Monday, December 17, 2007

A little bit of this and that for the past month.

Okay here's a months worth of updates in brief. I have no inspiration to write much for the moment, so I'll let the photos do most of the talking. Here goes:

Me with helen, michael, tubby and ammie
Dinner with Tubby, Ammie, Jason at Helens' and Michaels'. Food was yummy as usual. There were chicken wings, roast beef, vegies, potatoes, BBQ chicken and beef and yummy desserts too.

Churchill Tennis Team
The Churchill Tennis Team - Section 6. We were at the bottom of the list but got pushed to 3rd and we had a walkover against Moe last Saturday cause they didn't have enough players. So it's all good for us and fingers cross we'll make it to the finals.

With hubby at his Convo

Hubby at his convo with his parents
And finally, Tubby at his Convocation, the same one Len, Me and Joewiz attended 2 years ago at Clayton. Man time really flies. The above one is with his folks, and the meeting with them this time turned out to be pretty good surprisingly. Maybe it's cause their son has finally graduate that they are willing to loosen up a bit.

Christmas Tree and Deco at home
And lastly, by chaboh Len's request, here is a photo of how the Christmas tree and house deco for christmas looks like. Though we haven't got much people around for the little gathering, but it's the true meaning that matters. And I wanna go to Ivan Hoe to have a look at the christmas lights and decos too.

P.S: And to chaboh loo for her sweet little SMS, I love you girls always. Muaks. And that goes for my Tigger and Kitty. :P

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Jay Chou's new album, poster, 2008 calendar and Melbourne Trip

This came from the postman yesterday, I'm super happy! His songs got me hooked as usual. You HAVE to go and listen. My Jay is still the same cutie, though now MORE talented, venturing into movies and directing, but I wished he can put on a little bit more weight. :P I've got nothing much to update lately. Was down in Melbourne last Sunday for a Transformer's fan meet. Some of the guys came from Sydney or Brisbane, it was kinda awkward at first and funny too cause everyone was sitting around the table in the food court and there were transformers toys all over the table. :P We had introductions, chatted around for a bit, then went around to the toy stores for a look.

I didn't stay for long cause poor Tubby was waiting for me at Crown, plus I had a large bag full of transformers toys, some of which I got a friend to bring over from Sydney for me. Then one of them gave me two free toys as well as sold me a book for a bargain price. I also bought one more pack of figures from Myer and also my Clinique facial stuff. So yeah it was really heavy. After I met up back with Tubby, we just went to get Asian groceries and made our way back cause we missed Jasper. Might post a pic of the forum guys if I can get the photo from them. Till then, tata for now...

* Ooohhh and for the first time in 6 weeks, our team won the Tennis match against Moe last Saturday. It was also the second time I won all my 3 sets. Yippie! Hope we can keep the good team effort going! :)

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Jay Chou ON THE RUN is OUT!!!

Woohoo!!! Jay Chou's new album is OUT! I have ordered the new album with poster and 2008 calender already! Here are 2 songs from the album. As usual, absolutely Jay and absolutely awesome! :)

牛仔很忙 - Cowboy on the Run

彩虹 - Rainbow

Friday, November 02, 2007

Long overdue Music Video from Culture Night 2007

I have nothing else to update for the moment. So here is the long overdue Music Video from Culture Night 2007. It's only halfway through the song that's why I initially did not want to upload it cause I'm still waiting to get the full video of the 2 songs from Ammie. *hint hint* Anyway hope you enjoy it. :)

Once again, a very big thank you to the lovely casts Sharon, Sookie and Chenghao. And also those who helped out in some way or another. It was a really awesome play.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A night that was too overwhelming, badminton awards night and an eligible bachelor

I think as a person gets older, the harder it becomes to express oneself. Last Thursday was the ISA AGM. Half heartedly, I didn't feel like going that night. It was not only because of the usual cramps that time of the month (yeah I don't care about too much info!), but also because I was sure I'm gonna feel left out. The over-whelming part was having to walk into 1N207 again, where everything brought back so much memories. Memories of my ISA AGM, where my friends cheered me on taking the role of Publications Officer, I almost wanted to break down in tears. :-( Man I miss you girls so much.

Then it didn't help when someone pissed me off. It's times like this when I wished chaboh loo comes to my aid, then I'm sure the guy would run 10 miles away! The small incident happened when we were lining up for food, the line was moving when Tubbs called me to move forward. Then out of nowhere, this guy walks and bumps into my hand and he drops a piece of food on the floor. I said sorry even though it wasn't my fault. But he stared at me as if I stole his food or something and even muttered that I didn't see him coming and knocked into him! I was so PISSED OFF because tubbs was happily chattering away with someone else, oblivious to what happened! :x I muttered back, "Hey you're the one who bumped into me, what's your problem!" The worse part was that he is a GUY! One that is NO GENTLEMEN at all! And worse still, he's Malaysian! What a disgrace to have such a fellow countrymen. I don't know his name, but I do know he's an outcast amongst fellow Singaporeans/Malaysians and only the Chinese accept him. Anyway it was too much for me, I left soon after.

On a happier note, last Friday was the Badminton Club Awards Night. Surina and I came in 1st in the Women's doubles and Wangwei and I came in 2nd for the mix doubles. (I wished it were this good in tennis as well! :p Anyway it was all good and all fun, and we had pizzas and KFC for dinner.
Badminton AGM
From left: Cynthia, Greenie, Me, Surina and Sue Li.

Badminton AGM
From left: Cute guy Wangwei (Yes for you chabohs to drool also! :P), me, Ellen and Kim

Publicity for Churchill's Cute Eligible Bachelor:
1) He's a 1st Class Honours Degree Holder
2) He's an Engineer and has Ozzy PR
3) He's originally from Penang
Any other personal statistics, drop me a note ok? Hahaha..;)

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The City Trip and sometimes, some things are better NOT left unsaid.

