Tuesday, March 05, 2013

We're having a baby! :)

Hi everyone,

We're having a baby! It's exciting news and times and we can't wait to meet out little one! :)

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Singapore / Malaysia Trip and the other 3 Weddings!

The trip back home to Singapore / Malaysia this time round was definitely a more eventful one and I was sure happy to be able to spend Christmas with my family. Christmas was always a significant celebration in our household since I was young and mum was certainly elated that I was able to go to church with her.

The main purpose of the trip back this time was for the 'other 3 weddings', well sort of. The in-laws didn't want to hold anything in Singapore, but we did have a meal to meet the families of both sides. The hubby's mum and dad's sides apparently are too huge to consolidate into one event, so we had two separate luncheons in Singapore. And I'll be blogging about our Malaysia wedding on our wedding blog.
Christmas dinner with the family at New York Hotel
Meet-up with some of the Gippslanders at Ma Maison
Elephant statues outside the LV shop at Orchard Road
T-Shirt Printing shop at Holiday Plaza, Johor Bahru
Cousin Terrance's wedding at the Orna Golf and Country Club in Malacca.
Mum and Dad swinging away at the tunes while we celebrated the countdown to New Year's 2012.
Favourite niece Felicia with my cousin Adeline's newborn daughter Mabel.
Meet-up with my Pooh-gang gals and Pal S.K. This was coffee in Prive at Keppel Bay.
And for the first time in our relationship, I finally stayed at the hubby's place. I mean of course that should be the norm since we are officially married now. But it was really weird at first because in the past I have never stepped foot in their house. In the end it turned out alright and the parents-in-law were really nice and accommodating. And so was his old grandmother who had dementia, but she was ever so happy to see us.

Even though we are married now, I still do go away for a few days during the trip to stay with my parents. I am my parent's only daughter and they also only get to see me like once a year or so. That's why I treasure the time with them every time I go back back home. Of course we do miss the other family and friends too. Till the next time we return, hopefully we'll be bringing our little bundle of joy with us then.

Friday, December 16, 2011

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Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Mine mine by Jay Chou from his upcoming new 2011 album

Totally in love with it and have been repeating it for the whole day! Can't wait for his album to come out on 11/11/2011; special date that he chose.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

最重要的決定 - My most important decision

我常在想应该再 也找不到
I always wonder that I might never find

任何人像你对 我那么好
someone like you that's so good to me

So good that my family members are charmed by you

and even all my friends support you

You still have some short-comings that you can't change

In a quarrel when you get angry, even the fairies jump anxiously

But there are hardly any perfect things in life

we can't demand for everything

You are my most important decision

I want to wake up next to you each day

Even quarrels are satisfying; the relationship won't become cold

because there's no win or loss in true love, only closeness & Intimacy

I'm willing to break the fear of what our future holds

even if I cry, I'll cheer up; looking from your point of view and your heart

Because there is no short-cut to happiness, it's an on-going process