Sunday, December 10, 2006

Lenore aka Liew Sze Min's Visit back to Melbourne ~ Reminiscing the Old Times and Treasuring the New Ones.

Okay, Len was here last week from 2-8 Dec and the whole week was absolutely happening and even though I felt like shit going to work with droopy eyes and an exhausted state of mind, it was all good and I'm missing you already chaboh! (Sshhhh, Gee and Longy actually teared.. *sob sob*) Anyway, get ready for the Visual Outburst as we captured almost every single crazy outing or stuff we did. I even took a day off again to send her off, darn I've been taking lots of days off, lucky I could bribe my GM with Sushi. (*wink* Nah, kidding lah.. hurhur..)

DFO Essendon Shopping

BBQ at Lyells and Nancys, good food

Drinking session, crazy nights

Dinner at Helens and Michaels

Sending Len off, Yum Cha, DFO Spencer St, Crown Casino
So that was pretty much all we did for the whole week, although I have failed to mention about how much shopping I have done which I'm too lazy to put all the stuff here yet, maybe I shall do so when I have time. Let's just say I have about 10 new tops, 3 new bottoms, new wallet, new bag, new perfume(OMG Vera Wang~ Princess) etc.. :P Oh and we also had a "sushi-making" day, crazy outburst bully Jasper times, and some agitated-teary scene which I shall not say what. And also Darling and I had our 2nd Anniversary... Till then, enjoy the pics! :)

Longy and mel 2nd anniversary

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Darling and I's expensive photoshoot, Unreliable Malaysia Pos and More things to look forward to apart from the Holidays.

Okay, if you have seen my MSN nick in the past couple of weeks, you would have noticed me whingeing about an expensive Photoshoot. Anyway darling and I had filled up some lucky draw forms during the Royal Melbourne Show. So when a lady called him up to say that he had won himself a FREE makeover photoshoot, we were of course exhilarated since I've been pestering him last year to have a couple photoshoot when we were back in Singapore. As he, being the sturbbon arse, wants to do everything back in Melbourne. So anyway, darling happily booked a date for our shoot and the evening before, we were told to bring along 3 sets of attire each. We had to match our outfits and the lady recommended some themes lke sexy, formal etc lah. Then I was telling darling, "Eee, take those sexy raunchy shots like those ang mohs take, I don't want man." So me and my big idea, we went to the Fancy Dress Shop in Morwell to rent a set of costumes. I love Medieval Style Victorian Dresses from the 1800s. Thus I got a pink gown and darling got a brownish gold fest to match with me. The lady at the shop wasn't too friendly and that cost us $70 bucks.

So before the shoot that day, the guy actually brought us upstairs to explain about the photographs pricing. I tell you, the look on darling's face that day was priceless as the guy started explaining, "Erm yeah so you can choose from a range of packages, would you like a small album, big album, wall size with frame etc etc", and the prizes all ranged over AUD$1000! I think when the guy saw the SHOCK look on our faces then he proceed to show us the cheapest package, $545, which consists of 3 8R Photos, 3 5R and 1 Wallet Size photos. We looked at each other and inside we were both thinking, "Darn, already kenna cheated drive 2 hours from Gippy, then rented the costumes, might as well go ahead with it lah." And so we did, and here are the photos, not all of them, we took 50 over, but only developed this few.

I guess it was partly our fault for NOT reading the offer letter properly, I had a look at it after the photoshoot. In not-so-prominent fonts at the bottom of the letter, it had stated, "Photographs are not included. For a gauge, each 5R photos cause $95". But then again $95 Dollars for one 5R! Bloody Hell, your paper coated with gold or something is it? So for personal reasons, I shan't state the name of the Photo Studio. But if you think you got lots of money to spare, then email me, and I'll give you the name and address. If not, Photoshoots are best done in Singapore or Malaysia(By the Chinese), where you pay hundreds or a couple of thousand as well, but at least exchange rate is cheaper and the GOWNS/COSTUMES ARE PROVIDED.

Then to some UNHAPPY STUFF:

It was bad enough the last few times I send parcels to my parents, the postman just throws the parcel on the floor and thank God Bambam didn't bit it to pieces, but this time it is absolutely ATROCIOUS! The birthday prezzies I sent to my Mum and Len on 5 OCT, it didn't reach them at all! Australia Post said they definitely shipped it over to Malaysia already, but what happens there, they cannot check. Damn it, you thought what? Hari Raya big deal ah, can steal people's present! I hope the postman thieves kenna chase and bitten by dogs! Urgghhh! Then on ebay, business not too bad, though the money I earned was spent on other things. :P. But anyway that's not the point, recently there were lots of non-paying bidders and I'm not too happy about it. Don't know many it's holiday mood and people feel like clicking the "BUY IT NOW" button then later decide they don't want. K.N.S! ebay says will credit the Final Value Fee to compensate, but till now haven't heard of anything yet. (*_*)

Okay lah, enough of whingeing, looking forward to Len and hubby to come back next week and also chaboh loo on the 11th. Then after that need to shop for Xmas prezzies for friends and then look forward to my flight back SG in mid Dec. Tigger and Kitty, if you reading this, let's have Xmas Gift exchange again like last year? :)

P.S Anyone can comment on my blog now. This is to re-light the "FIRE" in my blog. So start posting your comments now! But of course, I'll moderate it. ;)

Saturday, November 04, 2006

My new Jay Chou album, another retail therapy, sometimes love ain't enough, mix feelings and missing so much back home.

Currently Listening to: Jay Chou ~ Still Fantasy
Released: Sep 2006

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I promise you this would be a slightly exceptional post. Why? Because apart from showing the usual shopping I've done, and all the other "not-so-interesting" events I've been to, I would also pour out some feelings and thoughts deep down from my heart. Event's don't seem to be really fun anymore because it's the crowd that matters sometimes and not the actual event. A group of besties is enough to make a boring musical sound extremely wonderful. Anyway, just some more retail therapy last Saturday because Tubby went to play cricket for the University Team and he went for the whole day. So that was the only thing someone lonely can do to ease the boredom, plus not all were mine, the cargo pants was for Tubs. I was quite proud though that he actually scored the last 3 winning runs. *Cheers to the team and I hope they win for the next few matches as well.

