Friday, December 31, 2004

dA nEw "bLogGy", HaPpy NeW YeAr 2005 & sOmeTin BoUt Me...

Darn it feels good to be able to do anything I want again on my blog. Well I've been re-designin the whole thingy from 11pm plus and it's now already 4.30am plus. Funny I'm not sleepy yet but I know late nights give you pimples!! Eeeks!! But hyahz, nobody's face is perfect lah... Tigger and I were jokin once why izit when we critisize people of bad things like saying people fat lah, got pimples and other stuff then we get the retribution cause we get plump and pimples as well. But WHY? izit when we laugh at thin and scrawny people how come we don't lose weight and become thin like them as well huhh? Haha... Well wana wish everyone:


Yes I wanna cuddle up to you and "manja" everynight ->Sori its kinda mushy guys!
Yes I am STILL waitin for my Honors letter
Yes I still wanna go back to Melbourne badly
Yes I'm going mad shuffling between 2 countries all the time
Yes I figure I'll die of exhaustionof I stay on sg/jb for good
Yes I think I would go mad tryin to divide my time betwn my parents/BF/friends/wrk etc here
Yes my depression and emotional temperaments would get worse if I can't go back melb

Went to my dad's shop just now with my parents and was tryin to fix the computer for my dad. I know every sweet little moments and times spent with them will also make them happy. That's why I shuffle in and out of spore every 2 or 3 days just to keep my parents company as well. But it's all taking a toil on me since last time and sometimes if I could see into the future, I would have turned back the time and chose to go KL straight after O levels instead of being stuck the "borders" now. Anyway sometimes I can't figure am I more like a gal or tomboy? Wanna know why? Well:
- I used to tie my hair and stuff it in a cap when I was young and go race bicycles with boys
- Im quite a fan of RPG/WAR/EPIC games of any kind be it on PC, XBOX or Play Station
- I know a thing or two about modifying cars and their different parts and whats so ever
- I love car racing whether izit myself or sitting beside the "good" racer.
(Sshshhh, used to follow my ex and his friends for illegal car racing.)
- I'm a sturbbon arse and will use all my strength or wits to get things done like dismantling a fan, repairin the door hinges, changing light bulbs ;p and lotz of things that people stare at awe thinkin what the hell is this gal tryin to do... Okie enough for today and would update on my LANCOME job trainin another day if I have the time... Huggies people... =)

Monday, December 27, 2004

XmAs EvE DinNeR & a SoOn MoRe OcCupiEd LiFe...

Been a good girl and stayed home since christmas eve and trying to just spend time with my parents especially mummy-o cause I know when the work starts, I'm gonna be very much away from JB most of the time and most probably won't be able to keep them company alot as well, next year. Yeah hate to admit but I was bored shitless at home and all I did was sleep, watch abit of telly or play games most of the time. Friends have been callin me and askin if I was still back in JB and when was I going back SG. Well soon soon...

Just a little family shot from our Xmas Eve Dinner at New York Hotel.

Darn the place brought back much memories as well cause that was where New York Club Disco was as well and seeing the place made me think back to the past times I've been there with my ex (who's still in Melbourne now) and friends plus the incidents & stuff which I should not go into further detail. I would only say it was a chaotic one which I don't wanna be reminded if possible. Anyway think mum was pretty happy I could go for mass with her durin Xmas plus the usual sundays but I hope that the work schedule would be flexible enough for me to continue going to church with her though.

Kinda got a shock when I checked my net tracker last week and boy you'd be surprise to see the different kinds of people from all over who drop by my blog. Well at first I didn't quite believe but then the tracker doesn't tell lies -> I guess. Unknown people from unknown website as well-> I really don't know how they got here. Guess it's better to be a little more discrete in future -> I'll try!

Friday, December 24, 2004

goT a TeMp JoB, MeRrY XmAs EvErYoNe & dA GoOd / bAd Of MuSiC.

Should I jump with joy or should I bow my head in sadness that I've got a temp job already? I don't know -> job = money = dedication = stress = tiredness = less time for loved ones. There's always a good and bad everything but maybe it will be a good thing so I won't get crazy thinkin what to do everyday?! What, where & when about it I'm not sayin anything here to avoid some trouble you never know. Close pals of mine, you'll find out in due time...

Anyway uni's already closed for about 1 to 2 weeks for their long holiday and I guess my letter is gonna take till next year before I ever get it. When it comes to money, they are never too late to send the invoice but other things just take ages that sometimes I wonder if I still wanna go ahead with what I want or let God make the path for me. It's a good thing my sis-in-law works in a Travel Agency too so she could place a booking for my flight back MEL first and cancel it in case of any last minute changes... Hey it's christmas eve already and mummy-o already booked a place for 5 people for the xmas eve buffet in a hotel -> our usual annual thingy...

Hate to admit that songs can be a bad influence sometimes or maybe it just applies to me. Well that's cause Denise said anyway that people seem to live in a world of complexity and contradictions; thus the name of my blog and I think I'm one worm buried deep within the soil. Different songs remind me of different things but why is it sometimes they remind me of people I shouldn't think about anymore? Maybe I should go buy some new albums... My cousin once told me, "It's the people and the convenience". And I pretty sure there's more than something to it. There are too many "If I knew earlier" incidents in life but there isn't much of a choice to it because sometimes you never know what's at the back till you open the door...

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

gEnKi sUsHi & rOmaNtiC NitE oUt aNyOne? jUsT sOmeTin aBouT tHe pAsT & nOw...

I hate this something about me i.e. I could be happy one day and the next day I could be moody and gloomy. Maybe its the people, surroundings and the place or I just woke up on the wrong side of bed, there are just too many maybes' but it wasn't like this when in Melbourne. Gettin a palm would be another good idea coz there are just lots of things going about in my mind every minute every sec and maybe I should just write it down there and then. People tend to deceive themselves sometimes that they don't care about this and that, the truth is , if you really don't care about something or someone, you won't be even bothered to mention it at all.

