Wednesday, December 21, 2005

bAcK tO tHe HoT cLiMaTeS, aNd wOrK?! PLuS a SuMmArY oN tHe LaSt cOuPLe oF wEeK's HaPpEniNGs..

Image hosted by Photobucket.comIt's be almost a week since getting back from Melbourne and the first few days were spent back home keeping mum and dad company. I haven't had the time to check my blog for some time and when I did, 2 unpleasant comments greeted me. It's been more than a year and people out there still wanna harp on the issue of darling and I. Yes, he may be one of those rare nice guys out there hard to find, but HE'S MINE NOW and will always be(so he says), so GET OVER IT! Somehow or other, people will always find something against you especially when they are PLAIN JEALOUS. So it's some sort of consolation to them by being a bitch, but I won't let it be at my expense. Whatever they say doesn't change anything, don't they ever get it? What's wrong with these FEEBLE THICK-HEADED MORONS?

Anyway back to some updates and happy stuff. Left, you'll see the dishes Joewiz and I cooked the last afternoon the six of us were staying in the clayton house. We all set down like family and ate together, trying to finish the food and to clear the fridge. I think it was on a Friday the 9th of Dec. There were left overs, but it was all good. A night before, the guy tried to charge us the extra rent because darling overstayed a week, but with some of my negotiation, I managed to bribe him into keeping mum and charging us only for 3 days of rental. *grinz*

Image hosted by That weekend after we moved out to my uncle's place, darling and I took my parents to visit Helen and Michael back in Gippy on a Sunday. We drove my aunty's car because darling was worried about his car piling on the KMs because he had just serviced it. It was an enjoyable trip and we had alot of good food plus Helen and Michael gave me meaningful prezzies that I will bring with me wherever I go. No corn beef for darling this time, but we had roast chicken and pork. Deserts were Pavlova which Helen wanted mum and dad to try a real aussie delicacy. Lovely people and we feel really fortunate to be able to know them. Will be keeping in touch always...

Image hosted by Photobucket.comOn 13 dec'05, it was finally that time of our lives where we can wear our graduation gowns and receive our testamurs. My ceremony was the later one at 8pm, but lucky I could get my gown earlier to take photos with my chabohs. So, there you go on the left, plus the top blog banner where it would be up for some time. Was really happy that the most important people in my life were able to attend the ceremony and I could graduate with a couple of my besties. Wished Tigger and Kitty were here too, but hey its alrightz.. Took quite alot of photos and sent some of them for developing already. Was supposed to have a last minute coffee together before we all returned to our home countries but after my ceremony it was already too late and my aunty wasn't too happy with people going back late and making noise in her place, so... we just talked on the phone.

Anyway, more shocking news that I myself am still amazed by the decision I made today. I had received an email from my ex lady boss asking me to return to the company to work and never did I expect that the visit today would make me agree to a 3-mth contract to help out because there are really heaps of things to do. Let's just say the pay is not too bad, more that the 1.7k I was getting last time. Plus my ex colleages still made me feel really welcomed. And I really needed to save more money to return to Melbourne. Yeah, Love is a big sacrifice, ever since being with darling, including having to swallow all the shit others give you.

Currently listening to: S.H.E: "Once Upon A Time" and Jay Chou: "November's Chopin", thanks to the Jay CD given to me from my bestest pal S.K. *Huggies*

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Monday, December 05, 2005

fOOd fOOD GLoRiUs fOOD, tO cRoWn / IKEA, mOrE fOOd aT YuM ChA aNd tRiP tO MeLbOuRNe aQuaRiuM...

Image hosted by Photobucket.comThanks to my dear friends for their congrats and stuff. Nah, here's some more good food I cook for you all! Haha, just joking lah, this was darling and I's dinner yesterday night. -> **Sorrie Len, still got prawns for you, don't worry!** Anyway, the last few days have been spent going out every time especially to shopping centres and more shopping that's all. A group of us went to Amber last friday to celebrate the aftermath of the release of results: both good and bad. It was bloody pouring that day and the rain never stopped. Darling managed to find a carpark nearby, but by the time we were dashing in and out of the shops for shelters, most of us were wet like anyting but at least we manage to get in without much queueing and waiting. There were Darling, me, Len, Tim, Joewiz, Sheali and Lidwina. The music seemed alright although it's been ages since we have gone clubbing. Barely half the night was gone when we already felt bored and lethargic and it was then we realised clubbin not really for us anymore, especially when you see the younger generations there. Maybe we should go more "mature" places next time... ;)

Saturday was spent at Crown and the bad thing was that we went right after evening mass! Darling's pastor once preached that the middle word for Casino was sin. Oh well, as long as we control ourselves and do it for fun once awhile, I guess it's alright? We didn't win any that night! (".) But at least we got more free parking for our Crown Card, so doesn't matter.. Len went back Gippy with Tim that night so Sunday was a day of "Just u and me" with darling because Joewiz and her brother were at their auntie's house. Image hosted by Photobucket.comWe already made plans the night before that we wanna go IKEA at Richmond. We browse through the showroom with different lovely bedroom / kitchen / toilets displays and start fantasizing how to decorate our place in future. I took some pictures on my phone but was too lazy to download and upload here, I am sure everybody knows about IKEA right? Anyway darling teased me, he said, "You are not a "Desperate Housewife", you are a desperate wannabe wife!" So mean of him, but we decided when the time is right, it will come naturally. :) Today, was just Joewiz, darling and me who went for Yum Cha. We had wanna go a long time and finally found the chance. Len was like *sob sob* Yum Cha? cause she was still at Gippy. That's why I reckon why she's the "pai kuat" among us. When we go out for good food, she's misses out sometimes due to the other "supposingly" other-half. This new place was recommended by Joewiz cause her auntie brought her there. Food was not too bad, but somehow I still like Sharkfin House in Bourke Street. The bill was really "fantastic" too, 3 of us ate till $75 bucks! Joewiz was jokin we all macham rich people, eat one lunch also $25 each! Heehee, I reckon once in awhile, indulgence in good food should be alright lah, considering the number of brain cells we have used while we were studying, take it as a reward!

Today darling and I also finally made use of the free Melbourne Aquarium tickets I won from the Gumbuya Park trip. There are four levels on that seemingly small building with so many variety of sea creatures! Take a look at the photos and it should explain everything...
Image hosted by
Image hosted by
At the last part, there was also a simulator ride, a pretty small and short one where we are supposed to be in a vessel or something and we go through the snow mountains. Hmmn.. pretty out of league with an aquarium but aww it's included in the tickets, which means its free, so we shouldn't expect too much... The exit was to the Gift shop, very smart like all tourist spots, that is to make you buy things! And we did too!