Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Gold Coast trip and goodbye to Ralphy...

Okay, finally updates on the Gold Coast trip a couple of weeks ago! Oh man, :( I can't believe 2 weeks have passed already since the trip. It felt like just yesterday! As always, holidays are never long enough! Anyway get ready for visual overload! I took about close to 400 photos and videos - not bad already, considering I thought I'll take more... hehe... Well I just picked out some of my favourites and the rest are on facebook if you're interested:

Hooters Restaurant - where you get good food and sexy waitresses to entertain you!

One of the dishes ordered by Tubby: Hooter's special steak burger with curly fries.

Sexy waitresses putting on their hourly act - which is chair top dancing

A group shot with Joewiz and Len with the hot waitresses!

The stairs leading up to Hard Rock cafe restaurant and the shop was just opposite us! Of course I had to buy some stuff! :p

Wax Museum: Len me and Ghandi! Tubby said he was a lucky bugger. :p

Wax Musuem: Ah my favourite play-writer: William Shakespeare

BBQ at the apartment pool, us greedy girls digging into the food!

Ladies by the poolside...

Outside Harbour town shopping centre! Shopping there was so good lar! So many great bargains at cheap prices! Cannot compare to Melbourne lor, so expensive...

Anyway to continue the rest of the photos: Gold Coast: Food, Shopping and Sight-seeing

Next is the 2 theme parks which we managed to visit in the 3 days. Due to the showers and thunderstorms, we didn't have time for Dream World.

The 3 chabohs with their rain coast posing! :p

Clever Sea Lion show! Boy he can dance and do lots of interesting tricks! Good trainers!

Loved the Dolphin show! They are so intelligent and cute and it just makes you wanna care about the environment more after the show to protect them.

Check out the heavy and horrible thunderstorm on the 1st day we went Sea World la. It was so bad the park closed half day. But lucky we got return tickets to go back on the friday.

Outside Movie World! Woohoo! The morning was actually cloudy and rainy. But as we were driving past to go down Brisbane then we saw the sun coming out and decided to head there instead.

The 3 chabohs taking the Batman ride! Super fun lar! Could hear Len screaming like nobody's business. Of course we screamed too, but not as loud as her hehe!

The Looney Toons theatre and of course Looney Tunes performance! Love Bugs Bunny!

Looloo and me with Bugs Bunny!

Ah Scooby-Doo Coaster! Super fun as well! You are brought up and then turned around and you thought you're gonna drop vertically down or something and you actually go down a curve back first!

Central Square where the parade starts and also the other shows presented.

Superman Roller Coaster, 0-100 in like 3 seconds. I still can't believed we were too chicken to take the ride. :(

Me and Len with the evert beautiful "Marilyn Monroe"...

Hollywood Stunt Drivers! Awesome show and hot mitsubishi lancers! heehee!

Scooby-doo bee doo where are you? :D

Batman and his Bat Mobile. The car is so cool in real life hor!

Me with my Bugs Bunny Grammy Award! heehee...

Second day at Sea World, nice sunny weather! Looloo and me with Big Bird!

Seasame Street Land I can't remember the actual name, it's as your can see, for the kiddies!

Hehe, find me find me! Classic shot hor! I was actually posing for the camera man!

Anyway rest of the theme park photos: Gold Coast: Sea World and Movie World

Okay that's the "gist" of it. On another note, Ralphy was sold over the weekend. To cut a long story shot, we finally realised we couldn't love any other dog as much as we loved Jasper and it just wasn't gonna be fair. And so Ralphy is now with a lovely old lady living in the rural area. No more new dogs for us for a long while unless it's Jasper's son I guess...


gums said...

oh mannn... :( sorry that Ralphy had to go!!must have been painful to do that. is he fun to take on walks? :D

Eileen said...

i so miss habourfront.

i contemplate breeding zen many times. but his offsprings is still not him. be contented as a 1 dog owner! :p

Juz MeL said...

mel -> gums
Erm funnily enough it wasn't painful le, we couldn't wait as we missed the life of just the 3 of us (Jas, yong and me) if ya get what I mean. He was still too small to bring on walks, so couldn't tell yet! :p

mel -> Eileen
Ahh yes Eileen I know what you mean, I tried imagining having Jasper's son too and well it's just NOT him but at least there's a bit of him there. But certainly no other dogs for us for a long time... ;)

Anonymous said...

what the fuck is wrong with you? can't you speak english? you are all so retarded.