Tigger's finally back from Melbourne and you should see a chirpy and bubbly her ever since she got back. Met her and Evon for dinner at her long awaited Genki Sushi and that was the 4th or 5th time I had Jap food durin the last week so. But it's all good anyway coz jap food is supposed to be healthy and Im growin to love Salmon Sashimi more. ;p Well, below's a snapshot of us with the camara man excluded of cause...

Walking around after eating is one principle Tigger alwayz has thus we shop around for abit and later Evon brought us to this really romantic cafe on the 38th floor of the Meritius Mandarin Hotel for coffee or should I say liquor. Night view from up there:

We had the usual chatting and gossip and talkin about "those were the days" moments in gippsland. Tigger mentioned I got my "old self" back on my blog, but I reckon not. Cause if I did like in the past, the whole world will know that whoever I hate would have his/her reputation smeared after they appear my blog -> Yes I was much more nastier and direct before and if I had something against someone, the next day, almost the whole campus would know and maybe some across the world as well?

Getting baptised and closer to god should mean something and though my mum said I needn't go for confession with her last night cause I wasn't taught so yet, I still went ahead with it and blurrily told Father I didn't really know how to go through it. I confessed to him for being envious of people sometimes and for retaliating when I shouldn't. But it's human nature sometimes and you just can't help it. I will try though... Findin a temp job is still a chore...

Sunday, December 19, 2004

sOmE piCs oF mY fRiEnDs & mEetiN aN eX-CoLLeaGe cUm fRiEnD...

Sure feels good not to see any sickenin stuff again but sure miss my pals leavin their little note and sweet nothins -> "Right Len?". Don't worry babes and hunks, I'll enable the tagboard and comments once those childish little gals get over something and get outta my life. Drop me an SMS or something okieee... And hope to see ya people soon!

Mummy dearest went for her Dancing trip with her friends this morning and so I'm all alone since daddy-o's out as well. Might seem funny I never mention my parents much, but as you realise you grow older, you'll realise you can't be jumpin on their lap or stuff too much anymore. But I still love them lots coz they are still the coolest parents anybody could have. And ya I still hug and kiss mum every night when I'm home. So "munja" yah I know.. haha..
So I got sick of my hair coz it was gettin thick and all that, so made a trip to the hairdressers'...

Some shots of my secondary school and poly friends I met up last week. Took a drive to the shopping centre my gal friend was workin in. She used to be an ex-colleage of mine in CTC, "darn I forgot to bring my digicam to catch a shot with her". Anyway, we were reminiscing the good old times when we were workin in CTC and how we used to just decide to go ktv or clubbin at the very last min. Haha, and what short temper I have like I would take the control out as if I'm gonna hit somebody when I wanna complain bout something and boy they just start laughin. She was real gungho too when I asked her if she had been to NY Club lately and called her BF to round up some people to go tonight. But I told her no, make it another day maybe.. Well, one more thing is that I like driving alone at times, cause it gives you times to ponder on alot of things and it helps de-stressing-> don't worry I still keep my eyes on the road...

wHaT aM i tiNkiN aBoUt? i sHouLd hAv rEmOvE eVerY cOmMedAbLe tHinG iN dA 1sT pLacE!

Why do Elva, Landy and Ocean Ou's song still remind me of him sometimes? Why did I msg him when I was unhappy? "You told me to be strong, take care and sweet dreams." "Why did we have to quarrel the last week before I came back?" WHY? WHY? WHY? "Do ya even know how much pain and hurt it cost me now?" "Do ya know I wish we could turn back time?"

Hate you:
for not being there at the right time, much earlier or much later,
for making me live in a dream till almost the last month before I came back,
for leaving me all alone and choosing to go back sg when I most needed u,
for your ego, your bluntness and your mis-judgement

Hate myself:
for not being there at the right time, much earlier or much later,
for not choosing to go back sg with you and finish it up all there instead,
for not loving you enough cause we were barely together for 2 months,
for giving you up when the other couldn't protect me as much as u did and
I still have to forgive him for something I don't wanna forgive.

Sometimes why don't I just heed my friend's advice and remove anything that people can leave their "NOT-WELCOME" comments which would hurt me even more. But, I'm really so tired, I really am so tired of everything and I mean everything. The impending reply from my lecturer, the chore of havin to look around for a temp job when all my ex bosses want perm staff and so many more things.

And to other IRRELEVANT KPO's who are so obsessed in reading my blog everyday, I have removed the comments section as well, so you can BLOODY GET OUT OF MY BLOG AND MY LIFE!

Thursday, December 16, 2004

JuZ LaZiN Da DaY aT hOmE & ThOuGhtS iN mY aLmoSt iNsAnE MiNd...

Been lazing around at home today playin my Heros III game and trying to get things done like I'm supposed to unpack my luggage from my Melbourne trip, transfer some photos from my mobile to the laptop, reply some of the emails from my lecturers. -> None of these I have done though except for the gaming part. Apart from that, was also trying to get my mind of the many unhappy things on my mind that even avoiding "it" isn't much of a help.

Imagine how it feels like to be maligned by people and being called a third party, a b*i*ch and every damn horrible word you could think of just because at first, the guy was afraid to admit to his then-GF that he was the one with the roving eyes first. So, he cooly push the blame to the girl sayin that she liked him first which resulted in what's happened today. So now he's changed his words and she doesn't believe him-> obviously because all she would think is that he's tryin to defend the girl. Sometimes I wonder why did I let myself get into this shit.

