Tuesday, September 28, 2004

ISA Elections, 1 Week Break and never ending worries...

It seems so fast that one week has past already since I last updated my blog. My brain is so exhausted with the past two assignments draining off my cells that I hope I can roughly remember the things that happened. Guess the important ones will do... Anyway last thursday was the ISA elections cum AGM. Didn't know why I felt so sure that longy would get the position he wanted but ironically it turned out to be a disappointment. Leos are all the same, their pride matters so much that no matter how they feel deep inside, they just don't want to show it. Anyway, he was offered another post and is still in the process if deciding about it on both sides. (ISA + him). Miko and Shea Li got the posts they wanted but certainly hope Longy joined the new committee with them too. Lucky it was a non-formal event where people were scattered all around eating or talking, so I didn't feel too nervous bout singin again. But guess I was just not brave enough to actually dedicate the song I wanted to bb... Well, least Tigger video cam the whole thing so I could show him... Some pics anyway:

This week is the 1 week term break. Few hours ago I was still sloggin away on the 2nd assignment due last fri. Thank god I finished it without sleeping the whole night and went in early just now to hand it in. Still can't accept how dis-organized I am this semester; To think that I never did hand in assignments late before. Lucky it's the last semester, else I can foresee future slacks in me if I continue to study... Just so sick and tired of it and the impending exams make it even worse. Plus many more other things that make my head just want to explode when I think about it are:
- Damn I have to clear my room soon and jetta some stuff back home!
- I haven't booked my air ticket back to s'pore in Nov yet!
- I haven't settled my Gold Coast trip either!
Longy, hemant and len went down city to collect the car we rented for our road trip which should be starting this evening or tomorrow morning. We should be drivin down Canberra then haed to Ballarat. Hopefully, it turns out well... and de-stress me a little... =[

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

ISA Informal Meeting, Traralgon-Inferneno & Start of Pesky Assignments Again...

Saturday was the ISA informal meeting at (Vijay/Clayton/Evon)'s place and though technically the meeting was supposed to start at 12pm, as usual it got delayed again and really commenced only at about 1.30pm. Lunch was cooked by Evon and Coco with variety of fried rice, sweet & sour pork, veg + bean curd and yum "Hei Luo Mi" dessert by Stacey. All the more it makes me miss the chinese food back in s'pore/JB and good, soon in about a month and a half's time, I can enjoy all those again... Dicussed mostly about the coming ISA elections and Darrel asked Mufaro, Len and I to sing again as a performance for that night. Kinda sick of singing that Candy Lo's song, so might probably come out with an extra something else if there's time. Thought of dedicating a song to my bb and video cam that night for him, but erm... think I don't really have the guts to do it. -> We'll see how it goes... Anyway, was surprised at some of the nominees for the coming elections and some of the posts that they are competing for. TOP SECRET at the moment, so we'll know who's got what position on that night...

Was bored as we didn't go down city this weekend and thus went to Traralgon-Inferno instead to de-stress abit. Cute Miko alwayz say to go dancing and exercise to burn off fats... Speaking of that, been trying to control my diet starting on Sunday due to the "monsterous" size that I feel like shit now. Hopefully can keep to it and perservere to the end... Went to the gym yesterday and hmmn, found out that to keep yourself from being tired mentally and physically while running on the threadmill, the best is to think of lots of other things and keep your brain occupied. Haha, I told bb before that I alwayz imagine Im running towards him as he waits at the airport, so I can run longer. ;) Hopefully I can book the air ticket to fly back s'pore round Nov 13-15 successfully with Stacey and Kiddo...

Besides the little quarrel we had the last time, don't think and don't wanna ever have another quarrel with Bb because it really feels terrible. We still have our normal long chats every 1 or 2 days and that really helps in maintainin a long-distance relationship. We had thought it wouldn't work out fine at first, but now time seems to fly so fast that in a month and a half, we can meet again. It's still a wonder how we never run out of things to say and the promise to keep the talk short and sweet never seems to work because in the end, we land up hogging the phone for at least an hour. Longest time we talked -> 4hours; Lucky my $20 rabbitmate calling card gives you 25hrs on a s'pore house phone. Got a call from Bb during the tourism lecture just now and both of us are so happy that he found a full-time job apart from the project he's doing now. Best of all, the company is just 10mins away from his place. Just keep looking forward to finish off studies here soon and get back s'pore/jb where there are so many significant things awaiting me there.

