Thursday, January 21, 2010

Trip back Malaysia and Singapore 2009/10

The saying, "Time and tide wait for no man" is so true especially when it seemed like just yesterday that there were mix feelings about going back to Singapore / Malaysia, then there was the scene of Jasper clawing on my jeans refusing to let go as we tried to board the cab to the airport. But in a flash, the holidays back there came and went and for now at least I have photos and videos and the sweet memories to hold on before the next visit back. Here's some of the hundreds of photos taken... :p

My family: Brother Rodney and Sis-in-law Jane finally got married and this is from the wedding dinner.

Secondary school Bestie Cindy's Wedding. Together with the girls: the pretty bride, Susan and Beiwen. Missing Sharon cause she was not feeling well.

With dearest cousins whom I have played up since primary school! Janice and Kristie with her cutie son Jayden.

With 2 of my chaobohs Len and Joewiz (right) and Miko in purple top. At Midvalley Megamall in Kuala Lumpur.

With Miko and Chaboh Liz (Sheali) this time at Kim Garry restaurant also at Mid Valley Megamall in Kuala Lumpur.

Stayed with my dear Aunty Ruby when we were in KL. Mum and Aunty Judy on the right.

Pooh gang (and Tubby as well taking the photo! :p) at P.S Cafe at Dempsey Hill, Singapore.

With Secondary School besties again Wen and Ren at a Jap restaurant at Vivo City, Singapore.

With two of the dalpura gang Ying and Eileen: Coffee @ Starbucks!

With Korean trip pals Ailin and Swee Kee at Bugis Junction, Singapore.

So that's pretty much my time spent in Singapore and Malaysia. Apart from that, of course I ate a lot and shopped alot. I bought so many things from Jusco in JB cause they were such great bargains during the sale! I kinda regret not buying more, but then again bringing back the luggages might have been quite a hassle both with the weight and trying to squeeze things in. Oh well, till next time, at least I picked up most things that I needed.


Kristie said...

wow do share with us ur loots ;)

great to see ya too!

increadible.liz said...

Happy to meet you after so long! Thanks for coming to see us in KL. Hope we can meet in Melb sometime soon. Take care always :)

aims said...

Seems like you had such a great time back home! If only it could be a little longer huh? =) Anyway, great to have you back in Melbourne, must catch up more often!

Juz MeL said...

Sorry for the late replies ladies, hardly check my blog these days!

Haha Kristie, too lazy to take lar.. bought too many stuff!!

Liz, nice to catch up, take care and sure wanna see u again soon! :)

Hey Aims, yup catch up we do.. :) Not sure about longer trip, as I was missing Jasper heaps! haha