I had a job waiting for me, a then-loving BF who loves me, with all the C's a women could want and those boyish looks, if only he didn't disappoint me in some ways or another, yes my life would be perfect now. Honestly, do I look like the type who desperately needs to go out to get da guys, NO, I don't have a need for that. People around me would know very well. Anyway, maybe I should remove the comments section from my blog as well, maybe I will not. Well, I'm kinda so immuned to what's written that I don't wanna bother about it anymore. This is my blog anyway, I should have the right to do anything I want here, just don't know why I bother about some people's feelings when they don't deserve it at all sometimes...

Love bringin my dog bambam for walks. Going out for walks kinda relaxes your mind and helps you get it off unhappy things. He's the bestest friend you could ever have, showing you his cute face when you're sad, lickin your tears when you cry and putting his paw on you when you're unhappy.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

A siCkeNiN siTuAtiOn, nEveR eNdiN pRoBLems & tHaNks For bEinG tHeRe pAl.

Replies to my TAG BOARD cause Im gonna disable it for the time being. TO:
ur a 1*beep*2-> Darn, I thought I was criticised for havin an unflatterin body and wardrobe, didn't know I still could "snatch" someone elses BF away?!

Burp! *Beep beep*/Burp-> Stop your bloody accusation of the third party thing. If your friend couldn't keep her BF's heart, it's none of my business. And btw, U can criticise but DO NOT FUCKING DISCRIMINATE! Yeah so what if we get da guys?, doesn't this fuckin tell ya sometin about how unlovable u s'porean b*tc*h*s are? I'm glad my s'porean girlfriends are special and nice, that's why those are called my friends!

To Ms Cherelle: Yes I would have the courtesy to mention your name if ya want me to. Right from the start I wanted to keep my promise to stop any mention or pictures about "us", blame your good friends if ya want to instead of me. If his choice was you, I would have peacefully give him back, and even if there wasn't me, there would be another girl as well, just so happen I was the one I don't know if I should say had the good luck or the bad luck. I could cooly tell ya to stay away from my blog if ya can't stand seeing some things, but for everyone's sake, I'm just gonna keep my promise about NOT mentionin anytin anymore, so pls tell your childish friends/cousins to back off.

Being sick again is bad enough and with the all the problems I'm vexed about now, I still have to cope with an emotional strain of dealing with some little childish girls! Anyway, glad I met up with my guy pal today and seeing how unhappy I was, it was really sweet of him to get me a postcard secretly and wrote me something sweet.

I always get myself something to cheer myself up whenever I'm unhappy and thus for this cute little doggie I got from Mini Toons. You'll be surprised how many of this little soffies I have in my room:

It was a traumatizing experience with my ex BF's behaviour and attitude in the past and I thought all the unhappiness was gonna end. Trust me, my life isn't that perfect as it seems to be sometimes and I already have my fair share of things to worry about. I just hope everything comes to a conclusion soon, else Im really gonna break down as well...

Monday, December 13, 2004

bAcK fRoM MeLbOuRnE, fRoM AdeLAIdE & sOmE dOg's JuSt LiKe tO BaRk?

Just got back from melbourne not long and on the way home, it was nice of someone to call dear up and tell him that her friend has left some nasty comments on my blog. -> "By the way, really cute baby boy your friend from Perth has, feel like squeezin his cheeks!"

AMENDED ENTRY -> Picture and comments removed. Hope this doesn't affect you anymore?

Well, the trip back to sg was another tiring one cause Tigger and I just got back from Adelaide yesterday.
10 things you should know about Adelaide:
1) It's just kinda like a square
2) You gotta wait bloody long for da buses @ some stops
3) Every attraction is about 1/4 the size of Melbourne
4) There are less things to spent on as compared to Melbourne
5) The toilets are bloody hard to find
6) The bus drivers give you concession fares w/o even seein ur card
7) The services provided by their motels/inns are really good
8) The food and lodgin is pretty much cheaper than Melbourne
9) There's free city shuttle round the area
10) Don't expect too much about what you gonna see there

Love drivin in Melbourne and esp. the sweet times where we always squabble on the right or wrong routes to take. Nice car huhh... Wish it was mine.. haha...

Well, overall it was still not too bad a place to visit cause I think it would be better if we had time to visit the other towns there as well and Kangaroo Island. Damn tired now and wanna go have a nice sleep. Anyway, "Thank you pals for your reactions to the nasty person, God bless you guys. Don't worry God will have a way of punishing people for bad-mouthing." Loved the catholic church Tigger and I went for mass as well, they even have masses in italian!

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

a NiCe XmAs mOviE, sHopPin tOo mUcH & A pOeM fRoM mY tHoUgHts...

Denise's out now for her Ceremic Course in Monash Clayton. Haha, so cute of this girl to learn such things and I was asking her to bring one of her molded stuff back for me. Anyway, we went to see the movie "Christmas with the Kranks" just now and it was a kinda nice and touching movie. The xmas decorations were so lovely in the States that we wished one day we would be able to celebrate xmas there. The show potrayed people who wanted to skip christmas look bad and made it looked like such a sin not to celebreate christmas. Overall, it was funny and the feeling of christmas just overwelmed us so much after that.

Well, so much for telling myself to spend less when Denise and I just couldn't resist ourselves again when shoppin in FCUK today. Well, I had thought that my shopping desires have left me cause I didn't see anything I like much back in s'pore/JB. How was I to know back in Melbourne, I was back to my shopping craze again -> erm which is kinda a bad thing. Enough of swiping my Commonwealth Bank and someone's ANZ Bank ATM cards, so I used my credit card which is also a bad thing as well cause I haven't even gone to Adelaide yet!

Thank god time passes kinda fast cause we are really gonna go real broke if we continue shoppin like this everyday. So Adelaide, here we come tomorrow. Darn it's a 9am flight and guess how early we have to wake up to get to the airport. Denise and I are lookin forward to tryin out the Haigh's chocolate tasting and the Christmas Displays by the Riverbank + more shopping? Damn, no wonder I kinda punish myself to start work the very next day after my flight back s'pore so I won't feel so guilty... ;p

So Im supposed to be havin a great time here, but somehow there's still a heavy weight that I feel in my heart I don't know why.