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingSo there was the Japanese fair that went on last Sunday as well. It was a Cultural event organised by the Latrobe Valley Council in conjunction with some other organisations, one of which was the Uni. There were stalls selling Japanese Kimonos and Haoris, handbags, purses, small figurines, paintings as well as japanese food like sushi, pancakes and takoyaki. Of course there were performances like Judo, singing jap songs by the 3 pretty ladies dressed in the Azuka costumes or something etc. We didn't really spend much time there, but the short amount of time was enough to have made me buy two kimonos. I contemplated getting a Haori as well, like the one Sheali got, but it was $20 each and so I thought otherwise.

Well the rest of the week didn't turn out too well although I was really happy my pal sent me the new Jay Chou CD from Singapore. It was always a good and bad thing when I listen to new chinese albums that he sent; I'm soo happy to have the latest albums of S.H.E and Jay Chou, but they bring lots of memories and things I miss back in Singapore. And to make things worse, it reminds me of the gap between tubs and I; about how he doesn't know how to appreciate the chinese songs that I so very much love. Somehow this added on to the further distance which we had developed during the last few weeks. It felt really weird, it was like the songs threw me into a world of my own which I felt he didn't belong to. I don't deny I had started to lose some of the feelings I used to have. I know this sounds startling cause everyone always seems to think we are such a lovey dovey couple. In the perfect world, I would love my BF to be able to sing chinese love ballets for me everday apart from being charming, loving and romantic plus all the etc etc of built, figure, size and looks. But that would be in a perfect world and in this world, nothing is perfect.

I really miss being back in Singapore/Malaysia sometimes, back where all the fun and laughter is, where my family and friends are, where I can get my newest Jay Chou or S.H.E myself, where... It can get really lonely here sometimes. Everyone misses Gippsland when they graduate, that's because they have all the friends, fun and laughter, but you never get to experience the loneliness after everyone has gone back to their home country after they graduate. Photobucket - Video and Image HostingAnyway, I wouldn't put all the blame on Tubs, we were pretty fine when we had lotsa friends around us and I think we are now in a stage of being too much in a comfort zone when everything gets mundane and routined. I still wanna try and make the relationship work if possible. So we got together on Thursday to make sushi together, and I brought some for my colleages as well the next day. It tasted pretty good and looked quite alright; not too bad I guess for a first attempt. Anyway, I am looking forward to going back Singapore/Malaysia in December even though I'll be only back for less than 2 weeks. Should have enough time to meet up with close friends that matter, and to stock up on my chinese songs and movies as well, although I really wished I could stay longer to catch the S.H.E concert.

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Anyway, one of my loves keeping me sane here in Gippsland, besides Tubs, Sheali, Gee, Lily, Audrey, Nancy and James is my darling Jasper! Look at how much he has grown! Also looking forward in the nearer future for Joewiz and Len to come back here for a visit. We are gonna have a pyjama party or something, as well as a photoshoot which I hope all of us can attend, I sure can't wait for that! Till then, hope I can stay sane enough to wait...

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Food Poisoning is Bad Bad Bad, MUGSU Awards Night, My Palm Z22 and Retail Therapy In Melbourne on Fri.

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingI just recovered a few days ago from food poisoning, followed by a damn fever and headache. It was one of those bad times when I actually had to take 2 days MC instead of 1. Damn bad luck especially it was just 1 day after I had signed my contract for Permanent Staff. Oh well, even though I was watching TV by noon on the second day, it was all good; finally some long rest and definitely a whole lot of sleep, sleep and more sleep during that time. Anyway let's get back to the important stuff. The Uni had the MUGSU Awards Night on 13 Oct and darling received 2 awards: Award of Appreciation for ISA President 2006 and Outstanding Volunteer for Education Collective 2006. I'm proud of him and we chuckled that we need our "Study" in the house next time for our Certificates and Awards Collection. Waha.. ;) Other than that, life goes on, work is usual and boring, nothing exciting yet although I would really hope my boss decides to take up the Vehicle Hire business. Then I'll be able to arrange the Hummers and Cadillac Limousines for Weddings, Debs and Events. OMG that would be so exciting! I'm still waiting. :/ Anyway, I should think its time I actually mention what my company is doing. We import vehicles from U.S., convert them to right-hand drive, and sell them. Yes, I mean those fine looking Hummer/GMC/Cadillac/Chevrolets that make guys go swooning. We also deal with 5th Wheelers or Caravans in simple terms, as well as speedboats. So I'm actually 1 of the only 3 ladies working there, which isn't too surprising.

Oh yeah, not to forget another latest buy -> electronic gadget -> Palm Z22. I was initially looking for a notebook on ebay. Yes, those that you write with a pen. But then the notebook search brought me to a Palm for some reason, so I took that as a hint, (ok NO maybe that was my excuse) and wanted to bid on one. But I couldn't have the patience to wait, so after work I went straight to Dick Smith to get one instead. Awesome little gadget with big functions all in one, and refinely designed externally for ladies. :) Ima enjoying the free e-books that come along with it, as well as the games and schedule planning, tasks, memo, expense budgeting functions etc that come with it.

Anyway last week, officially I only worked 2 days, cause on Friday I had arranged to take leave earlier to go down to DIMIA, Dandenong with darling. I wanted to get my VISA sticker for my PR and darling wanted to get his work visa. The joy of getting my PR actually hit in a little as I stared at the VISA with glee. -> Enter and remain as Resident ->No Conditions attached. And I gave darling a smirk look as I told him, "Man this is sooo cool! Next time when I fly back Melbourne and fill in the Customs Declaration form, I just need to tick the box "Resident Return"! Woohoo! :P And then I also wanna thank darling for shopping with me the whole day. Honestly I was buying like there was no tomorrow and the retail therapy helped overcome my sickness pretty quickly. I pretty much covered everything from tip to toe, *oopps* I forgot to include the hairband and the belt in the photo. Well I got the Clinique Tanning lotion cause it won the New Women's Beauty Awards and I really wanna get some tan so that my skin would not be so fair and I would look less chubby! heee.. Hope it works! The Bloom Body Shimmer smells fantastic by the way!
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Monday, October 09, 2006

My YouTube Videos! Finally Uploaded...

