Wednesday, March 23, 2005

mY 2* biRtHdAy aNd GiVin ThAnKs 2 u aLL pLuS tHe rEtUrn oF SeXyH.. ;p

This post was actually created on Thurs 24 mar, but I wanted it to date back to my birthday, thus the change of date. Well anyway, yesterday was my 2005 birthday and don't ask me how old I am, you would know well enough if you're close to me or you can find out from other source. Firstly, just a little tribute for all who made things possible and happy on my birthday:
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Sorry if I left anyone out, thanks if you felt you have contributed in any way and I might have forgotten you. This birthday was one of the best ones I had with my gang and while my parents are not with me. Though I didn't really show it that much cause as you grow older, somehow birthdays don't mean so much anymore because you wanna try to stay away from the fact that you are getting older every year. But still appreciated everyone's attention and making me feel like a princess that day... *huggies to all of you*

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Image hosted by Photobucket.comBack to some not so happy things that happened on Mon 21 Mar. Alvin just had his L's not long and Longy was teaching him with sexy-H when they met with an accident. Lucky all were fine except from the burnt of his pocket (Sorry Alvin) and darling heart broken of how sexy-H's front bumber and right head lights were smashed. But glad that all's well that ends well because we got sexy-H back on Thurs when the guy at Panelworks said that 'she' would be ready only during the weekend. So this is a pic of sexy-H taken last se, but it's all good since 'she's still looking good and fine now. You must be thinking funny how we all seemed so affectionate towards sexy-H and you should have seen all our reactions when Longy told everyone sexy-H's ready. We were all like, "yeah, sexy-H's coming back!".

Image hosted by Photobucket.comOk so we go back again to my birthday for abit. Was really happy to receive a parcel from my pal back in Singapore, he got me my most wanted Chinese Pop Instrumental Hits CD and a birthday card which I got it on Tues 22 Mar. Tigger gave me call too on Wed morning to wish my happy birthday and asking me to stop lazing in bed cause it was my birthday. We chatted awhile and guessed I kinda miss her as well. She's already tired of her job with all the long workig hours and stuff. Well, what to do, life in Singapore is like that. No offence but everyone knows working there is always "Overworked and underpaid". Ok ill stop complainin. My birthday gifts from my mum and dad are still on the way in the plane I guess and here are some of the gifts I got from my friends. Thanks again everyone.. Cya guys later, Longy wants to go for a drive in sexy-H.. ;p

Sunday, March 20, 2005

tiMmy'S 21St biRtHdAy pArTy, fRiEndShiP mEaNS aLot To Me aS wELL & bUcHan CaVes / LAkEs EnTrAnCe / WyAnGa WiNErY TRiP

Image hosted by Photobucket.comIt's been one long week before another update and all thanks to the "bee-z bee-z" stuff that's slowly getting off the loads on my mind. First we had a pre birthday celebration last Sat on 12th Mar for Timmy's 21st on which the actual was on the 14th. There was the usual alchohols, people and noise plus a deejay 'bean' and his sub woofers blasting outside South and had the caretaker coming to warn us to tone down before he shuts down the party. Apparently some other people complained about the noise which only seemed like 1/4 of the level Hemant has at his partys. I mean, what's wrong with people these days? Anyway, here's wishing Timmy a "Happy Belated 21st Birthday". A person matures with age, and I think so will you right? Many people come into your life, some came by and leave a deep impression, some stay for awhile and leave memories with you, some just happen to be part of your life, but some of them might remain forever, whoever stays or was once part of your life, I always remember what my friend told me, "Learn to live, learn to let go" and I think this should go behind "Whatever's yours will be yours, whatever's not, no matter what you do, it'll still be lost one day."

Words of advice meant for a friend
Care and concern, we did what we can
To listen or throw away it's up to you
We felt we did the best we can do
In all those times we lend you an ear
We all meant well in what we tell
Sometimes you have to sit & think
We can't be the one always giving

Quite a significant number of things happened in the last week. Some were good and some were bad. Apart from the happy fact I finally got my medical check-up and x-ray done for my VISA, I also settled on my Honours Project after discussion with my lecturer and hope I would not regret it anyway. The Career and Graduates at Clayton campus was not too bad, lotsa companies but all they want are Aussie PR at least before they would employ you. 2 days ago I thought I was gonna lose one of my best friend, but somehow I would not give up on her. Too many things have happened between her and her other half and it had been causing a strain among the usual gang. But I refuse to totally give up hope on her, and just pray for her that her that god will lead her to her path soon.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comSo today the Photography Club had it's first outing for the semester and it was to Buchan Caves somewhere near Lakes Entrance. The limestone caves that were millions of years old were really exquisite and walking through them was castrophobic with the really narrow passageways we had to pas through. But we had fun anyway with us later having Fish and Chips at Lakes Entrance and visiting the Wyanga Winery where we tasted Pot, Musket, Nips and stuff and Miko bought 2 botttles of Blackberry Nip in which makes women "randy" after they drink it? Hmmn.. "kinky".. Ok I shall stop now and continue some other time.. ;p

Thursday, March 10, 2005

2Nd WeEk oF uNi, FRi NiGhT AmBeR CLuBbiN, tHe hAsSLeS oF ViSaS & tHoUgHts On dArLin I dOn'T TaLk mUcH aBouT hErE...

