Wednesday, September 28, 2005

mY LaTeSt wALLpApER dEsiGn & sTaY tUnEd fOr MoRe UpdAtEs...

Won this Monash University Graduation Bear in a quiz session from the Graduating Student's day outing and workshops. Thus, decided to make a wallpaper of "Monty" with the snapshot I took of him.. =)

Sunday, September 18, 2005

TeSSeLAaR TuLiP FaRM & RoYaL MeLb. ShOw: a DaY oF FUn aNd gEtTiN poCkEtS bURnT, bUt iT wAs aLL gOOD!

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Finally yesterday was the long-awaited trip I've been waiting for: Tulip Farm and Royal Melbourne Show and yeah we had a great day and heaps of fun except for the occasional rain and we definitely burnt a hole in our pockets at the Royal Melb. Show, which was something like a carnival, or at least darling's hole is a tad bigger I guess! ;) Anyway, I'll let the pictures do the talking. The group shot includes, (from left) darling, me, Tim, Joyce, Len, Ginnie, Winnie and Elizabeth. We arrived at the Tulip farm at about 11.30am and the rain went on and off for awhile. The first place we went to was the Cafe to get hot food and a cuppa coz we we all freezing and I really pitied some of the girls who wore only a thin jacket over them, Len, Joyce and I were already freezing our arses with the polyester jackets we were wearing. Len and I got a "Vegetable-Seller" raincoat to wear for $2 bucks only when the rain stop thereafter. Thank God the rain stopped finally and though the tulips here weren't as beautiful as the ones Len and I saw in the Floria Festival in Canberra, but it was okay. We had fun picking our own tulips later and bringin them home to see them bloom.. Next stop was Royal Melbourne Show Ground!

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Man, this is one of my favourite places! Carnivals! The sun shone so brightly when we arrived at the showground at about 3.30pm and everyone thought the weather outside would be warm, but no, it was still freezing and the wind kept blowing non-stop. (Thus, for my frizzy, ever untamed hair!). We started from the Pet Showroom with a few cats and dogs around as Pedigree and Whiskers were there promoting the pet stuff. Then we headed down to the market place where there were stalls selling all sorts of things all around. We decided to have our faces painted! It was so cool and Len looked like a witch as first with her lips blue as well, after which she decided to wiped the blue lipstick off. :) Next stop was the Animal Farm and the Cattle Places where we saw the usual different farm animals, an ewe who just gave birth in the morning and bloody huge arse cows! And yes, there were really huge like even double or triple darling's size and man we saw them taking a crap, it wsa yucky! :p Then we walked on and saw many food stalls with candy floss, show bags and lots more show bags. And we got ourselves some "she-devil" hairbands. :)

Image hosted by Photobucket.comCouldn't believed when darling said he hadn't taken a Ferris Wheel before cause he was afraid of heights. And so yesss, we grabbed him to have his first ride then, the view was so great from the top of the carriage. Next was the bumper cars ride and darling and Tim as usual were havin fun tryin to knock Joyce and Len. Hee, I was lucky I chose to sit with darling. ;) So we went on to try more games and stuff and finally each of us won at least one huge soft toy which really made our day! Poor Len had to take all those "Dizzy, stomach-churcning" rides with the boys, I opted out and lucky I did, coz even the wave swings made me so wobbly after that! Guess it's not a good thing to go on crazy rides when you don't have enough sleep and feel really tired. Darling said he almost felt himself flying out of his seat in the Crazy Mouse Roller Coster. There were heaps of other stalls and rides in which we didn't have enough time to finish all. We were walking pass the arena when we saw the huge monster truck and heard the lady being shot out of the canon ball when we were gettin some food. And to end the lovely day was the short but sweet sight of the colourful fireworks.. =)

Thursday, September 15, 2005

A RaNdOm qUiZ i fOuND oN sOmEoNe eLsE's WeBsiTe..

You are a Great Girlfriend
When it comes to your guy, you're very thoughtful. But you also haven't stopped thinking of yourself. You're the perfect blend of independent and caring. You're a total catch - make sure your guy knows it too!

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

mY nEWeSt dEmAnD & eMeRGeNcE oF a BiTcH!