You show your love with words everyday,
I lost my heart when you broke it that day,
You said you honestly made up your mind,
I am still afraid though, knowing your kind,

You want me to trust and give you my all,
I need time coz Im scared again, to fall,
You finally opened "us" to the world,
I hope too, this would end in a fairytale.

iTs pRetTy bOrEd hEre aNd tHouGhts BouT teLLin tOo mUcH...

Counting the days down to our Adelaide Trip is like such a torture for Denise and me as we try hard to console ourselves and hope that each day passes faster cause it's so damn boring. Ok, people complain too much about life -> when there's sometin around to do like studies or work, they complain that it's stressful and want a break. When there's nothing to do and lots of free time, people complain that it's boring -> people like us, haha...

We went to Boxhill Central as said today and met Max and Cheryl there. Did nothing much and just the usual shoppin and eatin. Guess the more I try not to spend, the more I will not keep to it, so I decide to use the excuse of rewardin myself after years of hardwork and just use a plastic rectangular-shaped thing called a "credit card". ;p Well, at least it helped us kill time and boy were we happy to reach home at 7pm, had dinner and laze the remainin time off. Had been planning the itinerary for the Adelaide trip since yesterday and finally got the attractions sorted out. Can't wait to go for the holiday soon, get it over and done so I can go back s'pore, get my life back when I start workin.

Had been checking my uni mail for the past few days since results are out and though I have calculated that my grades are eligible for Honors, there's still sometin stirring about in my heart which is makin me feel uneasy. Darn my lecturers all could not aid further in marks of the past papers so I'm still keeping my fingers cross.

Apart from that, I pondered over some stuff and felt that it was a silly thing to show all over my blog in the past my obsession over someone, when in the end it was not meant to be at all. The photos, the poems, the love quotes, everything about him till everyone thought I was crazy over him -> well I thought I was, at that time. Then I realized that "Love at first sight" is not such a good thing afterall and it was better to fall in love with a person slowly, i.e. after findin out his character, his behavior and personality.

Monday, December 06, 2004

bLogGin fRoM mELbOuRnE & bEiNg hUmBLy qUiEt aBoUt sOmE tHinGs

A happy feeling came over as I stepped out of Melbourne Airport, familiar things and thoughts came into my mind and it was weird as though that was "home" instead, just that wished my loved ones came with me as well. Anyway the flight was a long and tiring one, couldn't sleep much on the plane and was either watchin movies or playin mario bros. Tried to finished watchin a french movie called "Tais Tav" or something and can't help but thought about the verse someone always tease me about from the movie "Moulin Rouge".

Back in Denise's rented place in Clayton. Quite a nice and cosy 2-storey house with 5 rooms but transport isn't that convenient though. Well, having a direct bus from here to Chadstone isn't neccesarily a good thing cause yah, I spent like $100 in one day on shopping plus recharging my optus card. Boy the weather sure is hot in Summer here and I could feel the sweat trinkling down my body during the nap. Planning to go Boxhill for a visit cause Tigger just wants to check out the place and I was telling her that Wed would be rest day else I'll be more than broke even before I go for our Adelaide Trip.

"Absence makes the heart grow fonder" -> It certainly affects only some special people. =)

Yes I agree going back S'pore was not such a good idea
Yes if only we could return to Gippsland now was the best thing
Yes we didn't mean or want to hurt anyone
Yes god lets everything happen for a reason
Yes I thank god for all the precious things he gave
Yes a huge "price" to pay for came with something

Sunday, December 05, 2004

1 WeEk HoLs iN MeLbOuRne BeForE sTaRt Of wOrK & jUst a NAiVe LitL GaL.

Yes, just got back from church and would be going in s'pore soon cause I'm going back Melbourne for a week to spend some time with Tigger and for our Adelaide Trip. Did my last min packin and can't remember if I have forgotten to bring anything along and was tellin Tigger if I idi, I'm gonna get it from her haha... Have some much things to tell her and update her about. Miss ya too Len, Miko, Timmy, can't wait to see ya guys!

Well, to an extent I have been very direct in my blog in the past but recently I have a certain amount of constrain to what I say because of some promise that I will keep. That "some" thing was supposed to come to a conclusion and I actually wished that going away for the week would let me forget him when he made his choice. Well, apparently he made up his choice, but the "problem" is still not solved. I try hard to understand him, to give him time but there's a certain limit to my patience which I'm still tryin hard to contain and yah I would hear what he has to say to me later. There are some things that affect me right now, but anyway I won't start fighting like some little girl cryin for sweets out there.

Nothing much needs to be said, as I would have given him up if he was willing to let me go ages ago. Knowing him so well with the short but 'long' time we spent, he needs someone around to love and take care of him. Even if I weren't there, there would be someone else to do that. There are lots of things I know and I will keep my word in not letting it out. We'll just see who gets the last laugh. Whatever is meant to be will be meant to be, I have learnt this through past relationships. I won't hold on to something if it doesn't belong to me. Even if I'm not going back Gippsland next year, I would be glad if there's another girl willing to take care of this sweet, caring, funny BUT kinda indecisive and too soft-hearted guy, which I know THERE WOULD BE... (",)

Love isn't meant to be a possesion, rather seeing him happy and being able to be himself is what brings a smile to the heart...

Thursday, December 02, 2004

sEmeSteR 2 rEsULts oUt aNd yEaH Im KiNda GeTtin ImMuNe tO sOmE THinGs

Just check the semester two results and for me the final semester -> 3Credits, 1 Dist. Yah I know Im gonna get the "See I told you, you played too much this sem" look or thoughts from some people. Yah kinda upset about the results, was hopin for at least 1 High Dist. and was kinda shocked with the results for one of the mathematics subjects cause I was so sure about it as the paper was done with ease and the grades for the assignments were not too bad as well...

