Friday, May 19, 2006

Be A MaN or LadY, hit the button, and cast your votes!

Okay people, I'm extremely bored lately! No replies from job applications, a couple of rejections. Life is very demoralizing at this stage. People say, "Bi Ye Jiu Deng Yu Shi Ye", how true is that! By the loved of God, I finally received my Bridging-Visa for my Aust PR application only to find out that they give priority to Overseas Sponsored Student Visas and My normal Overseas Student Visa will have to wait for bloody 4-5 months processing! Darn, if I had only known earlier, I would definitely go through the "already countless" troubles to get my uncle to fill in the sponsorship form. So I'm sick of applying for jobs and thought I'll take a break to update my deviant art port folio: and figured maybe another way to earn some extra cash could be to sell my prints online. So all you people out there, feel free to cast your votes and help me make the decision. Many thanks!

Selling prints on Deviant Art

Do you think I should pay to subscribe to Deviant Art and sell my design prints online?

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