Tuesday, September 07, 2010

It's time we talked a little about Our Wedding. ;)

Everyone feels that their wedding day comes and goes too quickly, thus nowadays I see people posting up their wedding photos very much later or they post again to their Facebook profile to bring back memories of that special event. After all, it is the most important day of your life and it only happens once in a lifetime for most of us. Thus I have decided to start a wedding blog to record down our plans and preparations, and to share with family and friends in the months leading up to our special day.

Our wedding plans/preps kinda started on 3rd April – when we dropped by Little John Memorial Chapel at Tubby’s high school, Scotch College. Of course in the first few months after the proposal, you tend to get all excited and want to quickly start with the planning. We have since booked the chapel, celebrants and photographer, visited a few reception places and did some bridal gown browsing and try-outs.

Since we had about a year and a half from April, Tubby and I realised we can take our time instead of rushing later. The early start also helped as plans are at a halt for the moment since Tubby broke his leg. We both want our wedding to be something special and memorable not only for us, but for everyone who attends too – I promise I ain’t gonna turn out to be a Bridezilla! LOL. :p

Our Wedding will be held in Melbourne on Fri, 21 Oct 2011. There will be another two dinners in both Singapore and Malaysia around Dec / Jan 2012. We also plan to do a pre-wedding photo shoot in Melbourne around Oct / Nov this year and then another one in Malaysia (for the beautiful gowns!) in April next year.

From Today, it's exactly:I plan to launch the wedding blog exactly on the one year countdown to our wedding and so in the meantime, I just want to share a few photos. A couple of weeks ago, mum and I brought my pre-wedding photo shoot gown for alterations at one of the bridal shops near my place:
The seamstress and also the owner of the shop putting pins on my gown to bring up the gown and shorten it according to my height.
Mum suggested to take a photo when the seamstress was done with the pinning just so we can compare when alterations are done.
The owner was also really smart to inform that she had a sale on and was clearing stock. This was one of the gowns I tried on - I still need an actual day gown. I'll elaborate more on the wedding blog.

Till then, thanks for all your support and care, I'll be busy getting the wedding blog up and running for 21 Oct and spending time with mum too. :)


Kristie said...

u look gorgeous babe!!!!!!!!!!

oh brings back sweet memories wearing white gowns, so sacred and pure :)

Meldee said...

How exciting! I should probably get my butt moving on mine...haha. Will be stalking your wedding blog for sure for ideas! :)

Valencia Khoo said...

Hey Mel! You look fabulous even when you were just trying on the gown! I am sure you will be a ver beautiful bride.

Btw, I saw the news that victoria is flooding. Are you ok?

Miko Ng said...

Mel. Love that gown... you look lovely in it.... tubby is one lucky guy... hehe

Juz MeL said...

@Kristie coussy - Thank you hehe! You should put up photos of your wedding so we can all see again! :)

@Meldee - Yes you better get moving babe! Let me know if there's anything you wanna ask, I need to get my lazy ass moving with the blog too!

@Val - Thanks ger, so sweet of you! The floods were in the rural areas so didn't really affect us.

@Miko -Thanks Miko!! Haha I think you should tell that to the guy himself! :p hugs.

Stacey Lim said...

Hey gal, you look good on the gowns even without the markups & hair-dos. I am sure you will look gorgeous with the complete look.
Anyway, take good care bride to be!

Juz MeL said...

Thanks Stacey dear for your sweet comment! You take care too! hugs