Friday, June 30, 2006

Da Hectic Moving and Cleaning Times, Telecommunications "turn bad" and hoping for the house to be filled with warmth soon!

Thankfully after sucha long wait, I've finally made the total move to the new place yesterday. It wasn't easy cause Gee was being a pig (o.o) sleeping after working for Harry Ballis at his farm, but lucky Jess, darling's housemate was helping me put the things into the car. But I would still thank him(Gee) for keeping me company for the first night at the new place. I took almost the majority of darling's stuff as well since he'll sort of be staying with me over there anyway. It'll be so much better; no more prying eyes and gossips from people on campus. And since he always sacrifices so much for me, this time I gave him the table in my room for his laptop and study. The last few days were also spent buying cleaning stuff and toiletries for the house and cleaning it up. But as usual the landlord didn't keep his promise to finish sticking the carpet by last Tuesday, so he's gonna one day step in with his dirty shoes on my cleaned floor! But overall, the landlord really touch up the house well for us and I'm kinda like enjoying the AUSTAR as well with the movies and stuff and I can finally see Jerry Springer again! Waha..

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As you can see, the "sneak preview" of my room and the general areas of the house. Yeah I know, my room always looks like an absolute stuff toy hut or something and every nook and corner is packed to the max. Oh well, I mean it's where you're living in! Of course you would want the room to look cosy and comfortable. Darling and I had a bad day last week after trying so hard to fix one of the cupboards from Ikea. He was practically screaming to get the handles in! Hmmn, I guess not everything from there is well made. But we did get the cupboard, bed-side table, small square table and a few other stuff for quite a reasonable price, plus I like their designs, so I'm not complaining. Haha.. Was too tired and lazy to take photos that day, but the meat balls and grill salmon at the Ikea cafe was awesome!

Well, I'm glad much of the troublesome matters have all been done before I start work this Monday. Was really pissed of with the telecommunications company; firstly it was their rude sales officer, then it was the numerous calls Shea Li and I had to make to clarify documents to send, lastly the phone line wasn't working well and I have to call again for a few times before an officer actually found out it was a programming problem which had to be rectified by Telstra, whom they loaned the phone line from! Oh boy and to think we were recommended by a good friend who said the company had good service! Maybe it's just our bad luck then! Thank God everything's working fine now.

I'm also glad that my chabohs and darling are all coming back this Monday. In this way, I can go to work at ease knowing Jasper won't be alone at home for too long. He's our precious little thing and although we got him microchipped and registered last Monday, we're still pretty much worried for that cute little fella. Or at least me lah, cause my puppy got stolen before when I was younger and I cried so much for God knows how many days! Anyway, am gonna write off now. Wanna go make dinner and keep Jasper company! :D *ciaos*

P.S: Thanks to darling who bought me the 3-in-1 printer/scanner/copier, to Sheali who's helping me with the phone and Internet and getting the wireless router, and to looloo for the electric kettle! woohoo! *smiles*


increadible.liz said...

Damn IKEA furnitures all over your room! So bloody nice. Well,you can really deco your room well. Yeah,at last we're done with shifting and unpacking and that all have eason some burden off our shoulders. Thanks Mel for keeping the house in tact & all the trouble you've been going through to make sure we can move into the house without further prob after that night we all clarified ourselves.

And for now, we should give a house warming!!! Heehee... make our house happening once in a while... ;p

-mel- said...

Yeah IKEA furniture is cool, but maybe not all of their designs cause longy and I really had trouble with the cupboard! Deco still ok lah, my own house in future must be nicer! ha.. Your room also have a very romantic look.. haha.. *wink*

Yes yes a house warming definitely!