I've gotta say the City trip lifted up my spirits a little. But it didn't help much when last week an apparent good friend decided to team up with someone else in the badminton match without telling me earlier. I mean I would have been really cool if she just told me earlier cause I was waiting for her. Anyway I'm not fussed now, I've got other partners already,but the hurt is already there. And so Tennis and Badminton matches awaits, "Oh I so have to get the practice especially for tennis since it's my fav!"

Anyway here's some pics from the city trip:
Meatballs, Doghouse, Dogs Toy, Tool Kit from Ikea
Dog house for $9.95 only, what a bargain, tool kit, donkey from Shrek for Jasper, display shelf for my transformers and other nitty gritties. :P

Bedroom, Kitchen and Children's Room Decorations from Ikea
Lovely sample decos from Ikea. And no I wasn't supposed to take photos, but ssshhhhh... Those decos just make you wanna get your own house and start your own renovations and decorating. Tubbs was saying that he wants an Island kitchen counter facing the TV so he can enjoy himself while cooking. :D

Transformers Haul from City and Daniel
And lastly, my transformers hauls for that day. Most were thanks to Daniel who got them for me. This is only a fraction of what I have now.. heeheehee.. :P

Funnily enough, I DID NOT buy any clothing or makeup at all this time. Maybe cause there just wasn't enough time and also I guessed we were kinda broke after @^#%@$ asian groceries cost us a whopping $112 bucks! And till the next time, tata for now..

Monday, September 17, 2007

Different life in a different enviroment. I need a break!

Maybe when people start working, their life practically revolves all around work and that leaves no time left for anything else. Or in my case, life sometimes is so boring at where I'm staying that there honestly isn't much to update. When I read my besties's blogs, they get to meet up with friends after work, have dinner together, go for a drink or two, go shopping or clubbing. Those sounded so much like the days when I was working back in Singapore. Maybe it's the culture and the environment too. Maybe if I were working in the city, things might be different.

Anyway I was very temperamental and in a pissy mood last week. Everything seemed to annoy me, even some colleagues weren't spared and were replied with somewhat hostile tones. I think the main issue was about money, everything had to come at the same time and probably also the lack of a break. I mean, the last time we had an actual trip was to Geelong during April. And that was like what? 5 months ago? I can't take it anymore, I need to go off somewhere, even to Melbourne I'll be happy. And even then, it's been 5 freaking weeks since I went down to Melbourne. And all because I had no choice due to the money issue that I have to keep putting off the date to go down.

And so I'm not gonna freaking care anymore, this Friday it's down to the city I shall go, with tubby. Just the two of us, although we're gonna miss our fluffy bunny Jasper lots. Looking forward to the food we gonna have, shopping and also the exchange of my transformers toys with Daniel.

Apart from that, life is very routined and mundane for the moment. I can't wait for end year where I hope there's a turning point in life after tubby graduates. Even if there's not gonna be a big change, at least I can look forward to going back Malaysia for Chinese New Year. That's right, tickets booked and flight date is set. I shall set you "sweeties" an email nearer the date I'm going back.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Tubby's birthday, Trip to Mt. Baw Baw and Stuff.

I'll let the photos do much of the talking. Since the last update, we celebrated Tubby's birthday and went up to the snow. He is now officially 24 years old. And NOOO I did not put on weight okay. The photos were just taken at the wrong time and wrong angle. I don't care and I stick to that. :P And I mean who doesn't look bloated in layers of cotton?

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
The spoilt brat had two cakes. One from me and the other from Alex. It was all good anyway since the two cakes were just enough to feed 15 people and had a little left over. Then he got a set of chef's knives from a bunch of them. But before he can open his present, he had to do a whole heap of things like cutting his hair, downing tequila shots, tickle himself and stuff.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
The ski trip to Mt. Baw Baw (Again for the 3rd time! I want to go somewhere else next year!) which my Godpa Michael brought us to. For some reason, I was feeling shitty that day and didn't feel like skiing much. And since I kept falling down as well, I passed the ski set over to Eileen instead. Toboganning is more fun, though we really wanted to try out Snow Tubing, but tickets were sold out for the day. :) Next time maybe.

On another note, we also received news of the demise of our bestest friend's father. I don't want to mention too much here and stir up her feelings again. But I just wanted to let her know that I almost wanted to flew 7000kms back to see her, if not for the financial issue. Whatever it is, we love you heaps "pai-kuat". Big big hugs.

And in case you didn't know, my Transformers toy count is now around 30 and going up and up. :P Got to know some really good friends from the OZ Transformers forum as well. You go guys! Spoiling me by always helping me get stuff first. Thanks!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Someone got me Bumblebee, Ying's belated birthday dinner and melbourne trip.

At last, some photos to go with the post, thank God cause I too tired to write much. Had to attend a marketing seminar with my colleague at 7am yesterday and I'm still feeling sleepy now. On a happy note, I met some great guy fans from the OZformers forum and they were out on the search for my Bumblebee 08 for me. And you know what? One of them got me my Bumblebee 08 for me!!! SWEET... Will be meeting him down Melbourne next week to collect it. *Yippie* These guys are so awesome and nice! ;) You know who you are!

Ying's Belated Birthday Party of Mates
We also celebrated Ying's belated birthday party a couple of Sunday's ago. Poor girl had to pick her candles from her cake and get her face smashed with cream. Don't have the photos here, think Sookie has them. Jason got a video or it as well.

Yum Cha and Korean Food in City with Cynthia and Eileen
Next is the City trip last Saturday. Tubbs gave in to his craving for Yum Cha for the usual Imperial Kingdom at Blackburn. It was awesome as usual, but we had to wait ages for his chicken legs again. Dinner was at a Korean restaurant along Latrobe Street which Cynthia recommended us to try. Food was not too bad (though of course not as authentic as those I had in Korea) and the prices were reasonable as well. Would definitely go back to eat again.

