Monday, July 06, 2009

Transformers 2: Revenge of The Fallen Movie IMAX Meet and Midnight TF Toy Hunt

I can't believe it's more than a month after the Gold Coast trip, I'm now more ever in need of another holiday! (*_*) Work is pretty boring at the moment and everyone seems to be in a "can't be bothered" mood. Anyway a whole big group of us went to watch Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen last Saturday! Boy there was like over 20 of us from Ozformers and together with some of us who brought out other halfs. :) We went to IMAX theatre in Melbourne museum - super extra large screen around 7 stories high or so they say...

ROTF Movie promotional 3D poster next to the doors entering the theatre.

Group shot of all the Ozformers people, some missing and some hiding. :p Oh and the cute little girl is one of the guy's daughter. That's right! We have married Transformers fans and some have kids as well. :p

After the movie, Goro one of the members had some items for sale. It was so funny we followed him to his car which was parked at the roadside. He took out his "toy box" and everyone started digging in to see what goodie he had for sale. Some already knew what we were getting as he posted on the forum.

Overall, I still like the movie - of course being the obvious reason that it IS Transformers. The only downside was that there was so much fighting going on at the same time in some scenes that you just can't tell who's fighting who! And they also seem to be "promoting" a lot of the U.S Army and Navy (which I'm not surprised). Some robots were also redundant as they appeared a mere 3 minutes and was then killed. :S So much for being a "guest star".

Last week we also went for some super crazy toy hunt! Yes Australia has this super crazy toy sales that start at 12 midnight during the July School holidays. Parents can lay by stuff till Christmas and slowly pay it off. How cool is that?! Anyway not surprisingly, of course we were there for Transformers! We all met at Jay's place and then took off first to Kmart Campbellfield.

Yup - us checking out the Transformers aisle. They had two TF aisle. This is the main one while there was another one up front section with all the new Transformers 2 movie stuff. I think we shuttled around and stayed for almost an hour and half.

Hehe, everyone have picked up what they wanted. Some of the boys got some Lego and toy guns thingy as well. But of course it was mainly Transformers. We stood around this area for a fair bit waiting for 12 midnight as the sale prices weren't scanning up yet. People and staff who walked by were asking us what we were waiting for, boy it was really funny!

Yup, we're all still waiting. And as the wait got longer, one came back with a electronic talking Pooh bear - it was so tempting that I wanted one too! But I controlled and put it back. A couple of the boys bought some ice-creams and we were eating them right in front there.

The next stop was Big W in Broadmeadows! Gosh they had the latest waves of Transformers toys there and you should have seen the amount of Transformers and Legos we piled into the trolley! it was mayhem and excitement when we got there. Parents and some kids were lining up at 1.30am+ in the morning around the mall waiting to lay by the toys!

After that around 2.30am-ish we headed for a 24 hour McDonalds to sit down have some late night snack and chatted - about Transformers of course. :p. All in all, I think I got home around 4am. :s Boy was I super shacked the next day...