Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Bit and pieces of the remaining whole of April...

Haven't been updating again this month, oh well, I guess it sorta gets to this when the time passes so fast and there's holidays and stuff and there was nothing really super exciting to rant about. In short, I bought myself the new Nintendo DSi. It was actually a trade-in of my old chipped pink Nintendo DS Lite. A pretty good deal actually, I only had to pay extra $150 more to get it and it came with a free 2GB SD Card. And of course for the moment the new gadget doesn't support the R4 Revolution, so it's back to buying games legitimately. :p
Especially love the new Photo-taking feature, you can distort faces, put new frames, draw graffitti on your photos and much more! It's much like what the neo print machines can do, except you can take as many photos as you want here and its free! :D Of course don't expect too much about the photo quality. I also like the idea of downloading games to play from the DSi store, they are not too costly at all

Then we went bowling with Daniel and Serene on Easter Sunday. CFA was given free passes to play 2 games on either of the weekends. And we opted for Sunday so that serene was off and can come with us too.
Daniel and Serene - Mr. and Miss Singapore. Heeheehee... :p

Bro, the poser during his move...

Tubby and moi...

Then just a couple of weeks ago, we also went to the Sandown Toy Collectors Fair. Boy people quere queueing up like way early in the morning lah! We were late but we cut queue seeing Stuart and his wife and kids. :p
Lining up to buy tickets and be the first to check out the goodies!

A snapshot of how one part of the interior looked like. They had stores outside too.

The boys digging for goodies and seeing what they can find for a good price. Man they have good bargaining skills!

Group shot of part of the ozformers melbourne group!

Well and the rest of the time is being busy with Tennis and going to the gym. The BRTA District comps on Saturdays have also started. Oh and we also watched Xmen Origins: Woverine. Boy is Taylor Kistch (Gambit) super hot lar! Anyway am super-duper looking forward to this weekend because we are going to watch Cirque Du Soleil - Dralion this Saturday!!! Will update with photos another time! Oh oh oh and Len and Joewiz are coming to Melbourne for a visit and we're all going to Gold Coast together! Oh man! May is such an exciting month! :D