Monday, August 22, 2011

The Birthdays of Many Others this Month

August seems to be the month of Birthdays. Could it be it coincides with 8 being a lucky number in Chinese culture and so everyone seems to be born in that month. Or it could be that I just happen to have too many friends and family who are LEOs. :D Did I mention all 3 serious ex boyfriends were LEOs and had their birthdays in August too? And so it the hubby-to-be! Let's list all that I know below:

1 Aug: Jayden (Cousin's Son)
3 Aug: First BF
6 Aug: Christine
11 Aug: Gabriel (A Singaporean friend)
17 Aug: Second Ex
18 Aug: The hubby-to-be
19 Aug: Diana
21 Aug: Cousin Janice

That's already 8 birthdays of people I can think of in Aug and that's not including those that I will remember as the time comes closer - am sure there is more! In any case here are a couple of pics from the hubby's birthday:
Surprised him with a tower of macaroons as his 'birthday cake'
The presents that he got. Boots from himself and the rest from me.
 Happy Birthday to the hubby-to-be. Hoped you had enjoyed your last birthday as a bachelor. From next year onwards, its single status no more! Haha!