren't married yet, we insisted on giving the two of them Ang Paos and we did! My dad was teasing me about it and I said something like, my "future-husband" there already, but just haven't gone through ROM yet what! *heehee* I went back to Singapore on Tuesday and darling took me along to visit his friend who was his ex-army officer. He's married and stays at Punggol. They had a pretty nice 5-bedroom flat and furnished really well. Darling's two other ex-army friends also turned up and one of them, their GF is an SQ stewardess. She was quite nice and when the boys went to play pool, the three of us girls went to walk for abit round Orchard. We didn't manage to find anything that we like though...

Anyway time really flies and in about a week or so, darling's returning to Melbourne. He's insisting that I don't send him off at the airport cause his flight is at 11.55pm and he didn't want to see me cry because he said he that would make him broken-hearted the whole journey. I couldn't help but shed a tear or two already yesterday when he told me. There's so much mixed feelings now cause I wanna work awhile longer in my ex company, but at the same time I really don't know how to cope without darling for 8 weeks! *sob sob*

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

AnOtHeR OuTiN WiTh dA GaLs, PhOtO sHoT wiTh FiOnA, mOrE PR AppLiCaTiOn HeAdAcHeS & jUZ rEaD oN LaH...

Image hosted by Post) Yes, I am in office right now and I should be doing my work I know! I've got heaps of stuff to do, but after taking photo with Fiona Xie yesterday(Da one in orange T-shirt, in case you don't know), I just had to write a new post and publish the photos at the same time. She's a MediaCorp actress, currently acting in "Love Concierge" which is on @ 9pm on weekdays. She really has a good figure in real life and quite okay, not too proud or what. I also took a photo with Thomas Ong before when we met in Melbourne, Victoria Market. Previously before he went back to acting in MediaCrop (He's also in Love Concierge), he started supplying free gifts to my company. He carelessly left his wallet on CK's desk before and we got a good laugh at his I.C. Fans of his out there, I also have his Mobile number, but due to confidentiality, it can't be revealed. Sorrie :( He came again to our office yesterday, this time unshaven with a rugged look. ;) Yeah, you bet this is an interesting job if you like meeting people from the Media. I will be leaving in end March, so my company might need another replacement. Do keep a lookout for the careers section then if you are interested! Work back at my ex-company is quite alright actually. Basically as usual, you do what needs to be done and is urgent. This week I'll be working 7 days cause we have a road show to promote our CTC Club Card. It's Sat/Sun 21-22 Jan @ The Heeren. Do drop by if anyone's free! ;) Image hosted by Photobucket.comAnyway, some other updates include going out with Tigger and Kitty to have lunch and watch "The Family Stone" on Hari Raya Haji. It emphasized much on family gathering and bonding, quite okay, but the scenes happen abit slow though. And also, there's pretty much more emailing and hearing of all kinds of answers regarding my returning to Melbourne to apply for my PR. So much so that I am really sick of it! Not even the authorities can give you definite answers to the questions asked! And P.S: Sorry again chabohs, I might have to stick to returning Melbourne only in April again cause my degree certification takes 2 months and going back earlier means wasting time and no money. We really need to have a net chat together one day to decide what are our plans. Keep in touch anyway...

Darling and I have been the same, usual lovey-dovey selves. There has never been a time where I have been more confirmed about who I want to spend the rest of my life with, till now. He's God sent and I thank Him every night during prayers for my giving me my darling Longy. Sorry guys, it's a little mushy I know... And I will definitely miss him very much when he returns to Melbourne first. So now, we are pretty much spending every night together and hoping we can get "Our Life" back together in Melbourne soon. But in the meantime, we've gotta bear with the few weeks physical seperation first. Okiez, enough of the these... ;p

Yesterday was the Monash Pre-Departure briefing in Hilton Hotel Singapore. Darling and I met up with Lyell, Nancy, Joyce, Kal and his GF, Yuanyin to attend it. It was pretty pathetic with only 4 students going to the Gippsland campus and the rest mostly Clayton. Talking to the students really made me miss being an Orientation Helper very much... We did our best to tell them more about Gippy and how to get used to life there. Meeting some people there made me realised that we shouldn't always judge a book by its cover. Some people you just met may seem to be the sweetest and nicest, but they turn out to be back-stabbers with a masquerade. While some may not leave a good first impression with the things they do, but after getting more aquainted with them, you find out that they are actually alright. Haha, this also reminds me of what Tigger teased me before, "Its Juz Mel right? People either love or hate, there's no in-between one!" ;) And I just laughed and say, "Yeah true!"...

