Sunday, October 08, 2006

Royal Melbourne Show, Mooncake Festival, Ozzy PR, and is there something else in store for me?

I shall let the photos do the talking:
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Weather was fine until it rained in the night, but it wasn't too cold or anything. Honestly, with the amount spent on the games just to win the Eeyore, I could have very well bought a much bigger version of the soft toy from the shopping centre. But it was the fun of playing and winning and I had to thank darling cause he finally managed to get it much with the pouting and sulking from me. *evil grinz* This year's show bags were much better, though of course the group we went with last year brought more fun and memories.

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Thanks for chaboh loo, we had lanterns to play after our steamboat dinner last week. She even specifically bought Bubbles for Sheali and Pooh Bear for me. Gatherings like this are getting less and less and I really just wanna treasure whats left of the once "big gang" we had in Gippy.

Anyway, months of stressing and fretting paid off when I finally received my Aust. Visa Grant last Wednesday. Does Good news come in 2's or 3's? Well my current also company asked me to stay on as a permanent staff. And Congrats to Chaboh Loo for having found a job back home in Msia! So I should be really happy and jumping with joy about my stuff right? Or not? For some reason, close friends asked me, "How come you're not really excited and happy?" I don't know why. Maybe people are just not satisfied or maybe I just desire and miss city life or maybe I know I want something else that hasn't come to light yet. It may sound crazy, but I really miss the hustle and bustle of my previous work place even though sometimes we work 7 days a week and have to OT alot. I'm not the type who likes to get paid to laze around. So I'm really miss the busy life I had back in Singapore; after work, it was shopping with mum and my sis-in-law, and outing with pals, friends and colleages almost every night. I get none of that here. *sigh*

And next year when my S'pore PR expires, I'll have to fret about whether to go back S'pore work and renew my re-entry permit or just stay on Aust, leave it and lose my S'pore PR. Life is never rid of problems yeah? I can't help but feel sometimes I just don't want to be any normal person out on the streets. Celebraties get special treatment everywhere. We just watched "Devil Wears Prada" recently. And at the end of the movie, sheali, lily and me turned to ask each other, "If it were you, would you leave the job as P.A to Miranda for Runway?" We all looked at each other in the eyes and said, "NO! Definitely NO!" Maybe we are just career-minded girls? Or maybe we just want the fame and glamour. But honestly, who doesn't? So, even though things seemed more or less stabled now, I can't help but feel that God still has something else in store for me. And I hope it's something exciting and more life fulfilling. *Thank You God*


Anonymous said...

Congrats Mel for getting your PR! Make sure you make for us (the family) big dinner someday ya.

We are city babes, surely to miss city life. Sometimes it feels "one-kind" living in Gippsland. But its not a regret at all :) Am sure the same for you. Anyway, when I get my PR too, we'll move to city! *fingers crossed*

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, one more thing... thanks for being a good friend since we moved in together. Though there were a few incidents that upset both of us, it has made us closer and also understand each other better. All the advice you gave me so far have made me realised how important a friend is when time is good and bad. Like a saying "A friend in need is a friend indeed" :)