Sunday, July 16, 2006

My first job experience in OZ, shopping can be addictive and the philosophies of writing.

I can't believe it's been two weeks since I've started work, time really passes very fast when everyday's pace is a hectic one. I clearly remembered on the second day of work, I was so tired getting up at 8.30am that, I turned over and asked darling, "When can I be a tai-tai? I wanna sleep in and wake up later!" I fussed, but still didn't have any choice but to get my lazy arse outta bed in the end. First few days in the office took a bit of gettin used to since it's usually like this when you're trying to get aquinted with everyone. For the first time, I got a hang of the work culture in Australia, and it's then I realised how fortunate we are, back in Singapore. Lunch here is only 1/2 hour and a simple affair, everyone lunches in! They either have instant noodles, fast food or can food with bread. I had to bring a lunch box everyday with meals prepared the night before. I absolutely miss the lunch times with my ex colleages back in SG; The slow stroll to the variety of food courts, the gossiping and chatting and buying deserts in the 1 hour break, it's not happening here. :( But at least, my superiors and colleages were nice people as well and most importanly they appreciate my work. One of my advert designs will be out in the next issue 263 of "Unique Cars" magazine next month, I can't wait to see the actual ad when it's printed out!

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Shopping can be a pretty much good therapy to perk one up. I just managed to get my first week's pay and went shopping last week in Traralgon with my chabohs and today down city with darling at The Glen. Both shopping trips were great bargains. On the left, I got the knit wear jacket, 2 pants, a trench coat, boots and cardigan all about $120+ from Rivers, KMART and BigW. On the right, Sports Girl was having a sale of up to further 50% for already reduced items and I got the skirt and 2 blouses all for just $45! The jeans and knit wear were from another shop which had a closing down sale and both items cost $20 only! Was really happy with the additions to my wardrobe and the subtractions cause I managed to sell a couple more items on ebay and hope to sell more with better marketing!

Anyway darling wasn't too happy about something he read in Threshold, one of the Uni's minor newspapers. Lets just say some people aren't professional enough with their writing and wrote some figures down which shouldn't be there. Lucky her, she wasn't revealing any figure about some public company out there, else she would have been sued, but it just makes you wonder how little common sense she has. Shea Li then jokingly said, "wah she better do well in the newsletter man, even I lose to mel already".. Yeah those were the glorious days of ISA 2004. I wished darling had more capable members in his committee, rather than some who joined only because they want to write something for "Activies Section" in their Resumes.


increadible.liz said...

Happy la you... shopping's a heaven for u now.. *sob sob* Its good when money comes in ey? Heehee...

In regards to ISA newsletter,i'm serious when I said you did better work than any of us combined. That woman better keep you the legacy ... LOL!

Oh ya,when your company's mag comes out, show us ok!

-mel- said...

OOh of course, shopping is Heaven! Ha, and that's too high a compliment but thanks anyway. Unless another media designer comes along, it's pretty hard to keep the legacy.. both content and design wise..

It's a general car mag sold in news agents, but it costs $8 bucks you know, i'll think about getting it lah.. haha..