The latest on my "Demands" list! Adobe Photoshop CS2. Check out the cool new features here: Man, after so long I still feel I have taken the wrong course as always, should have been Digital Media Design or some sort. Anyway, met up with David from EMIT (Monash Gippsland Uni Newspaper) today and am pretty disappointed and sad sometimes that students do not show interest at all when requests for articles and helpout with the design and layout work are sent out by him. I try as much to squeeze in some free time for an article and for this last issue of the year, I'll be designing the front page layout as well. So any ideas and suggestions on it would be appreciated! You can find out more about EMIT here:

Then let's get to some infuriating things (Darling, Len, Tim and I) read about last night about a bi*cH who's pretentious enough to put a fake front to us but bad-mouth us behind our backs. I mean we were just totally stunned at the things she said about us when we actually treated her as a good friend, got her gift for her birthday, trying to be as nice as we could to her even though she's really DUMB and I mean it with a capital "D". Len's kind enough not to mention who it is on her blog, but I'm not. That biXcH behaves like a bloody 8-year old kid stuck in an adult frame, can be irritating all the time, too full of herself as always like telling how she could get 100% for her Learner's test when she couldn't even pass it, a stupid women who doesn't know how to listen when told NOT to walk in front of the camara and she thinks Easter is during Christmas time! Talk about ignorant people, well here you go.. Man it's fxxking bad enough I am vexed and stressed about my project supervisor who never understands and reply what I'm asking him and the assignments and coming exams, but yet I still have to deal with this kinda shit! Sometimes people should learn when to back off and give me a break PLEASE!

Monday, September 12, 2005

jUz aNotHeR oNe Of oUR hEaRt-pOuRiN niGhTs & sOmE tHiNgS aRe bETTeR eXpReSSeD tHrOuGh wRiTiNG..

Image hosted by Photobucket.comLove the nights when darling and I don't fall asleep the moment our heads touch the pillow, instead we cuddle up and start talking, about everything , about uni, about things, about people... Last night, he was on the verge of confronting a girl whom he cared for when she first came Gippsland, helping her in every way he could so that she would not feel so home sick and the least he expected her to do was to respect him. But, she didn't and as usual the GF gets the blame for everything and darling isn't too pleased with her backstabbing. Why is it sometimes when you are just feeling a little down, having a little mood swings and just not being yourself, then people start to misunderstand you? Do ya expect us to go walking around smiling all the time, being a sweetie and nice in every way? Tried doing that before and found out the hard way that it doesn't pay to be kind. No matter what you do, somehow people would have something to say about you. Besides, I told darling not to be affected by it, cause I'm not. I mean, whose words could be harsher and meaner than Sophia(ex GF's lesbian fren) right?

Image hosted by Photobucket.comThen darling went on to say how he's kinda stressing about being the President for ISA next year and how can he manage the committee well and stuff. We kinda feel caught in between sometimes on matters of deciding what's right and what's wrong. But I have faith in him, that he would do well , and bring ISA to the next level. Manage and not dominate is the key to it I think. Then we talked about a really good friend, one whom we place close to our hearts, someone like Denise or Evon whom I'll always be ready to defend and stand by them if something goes wrong. She was once a person who was ever more ready to defend her close friends and to tell us everything that's on her mind. But all that changed ever since someone became part of her life. But, we still love her heaps and hope her true self would one day return... *huggies* to you, you know who you are...

Monday, September 05, 2005

yEaH dArLiNg sPoiLs mE hEaPs, hiS vAniTy wHeN goiN 4 ISA meEtiN, dEbOrAh'S bDaY & mOrE hEaDaChEs.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comGuess the world isn't that small either. There are always times in life where your friend knows your friends and friends and so on. But so far I haven't got any replies on the two good friends I'm trying to find. Well, guess I just have to use other means then if I can think of any. Anyway last Fri darling and part of his ISA team went down to Monash Peninsula campus for a meeting with all members of the ISA from the different monash campuses. I had half-heartedly wanted to tag along but then I had an interview with Aspen, the student union student services officer at 1pm and they left at 6am in the morning cause the meeting was at 9am. But it was okay, gave me a day of missing him and having some time alone. The interview was kinda interesting, it was on Feminism and Aspen was writing an article on it. Spent the day writing an article for EMIT, our uni newspaper and shopping myself at Midvalley. Didn't feel like entertaining anyone that day, so it was just me alone taking a quiet drive down Midvalley in SeXy-H. And thanks to Joyce who introduced the Volunteer job for the Commonwealth games next year though I didn't get it because they were only looking for Communication students for the time being.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comNext, Deborah celebrated her 21st birthday yesterday with her parents and us. It was such a sweet thing that her parents flew from M'sia to celebrate their 25th Anniversary and at the same time celebrate her 21st birthday for her. We had a great and sumptious dinner at the vietnamese restaurant, thanks to auntie and uncle. Well, project and thesis isn't going on very well due to my laziness and my procrastination to even start on it. I'm kinda prepared to get a month or so extension if I'm really not up to handing in mid November. It doesn't help when I all my itchy hands wanna do is to play my "Guardians of Light" PC game and two more final tedious assignments coming for the other two modules. Lately darling and I have been talking about us next year too. Yess, I'm not sure if I should come back to work in Gippy next year or to go back S'pore and finish the two years remaining bond which I still owe. Yeah being an adult is such a tiring thing, there are so many things in life in which the path you take depicts your future route. It's really sickening.. *signs*