Wednesday, April 13, 2011

TVB International Talent Singing Competition 2011

Anna, a friend of Ammie's whom I met at a Karaoke session, loves to sing and participate in singing competitions. When we chatted more and she found out I used to perform during Uni days, she told me about this singing comp that TVB was organising. Anyway to cut a long story short, I decided to join for the fun of it and also for missing those days of performing in front of a live audience. Here was the video for the night: Tue 5th April, I sang - S.H.E's Never Mind.

It was the preliminary rounds and I didn't get through to the next round because I know myself. I can pull off some songs pretty well but my voice wasn't powerful enough nor was it able to hit some higher notes. Plus I felt I didn't put my 100% in that night as I did with all the performances for Uni days. I wasn't even sure if I wanted to join in the first place due to the age of the crowd which I knew were all gonna be youngsters. But I'm glad I did anyway, all for the joy of singing live again and the experience.

Group photo before all 16 of us started singing
All the supporters and audiences looking on
Thanks guys for coming to support
Girl power, ladies D & Aims who came to support
Mr. Self-Obsessed, past year's winner performing
The exciting moment announcing the 5 who get through
The lucky 5 who got through to the next round 
One more final group photo of all 16 of us
It was good fun and I really felt happy being able to sing on stage and perform in front of an audience again. In the past during Uni days, I always had a friend singing beside me or friends performing acts beside. But this time was different. It was a competition and I was singing alone and you had all these eyes staring at you. It was honestly the first singing comp that I sang alone and thus was a little nervous.

But it wasn't the first one that I joined. An ex-friend and I actually came in third place in a singing comp during our Polytechnic days in Singapore. And I'm still happily holding on to our trophy till now. I would say there will be more singing days to come as it's just something that I love and hearing my favourite songs just make me wanna sing along naturally; even at work and especially in the car driving, I can sing as loud as I want! :p


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