I had to say I didn't shop much this time because I was on the search for my Transformers. :P And even though we went to Chadstone, I didn't buy one item of clothing or shoes at all. Disappointing isn't it? At least I got a pair of white boots and some skincare stuff. So I updated my shoppaholic blog with whatever (non transformers stuff) I bought in the last few weeks, which is pretty little actually.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Yet another dream of CTC and historical figures which intrigued me.

I did it again. Yesterday night I dreamt that CTC (Ex company I worked for in S'pore. You can read this post and this post for more info) have moved to factory sized premises and that I was back working with CK (My God Bro whom I always call Gege), Ian and another guy whom I can't recognize. We were sitting across each other at our desks when my lady boss called us out for some meeting, and we walked into something like a huge store area with all the other staff all sitting on work benches. Then Ms. Wee (lady boss) started talking and briefing us about the travel fair and stuff. It was damn funny and seemed so real again that when I woke up, I actually felt kinda disappointed it was just a dream.

In a perfect world, I would still like to be in my ex company and be situated here in Australia, Melbourne especially. No doubt, there were lots of OTs, stress and endless work to do, but it was so much fun! The travel fairs, the events and stuff, the special treatment by press and broadcasting network because we collaborated with them for events. I didn't need to sit and be bored at office all the time. We had heaps of people to meet(even TV actors and actresses), events to organize, travel fairs and road shows to prepare and set up. Best of all, I was happy. Isn't that one of the most important factor in work life? I just found out yesterday that they recently sponsored the Jay Chou's Secret movie premiere at Cathay. If only I were still working there, I'd more probably be able to get some special pass to go or something.

Anyway I should stop dwelling on the past. I myself chose this path right? So I should just make the best out of it, although I really really really miss my besties back home. Haven't got much updates. Will be heading down to Melbourne this weekend, so I'm hoping I get some luck with finding my bumble bee 08 camaro. The shelves here at Target, Big W and Kmart are still super pathetic. Even Kmart which I thought would re-stock on their sale today, still had the same usual old stuff they had for weeks. On another note, as some of you might know, I'm a history geek and I love to learn about the people and cultures of the past. Recently two figures caught my attention: Empress Tzu Hsi, last empress of China and Marie Antoinette, Last Queen of France. Been reading books and watching movies about them, the most recent was Marie Antoinette played by Kirsten Dunst. I have yet to find any movie about the past empress, so if you know any, do let me know. :)

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

It's still all about Transformers (Part 2) and some thoughts

Been sick the last couple of days. Well, there's nothing much to update lately. No outings, haven't been anywhere fun, haven't bought any new clothing or anything interesting. I'm still on the hunt for my Transformer Toys, especially the Bumblebee Camaro 2008 version. Darn it's really mind boggling. Yeah I know, "There are better things to do out there than to be mad about toys mel!" But it's something that I really like. :P And I'm sure everyone has something they are mad about, it's just that they haven't got there yet.

Anyway, this mad BB figure is going for around $70 to $100 on ebay. And the RRP is only $27! They are only out in certain areas of NSW and QLD. It's so unfair that VIC doesn't have it yet! I even asked Ying to check out Singapore and they were sold out as well! The shells of Kmart, Target and Big W have been empty for weeks and the blardy staff can be very in-cooperative in telling when they are gonna re-stock! But I managed to dig from one Kmart staff and got the answer. And Noo, I'm not telling you cause I don't want anyone snatching my Bumblebee (If there's any) from me. :O

So on my medical leave the last 2 days, I was on my Nintendo DS again (What else to do?), played heaps of different games on my R4 but have found none really addictive except for Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney and Rayman Raving Rabbits. Then I also decided to open 2 of my most treasured Transformers Toys (Voyager Edition: Ironhide and Rachet pictured above) because my fingers couldn't take it anymore. Tubbs and Jason also had a go with the transforming and it took them quite awhile to get it right. Tubbs was so pissed off, he gave up! It was that complicated to transform them, esp. from robot back to vehicle mode. I also watched the DVD Marie Antoinette after reading the book. It was a good add-on to my history knowledge.

On another note, 2 of my chabohs can't make it for the Brissy trip this year end. Well I could also understand the difficulties what with the exchange rate and stuff. I was thinking of cancelling the trip, but Len still wants to go, so I reckon we will go ahead with it. The more the merrier no doubt, but I guess sometimes, not everything can go accordingly as planned. So no hard feelings my dear girls. :)

Thursday, July 12, 2007

It's still all about Transformers.

Transformers came out a couple of weeks ago and oh man, I was an avid fan since small(due to my big brother's big collection of the action figures which I played with) and after watching the movie, I think I just went even more bonkers. The movie's plot wasn't so good, but hey the cinematics is the one that we're mostly there for right? It was almost as if you could feel yourself standing right next to Optimus Prime. :P The transformations were so cool! After the movie, Jason(also a mad transformers fan) and I keep imagining that the vehicles in our company were gonna transform into some powerful robot as well!
Tranformers The Movie 2007

Anyway, I still remembered that week when Tubbs came back from SG, he asked if I wanted to drop by Toys'R'Us to look for Bumblebee, I said "never mind it's okay", thinking I can get it easily another time. But hell, can you believe it? Bumbleebee is SOLD OUT absolutely in most of the major stores and prices are sky rocketing in ebay! But lucky me, I managed to get him, though I'm still missing the 2008 Camaro Deluxe Movie version. :( Those are going for around aud$100 on ebay! So as you can see, here's the current collection.
Transformers Toys from Hasbro

If you think this is mad, hahaha, nooo I'm still not satisfied. Apart from wanting the 2008 Camaro Bumblebee version, I still want the Ultimate Bumblebee. It's RRP is US$89, but apparantly, some people got it for US $50. Darn, things always come out in the U.S first, it won't arrive to Australia until August or September.