Anyway, yes some things are still dangling at the moment and it makes me so sick I kinda got immune to it already. I don't know if I should cry or laugh about it anymore. Taking things in my stride, I was hoping to use the 1 week trip to Australia to forget him, but darn every bloody thing in Melbourne and even the songs they sang for the S'pore Idol Finals reminds me of him. He's just like a shadow hoverin over me. Well, "I guess you know now about what's going on cause I read your blog, you read my blog, you know it, I know it." So there are 2 silly gals out there waitin for someone to make up his mind and someone would be deeply hurt in the end, don't ask me why but I kinda know who the person will be... Well, guess some things are just meant to be what they are supposed to be...

Sunday, November 28, 2004

ReVaMp Of mY bLoG, gOoD-LoOkiN gUys aVaiLaBle, 7 dAys tO MeLbOuRne...

Been a good girl stayin at home for the past 3 days and apart from going out window shopping with my mum, the rest of the time was keeping my room "company". Lucky my laptop was done and I could collect it back, else I would have died of borden. Well, decided to give my blog a new design. Hate the scroll bars but can't help it cause the wallpaper size was fixed and scrolling too much down the browser would attain repeated tiled images of the background. Well, forget what I said if ya can't understand, so anyway, welcome comments if ya have any...

As I have met up with my ex-colleages last week, here's a shot taken with them. Mind you single girls out there, 3 of them are swingin bachelors, so if anyone's interested in knowing them, just drop me a message and I promise to keep mum about it.

Hyahz... Still waiting and waiting for my "conclusion". But decided that I would let my ladyboss know I'll start work in 13 Dec. Well, sat my ex-airport officer's car coz he fetched my sis-in-law and me to the airport last thurs. Hmmn, nice Light silvery blue Mitsubishi Lancer Sport Model with nice body kit, sport rims, CD/DVD player etc... Still one of my fav cars, short of MOMO stering and gear plus racing seats would make it perfect -> for me haha... In my dreams prob., in few years to come maybe? Anyway, flying back to Melbourne in a week's time to meet up with Tigger for our Adelaide trip. Well, hopefully by that day, things would have come to a certain aspect so if there's anything I need to run away from or to forget, I could use the trip to relax and get my mind away from it...

Saturday, November 27, 2004

jUsT tRyiN tO hAnG oN oUt tHeRe...

It's bloody 4am plus now and I still can't sleep coz there are so many things on my mind... Thought of re-designin my whole blog but I'm just too lazy to even think about startin. Went through my emails, some blogs and stuff and some things just make me even more depressed... till I wish you were here to lend a shoulder to cry on.. Why would I wanna cry I don't know? My life is so fxxked up now that sometimes I just wished there was some kind of drink to wash down everytin from my mind...

A promise must be kept
A problem must be solved
Endurance in this time is painful
Everything now is still doubtful
What you don't know won't hurt you
Knowing too much could kill you

I don't think I'll ever understand what love actually is but I do know it could be a lovely thing or a painful one. It could grow or fade in time and the duration doesn't matter sometimes cause what's meant to be is meant to be, and what's not meant to be, will not be... A 5 1/2 year relationship just went down the drain in one day and I'm so numbed by it now... I've lost all sense of it. People come, people go, some you forget, some leave a deep impression on you. I reckon I need to sleep before I really go nuts... I shall try...

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

a FiNaL tRy, cHanGe oF eVents, tHinGs hApPeN FoR a ReAsoN...

Series of events happened during the last few days that I guess by the time I finished everything I would have left some things out. To make it brief, I met someone last thurs and was glad to see how successful he is now -> out of the usual 5Cs' that most girls want, I can say he's got 4 of them already. Too bad though he's not meant to be mine; or at least that was what I chose not to. Made a trip back to my ex-company on friday and was shown around the new office building -> it was lovely with the mkt. dept. now at the attic and overall place was cosy looking. But then my close colleages which I'm used to havin around cause they are so much fun are planning to quit next year round march or april. It is sad to think that if I do go back and work for good, things wouldn't be quite the same anymore. Although the right thing is not to make decisions based on such things cause people come and go, I still can't help but think twice about going back CTC to work permanently.

Met my much missed and loved cousin on Sat night cause she was returnin to KL early the following day. Did come catching up with her and got some advice about relationships from her as well. We were jokin about us when we were younger funny how she was always jealous of me cause I was the one getting the guys while she didn't. Well it may have been a blessing in disguise cause now she found the supposingly right one in her life while I'm still wandering around aimlessly. Whatever it is, I wish her all the best and we'll still be there for each other no matter how far apart we are or how long we haven't been talking. Got a call from Len as well and sure miss ya heaps too gal... Talked to Tigger for awhile on ICQ and she was complanin how we all trick her into graduatin at Clayton and in the end no one keep her company. Feel really bad, but guess she'll understand. My life is so messed up now that I really hope things would come to a conclusion in time...

( The first sight of him irks you and you feel a sense of dislike for him cause he looked like the usual snobbish, full-0f-himself, typical s'pore guy. Then as he became friends with you, with the cute, silly, funny and adorable things he did, the dislike gradually changed to like. Doesn't all things start this way? Sometimes it continues, sometimes it doesn't... HE:
- cheers you up with his silly and funny acts when you're down
- is so soft-hearted he always gives in to everyone esp. his friends
- is a pizza, quarter chilli pounder, bak kut teh and practically all kinds of food lover
- never turns down any request when there's a need of favour to use his car
- is sweet and caring to his friends
you have never ending good things to say about him in the 5 months thats you know him, but what's the point when he doesn't belong to you?