Coming to moo-moo land was one of the best things that happened in my life -> My experiences, new knowledges, activities, true best friends and best of all my "Life-Time Love". All thanks to my parents who wanted to send me here in the first place... *Hugs & Kisses* =) Probably the only thing I hate gaining here was the extra kilos! Anyway, enough of delivering a what? "Thank-you" speech and preeching about my life... But this multimedia tutorial is so damn boring... =

Friday, September 17, 2004

Churchill Idol Finals, Sick of Life round here and never recovering from Cough & Sore Throat here...

Yesterday was the Churchill Idol finals... Len and I could be considered lucky to be the number 3 group to sing. The PC there was not a DVD-ROM and thus there was some delay when it was our turn. Lucky Siti's laptop could play and the speakers were plugged to her laptop then. Sometimes I think over confident isn't such a good thing after all and the best part is some people like me just never learn. I remember the last time in poly where I also dragged my gal friend to join some singing competition too, we practice quite abit more as there was more time and eventually I kept my fingers crossed and we did come in 3rd though. This time it was rather ironic me of cause I kept telling Len not to be nervous and in the end the one who was nervous was me instead and my voice was too soft and trembled abit at the start... At that point, I kinda knew the outsome already... All contestants did get a certificate of participation and I reckon ph a.k.a bb knows me best that's why he kept telling me to take it easy and treat the contest as having fun because he know's I'll be disappointed in not winning... So anyway, some snapshots:

One of the other reasons I could not project my voice well was also because of the stupid sore throat I got 2 days ago after the grill chicken. Stupid weather here never helps when you get sore throat and coughs! Really hate it as they take ages to recover and as it is now, every time I swallow, the throat just hurts like hell... Apart from the stupid impending assignments and exams coming soon, Im also kinda getting tired of the fun around here... Somehow there just doesn't seem to be any aim or life and anything to look forward to here... So much so that I just can't wait to go back to S'pore, start work and look forward to my life with ph...

Things in which Im unhappy/pissed of:
1) Im sick of having eating temptations, eating at odd times of the day and being fat here!
2) Im sick of having sore throats and coughs here which take forever to recover!
3) Im sick of having to worry about assignments when you want to go anywhere!
4) The thought of wanting to plan for my goldcoast trip makes me pissed also!
5) The other thought of having to jetta my stuff back soon also makes me vexed!
6) I hate gaining back the weight here in which I lost last time!
7) I hate gaining back the weight here in which I lost last time!
8) I hate gaining back the weight here in which I lost last time!
9) I hate gaining back the weight here in which I lost last time!
10) I hate gaining back the weight here in which I lost last time!

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Laze Around Week, New Doggy-LJ, Parcel from my bb and Since I have time to blog...

Monday was the setting up of the booth for the Tulip Farm and Chadstone shopping trip on Sep 26 (Sun). Smart of Lyell to start the booths earlier and surprisingly in 2 days the seats were sold out. Had wanted to go, but since we might be taking a road trip during the 1 week break, might as well stop there if we pass by and give up the seats to other people. Don't know why I was so tired on Monday and felt so restless and tired after gym in the afternoon that it was one of the earliest nights that I have slept - 11pm... Oh by the way, welcome my new doggy - LJ

Since I slept early on Monday night, it was easy to get up for the 9am ISM lecture and it seems like such a long time since I have attended that lecture. But anyway I still fell asleep... Haha, makes no difference and boy the Multimedia lect was rather long today. Went home at about 1pm plus and was too lazy to go back for the tutorial at 4pm. Yummy, had drunken prawns, lemon chicken, steam egg and veggies for dinner. Was my first time trying out the drunken prawns and so it didn't turn out quite correctly, but they enjoyed eating anyway. Collected a parcel today and got the gifts that bb sent to me. Especially liked the personalized plaque that had our photos printed on it:

Had a chat with Tigger few days ago and told her that I did feel a little distant from Bb(and I don't like that feeling), but she told me I would slowly get the feeling back once I'm back in s'pore and I should give us the chance to know each other further before judging anything. Bb did admit he wasn't really nice to me in the beginning thats what made me feel doubtful about the sudden change in him. I know and can feel that he loves me very much, thus I hope in going back to s'pore earlier would really help in making things better for us... Hyahz.. in like 18hours time is the finals for the Churchill Idol and I really hope that Len and I will be able to perform the whole song correctly... Thanks first to those who will be going to support us...