For those toys, I forfeited my shopping for clothing and accessories. Can you believe it? I updated my insaneshoppaholic blog yesterday, but those were stuff that I bought few weeks ago. So that space is gonna stay empty for awhile cause the transformer pics are going up to a special album dedicated to it. :P Anyway, I'm not all bimbo and know how to shop only okay, I bought some extra figures to sell on ebay and they are going pretty well. Anyway, apart from that, nothing else much to update, haven't been to anywhere else. :(

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Melbourne Wedding Expo, Transformers Movie and Action Figures and my R4 Revolution Card for DS

Tubbs is back and I'ma soo happy and glad because not only did I miss him (twas only 2 weeks I know), but situations are much easier to handle with him around. ;) So darling and I went to the 2007 Melbourne Bride Wedding Expo last Sat. I'd say I wasn't too impressed at all since I have been to exhibitions on a larger scale. I'd thought there would be few hundred of exhibitors, but there were only about 120 of them. As you can see, you can have any type of wedding car you want (if you can afford it.) Let's just say a limousine costs around AUD$800 - $1000 per hour.
2007 Melbourne Bride Wedding Expo
Then of course there were bridal boutiques displaying their gowns, hotels, convention centre executives trying to persuade couples to host their wedding at their venues, wedding decorations and event stands, photographt stands, souvenir stands, etc. All in all, I'd say they had exhibitors to cater for every wedding need, but just less variety of 'em thats all. There were also Fashion catwalk parades of gowns, jewellery and shoes and it was a really good experience since it's the first time we've been to a live one. Camaras weren't allowed, but I manage to get just one shot. :P

Transformers - Bumble Bee FigureWe also went to watch Transformers on Sunday with Eileen, Jason, Ammie, Dom, Alex(H), Byron, Sueli and her BF. Yeap it was a group outing alright, but lucky this time it was a unanimous vote to watch the same movie. And why? Because it's Transformers and hey! who can resist not watching it right? :P The movie plot was only alright, but I guess all we wanted to see was mostly the action and the gist of it. It was a little disappointing though that they changed the vehicles of the robots from the original cartoon. Like Bumble Bee became a Chevrolet Camaro instead of a Volks Wagon. And Optimus Prime was a different Truck altogether too.

But it was still all good. As long as it's Transformers, anything will do. We were speculating that there's gonna be a part 2. Well, guess I've been influenced too much by my brother when I was small. I used to play with all the Transformers Action Figures that he had. And I've been hooked on them ever since. Jason and I have been mad lately, and have been browsing through Transformer stuff during work time. (ssssshhhhhh...) I lurrve Bumble Bee most.

I also found out that Kmart, Target, Big W and Toy'R'Us are selling the Transformer toys. And we headed to Kmart straight after work yesterday. But I couldn't find anything I really like and thought that we should check out the other stores as well to see if they have a different variety. But nevertheless, I couldn't resist getting this small Bumble Bee first, for a cheap price of $5.99.

And also, darling bought my Nintendo DS R4 Memory card for me from Singapore! It was a better bargain there since the bundle cost SGD$75 together with the MicroSD card, but cost around AUD$90 here. So it's noo more spending money on expensive games for my DS! And even better, I can have around 18 games on my DS all at once. *Yippie* :D And darling also got me the CKIn2U perfume as a gift. Apparantly it's the newest popular hit in town. I love the smell, it smells of fruits with a zest of lemons. Go try it out! Tata for now...

Monday, June 25, 2007

Disk Crash Depression, Winning a Tom Clancy Game Pack, Tubby's happening life back in SG and the weekend awaits.

Okay, I meant to update my blog last friday but I was too depressed to do so because just before I finished work last week, I found out that my external hard disk had crashed! :( Yes, all my photos, website stuff and God knows what other stuff's in it are currently "missing" or totally gone forever. All I know is that the hard disk gets detected, but the Used Space and Available Space is 0 Bytes and no files are displayed. I found out that it might be a disk partition problem, but I'm gonna wait for tubby to come back and settle it for me.

Meantime, no use crying over spilt milk. Anyway, on a happier note, I actually won a set of 4 "Tom Clancy's" game packs from the IT Meego Fund Campaign recently held on Gamespot. But the big joke is that the games not only belongs to a guy's genre, they are actually for xbox 360, which I don't own and will most probably not own. So I'm selling them on ebay.

And so, with tubby back in SG, there's no happenin stuff over here, except that I had gone swimming twice and went for my tennis lesson on a freezing cold and foggy Sunday. But it's great when your coach tells you that you are improving. *gleams* ;) Anyway, tubb's is having a more happening life back in SG. He's out everyday and last week he met up with my Pooh Gang. I was "oh-so-jealous" I couldn't be there. I could only talk to them through the phone as it was passed around the 4 of them. They had dinner in some newly opened restaurant which I can't remember where. Here's the pics anyway.

Yeah yeah, I'm lazy to edit the photos this time la, blame it on the "Hard Disk Crash" depression. On a different note, there was a little issue I wasn't too happy over the weekend, but decided to let it pass. Still I feel I can at least voice out at my blog. When any friend asks for a favour, Tubbs and I will usually say yes most of the time. But that doesn't mean it's right to assume it's okay to ask frequently, and especially at the last minute too. I mean, no offence but it's just not right to take things for granted sometimes.

Anyway, I'm glad tubby's returning this weekend! Otherwise I told him, I was getting insane talking to Jasper only everyday. Have booked a pet-friendly place to stay overnight so we can make it for that "long awaited" wedding fair! Yeah, I hope that it's gonna be interesting and there are no pushy exhibitors who try and get us down to anything there and then. Also I thought maybe instead of shopping too much this time, I wanna make a trip to the Museum too. We'll see how it goes. Till then, have a great week all! :)

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Shoppaholic Updates, S.H.E "Play" Album Arrival and More Ramblings.

