Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tulip Festival & Mum's Birthday Celebrations 2010

Today is Mum's birthday! Happy Birthday Mum! As her birthday falls on a working day, we had no choice but to celebrate her birthday earlier. But I think the most important thing was that this year, Mum's in Melbourne to spend her birthday with us again. The last birthday we spent with her was her big 60th in 2008!

We brought her to Tulip Farm in Silvan a couple of weeks ago. I'd made arrangements with Daniel's church friends and managed to get group discount for the tickets during the week. Diana and her group of friends, plus my high sch mate Ed and his mum also met us there. Boy it was a hot day! Starting to get the feel of summer! Here are some snaps from the day:

Colourful rows of tulips; yet I managed to capture a barren part.Mum and I in the middle of some lovely pink tulips, which are my favourite colour.

More rows of tulips, somehow this year there seem to be lots of barren parts.Darling and I at the exact same signboard which we also took a pic in 2005.

With Aims, Diana and XiaoweiWith mum, Aims and Jasper.
With Ed, Mrs. Han, Mum and Jasper who's looking somewhere else!Love this photo, captures a close up view of the lovely red and pink coloured tulips.

And so for Mum's early birthday celebration on Sat 9th Oct, we arranged a birthday lunch in the arvo and dinner plus movie at night. This lunch was again in the Dandenong Ranges like her 60th birthday, one of mum's favourite place. We went to Cuckoo's Restaurant - a smorgasboard (buffet) place for lunch. $38 for all you can eat with heaps of variety of food and live entertainment as well.

Performer making a tune with those bevarian bells.Snapshot of the boys looking all happy and stuffed.
The cashier and souvenir counter where mum like the souvenir displaysWith mum, Diana and Aims at the large Cuckoo Clock.

Group photo - thanks to all for turn up for the lunch and made mum's day! :)

After Dandenong's, we went back home for a short rest before heading out to TGIF Southland for dinner and movie with another group (except Ammie) who came for both. We were still full from lunch and so mum and I ordered something to share instead.

Pics of us 4 ladies, cindy (Dan's church friend also came along later.)Aims explaining to mum what a profiterole was and mum looking on.
The very lovely and yummy profiterole birthday cake Bro Dan got for mum! Thanks dear bro! :)Just mum and I with a pic of the yummy and sinful cake which we all still found a stomach for after dinner.

And lastly a group pic for the night of those who came for the dinner. (Includes Cindy too who came later just for the movie. ) We watched "The Last Airbender" that night.

Hope you had a wonderful time that day mum! Love and Muaks!