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

sOmE LaSt sHoPpiN, gOodByE tO giPpsLaNd, bAcK jB/sG, tHe eNd tO sOmEtiN?

Went to do some last minute shopping for souvenirs in Vic Mart and also to see some of the places round Melbourne which I won't be seeing for quite a long time last friday. Met up with Len and Tim at Glen Waverly on sat to have lunch before dropping off Longy's car at his Uncle Cheng San's place. Was so frustrated at the baggage weight problem at the airport that I forgot to give my friend a call. Had to call my uncle to come pick up one extra luggage which couldn't go through because of the excess weight and lucky SQ had extra baggage weight for students, thus no guesses as to who had to help me with my extra lugagges. The last shot before everyone went their seperate ways that day:

Was happy to see my parents and sis-in-law at the airport to receive me but hate to admit it, I was upset during the flight back cause I was missin gippsland and all the happy memories there already. Tried to sleep in the plane but just couldn't and thus watched movies of one which was a love story title" The Notebook". Somehow it caused some emotional stir within me and tears just flow down my cheek naturally... There was someone else who came to receive me at the airport and I was in a state of shock that I didn't know how to response when I saw him.

Met up with a long time sec sch friend who's the same age as me two days after my return and was glad to see she was happily married to her BF of 9yrs with a 9mth old daughter. Somehow I always seem to bring happiness to some of my good friends round me (I was the one who introduced them at first) but never able to find my own true happiness because fate always seems to play tricks on me and my heart... Anyway finally revealed my thoughts to someone and he decided to give up on our relationship. Then again, there are always things in life where the unexpected happen because people have to make choices as fate and time are always not on our side, or mine maybe... Im always caught in a situation where I have to choose a path which decides my fate in the future and it always isn't easy... Guess this "depression" period could be the natural "slimming" program...

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

AfTeR ExAms StOrY (PaRt 2) - A hApPeNin NiTe SeNdiN MiKo oFF / PrE-XmAs DiNner + GiFt eXcHaNge

It's recommended that you start readin from the bottom post but there's no continuation anyway. So after Amber clubbin on Fri night, we stayed over at Mulgrave Motor Inn and requested for late check-out again as usual cause none of us could get up early except Tigger. Spent our day walking around Melbourne City and havin coffee at Starbucks as Longy sent his car for servicing. Got myself a Playboy wallet even though I was dead-broke. What to do? Couldn't resist the temptation when I really liked something so much plus I haven't bought anything dear for ages already. Keke, won some $ with my last $5 at Roulette in Crown at night, but it was gone like water in just a few days. Sometimes you just don't know where the $ goes to. Headed of to the Airport after much squabbling of everyone on whether we should stay on another night in the city cause Longy's car still wasn't ready. So we "bunk" at the airport sofa's; Tigger and Miko watchin Taiwanese Variety shows, Longy fallin asleep on the floor, Me on the chair and Len and Timmy lazin around from 1am plus till 5am. Just one last shot before Miko flies to Sydney:

Anyway we had a pre-xmas dinner cum gift exchange on Sun which was more of like a last time gathering before everyone leaves this semester:

Yum yum.. delicious food...

Presents for everyone...

Hmmn, everybody busy openin their present..

As usual Longy foolin around again; this time with Len's Xmas Stockin.. Keke, we made Tim and him perform the "Part the porpus" skit they did for the Churchill Idol Auditions as well...

Yeah, the group shot... Everyone + Samantha's bro and cousin as well..

Friday, November 05, 2004

AfTeR ExAms StOrY (PaRt 1) - LaSt ToUriSm PaPeR / LaPtOp CrAsH / JuSt bEiNg vAiN / AmBeR CluBbiN

Haven't got the time to update my blog till now and thus the date's just for fun, though it states last fri which isn't exactly is. Anyway the last exam paper - Tourism wasn't too bad and all I knew was that I kept writing and writing. Jumped with joy right after that and went to Traralgon with Tigger after that to release ourselves from the exam blues... Bought some fake nails just for fun and vanity haha..

My stupid laptop crashed last weekend when I tried installin winXP service pack 2, still abit dodgy though now but guess I have to wait till I get back JB to have it serviced. I remembered I got loads of stuff to blog about last week, think I forgotten most of it already.. Silly me, I always daydream about what to write and full of thoughts elsewhere, but when Im really here, I just can't remember. So we went to Amber clubbin on Fri and it was my last time going there, so got some shots for remembrance. Happy that all my close pals were there:

Longy sure looks like an "Uncle" here with his long "ah-beng" hair...

Continuation of Story starts above ^

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

"LPPL" 4 nOtiN, 2 dOwN 2 tO gO, A sCaRy nOtE eVeN B4 I'm bAcK, mIsSin mY CoUsiN..

Few days ago I misunderstood someone about sometin, so Longy and Len were jokin that I usually don't get into silly things so this time they said I really "LPPL"... Ha, funny some people might not understand but anyway, it's sometin to do with I'm back to square one where I think I gotta have flowers and leaves the next 2 weeks. Well, forget it and not gonna think about it anymore... Finished the 2nd paper - computer models for bus. decision, glad it was not too bad and darn soon I have to go continue studyin for the next "frightenin" paper tomorrow.

Got an email from my "gan ge-ge"(god bro) and he was asking me if I was confirmed in goin back CTC to work cause he said he didn't want to frighten me but there's gotta be lots of commitment now and everyday he also OT until very tired liao... Hmmn, kinda scary to hear that even before startin work! Maybe it's a good way to lose weight, but then again it will be the start of "NO-LIFE" again. Sianz... why is it you can never escape from work stress in sg?! No wonder some of my friends alwayz say they are "Overworked and Underpaid" there. Darn, the govt. should learn from other countries overseas and see how much worker welfare others get. Shit, 10mths of study life and now I don't know how long am I gonna need to get use to workin life again. If only I left for KL instead of stayin in SG to study, I wouldn't have to fret about the bond which would then leave me "free" now. Then again, lucky there would be someone to dote on me, I hope.. (#_#) But still, my mood - From Happy Dampened again to Moody!