Woohoo! I finally had time to upload the Videos of the perfomances I did during my time in uni. So as promised to dear friends, especially Len, here's the Culture Night 2006 performance video. For other music videos of mine, you can view it here

Special thanks to the people who help captured the moments: Churchill Idol 2004 (Denise I think), ISA Elections 2004 (Denise), Culture Night 2005 (Josh), Monash Open Day 2005 (Josh) and Culture Night 2006 (Joewiz) and Thanks to those who commented I can sing well in YouTube! Yeah! ;p

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Royal Melbourne Show, Mooncake Festival, Ozzy PR, and is there something else in store for me?

I shall let the photos do the talking:
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Weather was fine until it rained in the night, but it wasn't too cold or anything. Honestly, with the amount spent on the games just to win the Eeyore, I could have very well bought a much bigger version of the soft toy from the shopping centre. But it was the fun of playing and winning and I had to thank darling cause he finally managed to get it much with the pouting and sulking from me. *evil grinz* This year's show bags were much better, though of course the group we went with last year brought more fun and memories.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Thanks for chaboh loo, we had lanterns to play after our steamboat dinner last week. She even specifically bought Bubbles for Sheali and Pooh Bear for me. Gatherings like this are getting less and less and I really just wanna treasure whats left of the once "big gang" we had in Gippy.

Anyway, months of stressing and fretting paid off when I finally received my Aust. Visa Grant last Wednesday. Does Good news come in 2's or 3's? Well my current also company asked me to stay on as a permanent staff. And Congrats to Chaboh Loo for having found a job back home in Msia! So I should be really happy and jumping with joy about my stuff right? Or not? For some reason, close friends asked me, "How come you're not really excited and happy?" I don't know why. Maybe people are just not satisfied or maybe I just desire and miss city life or maybe I know I want something else that hasn't come to light yet. It may sound crazy, but I really miss the hustle and bustle of my previous work place even though sometimes we work 7 days a week and have to OT alot. I'm not the type who likes to get paid to laze around. So I'm really miss the busy life I had back in Singapore; after work, it was shopping with mum and my sis-in-law, and outing with pals, friends and colleages almost every night. I get none of that here. *sigh*

And next year when my S'pore PR expires, I'll have to fret about whether to go back S'pore work and renew my re-entry permit or just stay on Aust, leave it and lose my S'pore PR. Life is never rid of problems yeah? I can't help but feel sometimes I just don't want to be any normal person out on the streets. Celebraties get special treatment everywhere. We just watched "Devil Wears Prada" recently. And at the end of the movie, sheali, lily and me turned to ask each other, "If it were you, would you leave the job as P.A to Miranda for Runway?" We all looked at each other in the eyes and said, "NO! Definitely NO!" Maybe we are just career-minded girls? Or maybe we just want the fame and glamour. But honestly, who doesn't? So, even though things seemed more or less stabled now, I can't help but feel that God still has something else in store for me. And I hope it's something exciting and more life fulfilling. *Thank You God*

Monday, September 18, 2006

Rest in peace in the arms of God.

This month hasn't exactly been a good month. First Australia lost two of their great heros: Steve Irwin and Peter Brock, both just days apart of passing away. I would say Steve Irwin's death affected me more because just a week ago, I was just reading an article of his family and him, about their love and passion for wildlife as well as watching a couple of his shows on Animal Planet . I sobbed. I really did. You can find lots of videos of Tribute to them on YouTube. although some *axxholes* actually make fun of his death, there are some meaningful ones still. Then, just last week, one of my best friend's mother passed away as well. I met Auntie end of last year. She was battling cancer since the beginning of this year and I have been praying for her everynight since then. But I guess it was God's Will to take her away from her pain eventually. So they say, "A call in the wee hours of the night" is never good. It took a good 5 minutes after I hunged up for the news to sink it. Then I sobbed again. I was worried sick about my best friend who's so far away. And I still am.

R.I.P Auntie, Steve Irwin and Peter Brock

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Finally, some fun events to look forward to!

2 events I'm looking forward to:

Go to website

Go to website!

Catch both events with a trip organised by the Monash University MUGSU Photography Club and International Student's Association (ISA) coming soon!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

S.H.E Forever, Farewell but not Goodbye, Darling's birthday and Harry Ballis House Luncheon.

S.H.E ForeverCurrently Listening: S.H.E Forever (Thanks to my pal S.K for sending it over from SG). Been hooked on the album's first song "Chu Dian" which means "Electric Shock - Between a couple" for the past few weeks and so I thought I would share it on my blog as well. Anyway, in a flash, another few weeks have passed and it's almost time for my work contract to end and also Joewiz's departure back to M'sia. But, the good news is that my work contract has been extended till further notice, but the bad news that Joewiz is going back still remains. Guess there's not much of a choice, unless a miracle really happens, like winning the lotto or something. ;) And so we've been treasuring every moment with her; having dinner, shopping and partying or just hanging out together. Then we also gave her a photo frame with a photo of us and her included. And the funny thing was that, with the wonders of Photoshop, Len and Jasper managed to make it into the photo as well, even though one was probably walking around somewhere in the house and the other a few thousand kilometres away in Ipoh when the photo was taken. Haha..

