Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Meet Ralphy the Silky Terrier/Chi huahua, Jasper's new friend...

Last year if you recall, when tubby and I decided to get another dog, we adopted Baxter, an 8-month old Maltese/Shih Tzu from a blond lady. Anyway that didn't work out and the dog was adopted by someone else a few weeks later and you can read the full story here if you're interested. So anyway after that event, we discussed that there wasn't gonna be any new dog until we buy our own place in the next year or so.

But then, me being all bored at work one day, I started looking at ads on the trading post again. It was there I found out about Puppy Centre, kinda like a puppy warehouse at Ringwood, in the eastern suburbs. That Saturday, 28 March, we promised ourselves that we were only going there to have a look and not decide on anything. But I think we or (more me) didn't keep the promise and we went home with Ralphy! He's a Silky Terrier/Chi hua hua mix and is currently about 11 weeks old. As we had bad experieces with an adopted dog, so we decided to go back to getting a puppy this time. So meet Ralphy:
Ralphy - Silky Terrier Chihuahua (Black and White Male)
All cuddled up nicely in between the pillow and tubby's stomach. :p

Ralphy - Silky Terrier Chihuahua (Black and White Male)
Trying to be naughty and biting my slippers.

Ralphy - Silky Terrier Chihuahua (Black and White Male)
Super sleepy after a "a hard days of running around and playing".

Ralphy - Silky Terrier Chihuahua (Black and White Male)
He doesn't pose too well (yet), so had to carry him and attract him with the phone.

So far the toilet-training is going okay. He does have his favourite spots and initially we put the training pads on those places as well. But then we realised that in order to train him properly, it should be teaching him to do his business wherever the training pads are and NOT where he likes to do it. He usually follows Jasper and does his pooping at the same place, but the hard part is his peeing, he still does it anywhere he deems fit sometimes and very rarely at the training pad.

Tubby figured that it was easier to train Jasper because Jas only had a small place to run around (we were hiding him in the South Units on residences at that time, heehee! :p) at that time. But Ralphy has too big an area to run about this time. In the day when we're not home, he has a caged area and he does his business on the training pads. It's only when we're home and let him out then he likes to do his peeing around places. But at least as compared to the adopted dog, Ralphy's like an angel really. It just takes time to get him properly trained and I hope, with patience, he will be grow up to be as smart as his brother, Jasper. :)


Stacey Lim said...

So adorable! Is the adoption free? or needs to pay some registration fee or something like that?
Does Jasper get jealous when you play with Ralphy?

Juz MeL said...

haha stacey, Ralphy wasn't adopted, we bought him from a Pet warehouse. But yes adoption fee is also quite expensive about $150 to $300 depending where you adopt from. :)

Haha yah both of them get jealous of each other sometimes and always crave attention.