Wednesday, August 31, 2005

iM LoOkiN fOr mY LOsT fRiEnDs, cAn aNyoNE hELp aNd whAt dO dReAmS mEaN?

Image hosted by Photobucket.comMan, I have this budding thing in my head for God knows how long and the next best way to find my two lost friends is through my blog. Yess.. I have tried friendster, and even Google and Yahoo search but I still can't find them. Got to know these two sweet and really good friends during a trip to Korea-Seoul on Nov 2004. Their names are Koh Swee Kee and Wong Ailin respectively. I' ve been trying to find them for a long time cause the only bloody mobile phone I stored their handphones numbers crashed and I didn't even get their email before I left SG. They are from Malaysia-Malacca, but have been working in Singapore for few years already. Had really fun and good times with these two girls and hope to find them, so please if anyone knows them, pls letme know! Thanks!

Yeah, been dreamin lotsa weird things lately like Len and I back in old company Commonwealth Travel working?! *mel frowns* and gives a "huhh" look. Been thinking alot about those happy days I had with my friends and ex-colleages back in SG and M'SiA although I had a really shitty BF back then. Kinda miss those times and always thought what would it be like if I had never came Melbourne at all. Hmmn.. Was also dreaming about back in my old company having lunch with CK gege, Brandon, Juliana, Alvin and all those fun gossip times we had.. KTV with peipei and georgene, clubbin with EX shitty BF and his fun friends. (Yeah I love his Honda CRV more than him that time I think... Girls will be girls right? Who doesn't like Hot Cars?) and going out with my pal SK. Those were the days and some would never come back again, and all I can do now is reminisce the past once awhile, yeah memories are good sometimes, don't you think? Treasure your friends like I hope I'm treasuring them enough now and remember, but only those who are worth it. (+.+)

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Saturday, August 27, 2005

mT bAW bAW sKi tRiP, bEinG siCk sUcKs aNd cOnfFessiOnS oF a SiCk GaL

Image hosted by Arghh, im still sick and although my sore throat's gone, but here comes the cold, the flu, the runny nose and the impending fever in which I can feel my head getting heavier every minute. But just being the sturbbon me, "die, die" also must use more of my new keyboard and must upload the pictures from the Mt. Baw Baw Trip last Sunday. So here goes.. Darling says I might have gotten sick coz of the Ski trip and I was wet but didn't have any change of clothes. Plus it didn't help when we were freezing our arses off in the bus trip home where the heater didn't seemed to be working at all. But it was all good and we did have an enjoyable trip anyway, although most of us were all sore the very next day. Well, a little fun comes with a little pain ya sometimes..

Image hosted by Well, as you enjoy more of the pictures from the ski trip on the right, I have two confessions to make, or make that more than that. Last few weeks were my ex BF's birthdays and I messaged all of them. One was on the 3rd, 17th and 20th. Told you my BF's were all LEOs. Anyway, I got replied from all of them, well we are all just friends anyway, so it doesn't matter. But the guity part was that I dreamt of my 1st BF lately and it was the exact same day darling dreamt that we got married and I divorced him because of something he did wrong. The most coincidental part was at the same day of the dreams, one of Jacky Cheung's songs was suddenly played in Kal's car, and it reminded me or him even more. Well, so they say first BF's are hard to forget, esepcially when we were together for 5 years... But thoughts are just thoughts at some point in time, and we've gotta learn to let go whatever's not meant to be. Easier said than done I know, but life still has to go on right?

Image hosted by
The again, when I think of how sweet darling has always been, I can't help but wanna cherish him although I am really hate it sometimes when he disses my chinese songs and not knowing how to speak mandarin at all. All that comes out is just one or two words which sometimes cannot be understood at all and its so amusing that everyone laughs everytime. Well, so they say in a relationship there must be a give and take situation. but I can't help it sometimes especially when I love Hong Kong movies and chinses or canto songs. 真希望你多明白我心中,多关心一些你从没在乎的东西。或许有一天,你会明白,也可能你永远都不去在乎。许多的或许,我让天主帮我做决定,决定你是不是我今生的白马王子吧。

Friday, August 19, 2005

diNNeR @ heLeN'S pLACe, dArLiNg'S biRtHdAy ceLeBrAtiOn, tHaNks tO jOeWiz + sHeALi 4 deCoRaTinG tHe HsE fOr tUbBiE & SRA bALL 2005

Image hosted by

Check out the pretty gals and handsome guys in the lovely gowns and cool suits. Yeah I would miss these kinda formal events next year where you can dress people up and dress up yourself like a pretty princess. It's not like everyday you get to look really gorgeous right? And the men are getting naughtier too. ;p You know which two I mean yeah?