Len the "paikuat" keeps bugging me to update, but honestly I have nothing to update! I've been bumming around during the long weekend (Monday was off day due to the Queen's birthday) and all I did was grocery shoppin, listing my items for sale online, gaming and more gaming, plus a bit of reading. Still, I decided to find something to update and also did my Shoppaholic blog, but I didn't put my Ipod shuffle there, I wrote about it here, so if you're interested by all means, click.

S.H.E Play
And sooo, my long awaited S.H.E "Play" album, photobook and concert badges are finally here. I've gotta admit the delivery took some time, but YesAsia does have a lot of fascinating items. You can get CDs, DVDs, Games and Books in Mandarin, Korean and Japanese and you can even get items in it's original versions from the countries they hail from. They deliver free worldwide, provided you buy over US$30. So the only down part is that prices are in USD, thus it's a little pinch to the skin when you shop there. But there's no harm in just taking a look.

Anyway, I also decided to upload some recent photos of Jasper. It's been sometime since our "baobei" has been out of the limelight. He hasn't had any grooming since last year and we do the nail-cutting ourselves. The poor guy has his eyes covered whenever his fur grows too long. And Tubbs decided to use him to de-stress(how mean I know), he grab abit of fur from both sides of the ears and trim it and so I decided to trim his whole body as well, though he looks abit "gong" now, but still cute right? :D

So the next few weeks will continue to be mundane for me. Ying's back in S'pore and Tubbs is also flying back this weekend. He promised me to be back by Sat 1 Jul so that we can make it for the Wedding Fair in Melbourne. Eileen, Dom and the others are going on a trip to Brisbane/Gold Coast, so it's just gonna be me and Jasper most of the time. Ah well, it isn't that bad, just more time for myself and Jasper. Though now, I'm doing some research on Mornington Peninsula, where the Hot Springs I was talking about in my last post, is. I requested a brochure from them and have yet to look through. Now that it's confirmed about the date Tubbs will be back, I can go ahead and plan the trip. It should be in early July, and Dom, Ying, Eileen you 3 are welcome to come along. Just let me know if you're interested okay? Till next time... tata..

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Current weekly schedule, awaiting next getaway and I got tagged.

After the last dinner at Helens' and Michaels', I don't think there will be any happenings for awhile. So my current weekly schedule is 3 days gym, 1 night tennis lesson and the rest of the time digging into my books or gaming. I used to be a bookworm since small and then when the teenage years and early 20s' era came, the interest was lost since gettin caught in the BGR thingys, clubbin and stuff, you know.

But then late last year I decided to pick up a book again and never stopped since. If you're in for a read, I'd recommend books by Adeline Yen Mah, Anchee Min and Julia Quinn. As for my gaming, if you're a tad interested at all, you can view my gamer's profile at Gamespot. In short, I'm on my Nintendo DS and PS2 now, thinking about the Wii or PSP next. Yeah that's a "Want" and not a "Need", so I'm still waiting. But first I wanna get the Homebrewed Memory Card for the DS.

So everyone around me now is stressed with exams and assignments and I really can't wait for them to end so everyone can relax again. And I'm looking forward to go for another short trip either to the Peninsula Hotsprings or Sydney before or after Tubbs come back. He will be going back to S'pore for 2-3 weeks after exams. So if any of you wanna meet up with him, just make a trip down to S'pore during the weekend or something. Meantime, please do continue to support the Cosmic Reviews website. New reviews are posted every week. And I also decided to do a Tag, since I got tagged by a friend.

I've been Tagged and so are You!

This is what you are supposed to do. Cut and paste if you decide to participate in the tagging game. Each player of this game starts off by giving 6 weird things about themselves. People who get tagged need to write in a blog of their own 6 weird things as well as state the rules clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names.

After you do that, leave them each a comment letting them know you tagged them and to read your blog.

1. I like to bite Jasper, especially his chubby paws when we're playin, lightly and for fun only of course. :p
2. I can start singing anywhere when I'm in the mood, in the shower, in the car and even in the office.
3. I have gone to Google before and type "I'm bored" in the search bar.
4. I like to take out fishballs from hot soup and put them in the saucer with soysauce to cool down.
5. I like to bend my index and middle fingers and push my nose upwards when it's itchy.
6. I like to pull the hairs on tubby's chin when it's too long and he doesn't shave.

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1) Joewiz
2) Len
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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Dinner Gathering @ Lyells', shoppaholic at it again, wishes for end of semester.

Finally the updates from Dinner at Lyell's and Nancy's 2 Sundays(20 May) ago. I know chaboh loo's gonna "kill" me when she sees this cause she's gonna get "oh-so-jealous" about the food. Yup, there were 15 of us in total, heaps of delicious food to go with rice or bread, and awesome desserts for the sweet-toothed. After dinner, we went on to the hilarious game of taboo, where all the shouting and excitement didn't even cause the sleeping Dom to twitch one bit... :D
Potluck Dinner at Lyell's - The People who attended
Potluck Dinner at Lyell's - The Glorious Food

Then just last Saturday was the long-awaited City shopping trip. I've gotta say I've been deprived of the city for almost 2 months already. And when that happens, it just doesn't bod well because I spent a freaking few hundred plus in total! Ah well, twas to make up for all the "lost" time, or maybe it's just self consolation for the burn in my pocket. :P But anyway, here's the shopping! For a precise item description, please check out my Shoppaholic Blog.
Me with my Shopping Bags from shopping in Melbourne and the stuff I have bought

