Tuesday, March 07, 2006

sEEkiNG SuiTaBLe CaNDiDaTEs!

I'ma helping my God-Bro, CK (Asst. Manager of Marketing/PR Dept.) to look for a suitable person to replace me when I leave. So please people, do pass the message around.

Place: Commonwealth Travel Corporation Pte. Ltd. Singapore (
Address: 46/47 Mosque Street, (Chinatown) Singapore 059525
Job Title: Executive (Marketing/PR)
Work Hours: Mon-Fri (9am-6pm) Sat (9am-1pm)
Job Scope:
To aid the Marketing/PR department in areas of design work like website design, leaftlets, invitation cards, media design, travel fairs and events coordination, handling of the CTC Travel Club, i.e. member enquiries, overall be in-charge of all matters pertaining to the club. Assist in other portfolios like CTC Healthcare ( .

- Must have design skills and basic website management skills , knowledge of software such as Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia Dreamweaver, Freehand etc.
- Need to have good communication skills and flexibility as we liaise with companies for sponsorships, free gift purchases, media advertising etc.
- Need to be independent, able to make important decisions at crucial times and sometimes work the extra hours to get things done.
- Prefably have some travel and tourism trade knowledge and marketing skills.



Valencia said...

Yes ME me! haha.. I'm graduating and I want a job! ;) hee..

Anyway, where are you leaving the company, Mel? Are you heading back to Aust? :)

Valencia said...

oh sorry... should be "why" are you leaving..not "where"!

-mel- said...

Apart from what we chatted on MSN Val, erm maybe you can recommend some friends temporary cause we really need some help here. And when you return from Brissy, you can also check the company website careers section:
Meantime, good luck with your studies!

cheerysunflower said...

Why so long never post oredi??? Boring!!!!! :)

-mel- said...

Haha.. very lazy la, somemore NATAS Travel Fair '06 coming so quite busy.. Not much updates also.. Eating and eating alot with my colleages and friends only.. heehee.. Coming soon la! :)