Monday, April 05, 2010

It's all about Tennis and BRTA Summer Team Monash

We finished our Tennis season and all Tennis Tournaments with Monash Uni T.C a couple of weeks ago. BRTA stands for the Bayside Regional Tennis Association. It's one of the district associations that holds competitions around victoria regions.

Penn, James, Me and Tubby were members of the Monash Uni T.C in Clayton since early 2009 and we joined some of their 1-day ladies singles/doubles and mix doubles competitions throughout the period. But our main highlight was playing in the BRTA Mix Team in Summer 09/10. Being the first time joining as a team and playing together, I would say we did pretty well making it into the finals series and coming in 3rd - though sadly in tennis, they only recognize winners and runners-up. But hey, coming in 3rd out of 8 teams was no easy deal either. ;)

We had so much fun during our practices and comps sessions. Here are some pics to share.
Entouca - artificial clay surface which we mostly played on, as most of the clubs were made.
Me doing a serve at one of our practice sessions.
"Coach" James giving us some advice. Penn's bro Phillip would join us
Penn returning a shot. Loving this shot by Photographer tubbs. :D
Jame-sy returning a forehand shot
Darling tubbyness doing a serve
Team Monash Uni on the last week of play before the final series.
Team Monash Uni on the day of the finals where we lost to Glen Huntly. (P.S Also the club Tubby and I are now playing for. LOL)

Tennis now continues for us on Wed nights social comps at King's Park T.C and Sat arvos in BRTA again but this time playing for Glen Huntly. :D Tennis is and will always be a big part of our lives. And thanks to darling again for introducing it to me in 2006.