Last week was also the last week of badminton. It was good meeting some new friends over the past couple of weeks of playing. And so, someone came up with the idea of "round-the-court" badminton on the last 2 days. You line up and each person hits the shuttlecock once and run to the queue and the next person has to hit to the next person on the other side of the court and so forth. Whoever misses needs to run around the whole of Binishell. We had a pretty fun time! :)
Round-the-Court Badminton

So it's end of the semester again. Darn, time sure passes really fast. It seemed like just yesterday Mum came back to Gippy with me, and then I met Eileen and Dom and got to know Ying, Ammie and their Dalpura 4 housemates better, started playing tennis with Kal, and got to know 2 cute guys (Don't worry, just lookin!) Ah Hao and Wangwei. All this happened in a time span of 6 months that have just gone by in a flash! Well I'm glad for meeting the new friends to keep me sane (while I miss my chabohs & pooh gang), thanks! Meantime, best of luck for those who have exams coming along! ;)

Thursday, May 24, 2007

S.H.E's Play Album 3 songs: 中國話, 五月天 & 聽袁惟仁彈吉他)

Well, the moment my pal told me about S.H.E's new album released on 11th May, I zoomed to google to find out about the album tracks and youtube to find the MTVs. Since it's a really new album, I only managed to find 3 of the more popular songs. They are really cute and good, and of course I love em! So take a break and enjoy!

中國話 (Zhong Guo Hua) - Chinese Language
This tongue twister of a song was so addictive that it got stuck in my head the whole time, after listening to it! 扁担宽 板凳长, 扁担想绑在板凳上 (Bian Dan Kuan Ban Deng Chang, Bian Dan Xiang Bang Zai Ban Deng Shang) - Carrying Pole is Wide Wooden Bench is Long, Carrying Pole wants to tie itself to the Wooden Bench. It sounds right in chinese, cause it's a tonque twister!

五月天 (Wu Yue Tian) - May Day
This song tells of a story between neighbours Selina and May Day's lead singer Ashin who falls in love. While Selina wants to take the step faster, Ashin teases her by taking it slow and kissing her only after they have gone for a few dates.

聽袁惟仁彈吉他) (Ting Yuan Wei Ren Tan Ji Ta) - Listen to Yuan Wei Ren play the guitar
This song is super funny! S.H.E raps about the life story of song writer Yuan Wei Ren who tries to play the guitar. It's really interesting! Ella raps really well. ;)

Monday, May 21, 2007

S.H.E's New Album "Play" and Chinese Music Rocks my World.

S.H.E's (Selina, Hebe and Ella) New Album "Play"

I want it, I want it, I want it! My pal pal just told me about S.H.E releasing their new album, titled "Play". I'ma waiting for him to send it to me next soon. *eyes open wide and shining*

Oh have I told you that I prefer chinese songs to english songs? Not because I'm a blardy "chi-nah" person, but because some english songs these days have no meaning at all. I'd prefer crooning to the oldies love songs from the 60s to 90s. Compare the music videos and you'll see what I mean.

English MTVs: Women in skimpy outfits dirty dancing, men doing hip-hop down the street or people doing silly things. MTV is lame and repetative.

Chinese MTVs: Love stories of happiness or heartbreak, marriages, inspirations, respect, dreams and a whole heap more. Each MTV tells a story.

Don't believe me? Go watch it on YouTube then. :p

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Tennis over Badminton, Neighbours around and Culture Night 2007 Photos

Just had another tennis lesson last night. After weeks of badminton over tennis, the coach had one thing to say, "You are both using badminton styles! You can't mix both, it's either one or the other." *sigh* The people who have a knack for tennis or are interested are getting less. Ying now prefers badminton to tennis and tubbs got frustrated playing as well. But I'm still a passionate tennis fan and I think I'd quit badminton after this year to fully concentrate on tennis.

Anyway it's nice when you have neighbours all round who are friends. You can just pop over for a chit chat, ask to borrow some garlic, or go disturb people when you're bored. And the guys at Kal's have a nintendo DS as well, so they've asked to go over play wireless games sometime. So I finally pop over to get the photos and so, here goes the Culture Night Photo Outbursts:
Monash Gippsland - Culture Night Shanghai Theme 2007
The pre-evening dress worn for my "Rainie Yang - Dream Lover" singing performance and also to match Eileen for our "Atomic Kitten - Eternal Flame" performance. Top photo: Sookie, Sharon, Me, Eileen and Ying. Then some shots of the performance. Honestly, my couple casts looked really compatible, but they are not an item in real life la. *evil grins* Casts: Ah Hao as photographer, Sharon as Ballerina and actor's love, Sookie as photographer's model.

Monash Gippsland - Culture Night Shanghai Theme 2007
Our "Atomic Kitten - Eternal Flame" performance by Ying, Eileen, me and Ammie. Pardon the fleshy arms la I know. *pouts* Bottom right photo: Ammie in her pretty sari, Alex, Eileen, me and Sharon.

Monash Gippsland - Culture Night Shanghai Theme 2007
Finally, a change in costume. Top photo: 2 "extras" from the Churchill Soccer Club, me, Eileen, Ah Hao, Kal, Leon and GF Cindy, and Alex. Centre right: Me, Dominic and Eileen. The rest I'm sure need no more introduction. Tubbs was being teased as looking like a kungfu master or something and a chubby one at that too. haha. :D

Monash Gippsland - Culture Night Shanghai Theme 2007
Lastly, it's Singapore VS Malaysia in the flag photo shot. Of course, there's the extra "angmo" in the shot again. We were arguing about how the numbers of Malaysians overpowered the Singaporeans. Well, that's another story which I shan't go into. :p

So that's all for the Culture Night 2007 Ball with the theme "Shanghai Night". If you feel like looking at more shopping, the Insane Shoppaholic blog was also updated last couple of days ago. Till next time then..