Greetings again people, it's been another week since the last update and things are finally getting more organized now except from the fact that I got a woke up call from DIMIA yesterday mornin at 9.30am asking me to go for a bothersome medical checkup and x-ray for my VISA, which is the only unsettled thing right now. I mean it's stupid enough when a person's course last for 3 years, they get a 3 year VISA straight and those who need to extend theirs have to reapply again! Does that mean those students who get 3 years VISA straight will be "Viral-free" and you mean we are not? Lucky I found out this morning that I could do the check up at a Clinic in Churchill instead. =)

Image hosted by Photobucket.comAnyway back to more jovial stuff -> As it was the first week of uni, we had the usual culture of headin down Saloon last Thurs and it was of cause packed again. Then we headed down Melbourne to Amber on Friday and with us, a few new faces that join us that day. Longy booked a service apartment in Glen Waverly meant for 5, but we squeezed 9 people in anyway. It was tiring but fun with shopping around Chadstone the next day. It was also great to be back for Sunday Mass in the Lumen Christi Church on Sundays though I wished my mum was here with me too. Gave Marion, Miurel, Micheal, Helen etc a big hug and I couldn't help but tears welled up in my eyes as we talked and how happy they were that I chose to come back to Churchill. Father Malcomn was hinting to the locals during sermon to give the Intl students a warm welcome by talking to us and saying Hi. It really feels good to be back here apart from the fact I wished my parents could be here too. Well, went to my uncles place on Sat to collect more of my baggage and boy you should see the look on Longy's face when he saw the 8 more bags & boxes that I had. But he brought it back for me anyway, as usual that sweetie. We both chatted and had lunch with my Uncle, Auntie and niece Kayla before we headed off back to The Glen to meet the rest...

Image hosted by Photobucket.comSo apart from the fact that I'm happy to back here with more bliss of waking up next to him everyday, somehow people might think weird that I don't mention him as much as I did in the past with Phion; was surprised to checked that he's single again in his friendster. Well I needn't say more about him, just that Love isn't just about looks anyway, personality and behaviour counts alot or at least to me... The reason why I don't mention how much Longy means to me and how blissful our relationship is now is because maybe I'm scare what would happen at the end of the year? Friends have been telling me to let nature take its course, but now I'm pretty sure of what I want for now and the future and I'm really afraid that fate would seperate us and we'll both be devastated? But for now I now, the first and I hope the final time in my life, I found someone whom I love and loves me back so much and the feeling is so indescribable that I can only feel in my heart, "Yes, he's the one". What I mean is when a couple is together, "Seeing each other in easy, getting along is hard" or on the chinese form, "Xiang Jian Rong Yi Xiang Chu Nan". But with Longy, it's easy and comfortable in every other way... ;p We got to the point where we discuss issues with each other calmly, compromising & giving in to each other and sharing our problems and troubles. Some people may think he's a softie or sometin around me, but a definite NO, it's called respect. I guess any women out there would prefer a gentlemen to a typical jerk, right?

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

3Rd DaY oF uNi, tHinGs aRe MoRe SeTtLed & jUst A DiFfeReNt FeeLin...

It's the 3rd day of uni and everyone's timetable is still a mess with clashes and stuff and I'm the only one with classes only on Monday, well at least for the time being. Doing Honours isn't such a fun thing after all with one module kinda like a DE subject as there's no lectures and tuts, plus thinking of what Honours project to select is even more mind boggling. Anyway spoke to lecturers from my faculty and they were kinda helpful though in explainin to me what to do and I even have a special Honours lab for research. My lecturer suggested I take another module this sem so I can concentrate on completing the Project next sem.

Life around here's been pretty much the same as last year, just a little more settled and confirmed for me. But there's some problems going on between 2 of my best friends and I really hope they solve it soon. Apart from the fact that Longy always sleep talks and squeezing me up the wall, guess all's still quite well. Just waiting for my visa to be approved so I can apply for a work visa and find some part time job to earn some extra spending money. I don't know why, until now sometimes I still can't believe I'm back in Gippy as everything happened so fast. Most of all I just want this year to pass by more slowly because I'm afraid of what will happen at the end of the year. I guess whatever it is, I'll treasure every moment spent here...

Anyway back to some happy stuff, I met quite a few new friends during the o-week and as in the usual fridays in the past, we are headin down Melbourne City this weekend again to Amber. Maybe it's been too long away from clubbin that you don't miss it so much anymore. Or maybe it's because I'm more stressed out this sem because you need good discipline and time management to be able to manage distant learning subjects and you are very much left on your own. Happy things don't last forever and I believe there's some truth to it sometimes. You could be at the same place, same surroundings, being with the same people and doing the same things, but somehow the feeling's just different. How different it is I just can't describe it yet, at the moment. Took a group photo with my housemates just now and hope to put it up here soon. So till then cya guys next time...