Anyway, got a testi from my cousin in friendster and can't help but think back about the fun and mischevious times we had in the past. We practically grew up together since we were small. We used to go to the same pre-school for some time then I used to pop over her place to play with her and her elder sis, Kristie who also studied in moo-moo land. Then when we got into the same sec. school, we created havoc most of the time and were kinda "popular" among the teachers. Remember the times we used sneak our of our containers to go into the circus tent, selling coke, pop-corn and candy floss at the stands, havin fun with the artistes at parties and "flirts"!? Plus all the times where I always find an excuse or plan so that she could stay over at my place or stay later so we could go out and be up to our mischief again... Miss ya prima - hope to see ya again soon...

Monday, October 25, 2004

cLoUdy SuNriSe, gEtTin bCk MysElf & 1st ExAm...

4 silly people went out at 5.30am in the mornin to the Hazelwood Power Station Pondage and thought they could try and catch the sunrise after all the stress of exam studyin on Sat only to see dark grey clouds hovering above. One "uncle" went about checkin his car engine and 3 others walk up to the water for abit, hang around for awhile before going bck uni. Yes, I was one of the silly people... (-.-) Tried studyin whole day after that and it just felt so "sucky"!

Anyway, I figured I got lost in another world or had a split personality the last 2 weeks that I couldn't believe I could actually bear to hurt someone that obviously still means so much to me. Yes -> that's ph = bb. I reckon people tend to regret about something only when they have totally lost them, but Im lucky I still managed to get him back and never gonna let go again. Guessed I hurt him lots by tellin him I wanted to stay on for honours next year. It wasn't until the hostile behaviour he gave me that day that I felt I missed him so much. Glad I got myself back almost and him as well. Whatever it was that came over me that time, I don't want it to come again. Tigger was kinda shocked too that time but she told me he probably is annoying in the way he says and answers things, but she can feel that I mean alot to him. And I guess I could feel it too, maybe sometimes he just needs to put his ego aside for abit when it comes to loves one...

Now that Im more or less decided on what I want, I got myself into another problem-> how to skip the SLO Interview in the comin Monday. We'll decide that for later. Had the first paper today; It was ISM and darn how could I have imagined that the paper was to end at 1pm when the actual ending time was 12.30pm. Guess the "not enough sleep" caught up with my brain and shit I didn't have time to finish all the questions though my hand was already aching from all the writing... Anyway, glad that going back to the sweet talkin to bb helps and hope I can study hard for the other papers as well... [^.^]

Saturday, October 23, 2004

YeT AnOtHeR bOrINg StUdy DaY + sOme SiMplE PleAsUreS oF Life

Just woke up from a nap that I thought I was gonna sleep through till mornin. Well, fri was an unfruitful day cause I just couldn't get any studyin done at all... Went to library at 3pm forgetting that they close at 5pm on fri's. So Tigger, Longy and I went to Midvalley - Safeway instead. Dropped by Mobil on the way back for a car wash cause someone needed to de-stress himself from the exams. Tigger and I almost froze waitin outside and that smart fella had to try and spray us with water! Tried getting back at him but the wind wasn't on our side...

Got a call from Student Rez in the mornin tellin me that I've got shortlisted for an interview for SLO next year. Darn, sometimes these things happen and it makes it even worst about the choices you've gotta make. Ok, put everything away and fret about exams first... Anyway, got a little annoyed just now. Don't you sometimes just hate it when you ask someone a question and the person either doesn't reply it, or replies something else still not answerin the question and finds an excuse or some sort? Sometimes you thought you knew a person very well, but apparently not most of the time. It's only when certain things happen that you see the real them and wonder if you even knew them at all...

Well, running away from things doesn't help most of the time and somehow we've gotta face it one day... So now Im better not be running off from my books and go face them now... (0,0)

Thursday, October 21, 2004

RoUtiNe StUdYin @ LiBraRy, LaSt IsSue oF ISA nEwsLetTer and a cHaT WitH MuM & DaD...

The last 2 days were spent tryin to get my studies done in the library and night was at home finishing up the last issue of the ISA newsletter for this semester. Finally finished it this morning or afternoon actually and had it printed and distributed round uni. Got the load off my mind now so I can totally concentrate on my studies...

Anyway, my friend from m'sia called my mum yesterday askin when I was going back and she chatted about her 8mth old daughter with my mum. Mind you, she's the same age as me. Sometimes you don't know if you want to envy her or what for settling down so young. But for me, it sounded scary and getting tied down so young just wasn't what I want now. At least my mind concept changed only after breakin up with my ex of 6 years. Though it happened like 3 years ago, Jacky Cheung's song never fail to bring a little thought of him in my mind once awhile.. But yeah, it's all in the past already...

Just chatted on the phone with my parents just now and they were askin me about what I have decided and my plans. Was telling them that Longy and I were jokin about meeting in the States few years later to take MBA. Haha... I think my dad can't wait for my brother to give them grandson soon, that he asked me why I wanted to go so many places and when was I gonna settle down?! My mum just asked me to ignore him and say he think too much. I said, "Dad! Im only 22, and I haven't confirmed that I've found the right guy yet, am I suppose to just pick any guy on the street then?"

But no matter what, they are the coolest and best parents in the world! My dad asked if I had enough $ to spend till I return and not wanting them to worry, I said yes -> totally ignoring the dire state I'm in now. Well, just felt bad and don't want them to spend too much on me anymore. Gonna treat them a holiday next time when I work again and see if can get special package from my company or not. Back to studies now... (+.+)

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

First meeting for ISA 2005 Committee + Help, what should I do?

