Friday, February 19, 2010

Dinosaurs Alive @IMAX / Melbourne Museum and Australian Open 2010

Okay this post is a little back-dated - cheating abit haha cause I didn't have time to update earlier. Here's a couple of events for January:

Visit to IMAX to watch Dinosaurs Alive and Melbourne Museum- I was expecting more from the 3D 45-min documentary Dinosaurs Alive. I thought it had more CGI on dinosaurs itself, but instead they had more talking about how dinosaurs were discovered and which continents were prominent digging sites for fossils and stuff. Interesting yes, but I reckon it wasn't what most of the kids who went to watch expected as well. Anyway here are some pics:
Promotion poster in the glass case just near the IMAX ticketing booth.
Promotion displays near the ticketing booth
A walk with Dinosaurs - another museum display in the main area
One of Melbourne's old horse carriages - in the Melbourne Story displays
Soft toys! - My fav at a new shop created just outside Wild Life displays

Tubby looking all intriqued at the Mind and Body displays

We also went to watch Australian Open live! First time ever and one of the best experiences. Lucky Tubby got free tickets because one of his supplier's company always bought corporate booths for the Open. We went to watch the Men's Semi-finals: Andy Murray vs Marin Cilic.
Nice weather and sunny evening when we arrived at Rod Laver
Just outside Rod Laver where they always advertised who was playing for the day and what matches were on
Tubby and me just outside Margaret Court and Show Court 3. As you can see, we bought quite some stuff from the AO shop. :p
Serena and Venus playing in the womens doubles at Margaret Court
Their opponents: Samantha Stosur and Renae Stubbs
Venus doing a return with the forehand
Andy Murray getting ready to serve
Marin Cilic returning the shot with a volley

If you haven't been to the Australian Open, you should really go as it's one of the best experiences live! Not only for the avid tennis fan/players like us, but it's like a real big event in Melbourne that happens in January every year. When a great point is won, the crowd just goes bonkers and when it's live, it's such a different experience and nothing like what you watch on TV at all. :)

Till then, belated CNY and other updates coming soon!