Here's the Art Work:
Photobucket - Video and Image HostingWe also celebrated Longy's birthday a couple of days ago. I planned a surprise for him weeks before and he didn't even know it till Friday, his birthday itself. I delibrately made it on the evening of his birthday instead of 12 midnight this time for a change so that he thought there was not gonna be any surprise at all. So when he walked in the house that day and everyone started singing with his lighted birthday cake, he was absolutely shocked. It was all good and I'm glad he like the Polo Ralph Jacket I got for him as well. I had it delivered to my office so he wouldn't have a clue at all. Then at night, we headed to the Student Union for DJ Night. Gee had planned it with ISA in conjunction with darling's birthday. But the response was so bad cause it was a Friday night and all the locals were back home that only 15-20 odd people turned up. But it's just as well, we had the whole dance floor to ourselves and with close friends around, we managed to enjoy ourselves anyway. Well, back to some other stuff that happened in the last few weeks. Darling and I were down in the city last friday as I had my IELTS test on Sat. It went pretty well except that I was kinda day-dreaming for a few questions during the Listening section, so I had to guess a few answers. Photobucket - Video and Image HostingBut I'm hoping it turns out okay. The result will be mailed in 2 weeks times. We stayed in a place called Fairfield Guest House that night and it was a pet-friendly place, which was why we booked it, so we could bring Jasper along. He had a fun time running in the small garden outside the room and we had a great time walking in Northland shopping centre: Click Here for Website cause it was really huge, almost 2/3 the size of Chadstone and I really recommend a visit there. Imagine, they have Target, K-Mart, Myer, Coles, Safeway, Rebel Sport, Esprit, Lolitta, SUPRE, Sports Girl, Portmans, Country Road etc.. all under one roof! The list of shops just goes on!

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Then going back a bit more into the past weeks, the ISA also organized a trip to the Deputy Pro Vice Chancellor's house for a BBQ and Luncheon. So as you can see, some of the snap shots taken above, The house is really big as well and set in the countryside, he owns hectres of farm and land all around as well. Man, the toilet itseld was bigger than any room on Rez. While the rest went for bush walking, darling, gee and I stayed behind to soak in the sun, played with Jasper and chat with his wife. And it was so coincidental that his wife, who was working in some sort of Teacher's Association thingy in the Latrobe Valley also knows my god-ma, Helen. Speaking of which, I'm glad she's coming back this Tuesday, missing her heaps though Michael will only be back in Dec. She and my god-pa Michael had gone for a tour a couple of months ago and they even met up with my parents in S'pore. Alrightz, time to write off now, wanna go take a nap ;p

Saturday, July 29, 2006

I love my S.H.E and Jay Chou, another good friend leaving OZ soon, and not looking forward to another exam.

Just finished my dinner not too long ago, prepared by the boys(darling and Gee) and thought I might spend some time updating my blog since the two of them are busy with the PS2. Time passes really fast, it's already been a month since I started working and in that month, a couple of significant stuff happened as well. But before that, I want to Thank Kal first for 2 things: firstly getting my S.H.E "Once upon a time" and Jay Chou's "Huo Yuan Jia" DVD from S'pore for me, secondly coming over to help when darling's car battery went flat(+ Tim too). I absolutely lurrve S.H.E and Jay Chou and have almost every single song from all their albums starting from their first album. I'm not a usual "fan"atic to go shovelling and squeezing in crowds during concerts, but if it's to see them, I'll gladly do so if I have the chance. I fantasized to myself sometimes while watching the S.H.E MTVS', wishing that I could be Selina. Haha fat hope I know, go on and laugh it off since I've already done so myself. ;p Their average height and weight is 161cm and 43kg respectively. I guess I'm just really envious to see 3 girls who became good friends and share the same passion for singing. I remember asking my mum before why didn't she send me to a music school. The answer was the usual thing from parents, "We wanted you to study first." Then I thought to myself, "Ah just as well, if I had a really special and unique voice, I probably would have been "discovered" anyway. So maybe next time then, but I'm still thankful for the singing opportunities I had during uni and poly times.

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingAnyway, the "not-so-good" news as most people might already know is that, "Joewiz is going back to Msia, probably for good this time. She's had too many bad experiences with the OZ govt. regarding her visa issues and decides maybe it's best just to return home and avoid further stress. So we had our official house-warming last Saturday and for once I actually didn't have to make anything. I just had to eat, haha.. The funny thing was that there were more deserts than main course on the table, but we enjoyed it anyway. And we got Nancy to bake Joewiz a "farewell" cake as a surprise for her. It was really a good choice of nancy to choose cheese cake cause that was one of chaboh's favourite. That women left one tiny slice in the fridge when she left for the city that day, and we were contemplating if we should mail it to her aunty's house. heehee.. Anyway that gathering also brought some heart wrenching feelings as I've realised how little friends we have around now. Most of my close girl friends have either gone back to M'sia or S'pore. And sometimes, thinking back on those days, I really miss the outings and clubbing with them. And yes, that means you, (tigger, evon, stacey, len, miko, henrie) and soon joewiz, and probably shea li as well end of the year. *sigh* Gippsland does really bring "happiness & heartache".

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Anyway, enough whingeing for the time being. My IELTS test for my Aust PR application is on 12 Aug(2 weeks time), but I really have no mood to study for it since I'm already so tired after coming back from work everyday. I managed to skim through the prepration guide, doing a few questions, but that was about it. Apparently it takes up about half the day since there's speaking, listening, reading and writing! Darn, to think that I thought I've already had the last of exams when I graduated. Well, a funny thing is, I have no idea why people are going around saying there are no slots for General Training for IELTS till 2007?! I just booked mine in May'06 for the coming test date and there are more dates coming up soon. I think people just need to know that there are other places offering it besides those "hot" places they only see on the IELTS website. Well, time to write off for now...

Sunday, July 16, 2006

My first job experience in OZ, shopping can be addictive and the philosophies of writing.

I can't believe it's been two weeks since I've started work, time really passes very fast when everyday's pace is a hectic one. I clearly remembered on the second day of work, I was so tired getting up at 8.30am that, I turned over and asked darling, "When can I be a tai-tai? I wanna sleep in and wake up later!" I fussed, but still didn't have any choice but to get my lazy arse outta bed in the end. First few days in the office took a bit of gettin used to since it's usually like this when you're trying to get aquinted with everyone. For the first time, I got a hang of the work culture in Australia, and it's then I realised how fortunate we are, back in Singapore. Lunch here is only 1/2 hour and a simple affair, everyone lunches in! They either have instant noodles, fast food or can food with bread. I had to bring a lunch box everyday with meals prepared the night before. I absolutely miss the lunch times with my ex colleages back in SG; The slow stroll to the variety of food courts, the gossiping and chatting and buying deserts in the 1 hour break, it's not happening here. :( But at least, my superiors and colleages were nice people as well and most importanly they appreciate my work. One of my advert designs will be out in the next issue 263 of "Unique Cars" magazine next month, I can't wait to see the actual ad when it's printed out!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Shopping can be a pretty much good therapy to perk one up. I just managed to get my first week's pay and went shopping last week in Traralgon with my chabohs and today down city with darling at The Glen. Both shopping trips were great bargains. On the left, I got the knit wear jacket, 2 pants, a trench coat, boots and cardigan all about $120+ from Rivers, KMART and BigW. On the right, Sports Girl was having a sale of up to further 50% for already reduced items and I got the skirt and 2 blouses all for just $45! The jeans and knit wear were from another shop which had a closing down sale and both items cost $20 only! Was really happy with the additions to my wardrobe and the subtractions cause I managed to sell a couple more items on ebay and hope to sell more with better marketing!

Anyway darling wasn't too happy about something he read in Threshold, one of the Uni's minor newspapers. Lets just say some people aren't professional enough with their writing and wrote some figures down which shouldn't be there. Lucky her, she wasn't revealing any figure about some public company out there, else she would have been sued, but it just makes you wonder how little common sense she has. Shea Li then jokingly said, "wah she better do well in the newsletter man, even I lose to mel already".. Yeah those were the glorious days of ISA 2004. I wished darling had more capable members in his committee, rather than some who joined only because they want to write something for "Activies Section" in their Resumes.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

A few pennies for my thoughts on the last day of my holidays.

Ha, I suddenly feel the urge to blog. Why? Because I'm extremely bored since I've been "HoME ALoNe" for the past 3 days. So, instead of enjoying the last day of my "holidays" before I start work tomorrow, I decided, maybe I wanna start penning some thoughts down. Yeah, a blog shouldn't just be about writing about everyday life and what's been going on. There should be thoughts, feelings and my own perception of certain thngs. I was going through my stuff in the magazine racks just now and looking through the stack of cards I've received from friends for the past 2 birthdays. I came across one of the cards which had a paragraph ending, "I wish you all the best in your future endeavours and carry on with your quests and passion for writing." That got me thinking about, "what was my passion anyway?" I have a quick knack for things but get tired and sick of repetative tasks easily. Haha, but I do know I often imagine one thing; waking up at mid day everyday, have a nice hot bath, dress in my walk-in wardrobe of clothes and shoes and make my way like a "tai-tai" to my shop smack right in the centre of Melbourne central. Then I'll take a look at the accounts, check some of the new stock and make sure the sales girls are doing their job before I leave, clanking my stilettos, clunging my fur coat and going for a nice cuppa tea. Yeah, that would be the ultimate dream. *waha*

Okay, that's besides the point and I should stop dreaming for the mean time. Reading my friend's blogs one of the things I do sometimes. And from what I read and what I heard about a friend, I can't help but think to myself, "Why are some women so soft-hearted and naive"? I mean if someone ever hurts my heart deeply, darn I would make sure he gets the hell outta my life instead of just pretending nothing ever happened and still let him come and go in my life as he wishes. Or, I would plot revenge against him, like what the ex-gf is doing right now. Men have their own pride and dignity, but so do we women. Why wanna risk being discriminized by others when you aren't even sure if the person you are being discriminized for is going to stand by you? Love should be something that flows in both ways and should be a matter of giving and taking. Some men think women are pushovers and when he loses one, he can always cheat his way back onto the other's arms. That's where the naive women comes in. Although I don't really have the full details of what's going on, I definitely wouldn't want to see her get hurt again.

People are complex in general. When they aren't in a relationship, they want to be in one. When they are in one, they feel they need a breather or something and some time off. Don't get me wrong, I don't deny I do need a breather sometimes, but darling and I are still very much into each other and that thought about him being a lifetime partner hasn't changed. But I'm just saying for every relationship there are still bound to be problems somewhere. People say, when you marry someone, you marry his family as well. I guess I'm still not happy with the way that his parents are still kinda living in denial about him having a GF. Yess, picture "Meet the parents" movie, but his are from the girls side, not the guy. My mum and I was just chatting last night and she just happen to ask, "Why don't you all get registered next year or something?". I was like, "Ermm even if we wanted, that will never get across to his parents side." I wouldn't go into the details, but lets just say they don't believe in campus romance and always thought he might meet someone else when he starts working, because that was how they met in the first place. But they don't understand, things don't work like that anymore.. *sigh* It really hurts sometimes when my parents treat him like part of the family, always asking about him, talking to him on the phone, while his parents only devote loving letters and emails addressed to him and him only, and I barely spoke to them like 2-3 times since we got together! When will they ever understand that their little boy is no longer little?

Friday, June 30, 2006

Da Hectic Moving and Cleaning Times, Telecommunications "turn bad" and hoping for the house to be filled with warmth soon!

Thankfully after sucha long wait, I've finally made the total move to the new place yesterday. It wasn't easy cause Gee was being a pig (o.o) sleeping after working for Harry Ballis at his farm, but lucky Jess, darling's housemate was helping me put the things into the car. But I would still thank him(Gee) for keeping me company for the first night at the new place. I took almost the majority of darling's stuff as well since he'll sort of be staying with me over there anyway. It'll be so much better; no more prying eyes and gossips from people on campus. And since he always sacrifices so much for me, this time I gave him the table in my room for his laptop and study. The last few days were also spent buying cleaning stuff and toiletries for the house and cleaning it up. But as usual the landlord didn't keep his promise to finish sticking the carpet by last Tuesday, so he's gonna one day step in with his dirty shoes on my cleaned floor! But overall, the landlord really touch up the house well for us and I'm kinda like enjoying the AUSTAR as well with the movies and stuff and I can finally see Jerry Springer again! Waha..

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As you can see, the "sneak preview" of my room and the general areas of the house. Yeah I know, my room always looks like an absolute stuff toy hut or something and every nook and corner is packed to the max. Oh well, I mean it's where you're living in! Of course you would want the room to look cosy and comfortable. Darling and I had a bad day last week after trying so hard to fix one of the cupboards from Ikea. He was practically screaming to get the handles in! Hmmn, I guess not everything from there is well made. But we did get the cupboard, bed-side table, small square table and a few other stuff for quite a reasonable price, plus I like their designs, so I'm not complaining. Haha.. Was too tired and lazy to take photos that day, but the meat balls and grill salmon at the Ikea cafe was awesome!