Monday, May 14, 2007

May the Lord take her into the Kingdom of Heaven

R.I.P in the arms of God, Aunt Mary

My mum just sent me the sad news when I got back from church on Saturday evening. My auntie, who had also been battling the same Colon Cancer as my beloved Grandma and Aunt Janet, had passed away on Sat 12th May. That same disease had taken away the lives of 3 of my loved ones already, will it slowly take us all away too? Since my auntie was the 3rd case, the doctor had warned my mum and other aunties and uncles and maybe even the next generation down to have frequent checkups as this could be hereditary.

Whatever it is, in a time like this, I wished I could be back home with all my relatives and loved ones, to be with my cousins, nephews and nieces, just to be there for physical support. It brings tears to my eyes knowing I can't be there. So in respect, I would put off displaying the Culture Night photos for the time being. You might see a couple on friendster or my gamespot blog.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Culture Night Pre-Photo Comments

~ Last year, the PA System guys forgot to turn off the right channel for my song, thus I had to sing louder to outpower the actual singers, this year they actually stop short my song midway, and I had to stop abruptly on stage with my other casts, walk off stage to see what went wrong.

~ Then for our english song performance, the mic cackled so loud that it actually sounded like something was cackling in flames, ironic or what? Since our song title was "Eternal Flame" - by Atomic Kittens.

~ Then I forgot that my freaking camara could only record max. 3 mins, so the "oh-so-perfect" pre-ball rehearsal we had was painfully cut short since my song was 4min 24 secs.

~ Then as usual for every year, every ball, sweet darling buys me a corsage, but this time the flowers were "oh-so-big" that I looked like I'm wearing a bouquet on my wrist, so it was displayed on the table all night.

~ Then the food was actually great, but because they had come all the way from Springvale, they tasted a bit cold and not fresh or crispy(for the fried finger foods).

~ Then half the time, because the venue was small and the stage not up high, everyone's talking was amplified and no one really paid attention to the performances.

What a night, you tell me. Although I'd still like to thank those ISA members who put in the effort, but it's definitely something that should have been better. Photos will come in the next few days after I've copied from everyone else. Videos however, *fingers crossed* that I can get it successfully from Ammie soon. So have a good weekend everyone.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

A competition that wasn't "me" and missing those that matter a whole heap

I lost every single match in Badminton last night. Yes, every single Mix Doubles or Womens Doubles match. Could it be because this is the first time I've been in a badminton competition or this is the 2nd time in five years I've played badminton again or maybe because I've been the biatch for choosing someone else to pair with instead of tubbs? Whatever it is, the feeling is numb and there is no such sore or whatsoever. In fact I'm glad at least tubbs will get a medal home, like he always does. And perhaps, I'm more of a tennis person, at least I win more games at tennis. Yes, that's right and we shall stop at that.

So it's the ISA Culture Night again tonight. Every year, it gets a little less meaningful, probably because the people that matter alot to me aren't around. I remember we used to be so excited about it days before, thinking of what to wear, getting ready hours before hand and stuff. Of course this year, there would still be an effort to look nice, because there are new friends around that care and I shouldn't have a callous attitude, otherwise it'll be unfair to them. But the feeling's just different. It just is, you know what I mean.
~ I miss my chabohs, my fun-loving and wild shoppaholic chabohs
~ I miss us going on a retail therapy trip down melbourne
~ I miss us going out for our Yum Cha sessions
~ I miss the crazy parties, clubbing and drinking till we're pissed sessions
~ I miss cooking meals, having dinner and chatting together

~ I miss Miko cooking "Mee hun kuey" for us and asking us go round to eat
~ I miss my pooh gang, going out for dinners at traralgon and the potluck
~ I miss the shopping at Chadstone and the short trips we took together
~ I miss going to church on Sundays with Tigger and to Midvalley after that
~ I just miss every single thing we did together as a gang or just a couple of us.

Oh how I "hate" Gippsland sometimes. It brings people together in the beginning yet tears them apart later. Maybe not mentally, but physically is bad enough.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Friends from Venus and Mars

(Edited Post)
I've read the book "Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus" before. And in the beginning, the author starts with his wife needing his attention and getting him to run some errands just awhile after childbirth. And when the author doesn't understand her complains and forgets the errands, she told him one thing that made him reflected about himself; she said something like, "John Gray, you're a fair-weathered friend! When I am happy and all, you are willing to be with me, but when I'm sad or in times of need, you ignore me or walk away from me".

I can't quite remember if those were the exact words, but the point is there. Sometimes I can't help but feel that it's the same with friends as well. When there are happy posts of good food, handsome guys and fun stuff, there will be comments and chatter on the cbox. But when a post reflects sadness or my thoughts occasionally, where did everyone go? It's astonishing that there are more comments on my Gamespot blog; from people whom I only know through the Internet. What happened to the care and concern from real friends? Does "life" really take you away from everything?

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Congrats to Stacey on her lovely twin girls and the relationship crystal

Firstly, congrats to Stacey, the first of "Pooh Gang" to get married and just gave birth to two beautiful twin girls Angela and Belinda, Belinda really looks like her. :) With that, I pondered about when will it be my turn? Or at least to walk down the aisle in that pretty white gown with my future husband; the one who is supposedly the "right one", who understands you best, who loves you and only you, who is supposed to be together with you, for better or for worse, in health and sickness, and to live happily ever after.

But it's not always the case, isn't it? The "right one" might become the "wrong one" after a few months, or a few years? When you quarrel, you start to see only the ugly side of your partner, you might forgive, but you can't forget. I've always wondered how couples quarrel and yet their love for each other remains the same or gets even deeper. I salute them for their honour of love.

Being single is a pain, but sometimes, being attached can be an even bigger pain. To me, a relationship is like a piece of crystal, with every quarrel and bad karma comes a scratch, and with each scratch it loses its significance. In the end, would the piece of crystal be able to sustain the wear and tear? Would I try to hide the flaws and keep it or would I put it away and never wanting to see it again?

