Sunday, August 24, 2008

Malvern Collectibles Fair and Darling's Birthday Celebration.

Darling and I went to a collectibles, hobby and memorabilia fair at the Malvern Town Hall a couple of weeks ago. As usual he was keeping me company as this was another event organised by the guys from the OZ Transformers forum. Even then, it was not all boring for him as it's the first we ever went to such a fair, there were some pretty fascinating old stuff that people were selling there. I took quite a few photos on my phone, but it was accidentally deleted because of some technical fault with the Nokia PC Suite, so I'm left with only one below and the other two were taken from Events Vic website.

Malvern Town Hall Collectibles Fair
The interior of the town hall looked something like a small version of Melbourne's Regent Theatre. It also had a 2nd level platform with seats for people to watch, I'm guessing musicals or performances in the past. Now I think they use it for community use. Found some old school McDonald's snoopy stuff that was sold in the 1990s!

Malvern Town Hall Collectibles Fair
And yet more stalls! There were about 50 or 60 over stalls I would say and other stuff you can find include lots of old and new Star Wars comic books, figures, Lego sets, video tapes, CDs and more! Seemed like people are pretty crazy about Star Wars. There were also signature products and old collector's item like Antique dolls, Beanie Baby toys, model cars from the 1980s and so much more! Also saw old porcelain tea sets, old board games, heaps of old movies and comics, toys and also other quaint elegant stuff.

Malvern Town Hall Collectibles Fair
And of course there were a couple of stalls selling a little bit of Transformers stuff (and were way overpriced for selling fake reissues). I found a nice little design coin purse from Russ for mum. It was made of silk-like material and had the drawings of 2 ladies on it and was brand new, paid $10 for it. And for myself, an old R2-D2 robot because he and C3PO are probably the only characters I like in Star Wars! I just have a thing for robots and that's that! :p And now I'm into Wall-E as well! (But that's another story for another day!)

We also celebrated the birthday's of darling, weichao and a belated one for Lex on 16th August. It was a birthday luncheon at Shark Fin's house in Melbourne. I thought the food was alright, for some funny reason, it didn't taste quite the same as before.
Yong's Birthday Celebration
Group photo taken by one of the "irritated" waiters as they were all waiting for us to get over and done with so they can clear up and go home. But the manager said we could stay as long as we want, and so we sort of dilly dally with the cake cutting. (Okay no lar, we didn't deliberately take our own sweet time lar!) :p

Yong's Birthday Celebration
Then in the evening, darling decided to give everyone (who could make it), a treat at Wah Kee, a Malaysian Chinese restaurant that we love to go and eat at Clayton. Usually we get our food in about 15-20mins, but because that was a Saturday night and we eat ordered individual stuff like Prawn noodles, Curry Laksa, Hokkien Noodles, Beef Hor Fun (I know I'm making you hungry! :D), the food took about 1 hour 30 minutes to come.

Yong's Birthday Celebration
Auntie was pretty apologetic about it because we frequent there very often and usually it's good service. But I'm glad everyone was happy with their food when it finally came. And to make up for that plus it was darling's birthday, she gave us a free banana fritter with 2 scoops of ice-cream. Yum, it was a food overdose day! :p

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Congratulations to my cousin, my new gadget and Shisha - the first and last time (I think!)

Firstly CONGRATS to my dear cousin kristie (and her hubby James) who gave birth to a baby boy on 1 Aug. Can't wait for her to upload photos of that little prince. :) Really happy for you guys!

Well lots of people around me have been either getting married(one of my besties got married in June, another one later in Dec and the ex BF in Nov), getting pregnant(one poly friend and my colleague at work 4 and 3 months respectively) or giving birth(my cousin) to cute little babies this year and man it sure makes you feel like you should be getting on to that next phase as well. But then again things don't usually work a certain way, it doesn't mean that you MUST settle down and have babies at a certain time because it's the right; there's no point if the feeling and timing isn't right. I remember when I was back in SG in Feb, I went out with a best girl pal and she was single and happy and she said she was sick of all her other friends having talking about applying for houses to get married etc. and funnily in a certain way, I think I would have felt the same.

I mean don't get me wrong, I am happy for the people who are getting married, pregnant and having babies, but I guess it's just not the right time for Tubbs and me yet, at least not in a year or so and it's pretty annoying when people ask me when it's our turn to get hitched and stuff. Come on, we pretty much just started working and settling down in Melbourne not long and we would prefer to enjoy the life of just the two of us (& Jasper) for the moment and going on to the next phase seems too soon because usually after marriages means pregnancy and huge responsibilities and I guess we are just not ready to go into that yet. Childish or not, for the moment we're enjoying the outings, buying new gadgets and going for trips etc. I think we will be ready when the time is right and when the finances are more stable.

Meantime, my latest new gadget: :p
God of War PSP Bundle: $299 from JB Hifi Mid Year Sale!

I have decided(unlike the Nintendo DS) I'm not going into the "dark side", meaning I'm not gonna play bootleg games on my PSP because you can't do system updates once you go the direction of using the loaded to load the Pirated ISO game files. Not that the system updates really matter that much, but just cause I prefer going out to look for games to buy and bring them home and also because the ISO files are super big - like 500MB to 1-2GB for each game, so downloads wil be pretty heavy on Internet quota too. Anyway I'ma loving my PSP; wireless Internet browsing, storing music, photos and videos all in one, plus there's even Skype on it! So it's just awesome!

Last night, darling, wangwei and I went to try out smoking with the ShiSha. It was the first time for Wangwei and I and so we were pretty amazed at how the thing worked. We actually went to look for Ying earlier at Taco Bill, but the place was packed. And so we decided to go for a "threesome" somewhere else.. and thus landed up with the ShiSha idea... heehee.. :p

A ShiSha or hookah (Hindi: हुक़्क़ा, Urdu: حقّہ, hukkah) is a single or multi-stemmed (often glass-based) water pipe for smoking. Originating in India, it has gained popularity, especially in the Arab World. A hookah operates by water filtration and indirect heat. It can be used for smoking herbal fruits. Source: Wikipedia.

We did a GPRS search and found the Sahara Cafe along Lygon Street in East Brunswick. Mind you the place looked a bit dodgy and it was $10 per entry (for the so-called Belly dancers) which we didn't get to see because we didn't stay late as the people there seemed to be getting more rowdy as the night went by. There were flavours like strawberry, apple, banana and a couple more I can't remember. We chose the Apple one and darling said it wasn't as harmful as a cigeratte and so he thought (I found it to be otherwise when I googled it the next day!). But anyway it was just an experience and I don't think I'll do it again because I couldn't stand the strong smell and somehow there is a scratchy feeling down your throat when you inhale it in.

I was feeling and looking super sleepy cause the smoke was really hitting in and darling was saying it's been a long time since we've been in a sort of "clubbing-like" atmosphere, which made me think about the clubbing days we had with my chabohs. :( Wangwei in the next pic trying to pose and show the smoke coming out from the pipe. *boliao* haha..

Other than that, life's pretty much the same(still learning new things everyday on the job and more courses up later part of the year), though darling and I wanted to go watch Wicked -The Musical, but tickets for the Emerald class are all sold out from now till Sep, so hard luck I suppose since we didn't think of booking earlier. Alright gotta go now, we are so lazy we are actually going on google to find a restaurant we can order food online and have it delivered to us!