Well, I'm glad much of the troublesome matters have all been done before I start work this Monday. Was really pissed of with the telecommunications company; firstly it was their rude sales officer, then it was the numerous calls Shea Li and I had to make to clarify documents to send, lastly the phone line wasn't working well and I have to call again for a few times before an officer actually found out it was a programming problem which had to be rectified by Telstra, whom they loaned the phone line from! Oh boy and to think we were recommended by a good friend who said the company had good service! Maybe it's just our bad luck then! Thank God everything's working fine now.

I'm also glad that my chabohs and darling are all coming back this Monday. In this way, I can go to work at ease knowing Jasper won't be alone at home for too long. He's our precious little thing and although we got him microchipped and registered last Monday, we're still pretty much worried for that cute little fella. Or at least me lah, cause my puppy got stolen before when I was younger and I cried so much for God knows how many days! Anyway, am gonna write off now. Wanna go make dinner and keep Jasper company! :D *ciaos*

P.S: Thanks to darling who bought me the 3-in-1 printer/scanner/copier, to Sheali who's helping me with the phone and Internet and getting the wireless router, and to looloo for the electric kettle! woohoo! *smiles*

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

A Job finally, but only for awhile. Pressing things that caused an argument. Thank God he gave me longy. :)

I finally got a job as a web designer cum media publishing support in a company exporting American SUVs like Chevrolets, Hummers, Cadillac etc and 5th wheelers in Traralgon. It's a great job scope; exactly what I want, abit of website and abit of media publishing stuff, but the sad part is that it's only a contract based position of 2 months. But at least there's the option to extend the contract if there's a need to. Well, it's better than nothing since the pay per hour is pretty good and would at least provide sufficient income while looking for another job thereafter. Furthermore, Wendy from Monash Uni careers has really been a great help, even recommending me to a job placed by Recruit Solutions, a recruitment agency. But I didn't take up the other job since that wasn't in Gippsland, but in North Melbourne. So the recruitment consultant asked me to send my resume in anyway and he'll help me with finding another job after my contract ends.

Well in the meantime, apart from the World Cup fever betting, playing neopets, doing crossword puzzles and reading magazines to pass time, I was also fretting and having a huge headache about the moving house thingy, setting up of phone line and Internet connection. So last night(one of the worst days of my life), with all the misunderstandings, assumptions and tension building up, my chabohs and I almost had a shouting match. It was almost there with the voices raised especially when 2 are hot headed and the other 1 who's pretty confusing at times. But thank God again there's darling around; the level-headed, humourous one who always manages to turn bad things into good. Don't get me wrong, he's a totally impartial person and doesn't take sides, so he basically gave all 3 of us a good "scolding".

But the argument actually got me thinking about how fragile friendships are sometimes. And friendships that last are actually those where all parties are truthful and direct to each other. So the chinese translated saying goes, "Meeting each other is easy, getting along is difficult." You may think you actually know your friend very well, but when it comes to settling issues or living together, that's a totally different thing. I guess when friends wanna live together, they pretty much need to agree to the same things to a certain level of extent. Otherwise, a friendship may just be lost due to some minor differences and issues where all parties keep quiet and let the tension build. Well, we managed to get things sorted out, but still the scar is there. Certain things that were brought up really broke my heart cause I thought we knew each other really well. But apparently not, due to everyone having their own assumptions, including myself. So much as I don't want anything affecting the friendship, there is a small amount of hurt still there. But I will try my best to heal that scar, be more benevolent and hope everything will get back to normal. It'll take some time, but it'll get there...

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Our Baby Jasper, God will help us find a Way, a hearty Farewell dinner and the "soon-to-come" Big move

Sorry about the long wait, usually it's pretty unlike me to leave my blog stagnant for awhile. Anyway, I went for the Victorian Driving test a couple of weeks ago and obtained my full Victorian Driver license. I figured might as well since I'll be needing it anyway. Lucky I could use darling's car for the test, so it not only saved me money, but it also made the test easier. Then out of 10 over job applications sent, I only went for 1 interview: the IT Officer job at Monash. But as expected, I didn't get it cause "so they say: they really had to make a tough decision between the comparable candidates", plus restrictions on work at the moment didn't help; I can only work with my Bridging Visa after my Tourist Visa expires.

Oh well, just like what Father Malcolm and God-ma Helen said, "Not to worry, you'll find something soon!" Father even called one of the work places I have applied for to put in a good word for me, so I should be getting another interview soon. But I'm not too stress anyway cause I believe God will find a way for me, just like he did for every bliss in my life. :) For the moment, something to look forward to: Moving into my own rented house(with my chabohs) in the next few days. Meantime, enjoy the pics of our adorable Jasper!
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Photobucket - Video and Image HostingWe also had a Steamboat dinner last Friday, sort of as a farewell to Henrie (who's going back Hong Kong), Joewiz and me. That's because after we move to our new place, we might not go to South 9 that often anymore. The dinner included everyone in South 9 plus our extended close friends as well. ;) As I've said before, everyone in South 9 is especially awesome and fun-loving, so we are definitely gonna miss them heaps. But it's alright, I guess we would still drop by every now and then. So there were heaps of food; seafood, meat, chicken, vegetables, fishballs, meatballs, crab meat and the list just goes on. There were 14 of us in total I think and we ate and ate till everyone was really bloated. Our two "South 9 chefs" Joewiz and Vivien also made sinful yet delicious desserts: Sticky date pudding, Trifle and Tiramisu. Well, who could resist such temptations, so everyone though full like anything, still greedily gun down slices and slices of the desserts. It's like once you start, you can't stop! Mmnn, I wished the desserts had lasted longer though. :( Long free hours had made Joewiz our home baker cause she was always making new desserts for everyone to try. No wonder everyone's putting on weight, including herself, kekeke... *oops* :x

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Then there's also the World Cup fever where all of us sat down and had our eyes glued on the TV for the opening of the World Cup on Friday night after that huge dinner. Everyone supported different countries, but it was really funny watching the boys shouting, "GOAL!!!" at the top of their voices when the country they were supporting scored. It's small little events like these that bring a smile to your face sometimes. ;)

Friday, May 19, 2006

Be A MaN or LadY, hit the button, and cast your votes!

Okay people, I'm extremely bored lately! No replies from job applications, a couple of rejections. Life is very demoralizing at this stage. People say, "Bi Ye Jiu Deng Yu Shi Ye", how true is that! By the loved of God, I finally received my Bridging-Visa for my Aust PR application only to find out that they give priority to Overseas Sponsored Student Visas and My normal Overseas Student Visa will have to wait for bloody 4-5 months processing! Darn, if I had only known earlier, I would definitely go through the "already countless" troubles to get my uncle to fill in the sponsorship form. So I'm sick of applying for jobs and thought I'll take a break to update my deviant art port folio: and figured maybe another way to earn some extra cash could be to sell my prints online. So all you people out there, feel free to cast your votes and help me make the decision. Many thanks!

Selling prints on Deviant Art

Do you think I should pay to subscribe to Deviant Art and sell my design prints online?

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Sunday, May 14, 2006

ISA Culture Night Ball 2006, Continued problems that never seemed to end, Money isn't everything, but hey! we can't do without it too.

Last Thursday was Culture Night'06. So here goes, enjoy the pics cause I guess, in the near future, there ain't gonna be much exciting and colourful updates. Sweet pea darling surprised me with a corsage again, just like he does for every other ball since I've known him. *muaks*
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The performance as usual, was an important thingy to me; thus for the constant practices of the MTV which had to be different from the actual S.H.E MTV because it involved two gay guys, so the plot was changed. Thanks to Chun Yau, Wendy and Wantheng for being my actors and actresses for the night. Their nervousness eventually wore off on the actual performance and they did pretty well. Only thing, I was really pissed off with the two blokes who operated the Audio system, they forgot to turn off the right channel, so I had to pitch my voice louder to overpower the voices of S.H.E. Ain't too happy about that error, since it was like my last performance for a university event. (*_*) Will try to put up the video recording here soon!

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And so, some of the other performances that night which include a funny play as well. Check out the pretty costumes everyone was wearing and Sindhu won the Best Dressed Award; third indian girl from top left. Don't ask me what my costume was cause I really can't pronounce it correctly. Apparently it's from Northen India as Preeti told me.

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With my good friend and ex house-mate Henrie, then Sheali and I, just being vain girls on stage during the Best Dressed Awards, since Gee "forced" us up there. And of course, my charming darling, the ISA President giving his closing speech.

Apart from that, life is still the same: waiting for a reply from DIMIA, waiting for replies for my job applications, worrying about darling since exams are coming. And I'll be taking my driving test to convert to a Victorian License soon. Just passed the Hazard Perception Test last week with the MCQ Computer Test coming this Tusday. Mean time, I've been reading books on Resume Writing, Interview Skills and English Improvement to prepare for the IELTS Test, which is compulsory for all General Skilled Migration Visas. Little things here and there just to keep myself occupied and being sane. Haha.. ;p

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Happy Birthday to Evon(Today's her big day!) and Sheali's bday celebrations, "I want to get my arse cracking on some job soon!" and the long wait.

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Life's been pretty much mundane and repetitive lately and this is probably the reason for the little updates. Let's rewind back a couple of weeks ago to Sheali's birthday and the Crown trip on 23rd April. The food and desserts were awesome as usual and Gee planned a birthday cake surprised for Sheali from the staff at Crown Buffet. The cake looked and tasted good, but everyone was definitely stuffed from all the food that in the end, it was given to the waiters and staff instead. After when the 4 hour curfew to remain in Crown premises were over, we headed to Club Odean for some quick drinks and clubbing - the warm up before the drinking party back home. And thus, we also caught the birthday girl in act dancing on the podium and flaunting her sexy black outfit that night. Lily and I tried to join her as well, but the bouncer said only one person was allowed at a time. So we left the birthday girl "performing" up there. Back in South 9 that night, we played usual drinking games and for the first time ever, we found out the meaning of "what happens when Sheali gets wasted". And no, I shan't go into details...


Well I also finally met up with my God-ma and pa, Helen and Michael. Missing them heaps! Darling and I brought sheali, audrey and liddie to their house for a cuppa one night after church and Sheali noticed that their son Phillip was cute, haha. We have been wanting to arrange for a proper dinner, which I hope, will be real soon.

The rest of the weeks passed by with the submitting of job applications, supposingly window shopping that didn't really work, baking and baking of pastries and tarts by Joewiz. It's really sucha big stress looking for a job round here, cause they are so limited. And no matter how good an application letter or resume is written, I could only picture the employer putting aside the papers after reading the "on bridging Visa awaiting Australian PR" part. Very few companies want to go through the hassles of work visas and stuff, guess they'd rather just hired an aussie. And so I think it's about time I stop lazing around and start selling my stuff on ebay. I just have to get it started, yeah.. I'm getting there...

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Well, meantime I continued with my hobby of Photoshop and thought I would make use of this skill of mine to help Henrie in her assignment which she needed to finish in that tight deadline; cause she just got back from Hong Kong and they pushed forward the submission date. So, enjoy the graffiti, but remember, its copyrighted! By the both of us.. haha..

Thursday, April 20, 2006

The Easter Hols, A guilty shoppaholic & her "nutsy" chaboh and some pissy stuff.