Image hosted by

Image hosted by Photobucket.comYess, those were the main highlights of yesterday. The SRA Ball 2005, an annual event by the Student Residences. Same venue but different food and I reckon the food last year was much better. And I miss the people, the important ones like Denise, Evon, Stacey, Henrie, who were there last year. But it was still good with the nice new friends we got to know these sem. Doing the make-up and hairstyle for Debbie was fun and I'm really touched she left a really sweet testi on my friendster. *Thanks Gal! ;) Getting ready wasn't as much fun when after Deb, I did the hairdo for Joyce as well and in the end, I was left with so little time for my own make-up and hairdo, Len was cursing and screaming about her hair too. But lucky she and Joyce helped me with my plaid and half-bun in the end. You go gals! But as usual, we had to make the grand audience of being late with the two Toyotas' arriving like 7.45pm when the ticket put 6pm. Haha, we made it for the main course anyway. And you thought chinese weddings were alwayz late in starting their dinners. =)

Image hosted by Photobucket.comAnyway, I was telling darling I could have a side-line of either being a Hairstylist or make-up artist. People come to me when they wanna dye hair, do highlights, trim hair, do make-up and hairdos for Ball, hmmn maybe I'm taking the wrong course?! Darling joked about charging $10 for hairdo or $15 for hairdo and makeup and I said no, friends are complimentary, right? ;) So we get back to darling's birthday surprise on 12am plus. He volunteer himself to be "sabo". So Len had the hose on him, Lily and Audrey had flour on him and Kal couldn't miss out with his eggs as well. Poor darling.. But it was all for fun anyway. Hee, my cake didn't turn out quite well cause the baking tray I used wasn't large enough, but lucky there was the icing to camouflage it. =) And darling's after party last night really got him dead drunk with his puking half the time we were sleeping. Yeah, it's been a long time we played silly games and got pissed drunked, but it was all good..

Image hosted by Photobucket.comTracing back to a few days before, we had dinner at Helen's place. Porr Micheal pulled a leg muscle while skiing, and didn't return home till late. Kinda miss being with my "guardians" cause after I got baptised, we hardly ever meet up. They are really nice people and so we arranged a Pot Luck last friday. I asked Helen if we could include some more friends the next time and she said Yess. Gonna get Debbie and Kal they all the next time we go so they can experience dinner with the locals and take a look around the nice place that the Dysons have. It just takes so little to make the folks happy sometimes and it brings a smile to us too. Check out the fooling around we had at the place. Well, that's all for the meantime..

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

tHe woNdeRs oF GoD aNd tHe LitTLe tHiNGs iN LiFe tHat HE dOeS tO cHeEr u UP + sEnDiN fRiEnDs wHo cArE!

Image hosted by

I shall let the photos speak for themselves. It's wonderful how God creates little magical things once awhile to cheer you up! Had another huge row with darling the night before all because that Spastic Lesbian friend of his ex GF left a really incriminating comment full of foul critisicisms of me and darling in reply to the whatever previous post. I kinda expected it but was still pissed off at the fact of what a rotten and horrible mouth that Lesbian has. It's as if you can see maggots and flies coming out her mouth as she speaks. Im sorry I won't be so disgusting anymore. Let's get back to some Happy stuff!

It's SNOWING in GIPPY today! Doug, the caretaker said it only happens like once in 10 years and boy are we sure one lucky bunch! Darling was proud to be the one to see it fall right after his class at 10am. He said the hailing hurt, lucky he was wearin cap when he walked home. After my class, I had to drive home and I was so nervous cause SeXy-H was covered in snow front and back and I wanted to wipe the snow off, but it was so icy cold! And so we let the pictures tell you the fun we had plus the Snow Fight we had haha..