Sunday, September 12, 2004

At last some rest & fun, Churchill Idol audition and Amber Clubbin

It's amazing how time passes so fast when you are having fun or when you are rushing assignments at the last minute. Well, the last of the assignment 1s' due on sep 5 was submitted few hours late again as usual, and I spent the whole night without sleeping doing it. Until it was submitted bout 9am plus in the morning then did I finally manage to catch some sleep. Somehow it seemed so busy with assignments and club stuff that even though the next lot of them are due in about 2 weeks to a month's time, the pressure continues on and I promise myself to make sure I start earlier this time. = Trying to keep to my promise is another thing though; Hey at least I went library to get some books already today...

Some interesting stuff I found on my notice board and the artwork by Len:

Penny for my thoughts:
~ Some people come and go in your life,
~ Some might leave an impression, some might not,
~ Life is such a funny thing, it has to have the ups and downs,
~ Leaving you choices that might hurt yourself or others,
~ When Sorrow or Loneliness prys on you, it seems to last forever,
~ Joy or Happiness comes all in one shot and doesn't stay long...
(5 of my GF's relationship ended with their BFs' this year,
it's so scary it makes you "wonder" if you should be in it in the first place)

Anyway, decided to try out the Churchill Idol audition last Weds in the West Rec Hall twice to be exact. Don't know why I just decided to pull Len in and sing another song with her cause after all, we were alwayz singing in the car or when are clubbing together, so I thought "What the heck, might as well sing another one for the fun of it." Well lucky enough, the judges felt our combination was good and she sang with emotions; that was one of the factors that contribute to getting us into the finals next wed sep 15. Somehow the "kick" didn't start to get in till tonight where I finally feel some sort of nervousness coming after some "worthy advice"...

So assignments are gone for the moment, thus it was down to Amber on friday... The music wasn't that good though and we got bored and left at about plus. Imagine we were all hungry and went to grab KFC at 3am plus in the morning. That is so sinful - all the oil... Finally Len and I stop our procrastination and stopped at the Asian Grocery Store to get the stuff we had wanted to get weeks ago. Headed down Chadstone after that to window shop for abit then went back uni. Boy it was one of the earliest times I came back from city - 4pm...

Friday, September 03, 2004

ISA Newsletter, Elections Coming Soon, 3-down 1 to go, and Just Blogging

There's nothing much to blog these days as life here still revolves around assignments and stuff. To make matters worse, I sometimes don't even have the time for myself, but it's a real wonder some people here are just too free and thus their minds start to get creative over certain things they have seen or heard and as the message gets passed on, it just becomes another story... Anyway, just handed up my multimedia assignment on Weds morning, it was 5hours late. Couldn't be bothered cause I just didn't have the mood to do it. Serve myself alright that I had to stay till 5am on Wed just to force myself to finish it and hand it in... Managed to finish up the ISA newsletter as well and guess they should be in Student Residence's mail box soon cause Stacy and I were madly photocopying and folding them yesterday... Boss had wanted me to do an 8paged one, I told him it was good enough I had the time to even complete a 4paged one... Kinda disappointed that I couldn't submit an article even for the lst issue of EMIT uni paper this semester...

Somehow it seems coincidental or ironic that at the time of finding content for the ISA newsletter, I came across an article that a friend had emailed me which was a message that I sarcastically want to pass on to people whose mouths just cannot be kept to shut. Just don't understand why some "acquaintances" are so interested in my life anyway? Whatever it is, my relationship with bb remains strong and to all those KPO's out there, STOP bugging Phion asking if we are together or telling some nonsense whatever shit you heard or saw. Yes we are still and will always be together... It's lucky our love's strong enough to withstand all these shit that those people want to give us out there. It's not fair to assume something's going on just cause Len and I are close with Kiddo and Tim and they are more westernized...

Well, haven't been sleeping much the last few days due to the loads of stuff I need to do. Have to endure another 2 days of sleepless nights cause I have another assignment due on Sep 5 and I haven't even started anything yet. Hopefully can have a happy 2 week break before assignment 2 comes again. Gotta miss the Amber outing we planned tonight too cause everyone's busy and can't make it. Hemant's cooking curry tonight, mmnnn... yummy, my stomach's growling already... Gotta go do at least one question first before dinner... So till then... (*-*)