Image hosting by PhotobucketHappy Belated Easter everyone! It's the Easter hols this week... I didn't do much important stuff except shopping, watching movies/DVDs and getting hooked on my new PC game that darling bought for me last week. For those who have lab blocks during this easter hols, "Hey you have my consolation, hang in there.." Darling will be having his as well either next sem or his last sem, so we're not gloating over other people's misfortune right now. Then we had the Easter celebrations that came and went pretty fast. Not so much about standing and kneeling for the Stations of the Cross where it was like back in Malaysia, but we actually had people carrying the cross and walking to different places here. Easter vigil was same as last year; We had candles lighted at certains times of the Mass during different bible readings. I'm glad I still have Audrey and Liddie to go to church with me back here and I'm sure they are too! "Right? No need to walk anymore.." *winkz* Anyway I guess it was a best friend's email that prompt me to update my blog today. "Yes babes(Len), I'm missing you heaps! Your long email is very touching.. *sniff* Come back soon!" We are shoppaholic "fanatics" who share the same taste and so we get a different colour of the same blouse sometimes. Without her here, no one's been watching horror movies with me as well and worse of all, for the first time she ain't gonna sing with me for uni events. :( Yeah she might be a confusing woman at times, but no woman deserves to be lied to. Although I'm not exactly sure about certain events happening around here, I just feel that when something is over, it should be forgotten cause it ain't worth missing at all. New friends will never replace old pals/chabohs/pooh-gang just like there is only one "-mel-" and any new person with similar sounding names shouldn't use the same nick.

Image hosting by Photobucket
Alrightz, enough of the "preaching" round here. Some of the updates for the week besides attending church included going down with the current ISA committee to Caulfield for their ISO meeting, finally submitting my PR application (yippee!) and down city on Tuesday for more shopping of clothes, Crown and stocking up on the asian groceries. For the first time, we actually brought Sheali to Rock Kung, the famous Hong Kong restaurant in Glen Waverly known for it's Roast Pork and Duck. *mmmnnn yummy* That girl really lurrves her rice! :p

Some other micellaneous topics: The publication of the 2nd issue of the ISA Nexus Newsletter. Anya did a good job, what with the colour printing and stuff especially for Culture Night; though I still like the first original Nexus logo. But what to do? Sheali's laptop "couldn't handle" the Macromedia Freehand software after she took over from me, so the logo kinda got "chak-chak" as the newsletters went by. But it's all good, at least the name still stayed. *smile* Then there was darling being pissed off by having aquaintences waking him up in the morning thinking he's a Taxi Driver or some sort. He was like, "What the hell? I don't even know her!" Never piss the man when he's still in bed. : I mean he's fine with friends or his housemates asking him early before hand to pick them up or whatsoever, but absolutely not for other people who come knocking on your doors only when they need help. *quizzical* I mean, "what's going on?" (#.#) And when in city on Tuesday, we weren't exactly happy when some Public Transport officers came on the tram and book us for not validating our MET card. I mean we haven't got the chance to do so and now we are innocently gonna get a fine for something we didn't do wrong, it's not fair! Ain't gonna write the details here, too pissed about it already. *pout* So this isn't exactly a good week yeah? Although darling and I did win $23.40 in the tattslotto last Saturday...

Monday, April 10, 2006

A Belated Birthday Treat, Back In Melbourne and Stuff to settle among the Fun

My first post back in Gippy... I'm really growing spider webs outta all the boredom here. Erm, cocoons anyone? Anyway, blame it on the jetlag or something, I've been sleeping most of the time the pass one week. Yeah, the cold rainy weather especially helps make the bed even more comfortable and irresistable... But I decided to stop being a *piggy* for today and change the design of my blog. It doesn't look like it's got much changes, but I actually spent the whole day on it. Or.. erm maybe I was on MSN too for abit.. *grinz* ('',)

And before I continue, some pictures taken when I was still back in s'pore...
Image hosting by Photobucket
Had a post birthday celebration with my secondary school friends when we finally met up after a couple of them managed to pull some time away from their busy schedule. I've got another bouquet of flowers for belated prezzie and Crystal Jade "Xiao Long Bao" Restaurant was pretty nice to offer me a small size complimentary cake. We ate heartily with the delicious "Zha Jiang Mian", "Xiao Long Baos", Fried Red Bean dessert etc; one of my many indulgences before I came back to Melbourne. *yummy*

Image hosting by PhotobucketOn the last day of work, I also went round saying good bye to my colleages at the office. It wasn't easy and I really felt a tinge of sadness even though I've only known some of them like a couple of months. They were so friendly and we clicked pretty well. Some of the others include a couple of shots I took in the previous post at the NATAS Travel Fair. Some of them were saying they barely had the chance to go out have lunch or something with me, to get to know each other better and I was already leaving. Honestly, I was really having mixed feelings that last few days before coming back Melbourne and I really had the thought of maybe applying offshore PR or something instead. Plus, I absolutely miss my parents so much, especially my mum. We would go for Sat/Sun masses together in church and since I'm not around now, she has to go to church alone. *sad* :( But I made sure I listen to her and I did went for confession back here last Sat. Father asked me to pray for blessings for my family this easter and also he'll pray for me to find a job soon. More Easter ceremonies coming this week and I'm looking forward to it... Anyway, I couldn't quite describe the feeling when I first saw darling at the airport. He seemed so familiar yet so distant. And I finally understood the feeling when couples seperate for a couple of months or more in different countries and then meet again. But the familiarity soon got back fast enough as all the past memories started flooding back in the car. *contented grinz*
Image hosting by PhotobucketIt felt great to be able to do our usual stuff together again. We had our long talks, hugs, and chilling out together, plus dinner with friends and even his housemates this sem, who were fine people. We dreamt of our 21 million tatts lotto together and missed it by just a number for a $30 prize... haha.. We went for movies and shopping as well, but always not forgetting to call on friends to come along as well. :) Ice Age was an absolutely funny movie. The silly squirrel still never stops at anyting to get his acorn. I shall not say too much, go watch the movie okay? Sheali reminded me to get the plushies which came with any Popcorn & Drinks combos purchased. Lucky for me, Jess and Chun Yau were not into toys, so I managed to get the whole set. Well of course apart from the fun, I went for my medical check up and x-ray as well. Getting ready all the stuff to submit my PR application. Have been praying every night things will turn out well, and so has my dear mum & dad who worries for me all the time. *muaks* Love you all loads...

P.S: One of my chabohs looloo coming back, make sure Len fits in your suitcase okie.. heee.. and *oops* I promise hubby to help him with his assignments, I better start soon! :x