Image hosted by

And so, the snow kinda cheered me up a little and hope soon I would totally forget all the unhappy stuff. It's funny how I keep thinkin of the meanest things to reply to the two bitches but I just can't bring myself to do it because Jesus is watching over me everday. Im sure God would let those people have their just desserts one day. And I think darling feels assured better that I don't have such a mean heart and disgustingly foul mouth like his ex and her friends. People should upgrade not downgrade, man I do totally agree on that! ;p

P.S: To Ying, Debbie, Kal, Carine and Wayne, hope you guys had fun in the snow too! You guys are more than welcome to leave comments or msgs on the Tag. =)

Monday, August 08, 2005

oLD fRiEnDs aRe GoLD, nEw FriEnDs aRe siLveR, tHeY miGhT bEcMe gOLD tOO 1 DaY & mAN i HaD a MiLLioN iDeAs hOw tO piSs Off tHaT peSkY gAL!

Image hosted by Photobucket.comFirst of all, a little happy stuff before I start winching on what happened yesterday night, up late. Got to know some new friends from Len and Darling cause they were helping out during orientation. Had dinner with a few of them last fri and also, last night where Kal, "Da-Man" in South 1 cooked a nice dinner of spaghetti and bolognaise for us. Pretty huge bunch of us which apart from Len, Tim, Darling and I, there was Kal, Debbie, Wayne, Ying, Carine, Sureka, Josh and Joyce. We had a game of Truth and Dare thereafter and the whole bunch of us were just laughing away at the funny dares and questions that people came up with. Nice group of new people and fun too. Look forward to another dinner or outing of some sort with them. Although I don't seem expressive in front sometimes, its great to know you guys!

Sat, 6 Aug was our Uni's Open Day and as usual, for ISA, Len and I never miss a chance on getting to sing on stage. We've got so used to it from Churchill Idol, ISA AGM and Global that singing live now in front of people was nothing at all and seemed all natural'le. The events included Fashion Shows as well and overall, was a successful event that day..
Image hosted by

Now, I really need to get off this heavy feeling on my heart. Woke up this morning still feeling the words on her website in my head, yes, those hurtful words that still you can still sense the feeling of hate and bitterness in them, the short paragraph which seemed to paint a picture of how much she abhorred us, or maybe more towards me. Darling and I had a huge shoutout last night, all because of "her, her, her". Yes, his ex GF whom he finally decide to give up after I gave him a choice last year, "It's either her or me." And NO Im NOT a third party, before he left SG, it was already a "No Strings Attached" situation. It's almost been a year since it happened and I thought she would have gotten over it by now, but HELL NO! Len and I browse her blog once awhile just to be KPO and lately, she had some posts of how friendless she was and stuff after she "lost" her BF. So outta goodwill, I just left a msg for her saying, "Maybe if she looked closer sometimes, there are people who really care for her and like her for who she is."

Darn I don't expect any good or nice replies of being thankful, but at least not the rude remarks she left, in bold to my name, saying she did not need those dirty remarks / advice from us on her blog and told us to FXXK OFF . It just goes to show what bad upbringing a person has. But then again, you won't be surprised at what bad manners she has with all the crude remarks and posts she has on her blog anyway. Then it dawned upon me about why I couldn't understand how she felt. The bitterness and the hate when a guy dumps you for another girl, I have NEVER had to go through that before and I THANK GOD for his watching over me and for his guidance: Always choose someone who loves you much more than you love them. NO, Im NOT trying to be conceited, I've had my fair share of unrequited love too and it's normal cause you can't expect every guy in the world to fall for you.

In all my past relationships, I was the one who initiated the breakup or if darling puts it, "I dropped them like Hot Potatos". But no lah, Im not that mean, after awhile not suitable then no point going on right? Anyway it's also because I've learnt a lesson when I was 13yrs and got fooled by a guy that one and only time, I vowed that would be the first and last time. I don't cry over spilt milk, I might just winched and bitch a little, but I'll definitely get a new brand of milk.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Testimonials from Past GSIT Students?? So wE aRe NoT hErE aNyMoRe LaH??

Cool, I was browsing through the GSCIT (Gippsland School of Computing & Information Technology) Website and I found "myself" there too, you can check it out if you like to: