Thursday, June 26, 2008

Visit to the Cuckoo Restaurant and being part of CFA Green Office

Work has been pretty good so far; busy but it's all good because it means time passes faster and also my colleagues are a helpful and funny bunch, so thank God for that. Just a couple of weeks ago, tubby, wangwei, ying and I decided to treat ourselves out at the famous cuckoo restaurant in the Dandenong ranges.
Cuckoo Restaurant - Dandenong Ranges
It was a buffet luncheon costing about $35 per person which boasted a spread of prawns, mussels, fish, beef, chicken and sweet deserts. The restaurant was bevarian styled and during the course of our meal, we were also treated with entertainment like singing, instrumental music as well as yodeling. I actually recorded videos of it, but coming from my mobile, the quality wasn't that good. So I didn't upload it. It's a good experience and I certainly recommend it to anyone visiting melbourne.

Dandenong - Teahouse and Gift Shop items
We later took a walk along the quaint little shops there just cause we were so full. Finally bought a very belated birthday present for my dear tigger but I haven't had the time to post it yet. Also tubby and I got a set of teapot+cups for our home so we can enjoy a cup of tea sometimes, especially during the cold winter now. :p

CFA Green Office Packs
Working in a large organisation also means there are lots of things going on, like I chose to be part of the Green Office team. We're working towards to help our planet earth and do things like recycling staff, switching off lights and thinking of ways to save energy. So just last week, we had the green office training and after that we were each given a goodie bag and it always feels exciting to get a pressie after a long and tiring session! haha.. :) The goodie bag had stuff like the bus/train timetables to encourage you to take public transport, green lifestyle magazine, postcards and we also got a t-shirt and mug each.


kristie said...

happy for u that all is well!

Juz MeL said...

Thanks Kristie, I'm always checking for updates on your blog for baby Jayden's news :)

kristie said...

ya mel.. do drop a comment when u drop by my blog ya, muaks!