Friday, April 27, 2007

It's Singin on Culture Night, Cycling Trip and the Competitive "Biatch"

Yeah! Finally I have quite abit of updates. First, thanks to Ammie, She'd ask me to sing for Culture Night again! *Yippie* And what's even better, I've got some pretty girls (Sharon & Sookyan) and handsome guy (Ah Hao) for my cast in the music performance. It will be another chinese song, there will be ballet, fire sparklers and crutches used, and nooo I'm not gonna reveal much, you have to stay tuned for the video which will be up in a few weeks time. And Eileen, Ying and I will be singing another English song too, with Alex and Nick playing the keyboard and guitar respectively. Now the only worry is darling's and my china costumes will arrive in time for the night. *Fingers crossed* :o

Anzac Day Cycling Trip to Hazelwood pondage
Anyway, we went for a cycling trip around churchill and hazelwood power station on Wed. It's was super tiring! We cycled for 4 hours and our arses hurt like hell and the next day was even worse, cause every part of our body felt sore, but it was all good, we had the fun and the exercise. :)

Belated Birthday Prezzies from Evon
Then, I also received my very belated birthday prezzies from Evon. Never mind they were late, it was the thought that count. See, how cuteeee they are and how "so-mel" they are too. :D

Another thing; I was thinking of joining an upcoming Badminton Tournament. And I'd have paired with darling if only we coordinate better(And if his ankle weren't a "pain"). Sometimes I feel, I can be a competitive "biatch". Somehow I seemed to coordinate better with another malaysian guy called Wangwei, and so I signed up for the Mix Doubles with him instead. I still feel bad though darling doesn't really show it. :( *Promise we'll pair up for tennis matches in future.* B)

Monday, April 16, 2007

Lamenting again, the Celebrity quiz and Tubby the Chef

Len was bugging me to update my blog a couple of days ago, and I told her there was nothing happening to update about. So life is back to boringness after the Easter hols, and can you believe it? Australia doesn't have anymore public holidays in the 2nd half of the year except for the coming Anzac day and Melbourne Cup day! So it means it all work and no play for the rest of the year unless you take your annual leave. :(

Anyway, I took a Celebrity Quiz on Nine MSN:

Total Score: 19

16 - 19: Magnum Ego Caramel

You're a healthy Magnum Ego Caramel, and you're not afraid to show it — it just oozes out. It's got you in some sticky situations but your convincing act fools most into thinking you're just sweet.

You too can take the quiz here

Although I really have no idea what that actually means, but what the heck, I was bored. So other than that, life evolves around badminton, tennis and swimming (plus gaming and reading :P) after work everyday or during the weekends. Yes, that might seem like I'm kinda sports crazy lately, but damn the "pudgyness" is still there; Maybe because I eat as much too. *sign* And how can I help when I get to eat good food like this at times:

Delectable dishes created by Chef Tubby. Did I mention before that he's a great cook? The long hours at work mean that when I get home, I'm too lazy to cook anymore. So darling spoils me sometimes by cooking me a specialty meal when he has an inspiration. :D We always sit down and look at the food, and I'll ask him to describe it as it would be in a menu, then we'll eat and discuss about what ingredients or sauce is missing or too much. Mum always thought that it might be a good idea to open a restaurant in future. *dreams* woah, ladyboss, uhuhh, uhuhh! B)

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Jasper's Birthday and Shoppaholic Blog Updates

Oh how can I forget, it was Jasper's 1st birthday on Sunday. And since chocolate and cakes were a no-no (not that pastries were exactly acceptable, but less damage though), we got him an Apple Custurd pastry pie. Silly boy didn't even bother, all he wanted to do was to get on with it and to eat his "cake". Eileen, Dom and Ying even sang him a birthday song. *beams*

And ooh, I have also updated the Insane Shoppaholic blog. :D So you can check out more shopping if you're interested. Not much though cause I'm tryin to save. (Or not?)

A little space to think of "You" and darling's and my trip to Geelong

Remember the time when you hug your best friend on the last day of school, promising each other that you'll stay in touch and contact each other no matter what, where and when? And then after a year or two, the calls cease, the emails lessen, the messages have no replies. Well, like my cousin used to say, "Its the place and convenience." Sometimes in life, you wonder, have we really reached a point of understanding that we think we no longer need to remind our best friends once in awhile that they are still in our minds? I don't agree with that. No matter how my life goes, I'd still like to tell my best friends who are faraway from me in another country, that I love you all heaps and that there is never a day that I don't miss you all.

Anyway back to a lighter thing, it was a long time since darling and I spent a holiday together; just the two of us, plus Jasper. A 'no worries', relaxing trip to Geelong where we stayed up at the farms, walk the enchanting waterfront, visited the Wool Museum and eat a whole load of yummy food. And we decided to wait the next time when a group can make it for the waterfront activities like taking the helicopter, seaplane, jet boat and cycling.
Trip to Geelong - Day 1
We went on good friday and the 1st priority was to go for the Good Friday mass at church. St .Mary's in Geelong had the same traditional architecture as most of the churches here in Oz. The stain glass windows, nicely-carved stone pillars and musical windpipes. A day of obligation is a day of obligation and I still have no idea how so many people can skip mass, go as and when they like it, yet have the nerve to receive communion. So they say, "God helps those who help themselves". And if next time you wanna ask God why your wish wasn't fulfilled, maybe you should ask yourself if you have been doing your duties as a baptised catholic first.

Trip to Geelong - Day 2
On the second day, we visited the wool museum, had lunch at the Black Sheep cafe, took another walk on the other side of the water front where the beach was, left a little time for shopping at Myer(there was a Sale!), headed back to melbourne for asian groceries shopping and lost some money at Crown playing roulette because darling said he had a "feeling" that day, but apparantly it wasn't the right sort of "feeling". ahahaha.. :)