Sunday, May 23, 2010

Birthday Celebrations and Wedding Proposal 2010

So much has happened in the past few months and I finally found the time to update on the most significant one. ;p On 23 March this year, on my 2xth birthday, darling finally popped the question. It wasn't entirely the way that I had wanted it to be, but I'll give him some credit for it.

For some funny reason, I had a special feeling even before my birthday this year and decided to declare an earlier start for my birthday celebrations and it proved right as to why I had those feelings. :p So here goes

Fri 19th Mar: Had dinner with tubby and then went to Build-A-Bear workshop and I decided to make an Autumn Teddy Bear and I called her Cinnamon.
Sat 20 Mar: Special 3-Course meal at the Baths Restaurant in Brighton with tubby, James and a couple of his friends and we took a nice relaxing walk by the pier
Tues 23 Mar: Had Japanese lunch, went back to Build-A-Bear workshop and this time made a Rabbit for the coming easter and decided to name her Bailey. Dinner was at Rock Pool restaurant in Crown.
Yummy 3 -course meal at the Baths Restaurant in Brighton. These are some of the entrees and main courses that we chose. Dessert was Bread Pudding, Berries and Cream or Apple Crumble.
Nice relazing stroll along Brighton Beach after our enormous meal. Haha... a shot of James and Darling from the back
Me and darling. :)
Another shot of Brighton Beach with the Pier in the background. And there was this enclosed area where people can swim - called the Brighton Baths - duhh.. :p
Making a wish with my rabbit's heart before she is brought "to life".
Choosing clothing and footwear for Bailey. Boy it took more than an hour for me to decide. Darling was quite patient.
Teddy Cinnamon and Bunny Bailey. :) They even have birth certs!
The delicious and upper class dinner we had at Rock Pool Melbourne. The bill was quite hefty - which darling paid. hehe...
Outside Crown and the Yarra River by night - also where he dropped down on his knees for a brief moment and popped the question properly this time! (First was inside the restaurant. ) :P
A couple shot as we headed home for the night - and a very blissful and beaming me. :D
Hand in hand and ring on finger. :)

Now quite a bit has gone on for our wedding preps since then. We already have the venue and celebrants booked, gone to quite a few bridal shops to tryout gowns (for me!) and attended the recent Bridal Fair by Australian Bridal Service. Will update soon!

Meantime if you're interested, here's the rest of the album:
Birthday Celebrations and Proposal 2010


valenciakhoo said...

Hey Mel!

Congrats and you look great! :)

Juz MeL said...

Thank you Val! :)

Hope everything's well for you!

Kristie said...

CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;) ♥

Juz MeL said...

Hehe thanks again coussy kristie!!