Saturday, July 29, 2006

I love my S.H.E and Jay Chou, another good friend leaving OZ soon, and not looking forward to another exam.

Just finished my dinner not too long ago, prepared by the boys(darling and Gee) and thought I might spend some time updating my blog since the two of them are busy with the PS2. Time passes really fast, it's already been a month since I started working and in that month, a couple of significant stuff happened as well. But before that, I want to Thank Kal first for 2 things: firstly getting my S.H.E "Once upon a time" and Jay Chou's "Huo Yuan Jia" DVD from S'pore for me, secondly coming over to help when darling's car battery went flat(+ Tim too). I absolutely lurrve S.H.E and Jay Chou and have almost every single song from all their albums starting from their first album. I'm not a usual "fan"atic to go shovelling and squeezing in crowds during concerts, but if it's to see them, I'll gladly do so if I have the chance. I fantasized to myself sometimes while watching the S.H.E MTVS', wishing that I could be Selina. Haha fat hope I know, go on and laugh it off since I've already done so myself. ;p Their average height and weight is 161cm and 43kg respectively. I guess I'm just really envious to see 3 girls who became good friends and share the same passion for singing. I remember asking my mum before why didn't she send me to a music school. The answer was the usual thing from parents, "We wanted you to study first." Then I thought to myself, "Ah just as well, if I had a really special and unique voice, I probably would have been "discovered" anyway. So maybe next time then, but I'm still thankful for the singing opportunities I had during uni and poly times.

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingAnyway, the "not-so-good" news as most people might already know is that, "Joewiz is going back to Msia, probably for good this time. She's had too many bad experiences with the OZ govt. regarding her visa issues and decides maybe it's best just to return home and avoid further stress. So we had our official house-warming last Saturday and for once I actually didn't have to make anything. I just had to eat, haha.. The funny thing was that there were more deserts than main course on the table, but we enjoyed it anyway. And we got Nancy to bake Joewiz a "farewell" cake as a surprise for her. It was really a good choice of nancy to choose cheese cake cause that was one of chaboh's favourite. That women left one tiny slice in the fridge when she left for the city that day, and we were contemplating if we should mail it to her aunty's house. heehee.. Anyway that gathering also brought some heart wrenching feelings as I've realised how little friends we have around now. Most of my close girl friends have either gone back to M'sia or S'pore. And sometimes, thinking back on those days, I really miss the outings and clubbing with them. And yes, that means you, (tigger, evon, stacey, len, miko, henrie) and soon joewiz, and probably shea li as well end of the year. *sigh* Gippsland does really bring "happiness & heartache".

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Anyway, enough whingeing for the time being. My IELTS test for my Aust PR application is on 12 Aug(2 weeks time), but I really have no mood to study for it since I'm already so tired after coming back from work everyday. I managed to skim through the prepration guide, doing a few questions, but that was about it. Apparently it takes up about half the day since there's speaking, listening, reading and writing! Darn, to think that I thought I've already had the last of exams when I graduated. Well, a funny thing is, I have no idea why people are going around saying there are no slots for General Training for IELTS till 2007?! I just booked mine in May'06 for the coming test date and there are more dates coming up soon. I think people just need to know that there are other places offering it besides those "hot" places they only see on the IELTS website. Well, time to write off for now...


increadible.liz said...

Ya Mel sings every nights before she goes to bed, ppl!!! And I'm living right opp her room.. just imagine what a Fan-atic she is? Heehee... *kidding*

We all looked good during the house warming eh? And of course, mouth-watering food *slurrps*

Hey good luck in your upcoming "exam". I guess we can't avoid being "tested" as life moves on. If it is not about school, there're always work, relationships...etc.

-mel- said...

Nooo, where got sing all night? *lol* Anyway lots of good food = eating alot = gain weight = bad! ;)

3 days more to test, but still haven't touched anything yet. *sigh* I'm just gonna go in and whing it.. :P