P.S: To a dear friend who has to go through some family problems now, Tubbs and I will be praying for you. You know who you are, we will be always waiting for you to return Gippy. *huggies*

Sunday, January 08, 2006

MeEtiN wiF TiGGeR & KiTTy, XmAs DiNNeR, PuLaU uBiN CyCLiNG, BBQ @ KaL's aNd sTuFF..

Image hosted by Photobucket.comI finally found the mood to sit down, edit some photos I took on outings with friends during the last week of December and writing a new post. This post is probably gonna stay for some time cause when it's a 9am-6pm job, 5 1/2 days a week, all you wanna do on Sundays is to sleepz at home or just laze around. Anyway, after darling and I came back from Melb., we soon met up with Denise and Evon. Missing these girls heaps and was really happy to see them. As usual we had Japanese food cause Tigger always "siao" Jap. food. Then after that, we walk over to Marina Mandarin(i think) for a drink. Hyahz, I always mix up the two hotels with the "Mandarin" in them.. Same shit, different thing lah.. There were lots of friends which I had decided to inform them that I am back only after some time. I guess it's the feeling of wanting to contact only "Those that really mattered". Others I guess, "If I see you, I see you, if I don't then forget it." After all, back in Melbourne I was also forgotten by them, so it doesn't make any difference...
Image hosted by Photobucket.comBut I finally managed to locate my 2 good friends that I had met on the Korea trip. Lucky they haven't changed their mobile numbers and I found it on my company's in-house system. Christmas this year is also the same as every year. Even the Buffet Dinner is at the same hotel, but it's all good, as long as the food's delicious and it's with my closest family members. My mum commented that for the last two years, it has only been 5 of us. I replied, "Yah, wait for it to be 6 of us(including darling), I think have to wait very long." I should be thankful that at least his parents are slowly accepting the fact that he has a GF already. On New Year's Day, we even went to darling's New Creation Church in Suntec together. Pastor Joseph Prince is really very charming and good-looking. heehee.. *grinz*

Image hosted by
Cycling trip at Pulau Ubin with darling, Alvin and his friend, Song. Man I think that day was one where I sweated the most and got the most mosquito bites! All because we forgot to bring the insect repellent... *sign* That "Uncle" Alvin took so long to get used to the bike that we almost laugh our heads off looking at him cycle. Later that night, we had a BBQ at Kal's place. He stays in a rather big semi-D house and it even fitted a pool table inside. Ok lah, I am being kiasu, cause I've never been into someone's house in S'pore, it's usually HDB flats. That's why I always wanna go back my JB home; a comfortable 2-storey house... Oh yah, thank you Kal and "Da-Sao" for sending us back home that night. *smiles*

Image hosted by Photobucket.comSo it's been a week since I went back my ex-company to help. Feeling bored and sianz because must wake up at 7am everyday. Somehow the feeling from the past isn't there anymore. Maybe cause I am working temporary and am thus not involved in meetings anymore. I mean, what's the point right? I'm leaving in 2mths. In the past, CK and I would always be the ones meeting people from MediaCorp, S'pore Press Holdings, the Tourism Board people etc. Oh well, as long as the pay still comes in and my colleagues are still the same warm and friendly ones, it's alrightz. Also, Joewiz, Len and I did have some brief contact about the dates we are returning to Melbourne and the VISAs application thingy. Joewiz and I are pretty much confirmed, but I'm still keeping my hopes up on Len though since we haven't contacted after she went to KL, the place where she "couldn't let go." Honestly, I have been surpressing myself from thinking of Melbourne too much. But I really miss it there, especially the private life darling and I have. Anyway, check out Luvy on the left. He's a cute Yorkshire Terrier puppy who belongs to my mum's friend. He's only about 7 weeks old and I was baby-sitting him during New Year's Eve because my mum and his owner went for Count down Line-dancing party. OmiGod.. I didn't wanna let him go when his owner came for him that night, he's soooo adorable...

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