Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Jay Chou's 2010 ERA Concert

I just watched Jay Chou (周杰伦)'s - The Era concert over the weekend and I was totally blown over by it! The special effects they presented live in front of audiences these days is just fantastic! Thanks heaps to dear Pal who bought the set of DVD and Music CDs for me. It even came with a set nun-chucks imprinted with the concert title. Every concern is different and magical and the last one I watched was his 2007 one.
The special edition album with the set of nuchucks.
There were lots of elaborate stuff and and dancing as well as electronic animations going on throughout the show. Though I didn't like some of his lacy girly costumes, he's still the same great performer. He's so talented and plays quite a few different musical instruments as well. But of course the piano is still his forte. And he's now also a music producer / director, setting up the company called JVR Music. Here's a preview of his ERA 2010 concert:

The DVD also had special back-stage filming showing how he and his crew practiced so hard and organised everything so that the concert will go smoothly. He also has his parents and his beloved grandma who attends a lot of his concerts in the back-stage filming as well. And you can see how much his family means to him in the short clips, its just heart-warming.

I always dreamed of going to Jay Chou's concert live one day. And the closest he has been was in Sydney. He wasn't performing when I was working back in Singapore / Malaysia, though I know his first concert was in 2001. That time I probably wasn't so into him yet and by 2004 I was already here in Melbourne.

So yeah, here's hoping that he will make Melbourne one of his concert destinations in future and there's already a facebook campaign that someone has set up to try and do that, of which I most definitely clicked "YES" on it. 永远周杰伦! :)

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Easter trip back to Malaysia and Singapore

Tubbs and I decided to use the Easter holidays this year to make a trip back to Malaysia / Singapore. It was not the usual holiday back to only visit family and friends, but more for getting some wedding preps done as well as familiarizing and spending time with the future-in-laws.

I was also really happy this time to be able to get more acquainted with the future-in-laws. They even went with us to choose our wedding bands. And it was the first time I visited Tubb's home in SG even though we have been together for 6 years+ now. We also got our pre-wedding photo-shoot done, met up with my bridesmaids to sort out their dresses, and got my wedding and evening gown sorted out.

Crazy shopping day spent with mum and chaboh Len.
Chaboh Len and I at the bridal studio to pick out gowns.
Stoney, Aunty Margaret's dog - she's a friend of mum's.
Walking down Chinatown again in Singapore was nostalgic.
At Crazy World Cafe, Dan bro's sister and bro-in-law's restaurant
Yup that's the future-in-laws, a shot that I thought I would never have gotten
Much time was also spent catching up with friends whom I only get to see only once a year or two. It was the usual shuffle in between of Singapore and Malaysia. But I spent less time in SG this year as compared to the last due to the things that needed to get done, and so the schedule was really packed.

With high sch besties Wen and Ren
Tigger and Pooh! One of my Bridesmaids!
With mum and my beloved Niece and Nephew
With Chaboh Liliz on her birthday!
With Pal S.K, Thanks for the seafood treat!
Kitty and Pooh! One of my uni mates.
I organised meet-ups for lunch and dinner in one day with different friends just so we get to meet up, in however short an amount of time we had. I was also really happy to see my beloved niece and nephew, they just grow up so fast and time really flies! Also big thanks to my Pal who treated me to yummy seafood at East Coast.

Marina Bay Sands Hotel, newest attraction in SG
Dar and me inside the hotel cum shopping mall
My sister-in-law and me at Marina Bay Sands
Marina Ba Sands Hotel interior
And hehe, I think we acted like "tourists" back there as well, visiting the newly opened Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Shopping and Casino. There was a fee to pay to take a ride to the roof top viewing area with the swimming pool and stuff. But we decided we'll do that end year instead, when we go back again. And if time permits, I'd also like to make a trip to Universal Studios!

And so in that short amount of time and the things we did, I'd say it was quite a fruitful trip! :)