Last night was the first meeting for the 2005 ISA committee and boy it sure lasted long from bout 5pm to 8.45pm. No guesses as to why it took that long cause few of us already foresee future problems they were gonna have. Apparently, the new "xx" wasn't too popular and some people already had the thought of quitting after the first meeting. It just goes to show how important teamwork, communication and understanding is in a committee - which was what made ISA Committee S2-2004 more popular and well-known. I guess they need to get to know each other better and compromise more to keep it going. Well or maybe some people just aren't meant to be leaders; imagine planning things without setting a budget, dedicating work to everyone except yourself, not givin people a chance to speak up and etc. Anyway, not much of my business, just pity my friends and good luck to them next sem...

Well, woke up at 9am and tried to do some studying of ISM at the library. Was okay but didn't really go much into it. Now, Im still vexed about the stayin on in gippy next year or the going back s'pore stuff. Got an email from my ladyboss just awhile ago cause she had a position for me at the end of the year. All the more I feel guilty if I ever have to tell her I'm not going back to work -> Her email was tellin me about how things are since the office moved to its new location and also how cosy the marketing dept. was now, at the attic and -> how I would like it. Guess I'll force myself to think about it after exams. But hehe, must help advertise the company abit:

Ok, enough of bloggin, still gotta do abit of the ISA newsletter(last issue) and then go try and study some more.... And shit I better try to stop snacking... (*-*)

Monday, October 18, 2004

ISA Hand-Over & Appreciation Dinner on Sunday night + A "Most Familiar Stranger"?

Lst night was the ISA Hand-Over and Appreciation Dinner org by the 2005 committee. There were about 40 over people who attended and some shots from it:

As usual, Longy again full of funny faces, full of shit.. we call him FOFS, haha.. =)

Just had a chat with ph in the afternoon and I do feel bad about tellin some things bout us to Len and Tigger. He isn't some of the things I thought to be actually, we just didn't communicate too well before he left. Anyway, glad we cleared things up better now and let fate decide things. Hmmn, recently got liking for SKI D'LITE yogurt. Never did like yogurt before.. Lucky it's 99% fat free.. keke.. ;p

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Trip to Mirboo & Penguin Parade, Len's Bday & Baptism/Confirmation/First Communion

Well the trip yesterday was not too bad. Our first stop was to the brewery for beer tasting and lunch. Mmmnn.. Longy's Shark Fillet was not too bad as Miko, Len and I had our share of it. ;) The desserts was fantastic as well, but were a little on the sweet side -> we shared Pavoli, Banana Friters, Apple Crumble. There were different types of beer for tasting as well:

Mmmn, nice apple crumble and a "kinky" sign at the penguin parade. ;)

Erm, messin around with the cop's bikes...

Next event was my baptism and Len's bday. Shan't blog too much cause there's shit loads of pics in this post. So there u go, see the photos they speak better...

Hehe, night before no time to buy cake, so fry her an egg and use tomato sauce first. I alwayz like to see the happy look on pple's face when they get a surprise.. =)

Saturday, October 16, 2004

Aftermath of a crazy night doing assignment and just more thoughts...

Okay I must be going crazy after handin up the last assignment to be bloggin at this time. It's 5.15am in the morning and everyone's asleep already. This is me just awhile ago with my hair tied like a crazy gal when I was waitin for my friend to send me a sample solution cause I was goin nuts trying to figure out the last question. I have problem with figures, really hate them!

Well, something's just not going right with my love life and I don't really know how to go about solving it. It's funny how you always thought that things have finally come to a conclusion, but then again your heart doesn't always help you or maybe it lies with the people. Anyway my friends and mum asked me to let nature take it's course, but there are many things I'm afraid of if I really do that. Was chatting to Tigger about this matter and she was really supportive. Guess your best friends know you best. Anyway, a new little "member" joined our gang(His name's Murphy) and he took a photo with LJ:

Had a chat with my parents yesterday and it seemed quite impossible "finanicial wise" to let me stay on another year for honours. Nevertheless, would have a talk with my lecturer on Monday just to check out the program for future ref. maybe. Yess, in few hours time, we are going to a trip org. by the SLOs' to Mirboo and Phillip Island. It's to celebrate the pre-Len's bday on Oct 17. Time to go catch few hours of sleep.... (-.-)

Before that, just a little thought:

Friday, October 15, 2004

Tattoo Mania, Catechism Class, Baptism on Sunday (yeah!) and missin everything...

Yap I finally stop my procrastination to go book an appointment for a tattoo which I got it done today and dragged Len in as well. Poor Len, lucky she got through the pain. For me, the thick skin didn't help much either and I had to stop 2 or 3 times for a rest before askin the guy to continue. It's a miracle I didn't break Longy's fingers considering how hard I clentched his hand and Len's as well. (So much for lendin a hand, haha ;) Well, see our pics and you'll understand...



Keke, poor Tigger would have to be my personal nurse for the next few days putting cream on it and cling wrap on it for it to heal faster... ;p

Anyway, this Sunday will be my baptism finally! Mum will be so happy and wished she was here for it. But will take photos and videos to show her when I go home. Had to choose a saint's name for the confirmation and didn't know which one to choose, well Longy chose "Anne" cause he said "Melissa Anne Lim" sounded nice though and so I stuck with it cause I didn't have time to read through the saint's book anyway.

Was havin one of the last few lessons of catechism class and Helen was talkin about me not being to be around Gippsland anymore next year. It kinda cause a little sadness in me cause I do like the nice people, the surroundings, weather and the place around here... Darn I still got another assignment due today which I only did 1 out of 5 questions. Really bad mood and didn't feel like continuing but no choice, guess I go to go continue now... =(