Friday, October 30, 2009

Getting our Playstation 3 and Show a bit of love by supporting the RSPCA

I haven't got much to blog about since life has been pretty mundane lately. A week in the life of Mel just revolves around work, tennis/gym, sleep, work and tennis/gym. :S Not to say that I have lost much weight what with the exercise and stuff; the constant temptations of sweet desserts and fast food have been too overpowering. Anyway I hope everyone likes this new change of blog template. I just had the sudden urge to change the template today and went Google-ing for one. Found this one by a lady called Candy who designs blog templates for free. Her link is right at the bottom of the page. I used to create my own templates, but now with the XML versions and stuff, it has become too time-consuming and I'm too lazy. :p

Sony Playstation 3Anyway on to some shopping done lately. Now I was getting pretty bored with my PSP (PlayStation Portable) for awhile since there weren't many new good games coming out. And in terms of hand-held, the DSi wins for me because of the touch screen features, new camera and of course (sssshhhh!) the free games I can download and play on the R4 revolution. :p

And also, although we just bought the xbox 360 in January this year, we (or at least I) haven't been playing much on it as well because there weren't many games of interest and as you'd know one of my favourite pass times is to sing ktv and they only have the LIPS game so far and that didn't satisfy my singing sensation. :D

And so we bundled up our xbox 360 with the controllers, games, wireless mics, Scene-It game and 4 controllers, external hard disc, my PSP, games and a couple of the DS games I had, and brought them all to EB Games for a trade-in a couple of weeks ago . For 13 games, 2 consoles, 2 controllers and all the other bits and pieces, they gave trade-value of $442 in store credit. That's pretty alright I guess for a trade-in although I know those would have sold more on ebay - but it wasn't really worth the hassle. And so we (or Tubbs actually) happily paid extra the $54 for our new PS3 which came with the Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 Game. The package deal was $496 for the 120Gb one.

I've got to say we've been enjoying our new toy. :D Blu-Ray movies are just awesome! They are so precise and clear and now I'm wishing we've got a bigger full HD TV. We haven't bought many games yet as Tubbs is hooked on his FIFA 10 and other times we're flying dragons with Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon. And as usual even that we can scream at each other! LOL. Surfing Internet on the TV with the PS3 is also a different experience! Boy I can't wait to get a proper web cam and I can probably chat to my mum via the TV as well! How cool is that!

RSPCA Car ShadesWell on to the next thing, as you know Christmas is coming and during this period, lots of people like to buy dogs / cats and give to give them off as presents. Pets are for life and should not be given as gifts as all unless the it's really appropriate and the person receiving it will take care and love them for the rest of their lives.
You can help the RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) by donating or buying stuff from their online shop in which the proceeds go towards helping the shelter and catering for the animals awaiting adoption.
RSPCA Million Paws Work ladies topI recently bought a pair of RSPCA Car Shades and the Million Paws Walk ladies top from them as they were on sale! Was contemplating whether or not to buy Jasper another toy but didn't in the end because he already has too many! There have lots of stuff not only for pets, but also household items, books, calendars, stationary and more!
So show your support to help out the animals, visit the RSPCA web shop and start shopping! You can even get christmas presents there.